Collector's Ed: Vivaldi: Complete Bassoon Concertos [5 CD]

Collector's Ed: Vivaldi: Complete Bassoon Concertos [5

The most remarkable thing about Vivaldi s concertos for solo bassoon and strings is their sheer number thirty-nine, including two incomplete (or possibly just incompletely preserved) works. No other composer has produced more than a handful, and the examples best known today by Mozart, Hummel and Weber are singletons within their respective composer s uvre. Vivaldi s bassoon concertos form a chronologically compact group within his output, being concentrated in the second half of his career (1720 41). They may well include the first of their type ever written, since the earliest precisely datable example, by the French composer J.B. de Boismortier, was published only in 1729 (and identifies cello and bass viol as alternative solo instruments).In the standard catalogue of Vivaldi s compositions by Peter Ryom the bassoon concertos form a continuous block stretching from RV 466 to RV 504: the two incomplete concertos are RV 468 (two movements) and RV 482 (a single movement). Another unusual feature is that they survive without exception only in the form of autograph drafts once belonging to the composer s personal musical archive and today held by the National University Library in Turin. The fact that no contemporary copies, or even mere listings, of these concertos in inventories ...

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Vivaldi: Bassoon Concertos (Complete), Vol. 1

Vivaldi: Bassoon Concertos (Complete), Vol.


Vivaldi: Bassoon Concertos

Vivaldi: Bassoon

Gustavo Nunez currently serves as principal bassoon with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, and is considered widely to be one of the greatest bassoonists of his generation. Born in Montevideo, Uraguay in 1965, he began learning bassoon, the instrument that his father is also skilled in, in 1976. Academy of St. Martin in the Fields accompanies Nunez for this recording. They have been called One of the worlds most admired chamber orchestras (The West Australian) and are said to have brooding power, poetic sparkle, dramatic attack (The Times). Antonio Vivaldi (1687-1741) may be singled out as the pioneer of the bassoon concerto. Used as a basso continuo instrument until the beginning of the 17th century, its part was rarely written out, much less featured as a solo instrument. In his concertos, Vivaldi uses the full range and all technical possibilities of the instrument. In his career, Vivaldi wrote 37 bassoon concerti.

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Vivaldi: Bassoon Concertos Vol.2

Vivaldi: Bassoon Concertos

Concertos pour basson & cordes RV 476, 487, 471, 498, 480, 503, 493 / Tamás Benkócs, basson - Nicolaus Esterházy Sinfonia, dir. Béla Drahos

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Antonio Vivaldi: 10 Bassoon Concerti for Bassoon and Piano, Volume 2

Antonio Vivaldi: 10 Bassoon Concerti for Bassoon and

Contents: Concerto in C Major (Pincherle 45) · Concerto in F Major (Pincherle 299) · Concerto in G minor (Pincherle 382) · Concerto in B-flat Major (Pincherle 382) · Concerto in E-flat Major (Pincherle 433)

  • Brand: G. Schirmer
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Vivaldi: Complete Bassoon Concertos

Vivaldi: Complete Bassoon

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Vivaldi: 6 Bassoon Concerti

Vivaldi: 6 Bassoon

  • ASIN: B00000E355
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Vivaldi: Bassoon Concertos (Complete), Vol. 3

Vivaldi: Bassoon Concertos (Complete), Vol.

  • ASIN: B000QQST7Y

Mayr/Lizio/Rolla/Vivaldi: Bassoon Concertos

Mayr/Lizio/Rolla/Vivaldi: Bassoon

  • ASIN: B00005LAMA

Vivaldi: Bassoon Concertos

Vivaldi: Bassoon

  • ASIN: B01B1YQ7RI

Vivaldi: Oboe Concerto RV 454, Sinfonia RV 112, Bassoon Concerto RV 497, Concerto RV 585, Flute Concerto RV 428, Sinfonia RV 169

Vivaldi: Oboe Concerto RV 454, Sinfonia RV 112,

  • ASIN: B004XZSA6E

Vivaldi: The 37 Bassoon Concertos

Vivaldi: The 37 Bassoon

  • ASIN: B00005UWTU
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Vivaldi Bassoon Concerti, Vol. 1

Vivaldi Bassoon Concerti, Vol.


10 Bassoon Concertos - Volume 1

10 Bassoon Concertos - Volume

Contents: Concerto in D minor (Pincherle 282) • Concerto in E minor (Pincherle 137) • Concerto in A minor (Pincherle 72) • Concerto in C Major (Pincherle 46) • Concerto in C minor (Pincherle 432)

  • Brand: Brand: Schirmer G Books
  • ASIN: 0793552699

Vivaldi: Flute Concertos, Vol. 2

Vivaldi: Flute Concertos, Vol.

  • ASIN: B000QQRFA6

Vivaldi: 7 Bassoon Concertos

Vivaldi: 7 Bassoon

  • ASIN: B079CY41V8

Vivaldi: 8 Concertos For Flute, Oboe, Violin, Bassoon & Continuo

Vivaldi: 8 Concertos For Flute, Oboe, Violin, Bassoon

  • ASIN: B000QQXSK2

Vivaldi 'Chamber Music': Concerti For Flute Oboe Violin Bassoon And Basso Continuo Rv 107

Vivaldi 'Chamber Music': Concerti For Flute Oboe Violin

Concertos RV462, RV107, RV433, RV439, RV428 & Sonate RV779 / Thomas Indermühle, hautb. - Mario Ancillotti, fl. - Paolo Franceschini, violon - Wolfgang Meyer, cor de basset - Milan Turkovic, basson - Claudio Brizi, claviorganum - Membres de I Solisti di Perugia

  • Brand: New Arts International
  • ASIN: B000AIZ840

Vivaldi: Bassoon Concertos (Complete), Vol. 4

Vivaldi: Bassoon Concertos (Complete), Vol.

  • ASIN: B000S58PRC

Vivaldi, A.: Bassoon Concertos (Complete), Vol. 5

Vivaldi, A.: Bassoon Concertos (Complete), Vol.

  • ASIN: B001MGQ82K

Vivaldi: 6 Bassoon Concertos

Vivaldi: 6 Bassoon


Vivaldi: Bassoon Concerto in B-flat Major, RV 503, F. VIII 35 (Solo Part with Piano Reduction)

Vivaldi: Bassoon Concerto in B-flat Major, RV 503,

Publisher ID: GB1920 Instrumentation: Bassoon, Piano Reduction Format: Solo Part with Piano Reduction

  • Brand: Gérard Billaudot Éditeur
  • ASIN: B008FX9ZBO

Vivaldi: Oboe & Bassoon Concertos

Vivaldi: Oboe & Bassoon

  • ASIN: B01MR5A8LC

Vivaldi x2 - Double Concertos for Oboes, Horns, Violin & Cello, Oboe and Bassoon

Vivaldi x2 - Double Concertos for Oboes, Horns,

  • Brand: Avie
  • ASIN: B07D57L8KV
  • UPC: 822252239225
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