Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

Dragon: The Bruce Lee

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Oregon Apocalypse


After leaving military service a woman accepts the offer of her best friend to share an apartment with her in Portland, Oregon. After living there long enough to get mostly adjusted back into civilian life she starts thinking of leaving the area. Just then the whole west coast of America is rocked by a huge earthquake. The two young women are stuck in the middle of this catastrophe. They fight to make their way to safe ground only to find their trials are far from over. As always in my stories, there is no foul language or explicit sex though there is some violence. My stories are only meant to provide an afternoon or evening of reading enjoyment. I hope you find enjoyment with this one.


Sci-Fi Cinema - 5 Movie Collection

Sci-Fi Cinema - 5 Movie

5 Futuristic Features! Hands of Steel (1986) Color Rated RJohn Saxon, Daniel Greene, Janet Agren An international industrialist is determined to stop the interference of a world-leading ecological scientist. The industrialist hopes to continue his profitable, but environmentally unsafe practices, by sending his cyborg assassin to kill him. His plans take a turn when the cyborg s human side takes control and he refuses to kill the scientist, thus threatening to expose the evil man s enterprises. Laser Mission (1990) Color Rated RBrandon Lee, Ernest Borgnine, Debi Monahan Kidnapped by Soviet agents, Professor Braun (Ernest Borgnine) is forced to work on a powerful laser weapon that could be used to enslave the world. The CIA decides to send agents Michael Gold (Brandon Lee) and Alissa (Debi Monahan) into Cuba to retrieve the scientist and a cache of diamonds being used to build the weapon. Abraxas - Guardian of the Universe (1990) Color Rated R Jesse Ventura, Sven Ole-Thorsen, Marjorie Bransfield, Damian Lee, Jerry Levitan, Ken Quinn An alien fugitive arrives on Earth hoping to evade detection from the authorities sent to find him. What he didn't factor in his plans was the determination of the agent dispatched to retrieve him, Abraxas (Ventura). Complicating this situation is the ...

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Mozart: Violin Concertos

Mozart: Violin

World premiere recording in the DXD resolution! With this recording, 2L presents a fresh version of the most elegant violin concertos in the history of music. While respecting the origin and tradition of this music, we have sought a new and dynamic musical experience rooted in our present time.

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James Baldwin : Collected Essays : Notes of a Native Son / Nobody Knows My Name / The Fire Next Time / No Name in the Street / The Devil Finds Work / Other Essays (Library of America)

James Baldwin : Collected Essays : Notes of

  • Brand: Library of America
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Murder a la Mocha: A coffeehouse cozy (A Maggy Thorsen Mystery)

Murder a la Mocha: A coffeehouse cozy (A

Coffee, a canine and a corpse: a bad feeling leads to an even worse discovery when Maggy tries to return a Chihuahua to its owners in the new coffeehouse mystery.Maggy Thorsen’s evening with her fiancé Sheriff Jake Pavlik and his parents in Chicago takes a dramatic turn when Jake’s mother falls ill, then a Chihuahua jumps in front of Maggy’s car on her drive back to Uncommon Grounds, her Wisconsin coffeehouse. Attempting to return Mocha to her owners, George and Marian Satterwite, the following day, Maggy comes face-to-face with Arial, their dog-sitter and her business partner Sarah’s niece. But something doesn’t feel right . . . Returning to the property, Maggy and Marian make a shocking discovery. And where are George and Arial? With Jake still in Chicago and Sarah desperate to find her niece, Maggy is soon drawn into another deadly puzzle.

  • ASIN: 0727888242

The Nordic Model of Social Democracy

The Nordic Model of Social

Social Democracy has long been prominent in Nordic politics through the dominant parties and ideological hegemony of the centre-left. This book explores the growth of social democracy and the policy dilemmas that social democrats face today. It breaks new ground by relating recent literature on social democracy in Europe to Scandinavia.


The Town Butler #Thorsen - A Nice Comfortable Adjustable Hashtag Dad Hat Cap, Dark Grey

The Town Butler #Thorsen - A Nice Comfortable

Our Dad Hat is a low profile cap with a comfortable fit. With its brass metal closure you can adjust this hat to the perfect sizing. Quality stiching from our embroidery professionals showcase this design perfectly. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!

  • Color: Dark Grey
  • Brand: The Town Butler

Crescent CCWS2 Home Hand Tools Wrenches Combination Sets

Crescent CCWS2 Home Hand Tools Wrenches Combination

The World Famous Crescent Brand Tool Sets Contain a Carefully Selected Assortment of 12-Point Combination Crescent brand Mechanics Wrenches. All Tools in This Set Meet New ANSI and ASME Specifications and Come with a Full Satisfaction Guarantee. Crescent, Providing Quality Tools since 1907. Set Includes sizes: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 11/16" & 3/4".

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Bernice Bobs Her Hair

Bernice Bobs Her

Seen on PBS Written By: F. Scott Fitzgerald Starring: Shelly Duvall, Bud Cort ("Harold & Maude") Description: It's the hot summer of 1919. Visiting her cousin Marjorie (Veronica Cartwright), sweet-but-dull Bernice (Shelly Duvall) is transformed into a smooth-talking man-trap by her vampish kin. However, the "make-over" works too well, Bernice becomes the belle of the ball, captivating every boy's interest…even Marjorie's boyfriend Warren (Bud Cort). The now worldly Bernice has the last laugh…a clever and ironic twist. One of the best screen translations of F. Scott Fitzgerald's literary work, Bernice also includes the delightful supporting role performances of Dennis Christopher ("Breaking Away") and Polly Holliday ("Alice"). DVD Extras: About the Author, Actors’ Bios, About the American Short Story Collection, Henry Fonda Intro, Printable Study Guide

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Interweaving Coast Salish Cultural Systems: Collected Works of Pamela Thorsen Amoss (Journal of Northwest Anthropology)

Interweaving Coast Salish Cultural Systems: Collected Works of

Pamela Thorsen Amoss is an important figure in the history of Northwest Coast anthropology. Influenced by Mel Jacobs and Erna Gunther, two students of Franz Boas, the "Father" of American Anthropology, Amoss developed significant relationships with native peoples as she worked to collect ethnographic and linguistic data during the second half of the twentieth century. Much of her research focused on understanding Northwest religions and social structure. Working collaboratively, before collaboration came in vogue, Pam strove to apply her anthropological skills and knowledge to benefit, not just understand, the people. Interweaving Coast Salish Cultural Systems: The Collected Works of Pamela Thorsen Amoss is more than just an assemblage of Pam's major contributions published over a 30-year period. In this volume, Pam contributes new material concerning her life and provides reflections on the native people with whom she worked, the anthropologists who influenced her, and the meaning of her work. These insights, along with letters and experience from her career, provide great insight into the history of Northwest Coast studies.

  • ASIN: 1541076702

Ovid's Early Poetry: From his Single Heroides to his Remedia Amoris

Ovid's Early Poetry: From his Single Heroides to

Ovid is one of the greatest poets in the Classical tradition and Western literature. This book represents the most comprehensive study to date of his early output as a unified literary production. Firstly, the book proposes new ways of organising this part of Ovid's poetic career, the chronology of which is notoriously difficult to establish. Next, by combining textual criticism with issues relating to manuscript transmission, the book decisively counters arguments levelled against the authenticity of Heroides 15, which consequently allows for a revaluation of Ovid's early output. Furthermore, by focusing on the literary device of allusion, the book stresses the importance of Ovid's single Heroides 1-15 in relationship with his Amores I-III, Ars amatoria I-III and Remedia amoris. Finally, the book identifies three kinds of Ovidian poetics that are found in his early poetry and that point towards the works of myth and exile that followed in his later career.

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My Name is Bruce

My Name is

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A FEW Words On Becoming Holy, Whole, & Fit: A 120-Day Devotional for Spirit, Soul, and Body From the Hearts of Fifteen Extraordinary Women (Volume 1)

A FEW Words On Becoming Holy, Whole, &

Proverbs 25:11 tells us that “well-timed words are like apples of gold in settings of silver.” The words of these fifteen women authors, including seven bestsellers and many lifelong Wisconsinites, will nourish you, not just for the 120 apples a day they provide in these pages, but for a lifetime of personal growth. The four pillars of our physical health (nutrition, exercise, rest, and water) have clear and obvious spiritual counterparts and are all crucial to our health and growth as Christians. These extraordinary devotions will lead you through Nutrition of the Word, Exercising Your Faith, the Rest of God, and the Water of the Spirt.

  • ASIN: 198748391X

The Cambridge Companion to Latin Love Elegy (Cambridge Companions to Literature)

The Cambridge Companion to Latin Love Elegy (Cambridge

Latin love elegy is one of the most important poetic genres in the Augustan era, also known as the golden age of Roman literature. This volume brings together leading scholars from Australia, Europe and North America to present and explore the Greek and Roman backdrop for Latin love elegy, the individual Latin love elegists (both the canonical and the non-canonical), their poems and influence on writers in later times. The book is designed as an accessible introduction for the general reader interested in Latin love elegy and the history of love and lament in Western literature, as well as a collection of critically stimulating essays for students and scholars of Latin poetry and of the classical tradition.


George Of The Jungle/George Of The Jungle 2 2-Movie Collection

George Of The Jungle/George Of The Jungle 2

GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE: deep in the heart of the African Jungle, the tiny sole survivor of a plane crash is being raised by gorillas. Baby George (Brendan Fraser) grows up to be a buff and lovable klutz with a forest full of animal friends. When poachers mess with George's pals, the King Of Swing springs into action. Before you can say, "Watch out for that tree," George finds himself in the battle of a lifetime. Your whole family will go wild for this wacky comedy hit. GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE 2: When we last saw George, he and his bride Ursula were living in wedded bliss in the peaceful jungle. However, in an elaborate plot, George's scheming mother-in-law and Ursula's obsessive ex-fiance hypnotize Ursula and whisk her away to the bright lights of Las Vegas. Now, George and his animal buddies must leave the jungle to bring back his bride. You'll go bananas for this irresistible family comedy!

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The Wesleyan Quadrilateral: Scripture, Tradition, Reason, & Experience as a Model of Evangelical Theology

The Wesleyan Quadrilateral: Scripture, Tradition, Reason, & Experience

This book develops the theological method implicit in the theology of John Wesley. The four normative sources for doing theology have been described as the Wesleyan quadrilateral--Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience. The author shows that for Wesley the Protestant concept of "Scripture alone" entails the view that the Scriptures are the primary source, not the only source, of theology. He proposes that Wesley's theological method is the basis for a catholic evangelicalism and ecumenism that is faithful to the Scriptures, to the Early Church Fathers, to a responsible use of reason, and Christian experience enlightened by the Holy Spirit.

  • Brand: Brand: Emeth Press
  • ASIN: 0975543539

got Thorsen? - A Nice Comfortable Adjustable Dad Hat Cap, Red

got Thorsen? - A Nice Comfortable Adjustable Dad

Our Dad Hat is a low profile cap with a comfortable fit. With its brass metal closure you can adjust this hat to the perfect sizing. Quality stiching from our embroidery professionals showcase this design perfectly. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!

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Roman Receptions of Sappho (Classical Presences)

Roman Receptions of Sappho (Classical

Sappho, a towering figure in Western culture, is an exemplary case in the history of classical receptions. There are three prominent reasons for this. Firstly, Sappho is associated with some of the earliest poetry in the classical tradition, which makes her reception history one of the longest we know of. Furthermore, Sappho's poetry promotes ideologically challenging concepts such as female authority and homoeroticism, which have prompted very conspicuous interpretative strategies to deal with issues of gender and sexuality, revealing the values of the societies that have received her works through time. Finally, Sappho's legacy has been very well explored from the perspective of reception studies: important investigations have been made into responses both to her as poet-figure and to her poetry from her earliest reception through to our own time. However, one of the few eras in Sappho's longstanding reception history that has not been systematically explored before this volume is the Roman period. The omission is a paradox. Receptions of Sappho can be traced in more than eighteen Roman poets, among them many of the most central authors in the history of Latin literature. Surely, few other Greek poets can rival the impact of Sappho at Rome. This important fact calls out for a s...

  • ASIN: 0198829434

Museums as Cultures of Copies: The Crafting of Artefacts and Authenticity (Routledge Research in Museum Studies)

Museums as Cultures of Copies: The Crafting of

Few institutions are warier of copies than museums. Few fields of knowledge are more prone to denounce copies as fake than the heritage field. Few discourses are as concerned with authenticity, aura, originals and provenance as those concerning exhibiting and collecting. So why is it that these are institutions, fields and discourses where copies proliferate and copying techniques have thrived for hundreds of years? Museums as Cultures of Copies aims to make the copying practices of museums visible and to discuss, from a range of interrelated perspectives, precisely what function copies fulfil in the heritage field and in museums today.With contributions from Europe and Canada, the book interrogates the meaning of copies and presents copying as a fully integrated part of museum work. Including chapters on ethnographic mannequins, digitalized photos, death masks, museum documentation and mechanical models, contributors consider how copying as a cultural form changes according to time and place and how new forms of copying and copy technologies challenge and expand museum work today. Arguing that copying is at the basis of museum practice and that new technologies and practices have been taken up and developed in museums since their inception, the book presents both heritage work a...

  • ASIN: B07L6VL84K
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