1960s Yellow Hammer Bird Brooch Pin - ME2Designs Upcycled Hand Cut Wood Jewelry

1960s Yellow Hammer Bird Brooch Pin - ME2Designs

This handmade wood Yellow Hammer bird brooch - pin was made by upcycling pieces from a hand cut wood puzzle from the 1960s era in London and is a great idea for a unique gift under $35. The Yellow Hammer brooch pin measures 3-1/8" (8.23cm) by 1-1/4" (3.175cm) in size, and has a metal pin clasp securely affixed to the back. Your purchase also includes a separate wood puzzle piece containing the bird name on it, with a metal pin back. You can position the pins close together or wear just the name on a bag, or whatever you fancy at the moment. This brooch would make a unique gift for birthdays or other occasions, or to purchase for your own pleasure. The bird will be living in a 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" brown kraft jewelry box, nestled in a tiny bird nest and accompanied by the name pin. The inside lid of the box will contain a history of the bird brooch. The last picture shows one of the bird brooches worn on a garment. This bird brooch - pin is from that 1960s era. G.J. Hayter & Co. LTD of Bournemouth, UK made Victory Bird Watching Puzzles from 1963 to 1967. All the wood pieces of the jigsaw puzzles were hand cut, and the birds were cut to shape. I think the hand cut nature of the puzzle, as well as the colorful graphics is so unique. To view all my other handmade items that are avail...

  • Color: Red-orange, Black, Yellow
  • Brand: ME2Designs
  • ASIN: B01H4M0DAI


Royal Crown Derby YELLOW HAMMER

** New for 2014 ** Royal Crown Derby Fine English Bone China "Yellow Hammer" Product Code : PAPBOX 62074 1st Quality complete with Royal Crown Derby Gift Box and Gold Stopper to the base Manufacturers RRP : £75 The Yellow hammer has some very striking characteristics, the wings, tail and especially around the head all have very distinct markings, imagery you could find in tattoo and graffiti art, thrown over sportswear, wrapped around sports cars; bold, bright, and playful. Width : 4" / 11cm

  • Brand: Royal Crown Derby
  • ASIN: B00N98NN9K
  • UPC: 807776075672

Stokes Field Guide to Birds: Western Region

Stokes Field Guide to Birds: Western

The easiest-to-use and most comprehensive field guide to North American birds-from the country's preeminent writers on birds and nature Drawing on more than twenty years' experience as bird and wildlife experts, Donald and Lillian Stokes have produced field guides that are factually, visually, and organizationally superior to any other books you can buy. You'll find: * All the identification information on a single page-color photographs, range map, and detailed description. No more fumbling to match photos with text! * For fast reference-a compact alphabetical index inside the front and back covers. * More than 900 high-resolution color identification photographs. * An illustrated Quick Guide to the most common backyard and feeder birds. * Convenient colored tabs keyed to each bird group. * Concise and comprehensive text, with information on habitat; plumage variation; feeding, nesting, and mating behavior; bird feeder proclivity; and-for the first time in any guide-population trends and conservation status.

  • Brand: Stokes
  • ASIN: 0316818100

W62-71 Wills, British Birds, 1915, 12 Yellow Hammer

W62-71 Wills, British Birds, 1915, 12 Yellow

W62-71 Wills, British Birds, 1915, #12 Yellow Hammer


Out of Thin Air: Dinosaurs, Birds, and Earth's Ancient Atmosphere

Out of Thin Air: Dinosaurs, Birds, and Earth's

For 65 million years dinosaurs ruled the Earth—until a deadly asteroid forced their extinction. But what accounts for the incredible longevity of dinosaurs? A renowned scientist now provides a startling explanation that is rewriting the history of the Age of Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs were pretty amazing creatures—real-life monsters that have the power to fascinate us. And their fiery Hollywood ending only serves to make the story that much more dramatic. But fossil evidence demonstrates that dinosaurs survived several mass extinctions, and were seemingly unaffected by catastrophes that decimated most other life on Earth. What could explain their uncanny ability to endure through the ages? Biologist and earth scientist Peter Ward now accounts for the remarkable indestructibility of dinosaurs by connecting their unusual respiration system with their ability to adapt to Earth’s changing environment—a system that was ultimately bequeathed to their descendants, birds. By tracing the evolutionary path back through time and carefully connecting the dots from birds to dinosaurs, Ward describes the unique form of breathing shared by these two distant relatives and demonstrates how this simple but remarkable characteristic provides the elusive explanation to a question that has thus far...

  • ASIN: B004R9Q1JY

Useful Birds of America #2 Northern Yellow-throat - 9th Series 1938 (Church & Dwight Co. - Arm & Hammer)

Useful Birds of America #2 Northern Yellow-throat -

Useful Birds of America #2 Northern Yellow-throat - 9th Series 1938 (Church & Dwight Co. - Arm & Hammer)

  • Brand: Church & Dwight Co. - Arm & Hammer
  • ASIN: B00S4Y8KVK

Mandala Crafts Anodized Aluminum Wire for Sculpting, Armature, Jewelry Making, Gem Metal Wrap, Garden, Colored and Soft, 1 Roll(16 Gauge, Yellow Green)

Mandala Crafts Anodized Aluminum Wire for Sculpting, Armature,

This malleable yet durable wire is perfect for wrapping, bending, and shaping. It can be easily hammered and stamped. The wire hardens nicely with a chasing hammer. The bright and fine anodized color does not flake off when being bent or smashed as long as coated tools are used. The moldable wire bends easily but is stiff and strong enough to hold its shape once you learn how to build it well. It can be straightened or bent with hands and be cut with scissors or wire cutters easily. The creative uses of this lightweight and easy to form wire is only limited by imagination. The finger friendly and bendable characteristics makes it great to repair jewelry, start an artistic DIY project, or even for an amateur to learn how to wire wrap and shape. For jewelry making, it can be wrapped around gemstones or made into earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or chainmaille. For crafting, this hobby craft wire can be shaped into wreaths, hangers, coasters, picture frames & holders, sun catchers, sculptures, napkin rings, letters, mesh, ornaments, bird feeders, doll frames, and decorative embellishments. It can also be used in costume making or as supporting brim for sunhats. Other applications include fence repairs, floral arrangements, or even yard art creations. The wire has a broad AWG gauge ...

  • Color: Yellow Green
  • Brand: Mandala Crafts
  • ASIN: B00T831TFU

When the Birds Begin Their Singing in the Trees

When the Birds Begin Their Singing in the

  • ASIN: B00W4E7R4W

Premium Quality Compact Small Travel Binocular 8X21 Marine Yellow

Premium Quality Compact Small Travel Binocular 8X21 Marine

Hammers premium quality compact 8x21 travel binocular is small, lightweight, and perfect for hiking, birding, camping, sports and cultural events. It weighs merely 5.8oz. and gives ample 8x for most instances. The binocular also features 21-mm objective lenses with advanced multi-coatings for sharper, more detailed images. Very attractive marine yellow soft rubber coated main body. Comfortable and non-slippery grip when using. Includes soft carrying case. 2 ¼"W x 3 ¾"L x 2"D when folded. 5.8 oz.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: Hammers
  • ASIN: B005CKOH16
  • UPC: 857155007725

Best-1 8oz. Hummingbird Feeder

Best-1 8oz. Hummingbird

This best1 8 oz hummingbird feeder has a very durable glass reservoir, a wrap around perch ring, & eight feeding ports. Base disassembles for easy clean-up.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Birds Choice
  • UPC: 036027123491

Prevue Hendryx 3183 Parrot Playstand, Round

Prevue Hendryx 3183 Parrot Playstand,

Prevue pet products round parrot playstand 3183 utilizes a unique triple hook design to give you plenty of room to hang treats and toys. Two stainless steel cups are included, while the pan has been designed with a high edge to help contain mess. Easy rolling casters on the base let you easily move your playstand from room to room or indoors and outdoors. Exclusively available in a black hammertone finish, our round parrot playstand measures 30-inch long, 28-inch wide and 66-1/2-inch high. Pan measures 28-inch in diameter.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Prevue Hendryx
  • ASIN: B00381D8E8
  • UPC: 048081318133

Rain Bird JTVAS075 Jar Top Anti-Siphon Valve, 3/4" Threaded Female x Female (Discontinued by Manufacturer replaced with model # DASASVF075)

Rain Bird JTVAS075 Jar Top Anti-Siphon Valve, 3/4"

This valve model was Discontinued By Manufacturer, search for new model DASASVF075 with Amazon ASIN B00004RAAZ. Combination electric remote control valve and atmospheric backflow preventer in one unit. Features threaded "Jar Top" lid which quickly unscrews without tools allowing you to easily access the diaphragm for effortless maintenance and cleaning. For use with any 24 volt AC irrigation timer/controller. A unique reverse-flow design helps prevent flooding in the event of internal diaphragm failure keeping the valve closed and saving water. This valve can be used with all types of watering devices including Rain Bird spray heads, rotors, and impacts. From the Manufacturer: Rain Bird manufactures only the highest quality Anti-Siphon valves. Anti-Siphon valves are installed above ground and will prevent back flow if properly installed. Anti-Siphon valves should always be installed at least 6" above the highest head on the valve line, and should never have another valve installed further down the line from the main valve. Our Anti-Siphon valves also feature our patented vacuum breaker–available for automatic or manual applications. Flow control models regulate the flow of water to sprinklers to avoid misting. All of our Anti-Siphon valves work with any standard sprinkler timer...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Rain Bird
  • ASIN: B000IL66KO
  • UPC: 077985003678

Yellow Hammer Original Watercolor Painting ACEO Angela Moulton

Yellow Hammer Original Watercolor Painting ACEO Angela

Watercolor on Paper. ACEO (Art Cards Editions and Originals). One of a kind original painting by artist Angela Moulton. Happy and fun little painting is sure to brighten your space! Size: 3.5 x 2.5 inch with 6 x 4 inch white mat. Signed.

  • Color: blue, green, turquoise
  • Brand: Pratt Creek Art
  • ASIN: B07P74VNQB

Yellow Hammer Flock Mentality Bird c.1885 antique chromolithograph print

Yellow Hammer Flock Mentality Bird c.1885 antique chromolithograph

Yellow Hammer Issued c.1885, London Art by Archibald Thorburn Fine original antique chromolithograph print. Printed in the 19th century on quality paper which retains its inherent structural flexibility and soundness. In about VG or better condition, normal minor light age toning to sheet as typical, some faint staining in the blank margin, overall the image is clean and very attractive, please inspect visual scan closely [note: we grade very conservatively and always seek to disclose any noteworthy flaws]. The printed area remains visually pleasing, a nice impression of an interesting avian image. Any minor defects along the sheet edges and in the margins may be seen in the photos. Sheet measures c. 4 7/8" W x 7 1/2" H. Printed area measures c. 3 5/8" W x 5 3/4" H. [59399]

  • ASIN: B01BJ48WQO

Nail Art Stamping Stamper Scraper Image Plate Manicure Printing Tool Set (Color - Yellow)

Nail Art Stamping Stamper Scraper Image Plate Manicure

Color : as shown Stamper Size : Approx. 5.5*3cm/2.2*1.2inch Scraper Size : Approx. 8.2*5.5cm/3.2*2.2inch Material : Silicone & Plastic Usage The Stamper is used for nail art stamping, first you should have a nail art stamping plate 1. Rip off the film on the stamping plate 2. Put a drop of polish on the pattern you want, then use the scraper spead the nail polish evenly 3. Press the stamper on the pattern, and then print it on your nailsIf you have any questions about the package content, please feel free to contact us.We will feel vey appreciated! Thanks!Package Includes:1 x Nail Art Stamper1 x Nail Art Scraper

  • Brand: Manarola
  • ASIN: B07Q49SVHY
  • UPC: 686686877879

inktastic - Alabama State Word Salad T-Shirt X-Large Navy Blue 32d89

inktastic - Alabama State Word Salad T-Shirt X-Large

Alabama State word salad T-Shirt.

  • Color: Navy Blue
  • Brand: inktastic
  • ASIN: B07HYCK9B7

'Buzzing Around' Haitian Metal Bumble Bee Wall Art, Bumble Bee Wall Decor for House Or Garden, Recycled Haitian Metal Wall Art, Set of 2, 6" x 6"

'Buzzing Around' Haitian Metal Bumble Bee Wall Art,

'Buzzing Around', Recycled Haitian Art Metal Garden Bee Decor, Set of 2, 6" x 6" : These decorative bees can be hung on any garden wall and look terrific all summer and beyond. Coated with a durable weatherproof seal that will stand up to any rainshower, this recycle metal art will stand out no matter what the season. No Hang Ups! It's super easy to hang this bee metal wall decor with only a couple of small nails. Simply hammer in your first nail in the riveted hanger on the back of his wing and use a small second nail placed between his legs to give him the desired "angle of flight." You'll find that the little nail disappears when you step back to admire your handiwork. Lovingly HandMade From Recycled Oil Barrels Ugly, old, discarded oil barrels are given new life as recycled metal yard art! These bees were hand-crafted from barrels that have been cleaned, sanded, and pounded flat. Here, the cutwork has begun but great detail work, including the addition of 3-D wings will take place before the bee theme decorations are finished and brought to your doorstep. Handmade + Fair Trade Many hands go into the creation of traditional metal Haitian sculpture. Laborers prepare the metal so that the artists may begin their intricate work. Young artists start out as apprentices, learning to...

  • Color: It is a Varying Color. a Mixture and a Blend of Hues. Dark Black Steel, Browns and Pewter Tones. It Changes Depending on the Lighting.
  • Brand: it's cactus - metal art haiti
  • ASIN: B00QJE88N2
  • UPC: 879315004405

VANCORE Bird Coat Hooks Wall Mounted Coat Rack Wall Hanger Living Room Bedroom Kitchen Wall Hooks, Hat, Coat, Towel, Key Hooks(Yellow - 2Pcs)

VANCORE Bird Coat Hooks Wall Mounted Coat Rack

Feature: This sturdy,newly designed storage hooks are your best choice for your hats, jackets, robes, scarves, coats,handbags, towels,keys,which save more room space. Organize your room with these bird shaped hooks.  Perfectly suited for foyers, hallways and living rooms. Holds a maximum weight of 6KG when mounted to solid wood or studs. These wall mounted coat racks will make a wonderful gift for a birthday, Christmas, wedding, house warming party, Mother's Day and other festivals. Package included: Set of 2 Bird hooks. Installation instructions: 1.Select the desired location for the hook, drill a hole. 2.Strike the anchor into the hole with a hammer. 3.Insert the screw of the Bird hook into the anchor and tighten the hook by turning it clockwise until secure. 4.Complete the installation, Handing NOT more than 6 KG goods

  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: VANCORE
  • ASIN: B07K1YV53C

inktastic - Georgia State Word Toddler T-Shirt 4T Retro Heather Royal 3319e

inktastic - Georgia State Word Toddler T-Shirt 4T

Georgia State word salad Toddler T-Shirt. Show off your love for the Peach State.

  • Color: Retro Heather Royal
  • Brand: inktastic
  • ASIN: B07J22GWWZ

D.T. Systems Super-Pro Dog Training Dummy Launcher Kit with Orange Cordura Nylon Launcher Dummy

D.T. Systems Super-Pro Dog Training Dummy Launcher Kit

The d.t. Systems super pro dummy launcher is an excellent tool for teaching and reinforcing the hunting situation of tying together the sound of a bang with the marking of a bird in the sky. It is great for both long and short retrieves by simply adjusting the flight angle and thestrength of the .22 caliber blank launching load. The launcher's solid aluminum frame construction means no lost training time from broken plastic components like on other brands. Our launcher is easy to use, clean and maintain. Don't let that old football shoulder stop you from throwing dummies for your best friend. Let the d.t. Dummy launcher do all the work. Hunting season is very short and repetition is very important in the training process. With this launcher you can train with your dog every day to make them the best that they can be. Kit includes 1 blaze orange launcher dummy

  • Color: Blaze Orange
  • Brand: D.T. Systems
  • ASIN: B0025KMTES
  • UPC: 634252114460
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