Functional Anatomy: Threshold Picture Guide No 43 (Threshold Picture Guides)

Functional Anatomy: Threshold Picture Guide No 43 (Threshold

A guide to the horse's anatomy and basic physiology, with clear descriptions of how it works. Written for horse owners and students by a leading equine veterinary surgeon. Chapters include points of the horse and anatomical directions, the skeleton, tendons and ligaments, respiratory and digestive system and teeth and ageing.

  • Brand: Trafalgar Square Books
  • ASIN: 1872119190

Conformation: How to Train Your Horse and Enjoy It (Threshold Picture Guides)

Conformation: How to Train Your Horse and Enjoy

A guide to the basic principles and practical implications of conformation covering everything from proportion and topline to action paces and ride. Chapters include information on the underside of the horse, behind the saddle, shoulders and forelimbs, and musculature and condition.

  • Brand: Brand: Kenilworth Press
  • ASIN: 187208222X

Teach Like a Champion 2. 0 Techniques That Put Students on the Path to College

Teach Like a Champion 2. 0 Techniques That

Achieve classroom greatness with updated Champion techniquesTeaching is one of the most important jobs in the world and often one of the hardest Excellent teachers continually strive to learn and improve their craft and no matter how good a teacher is theres always room for improvement Teach Like a Champion became a global bestseller because it offered concrete engaging easy-to-implement techniques teachers could use to keep their students engaged focused and learning Teach Like a Champion 2 0 compiles the feedback gathered from real teachers in real classrooms around the world to deliver an updated set of techniques made even more effective by the continual fine-tuning of daily classroom use Effective and informative for both new teachers and classroom veterans Teach Like a Champion 2 0 describes how to ADJUST CLASSIC TEACHING TECHNIQUES TO BE EVEN MORE EFFECTIVEIMPLEMENT ENTIRELY NEW TECHNIQUES THAT KEEP STUDENTS ON TRACKTRANSLATE THEORY INTO ACTION WITH VIDEO DEMONSTRATIONSTeach Like a Champion 2 0 made me a better teacher The rigor depth and applicability of each technique Doug shares immediately allowed me to improve the teaching I do with school leaders teachers and kids TLaC 2 0 builds seamlessly from the first edition-going deeper on some key concepts and introducing us t...

  • Brand: Jossey-Bass
  • ASIN: 1118901851

Manes and Tails (Threshold Picture Guides)

Manes and Tails (Threshold Picture

A step-by-step guide to the art of trimming and plaiting manes and tails. Contents include how to pull a mane and tail, plaiting a mane with thread or rubber bands, hogging a mane, remedial mane plaiting and the two ways to plait a tail.

  • Brand: imusti
  • ASIN: 0901366323

Aromatherapy for Horses (Threshold Picture Guides)

Aromatherapy for Horses (Threshold Picture

A detailed and authoritative guide to using essential oils for common ailments and management problems in horses and ponies by a leading practitioner. Chapters include how to select oils for a particular condition, doses and dilutions, external, internal and topical applications and quick reference charts and tables.

  • Brand: Brand: Kenilworth Press
  • ASIN: 187208298X

Doma clasica / Classical Riding (Guias Ecuestres Ilustradas / Threshold Picture Guides) (Spanish Edition)

Doma clasica / Classical Riding (Guias Ecuestres Ilustradas

¿Qué es la doma clásica, por qué debería utilizarla y qué la diferencia de otros métodos de adiestramiento del caballo? En esta nueva Guía Ecuestre Ilustrada encontrará la explicaciones de cómo utilizar los métodos de adiestramiento de este tipo de doma para mejorar la marcha del caballo, el trabajo a la mano, el trabajo a

  • ASIN: 8425519136

Practical Horse Whispering (Threshold Picture Guides)

Practical Horse Whispering (Threshold Picture

Easy-to-use horse whispering techniques and principles that can help you develop better bonds with horses. Chapters include understanding and speaking the horse's language, human body postures, getting horses to follow you and leadership, body space and boundaries.

  • Brand: Brand: Kenilworth Press Ltd./ Half Halt Press, Inc.
  • ASIN: 1872119670

First Aid (Threshold Picture Guides)

First Aid (Threshold Picture

Straightforward advice on how to cope with common ailments and injuries, when to call the vet and what to do before the vet arrives. Chapters include signs of ill-health, equipment and first aid cupboard, cleaning and covering wounds, and tubbing, poulticing, and bandaging.

  • Brand: Trafalgar Square Books
  • ASIN: 1872082629

Feeds and Feeding (Threshold Picture Guides)

Feeds and Feeding (Threshold Picture

A guide to horse and pony feedstuffs, and straightforward advice on feeding horses and ponies, whether kept at grass or stabled. Chapters include rules of good feeding, cooked food and appetizers, calculating rations, food and health and storage.

  • Brand: Brand: Kenilworth Press
  • ASIN: 187208253X

Poles and Gridwork (Threshold Picture Guides)

Poles and Gridwork (Threshold Picture

Progressive exercises over poles and simple fences, designed to improve suppleness and jumping skills in horse and rider. Chapters include trotting poles, simple grids, bounces, jumping on the angle and turning exercises.

  • Brand: Kenilworth Press
  • ASIN: 1872082440

Side-Saddle (Threshold Picture Guides)

Side-Saddle (Threshold Picture

An illustrated introduction to side-saddle riding. Chapters include type of horse and pony, types of saddle and saddle fitting, side-saddle girths and stirrups, what to wear, mounting and dismounting, the rider's position, the rider's aids, and jumping and competitions.

  • Brand: Kenilworth Press
  • ASIN: 1905693036

Grooming (Threshold Picture Guides)

Grooming (Threshold Picture

A guide to grooming and how it can help keep horse and ponies healthy and looking their best. Includes sections on: reasons for grooming; basic grooming kits; care of the feet; quartering and full grooming; wisping and banging; cleaning the sheath; dealing with a muddy horse or pony; and setting fair for the night.

  • Brand: Brand: Kenilworth Press
  • ASIN: 1872082297

Solving Cross-Country Problems (Threshold Picture Guides)

Solving Cross-Country Problems (Threshold Picture

Straightforward advice on how to avoid the majority of cross-country problems. Chapters include lost confidence, refusing to start and excitability, running out, ditch aversion and combination problems, and slow finishing times.

  • Brand: Brand: Kenilworth Press
  • ASIN: 1872082610

Lameness (Threshold Picture Guides)

Lameness (Threshold Picture

Lameness affects almost all horses at some point, but it can often seem like a minefield subject! But in this well-illustrated handbook, Stuart Duncan clearly describes the most common problems in an understandable way. You'll soon be able to prevent and detect lameness, spot which limb is affected and much more, with this handy guide.

  • Brand: Kenilworth Press Ltd
  • ASIN: 1905693079

Solving Show-Jumping Problems (Threshold Picture Guides)

Solving Show-Jumping Problems (Threshold Picture

This guide is straightforward advice on how to avoid common show jumping problems. Chapters include refusing to enter the ring, stopping at the first fence, spooking and running out, turning difficulties, inability to shorten in front of a fence, and losing confidence.

  • Brand: Brand: Kenilworth Press
  • ASIN: 1872082661

Better Riding Through Exercise: Threshold Picture Guide No 42 (Threshold Picture Guides)

Better Riding Through Exercise: Threshold Picture Guide No

A guide to improving the rider's position and effectiveness through a programme of exercises and stretches specifically designed for riders. This guide includes exercises for everyday riding, common riding problems and exercises to avoid. There are chapters on flexibility and suppleness, strength training, aerobic conditioning and healthy eating and body type.

  • Brand: Brand: Kenilworth Press
  • ASIN: 1872119115

Colours and Markings: Threshold Picture Guide No 6 (Threshold Picture Guides)

Colours and Markings: Threshold Picture Guide No 6

A straightforward guide to identifying the various colours and markings of horses and ponies and recognising the distinguishing features of different breeds. Chapters include how to recognise ponies, head, leg and body markings, brands, freeze and hoof marks and how to register identity.

  • Brand: Brand: Kenilworth Press
  • ASIN: 0901366250

Dressage Test Technique (Threshold Picture Guides)

Dressage Test Technique (Threshold Picture

By a List 1 Dressage Judge, the guide has helpful hints for those starting out in dressage or wishing to improve their competition performance. Chapters include training and preparation, learning the test, paces and rhythm, and analyzing the judge’s comments.

  • Brand: Kenilworth Press
  • ASIN: 1872082513

Flatwork Exercises (Threshold Picture Guides)

Flatwork Exercises (Threshold Picture

An illustrated guide to progressive schooling exercises, designed to improve suppleness, balance, strength, and agility, and to enhance the performance of horse and rider on the flat. Chapters include the paces, transitions, 10 m and 20 m circles, serpentines, and square halts and rein back.

  • Brand: Brand: Kenilworth Press
  • ASIN: 1872082351

Trimming and Clipping (Threshold Picture Guides)

Trimming and Clipping (Threshold Picture

As an instructor it takes time to develop a repertoire of exercises to suit all ages and abilities. This book has the answer: it provides a wide range of ideas with notes on how these can be adapted and developed for different levels, from beginner to advanced, whether children or adults, along with teaching tips for a professional delivery.

  • Brand: Brand: Kenilworth Press
  • ASIN: 1872119239

Y'all: The Definitive Guide to Being a Texan

Y'all: The Definitive Guide to Being a

The Lone Star state can seem like an enigma to those who have never had the pleasure of spending time there. Texans seem to walk differently, talk differently, and dress differently than any other people in the nation. Jay B Sauceda, a Texas native, understands the trouble that “foreigners” from New York to California have comprehendin’ their Texan neighbors. This funny and engaging primer on how to be a Texan will help you get a better handle on the unique Texas history, language, culture, customs, and do’s and don’ts―whether you’re movin’ there or just passin’ through. Jay B Sauceda is a photographer and lifelong Texan. He moved from La Porte to Austin to attend the University of Texas, and “stayed for the ample supply of patio bars and beer specials.” His clients have included BMW, Microsoft, IBM, the San Antonio Spurs, the Times of London, Texas A&M, Texas Monthly, and the University of Texas. He believes in “firm handshakes, Willie Nelson, and telling compelling stories.”

  • Brand: Gibbs Smith
  • ASIN: 1423640624

Boots and Bandages: Threshold Picture Guide No 3 (Threshold Picture Guides)

Boots and Bandages: Threshold Picture Guide No 3

A step-by-step guide on the correct methods of fitting boots and bandages. Contents include over-reach and fetlock boots, travelling, knee cap and hock boots, the different types of bandage, and how to bandage a tail.

  • ASIN: 0901366331

Safety (Threshold Picture Guides)

Safety (Threshold Picture

Valuable advice on how to avoid common problems and accidents associated with riding and keeping horses and ponies. Prepared in consultation with The British Horse Society's Safety Department. Every aspect is covered, from hard hats and protective clothing to handling tips, lifting, and safety in the stable and field.

  • Brand: Brand: Kenilworth Press
  • ASIN: 1872082912

Homeopathy: Threshold Picture Guide No 44 (Threshold Picture Guides)

Homeopathy: Threshold Picture Guide No 44 (Threshold Picture

This illustrated guide shows how to choose and use tried and tested homeopathic remedies for horses and ponies. It provides treatment guidelines for a wide range of common ailments and first aid applications. Chapters include descriptions of remedies and their properties, using the remedies and when to call the vet.

  • Brand: Brand: Kenilworth Press
  • ASIN: 1872119247
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