Seachem MultiTest Ammonia Test Kit

Seachem MultiTest Ammonia Test

This kit measures total (NH3 and NH4+) and free ammonia (NH3 only) down to less than 0.05 mg/L and is virtually interference free in marine and fresh water. Free ammonia is the toxic form of ammonia (vs. ionized Ammonia NH4+ which is non-toxic) and thus it is much more important to keep an eye on the level of free ammonia in your system.This kit is based on the same gas exchange technology that is used in the Ammonia Alert® and thus is the only kit on the market that can read levels of free ammonia while using ammonia removal products such as Prime®, Safe™, AmGuard™ and any similar competing products. The other kits (salicylate or Nessler based) determine the total ammonia by raising the pH of the test solution to 12 or greater. At this high pH all ammonia removal products will breakdown and rerelease the ammonia, thus giving you a false ammonia reading.

  • Brand: Seachem
  • ASIN: B0002A5XFU
  • UPC: 000116095006

Salifert AMPT Ammonia Test Kit

Salifert AMPT Ammonia Test

Salifert test Kits are the epitome of accuracy and precision. Their wide range of available tests have all been designed to detect the smallest traces of certain elements, without interference from other chemicals within the water. Simply put, These are the best test Kits you can buy- hands down. The sharp, contrasting color changes make results easy to read so there's no second guessing. Trust your aquarium to salifert. This ammonia test will detect the smallest fluctuations of ammonia in saltwater reef aquariums so you can be sure your corals and other invertebrates are receiving an adequate amount for their general health and growth. Easily test the ammonia/ammonium level in your tank. Salifert test Kits feature some of the easiest to read results available to each Testing method. The salifert ammonia test kit contains 50 tests and can easily detect 0.5 ppm of total ammonia. Made in holland and a top choice of marine aquarists globally.

  • Brand: Salifert

Seachem Ammonia Alert

Seachem Ammonia

Ammonia Alert is an innovative color device for continuously detecting and monitoring toxic free ammonia. A sensor changes reversibly from Yellow to green to Blue, relative to the ammonia concentration. No test Kits, chemicals, or procedures are needed. The device detects less than 0.05 mg/L (ppm) free ammonia and alerts you to the #1 killer before any sign of stress. It lasts over a year. Marine or freshwater use. In the absence of free ammonia the unit will assume a Yellow or faint yellow-green color. It is normal for the dry sensor to have a greenish hue. It may take up to a few days for a dry sensor to equilibrate with the water. No sampling of water, chemicals, or test procedures are required. The presence of the free ammonia is detectable continuously with a Response time of about 15 minutes. Response to decreasing ammonia is slower, requiring about 4 hours to go from toxic to safe on removal of ammonia.

  • Brand: Seachem
  • ASIN: B000255R5G
  • UPC: 634252057200

JNW Direct 7 in 1 Aquarium Test Strips, 150 Strip MEGA Pack, Best Kit for Accurate Water Quality Testing for Saltwater & Freshwater Aquariums and Fish Ponds

JNW Direct 7 in 1 Aquarium Test Strips,

Do you want a quick and easy way to properly maintain your fish tank so that your fish can live long and happy lives in a clean and healthy environment?Introducing the complete water testing kit for your daily needs from JNW Direct. Our aquarium testing kit contains 150 strips and tests for:Nitrate:It will highly distress your fish and make them less likely to breed and more susceptible to disease.Nitrite:Nitrite is a major killer in fish even more than ammonia. They will show signs of distress with any amount of nitrites.Free Chlorine:Chlorine is harmful to fish, damaging their gills and skin causing extreme breathing problems. Total alkalinity:Low total alkalinity in the wrong levels will mean it will be very hard to maintain a stable pH.Total Hardness: Your fish will not tolerate extreme soft or hard water.pH:A high pH increases the toxicity of chemicals for your fish and they will become highly distressed.KH / Carbonate:Low levels of carbonate will mean aquarium water pH levels will fluctuate highly resulting in sick fish.We have come out with what we believe to be the best water test strips for accurate and consistent results for finding the main pollutants in aquariums and fish ponds.Important tips:- Store in a cool dry place to ensure freshness and longevity of strips.- Al...

  • Brand: JNW Direct

Tetra 19544 EasyStrips Complete Kit, 25-Count

Tetra 19544 EasyStrips Complete Kit,

  • Color: Complete Kit
  • Brand: Tetra
  • ASIN: B0053PQL8M
  • UPC: 046798195443

All Seas Marine Inc Sal Test Kit Ammonia Profi

All Seas Marine Inc Sal Test Kit Ammonia

Instructions: add with 5ml syringe 1 ml of water in the test vial. Add 6 drops of nh3-1 (watch out caustic!) and swirl gently for 5 seconds. Add 6 drops of nh3-2 (watch out Contains mercury salts, wash hands after use, keep away from food, see additional warning under the heading warning). swirl gently for 5 seconds and allow to stand for 5 minutes. Hold the test vial and look through the side of the test vial. Keep the color Chart behind the test vial. Ensure that a White piece of the color Chart is behind the liquid layer. The values on the color Chart are in mg/L total ammonia (that is NH3 + NH4+).

  • Color: None
  • Brand: All Seas Marine Inc
  • ASIN: B002MB3OV2
  • UPC: 714079130475

Aquarium Test Strips Kit 7 Parameter (FDA Approved 150 Strips) for: ✓Nitrite ✓pH ✓Free Chlorine ✓Carbonate ✓Total Alkalinity ✓General Hardness ✓Nitrate Safe for Freshwater Saltwater or Ponds

Aquarium Test Strips Kit 7 Parameter (FDA Approved

Keep your fish healthy by testing your Aquarium's water recurrently! Generical X's founder is a fish enthusiast and helped develop a reliable 7 in 1 Aquarium Test Kit! Our kit is very affordable, reliable, with great packaging design, a very detailed set of instructions and includes tips to take care of your Aquarium! It also includes 150 individual strips for 150 tests! It has 2 years shelf-life and includes a desiccant to protect the strips from humidity! Test for the most common pollutants and take care of your beautiful aquarium with our 7 parameters! -Carbonate -Total Alkalinity -General Hardness -Free Chlorine -Nitrate -Nitrite -pH

  • Brand: Generical X
  • ASIN: B07H227KW6
  • UPC: 732068386863

Red Sea Marine Care Program Ammonia Test Kit

Red Sea Marine Care Program Ammonia Test

Red Sea Ammonia Test Kit is an advanced colorimetric test measuring the total ammonia (NH3/NH4) in marine aquariums to an accuracy of 0.2 ppm. Red Sea Ammonia Test Kit simple to use test kit is essential during the initial stage of the biological maturation of all marine and reef aquariums. Red Sea Ammonia Test Kit Includes 100 tests.

  • ASIN: B00MJ85BB4
  • UPC: 073077321460

Stript Health 7-Way Aquarium Test Strips 100 Count - Easily Test Your Salt/Fresh Water Tank - Spend More Time Enjoying Your Fish - One Simple Strip Test - Rapid Results - Best Value Kit

Stript Health 7-Way Aquarium Test Strips 100 Count

Stript Health 7-Way Aquarium Test Strips is for every fish owner who needs to quickly test water, but can't find a complete test that is simple to use.Here's a huge problem you face right now. It's finding a quality test that is easy to use and accurate.Many fish owners can't get past the idea that they need multiple bottles and tubes to get results and maintain proper water levels.All this can make trying to keep your tank healthy a nightmare! But luckily for you, there's now a solution! So, if you're a fish owner and who really needs to quickly test water, but can't find a complete test that is simple to use, "Stript Health 7-Way Aquarium Test Strips" is the answer you've been looking for! Our Aquarium Kit Tests For: Carbonate Total Alkalinity pH General Hardness Free Chlorine Nitrate Nitrite There's no time like the present to $ Save Money $!- Order Now!

  • Brand: Stript Health
  • ASIN: B074W2P81T
  • UPC: 800265907744

Alerts Combo Pack, 2 Monitors

Alerts Combo Pack, 2

Alerts Combo Pack, 2 Monitors

  • Brand: Seachem
  • UPC: 781163338147
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