The Ultimate Drum Kit Learning Method: A Teacher and Student Progressive Development Curriculum (Beginner Thru Intermediate) (Volume 1)

The Ultimate Drum Kit Learning Method: A Teacher

The UDKLM is a comprehensive and versatile manual, including a multitude of professional quality videos, that will guide the student from beginner to intermediate levels with the assistance of an instructor. More than a simple drummer’s book or basic curriculum, this book is an indispensable and comprehensive PACKAGE that will guide the both the instructor and student eloquently from a “new to the sticks” beginner to a fully qualified mid-intermediate player.

  • ASIN: 1507827121

Learn to Play the Drumset - All-in-One Combo Pack: Complete Instruction from Beginner to Advanced

Learn to Play the Drumset - All-in-One Combo

(Drum Instruction). This complete edition of the bestselling classic method by Peter Magadini includes all of Books 1 and 2, as well as access to online audio and video tracks for download or streaming. This book starts the beginning drummer on the entire drumset. Some of the topics covered include: Four and five piece drum setups; Illustrations of grips and how to use the sticks; Staff, time values, double strokes and counting; Many patterns, such as '50s, rock, Motown, blues, disco beat, funk, urban beat, jazz, swing, shuffle, Nashville and more; How to play a drum fill, a double stroke roll, the closed roll and the buzz roll. As the player advances, they'll also learn: Playing time; Developing beats with the open and closed hi-hat; Bass drum control and independence; Fusion, Afro-Cuban, and Brazilian rhythms; Basic brush technique; Basic polyrhythms; Reading and drum chart "choreography". The price of this book includes access to audio and video files online. The files are accessed online using the unique code inside each book and can be streamed or downloaded. The audio files include PLAYBACK+, a multi-functional audio player that allows you to slow down audio without changing pitch, set loop points, change keys, and pan left or right.

  • Brand: Hal Leonard
  • ASIN: 1495088766
  • UPC: 888680666972

Ultimate Drum Play-Along Rolling Stones: Play Along with 8 Great-Sounding Tracks (Authentic Drum), Book & CD (Ultimate Play-Along)

Ultimate Drum Play-Along Rolling Stones: Play Along with

Eight classic Stones songs fully transcribed for drums. The CD contains both instrumental and instrumental play-along versions of each song. Embedded software allows you to slow down and loop sections and to play with or without the click track!. Matching bass and guitar editions are available! Titles: Brown Sugar * Gimme Shelter * Honky Tonk Women * Jumpin' Jack Flash * Let it Bleed * Paint it, Black * (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction * You Can't Always Get What You Want. "This book is ideal for those wishing to check out Watts' style, or for teachers requiring play-alongs for novice students." - DRUMMER magazine

  • Brand: Alfred
  • ASIN: 0739063707
  • UPC: 038081374031

Samson DK707 7-Piece Drum Microphone Kit + Tripod Base Mic Boom Stand + Ultimate Low-Level Tripod Mic Stand + 7 XLR Mic Cables 20 ft.+ Strapeez, Black - Ultimate Accessory Bundle

Samson DK707 7-Piece Drum Microphone Kit + Tripod

The DK707 7-Piece Drum Microphone Kit from Samson is a full-range microphone package for professional drummers. It includes four Q72 instrument mics, a Q71 kick drum mic, two CO2 pencil condenser mics for overhead miking, seven swivel-style mic adapters, four tension-mounted rim clips, and a hardshell carrying case. They can be used to mike a drum set in several applications for studio recordings, live stage, theater shows, rehearsals, and more.Featuring high SPL handling, the CO2 pencil mics have a frequency response of 40 Hz to 20 kHz to capture the overhead cymbals, while the Q71 and Q72 mics have a frequency responses of 50 Hz to 16 kHz to capture the bass drum and your snare drums and toms. Each mic is equipped with a swivel-style mic adapter. Kit Includes: Samson DK707 Drum Mic 7-piece Kit 2x Tripod Base Mic Stand with Fixed Boom Ultimate Support JSMCTB50 Microphone Stand 7x Mic Cable, 20 ft. XLR Bulk Op/Tech Strapeez, Black

  • Brand: Samson Technologies
  • UPC: 793585081075

Ultimate Drum Lessons: Double Bass [Instant Access]

Ultimate Drum Lessons: Double Bass [Instant

Ultimate Drum Lessons: Double Bass Drumming contains lessons from drummers best- known for the technique and musical application of double bass.

  • Brand: Hudson Music
  • ASIN: B00MG64JNK

Ultimate Beginner Drum Basics: Steps One & Two, Book & CD (The Ultimate Beginner Series)

Ultimate Beginner Drum Basics: Steps One & Two,

This book & CD package is designed to help aspiring musicians take the first step toward experiencing the fun of playing music, and is packed full of tips, lessons, and practical knowledge. Topics include the drumset, how to hold the sticks, how to play basic beats, note values, song structure and the drummer's role in a song, how to play drum fills, and warm-up exercises.

  • Brand: Alfred Music
  • ASIN: 1576234053
  • UPC: 029156211726

Buddy Rich's Rudiments Around the Kit

Buddy Rich's Rudiments Around the

(Music Sales America). In 1942, Buddy Rich collaborated with Henry Adler, publishing Buddy Rich's Modern Interpretation of Snare Drum Rudiments. It is known today as "the drummer's bible." In 2005, Ted MacKenzie revised the classic snare drum book and, with Henry Adler's blessing, revealed the method behind the book. In this book, Ted takes Buddy's rudiments from the original book and carefully applies them to the drum set. There is no favoring of the downbeat in any of the rudiments, allowing the student to gain confidence and control while developing a natural vocabulary around the kit. Combined with MacKenzie's The Ultimate Drummer's Workout DVD, this comprehensive program is the fastest, most efficient study ever put together for gaining proficiency and fluidity around the kit.

  • Brand: Music Sales America
  • ASIN: 0825637279
  • UPC: 752187995005

PylePro Portable Drums, Tabletop Drum Set, 7 Pad Digital Drum Kit, Touch Sensitivity, Wireless Electric Drums, Drum Machine, Electric Drum Pads, LED Display, Mac & PC (PTED01)

PylePro Portable Drums, Tabletop Drum Set, 7 Pad

PylePro Model : PTED01Tabletop Digital Drum Machine KitElectronic Table Digital Drum Kit Top w/ 7 Pad Digital Drum Kit System Features:LED Control DisplayHeadphone & USB Outputs Kick, Hi-Hat & DC Power InputsUSB Port Doubles as MIDI In/Out7 Drum Pads with Touch Sensitivity2 Different Voice Metronome System215 Percussion Voices & 128 GM Voices25 Preset Drum Kits & 5 User Drum KitsDimensions: 19.65" (L) x 14.5" (W) x 6.2" (D)This electronic table top drum kit is an all-in-one wonder. It's super-customizable, lightweight, and portable - the ultimate tabletop kit for the drummer on-the-go. Each of the seven pads has touch sensitivity for an accurate response. Use one of the built-in 25 presets, or create and store your own kit by choosing from 215 different percussion voices. Use the internal speakers, or envelope yourself in percussive rhythms by plugging in your own headphones. There's more: this kit comes with two pedals so you can get the real feel of a kick drum and hi-hat pedal. You can connect this unit to your computer using the USB cable - it'll function as a MIDI controller for your favorite computer software to get even more functionality You can also play along with the built-in songs. This kit includes a built-in metronome and reverb effect. It runs on batteries or the i...

  • Brand: Pyle
  • ASIN: B0045XUU08
  • UPC: 068888980999

Play Drums Today - Level 1: A Complete Guide to the Basics Softcover with CD (Play Today Instructional Series)

Play Drums Today - Level 1: A Complete

(Play Today Instructional Series). The ultimate self-teaching method designed to offer quality instruction, terrific songs, and a professional-quality CD with 99 full-demo tracks and spoken instruction. This drum series can be used by students who want to teach themselves, or by teachers for private or group instruction. Simply follow the tips and lessons in the book as you listen to the teacher on the CD. This package offers a complete guide to the basics, covering: beats, songs and fills; all musical styles; playing tips and techniques; music notation; and more.

  • Brand: Hal Leonard
  • ASIN: 0634021850
  • UPC: 073999488388

ULTIMATE (drum kit vol. 3)

ULTIMATE (drum kit vol.

  • ASIN: B07PPBX87R

Rock Drumming for Beginners: How to Play Rock Drums for Beginners. Beats, Grooves and Rudiments (Learn to Play Drums)

Rock Drumming for Beginners: How to Play Rock

Master Essential Rhythms, Ride Patterns and Rudiments as you Learn to Play Drums Master Every Essential Rock Drum RhythmDevelop Speed, Control Power and TimingEffortlessly Combine Rudiments and Essential TechniquesLearn the Most Important Rock Drum Styles for BeginnersDiscover Ride Patterns, Beats, Fills and More…Learn Rolls, Paradiddles, Dynamics, Double Bass Drum Technique and Odd TimesLearn with clear notation and hundreds of audio examplesRock Drumming for BeginnersDo you want to Learn Rock Drums?Do you need an organised way to tackle the essential techniques and vocabulary of Rock Drums?Do you need to confidently learn rudiments and turn them into grooving rock drum fills?Do you want to learn about straight, shuffle, triplet and 1/16th note drum feels?Do you need hundreds of drum phrases, fills, and rudiments to practice? Are you struggling to Master the Basics of Rock Drumming? Rock Drumming for Beginners is the perfect way to master Rock Drumming.Starting with 1/8th note ride patterns, snare and bass drum variations, and essential rudiments, Rock Drumming for Beginners guides you on an exciting journey through every stage of playing rock drums.Early on you will learn about backbeats, hi-hat patterns, double-stroke rolls, paradiddles, groove variations and 1/8th note ...

  • ASIN: 1911267604

The Ultimate Drum Kit Learning Method: A Teacher and Student Progressive Development Curriculum (Beginner Thru Intermediate) (Volume 1) by Tyrone A Steele (2015-04-15)

The Ultimate Drum Kit Learning Method: A Teacher

  • ASIN: B019L5EQXQ

Learn How to Play Drums!: Everything you need to know to get you started.

Learn How to Play Drums!: Everything you need

Learn How to Play Drums! offers a step by step guide into the world of drumming. From how to hold the sticks to playing a drum solo, this book will provide you with everything you need to know to become a drummer.Unlike most drum kit tuition books, Learn How to Play Drums! uses colour coded drums and notation to make reading music and learning theory easy and fun. The 'Different Styles' section has a range of grooves and rhythms from rock to rhumba and there lots of suitable fill ideas as well as guidance on how to create your own fills.Whether you are exploring drums for the first time or want a fresh approach to teaching drums, Learn How to Play Drums! should be on every drummer's music stand!Happy drumming!

  • ASIN: B012J43OPC

Alesis Compact Kit 7 | Portable 7-Pad Electronic Table-top Drum Kit with 265 Drum Sounds, USB-MIDI Output, Battery- or AC-Power and Drum Sticks Included

Alesis Compact Kit 7 | Portable 7-Pad Electronic

Start Drumming Today Introducing The Alesis CompactKit 7, a table top electronic drum kit with seven velocity-sensitive drum pads that deliver realistic drum sound with the feel and response of real drums. But it doesn’t stop there! CompactKit 7 also includes two pedals for hi-hat and kick drum, so you’ll really feel as if you’re sitting down at an actual set. Everything the aspiring drummer demands is here - There are 100’s of built-in percussion voices, a self-recording feature, pre-set drum kits, a USB-MIDI output for DAW integration, power via battery or AC power and play-along songs, so you can get started right away with your own customized sound. Premium Sound Content Whatever sound you are looking for, we guarantee CompactKit 7 has the solution! With an impressive 45 pre-set drum kits, 5 locations for user drum kits, 265 percussion voices and over 100 play-along songs, finding your signature sound with our premium drum voices couldn’t be any simpler! Natural Feel It feels and responds just like a traditional drum kit! With seven velocity-sensitive drum pads that deliver realistic drum sound with the feel and response of real drums, you can be certain every subtle nuance of your performance is captured – plus, we even include drum sticks for even more authentic...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Alesis
  • ASIN: B016KNIJG2
  • UPC: 694318019092

First 15 Lessons - Drums: A Beginner's Guide, Featuring Step-By-Step Lessons with Audio, Video, and Popular Songs!

First 15 Lessons - Drums: A Beginner's Guide,

(Drum Instruction). The First 15 Lessons series provides a step-by-step lesson plan for the absolute beginner, complete with audio tracks, video lessons, and real songs! Designed for self-teaching or for use with an instructor, you'll build a solid foundation as you work through each lesson, learning the basics of the instrument and music reading while practicing the many exercises, concepts and song excerpts within. Must-know instruction so you can start playing right away, with a free online metronome! The drum book features lessons on: drumset fundamentals, counting & rhythm basics, music reading, beginning grooves, fills, chart reading, rudiments, The Moeller Method, the shuffle, different time signatures, and listening suggestions. Includes drum beats from 14 songs: Another One Bites the Dust * Babylon Sisters * Bang Bang * Every Breath You Take * Everybody Wants to Rule the World * Free Fallin' * Hold the Line * La Grange * Minute by Minute * (You Make Me Feel Like) a Natural Woman * Sharp Dressed Man * Smells like Teen Spirit * Solsbury Hill * Whipping Post.

  • ASIN: 1540002942
  • UPC: 888680708429

Drum Lessons for Beginners: Teach Yourself How to Play Drums (Free Video Available) (Progressive Beginner)

Drum Lessons for Beginners: Teach Yourself How to

Teach yourself how to play drums with our easy drum lessons for beginners.***Comes with online access to free drum videos and audio demonstrating all examples. See and hear how each one is played by a teacher, then play along with the backing band. Also includes music score and drum animation for easy music learning.***"Awesome Drum Learning Book! This one by far is the best one I've found. The layout makes it easy to understand and to absorb the material you're learning. Keeps everything interesting but not so simple that it's boring." - Michael Cadonic, Louisville KY [Amazon]"Progressive Beginner Drums contains all you need to know to start learning to be a great drummer - in one easy-to-follow, lesson-by-lesson drum tutorial. Suitable for all ages and all types of drum kits. No prior knowledge of how to read music or playing the drums is required to teach yourself to learn to play drums from this book.Teach yourself:• How to play using all the drums and cymbals in the entire drum kit• How to play drum beats used in popular drum grooves• All the fundamental drum rudiments and drum techniques including playing accents, ghost notes, paradiddles, side stick and open hi-hat• Drum theory for learning how to read drum music for beginners• Drum tips and drum tricks that ever...

  • ASIN: B00E1S3BKS

Black Widow Drum Web Anchoring Drum Mat, The Ultimate Drum Mat

Black Widow Drum Web Anchoring Drum Mat, The

The Black Widow Drum Web is a revolutionary new drummer-designed accessory that prevents any drumset from slipping, sliding or moving under even the most aggressive playing while also providing an unprecedented ease of use, flexibility and portability.

  • Brand: Black Widow
  • ASIN: B009GSJ8Y6
  • UPC: 672485346111

ULTIMATE (drum kit vol. 3)

ULTIMATE (drum kit vol.

  • ASIN: B07PPB44BS

Ultimate Beginner Series - Drum Basics

Ultimate Beginner Series - Drum

Ultimate Beginner Series - Drum Basics DVD. The Ultimate Beginner Series has helped thousands of aspiring musicians take their first steps towards experiencing the fun of playing music. Now you can experi ence both step 1 & step 2 together for the first time on DVD. On your Drum Basics DVD, you will learn; how to build a drum set, the function of the drummer in a band, how to hold the sticks, how to play basic rock beats, basic note values, song structure, how to play a simple drum fill, how to play a basic blues beat, and much more.

  • Brand: Warner Bros
  • ASIN: B00005YWK2
  • UPC: 654979026006

Meinl Cymbals Ultimate Cymbal Set Box Pack with FREE 16" Trash Crash - HCS Traditional Finish Brass - Made In Germany, TWO YEAR WARRANTY, inch ((SCS1

Meinl Cymbals Ultimate Cymbal Set Box Pack with

Take your practice and performance to a new level of creativity and inspiration with the HCS Ultimate cymbal set featuring a FREE 16" trash crash from Meinl Cymbals. This full range of HCS brass cymbals will complete your drum set with every essential, and the effect cymbals are designed to cue in serious sound. Included in this one stop ultimate set are a 14" hi hat pair, 20" ride, 14" crash, 16" crash, 18" crash, 14" china, 8" bell, 10" splash, plus a FREE 16" trash crash. The hi hats have a crisp "chick" with a nice slosh when played open while the ride cymbal delivers a well-defined "ping" and a cutting bell without distracting overtones. HCS crashes respond with a warm attack followed by a medium sustain. The china is ideal for adding cutting accents with a sharp, sinister sound. Use the bell for a light and bright sonic alternative with a long sustain. The 10" splash cymbal is a standard and ideal for quick accents or spicing up fills. For a truly unique effect, dig in with the FREE 16" trash crash. Its specially cut holes take a normal crash sound and shorten its sustain while adding a blend of trashy tones that can really change the dynamic of your playing. This full range of cymbals allows you to experiment with different set ups to find your own personal musical touch a...

  • Color: Ultimate Set
  • Brand: Meinl Cymbals
  • UPC: 840553014457

Drum Starz 51 Piece ULTIMATE SURVIVAL PACK Emergency Kit for Drummers

Drum Starz 51 Piece ULTIMATE SURVIVAL PACK Emergency

Drum Starz Ultimate SURVIVAL PACK is a comprehensive collection of essential percusssion accessories for drummers. This 51 piece emergency kit comes in a sturdy plastic box and includes: 2 standard drum keys and 1 continuous motion speed key; 13 felts, including 8 regular cymbal felts, 2 tall cymbal felts, 1 large hi hat cup felt, and 2 hi hat clutch felts; 2 tapered long plastic cymbal sleeves, 2 8mm wing nuts, 2 small steel general purpose washers, and 10 nylon tension rod washers (superior to metal washers). To help in practicing any time, anywhere, there's a Pocket Pad portable practice pad. At only 4" in diameter, and 1/8" thick, it's perfect for warming up before a gig. This handy emergency pack also includes 2 pieces Drum Starz snare wire cord, and our exclusive DRUM EASE white and clear drum repair patches & over-ring reducers. There's even 2 band aids and 2 rubber bands......items every gigging drummer could use! If purchased separately, this collection would cost well over $69. Drum Starz Ultimate SURVIVAL PACK is the perfect addition to any drummer's gig bag!

  • Brand: Drum Starz
  • ASIN: B01N11XWTN
  • UPC: 647971222231

Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit with Cymbals, Hardware, Sticks, & Throne - Black

Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit with Cymbals,

Brand New Junior Drum Set - Absolutely everything you need to start playing! A REAL drum set, just like a full size/adult set, but smaller. Look at these AMAZING features: 16"x10" 12 Lug Bass Drum, Wood Snare drum, Two Hang Toms, Floor tom, 2-8" Hi-Hat Cymbals, 1-10" Crash/Ride Cymbal, Snare Stand, Hi-Hat Stand, Bass drum pedal, Pair drum sticks, Drummers Key, HIGH-GLOSS Black Finish & Chrome Rims...Assembly is required. This set features real wood shells & is the perfect way to get started drumming Top seller ships fast! Makes the ultimate musical gift.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Gammon Percussion
  • ASIN: B0033290CQ
  • UPC: 753182688183

Aquarian Drumheads Ultimate Snare Drum Tune-Up Kit - 14 Inches

Aquarian Drumheads Ultimate Snare Drum Tune-Up Kit -

Snare Drum Accessory Kit with 2 Drumheads, 4 Damping Accessories, 2 Snare-side Patches, and 2 Woven Snare Straps

  • Brand: Aquarian Drumheads
  • ASIN: B0194IF5US
  • UPC: 659007012693

Learn To Master Drums

Learn To Master

  • Brand: Learn To Master
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