Aleratec DVD CD Motorized Disc Repair Plus System

Aleratec DVD CD Motorized Disc Repair Plus

DVD/CD Disc Repair Plus is a patented, motorized system that can repair and clean up to 99% of all scratched DVDs, CDs, Game Discs, VCDs, DVD+Rs, DVD-Rs, DVD+RWs, DVD-RWs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs and Masters that are used in an Alera Technologies Duplicator, without the hassle that comes with a manual cleaning kit. It comes with three different sets of wheels - Repair, Cleaning, and Buffering making fixing scratches as easy as 1-2-3. Open the lid, put 3 drops of reapair solution on the repair wheel, insert the scratched diasc and press "Repair".

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Aleratec
  • ASIN: B0002A9SJ2
  • UPC: 808068002949

3M 39071 Scratch Removal System

3M 39071 Scratch Removal

  • Brand: 3M
  • ASIN: B003NS5NK8
  • UPC: 617209840582

Homydom Complete Sink Repair Kit System - Never Fall Undermount Sink Installation Kit-Sink Bracket for kitchen,Silver

Homydom Complete Sink Repair Kit System - Never

Homydom Complete Sink Repair system ✅-It solved a long standing problem that even plumbers weren't able to fix✅-professionally made,No need to remove the sink or plumbing, supply lines, drains, and any other accessories✅-Step: Insert the adjustable rod bracket into the flange of the sink.sencondly,turn the shaft of the turnbuckle until the sink rises and comes into contact with the table. Finally ,tighten the lock nut.✅-Optional shorter adjustable rod brackets can be made in the front center sink if needed

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Homydom
  • ASIN: B07N7NFS9J
  • UPC: 763684321136

Rain Bird DRIPPAILQ Drip Irrigation Repair and Expansion Kit

Rain Bird DRIPPAILQ Drip Irrigation Repair and Expansion

Rain Bird DRIPPAILQ Drip Irrigation Repair and Expansion Kit. This convenient and portable storage dispenser kit contains all of the parts and tools commonly needed to repair and expand a Drip irrigation system. Contains 112 professional grade universal Drip irrigation parts such as: emitters, tees, couplings, plugs, stakes, and a 1/4” faucet adapter. Stored beneath the removable top tray is a 250 roll of 1/4" distribution tubing. Intelligent design allows tubing to dispense through top tray; cut to length as needed while it always stays neatly rolled up…not loose and tangled. With this kit, you’re prepared to handle common maintenance projects such as: repairing tubing breaks, replacing a clogged emitter, adjusting flow for growing plants, or expanding coverage to adjacent planting beds. Includes 40 pressure compensating self-piercing emitters: (10) 0.5 GPH, (20) 1.0 GPH, and (10) 2.0 GPH. Rain Bird’s patented Emitter Installation and Removal Tool makes it easy to work with spot watering emitters as well as 1/4” barbed fittings. Trouble shooting guide provides tips on system maintenance, suggesting where common problems may occur and showing how to correct them by adjusting flow or fixing clogs and breaks. Rain Bird “The Intelligent Use of Water”

  • Color: -
  • Brand: Rain Bird
  • UPC: 100012643483

WEST SYSTEM 105-K Fiberglass Boat Repair Kit

WEST SYSTEM 105-K Fiberglass Boat Repair

Repair cracks and scrapes, gelcoat blisters, loose hardware, delaminated decks and panels, damaged keels and holes up to 1″ diameter in solid laminates up to ¼" thick, and smaller holes in thicker laminates with the West System 105-K Fiberglass Boat Repair Kit. Each Fiberglass Boat Repair Kit contains eight packets of WEST SYSTEM 105 Resin and 205 Fast Hardener, fiberglass fabric, adhesive filler, fairing filler, glue brushes, mixing pots, a reusable mixing stick, an application syringe, three pairs of protective gloves and illustrated instructions for completing a variety of common fiberglass repairs. All components are contained in a sturdy, resealable package that can be easily stowed aboard your boat.

  • Brand: WEST SYSTEM
  • ASIN: B007D2QV5Q
  • UPC: 811343013059

Lexus SC430 COMPLETE System Speaker Repair Kit FSK-SC430

Lexus SC430 COMPLETE System Speaker Repair Kit

Lexus: 2001-2005 SC430 with Mark Levinson System 86160-0W420 (front door) 86160-0W440 (left, rear), 86160-0W430 (right, rear), 86160-0W450 (rear subwoofer)

  • Brand: Simply Speakers
  • ASIN: B015NKK1P0
  • UPC: 710228080134

Watts 0887701 Bonnet Assembly Repair Kit

Watts 0887701 Bonnet Assembly Repair

Watts 1" 800 Repair Part RK 800M4 B. Kit Consists Of: Bonnet, Bonnet O-Ring, Vent Spring, Hood & Hood Screws.

  • Brand: Watts
  • ASIN: B003L9LECK
  • UPC: 098268421798

Never Fall Complete Sink Repair system

Never Fall Complete Sink Repair

The NEVER FALL (TM) will repair your sink with ease without the need to remove the sink or plumbing supply lines, drains, and any other accessories, like garbage disposals, wiring, etc. It's professionally made and designed by a granite fabricator after seeing these problems time and time again. It takes a lot of effort to push up the sink with all the plumbing and accessories attached, especially while laying on your back under the sink and trying to screw something to the cabinet wall at the same time. Trying to multitask this situation is difficult at best but with The Never Fall complete repair system, these tasks are simplified with no aggravation. The installation is a breeze, just insert the double-headed sink bracket into the flange of the sink. Then, peel the double-sided adhesive tape from the back of the wall bracket and press it against the cabinet wall. The temporary adhesive allows for hands-free operation to install the four screws that are provided. Simply turn the shaft of the turnbuckle until the sink raises and makes contact with the countertop. Next, tighten the lock nut and you're done! The optional front center sink support ratchet bracket and repair clip are also provided for extra support in the front for the center of the sink if needed. Simply install th...

  • Color: galvanized plated steel
  • Brand: Fabricators for Fabricators LLC,
  • UPC: 868151000320

JFJ Easy Pro Video Game, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Repair Machine 110V

JFJ Easy Pro Video Game, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray

The JFJ Easy Pro machine will clean and resurface anything from a fingerprint to a deep gouge on the following type of discs: Music CDs, CD-ROMs, Sony PlayStation, PSone and PlayStation 2 game discs, Microsoft X-box game discs, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo GameCube, DVD Movies, double-sided DVD, VCD, CDR, DVDR, XBX360, HD DVD PSX3 and future Compact Disc based products. This machine comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year warranty. For technical support please contact us at (800) 245-3675 or [email protected] This is a 110 volt machine and will not work in countries requiring 220 voltage. Please contact the manufacturer (JFJ Disc Repair) for 220 volt units.

  • Brand: JFJ Disc Repair
  • ASIN: B000RBE4B8
  • UPC: 647226270000

Slime 50107 Emergency Flat Tire Repair Kit

Slime 50107 Emergency Flat Tire Repair

The Slime Smart Sapir Emergency Flat Tire Repair Kit combines Slime tire sealant and a Slime tire inflator, allowing you to repair and inflate a flat tire in minutes. Simply squeeze in the emergency repair tire sealant, inflate your tire with the included inflator, and that’s it! No jacks, no tools, no hassle. Easily repair your flat tire and get back on the road in 15 minutes. The Smart Sapir Emergency Flat Tire Repair Kit contains two distinct elements: Tire inflator and tire repair sealant. The tire inflator plugs into your car’s 12-volt accessory power outlet and features a quick connect air hose and a built in tire pressure dial gauge (0-100 psi). The 16 oz. bottle of emergency tire sealant instantly seals punctures up to a 1/4, ” is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable and non-corrosive (making it safe for finished metal wheels) and is tire sensor safe. The Smart Sapir Emergency Flat Tire Repair Kit fits neatly in the included zippered case for convenient storage.

  • Brand: Slime
  • ASIN: B0166BVK28
  • UPC: 716281507731



  • Brand: Nissan Data Scan

KORAM IR-D 50 Feet Blank Distribution Tubing Hose Plant Watering Irrigation Drip Kit Accessories Include Atomizing Nozzle Mister Dripper, 1/4-Inch

KORAM IR-D 50 Feet Blank Distribution Tubing Hose

Note: Please put the connected part of the hose into the hot water for 10 seconds before assembling Pressure requirements: 25-45PSI If you have any problems during installation, please feel free to contact us. Package Contents: *1/2" & 3/4" Quick Socket(1PCS): Adapts to "GHT" standard threaded garden hoses or faucet. *1/4" Tubing Quick Connector(1PCS): Quick Connect with *1/2" & 3/4" Quick Socket *Dripper (20PCS): 8 holes sprinkler, adjustable Water flow (0-70L/H) *Orange Nozzle: Adjustable Water flow (0-70L/H) * 1/4" Tubing (50 ft): Run water from 1/2" or larger Tubing to 1/4" tubing * Barbed Tee (20PCS): Connect 3 pieces of 1/4" tubing in a "T" shape. *Tee Pipe Connector(20PCS): Connect 2 pieces of 1/4" tubing and a nozzle in a "T" shape *Barbed Couplings(20PCS): Connect 2 pieces of 1/4" tubing * Single Barbed Couplings(20PCS): Connect a nozzle to a 1/4" tubing * End Closure(20PCS): Use as an end closure for 1/4-Inch or 3/8-Inch tubing *Support Stakes(20PCS): Secure 1/4" tubing to the ground * Teflon Tape(1PCS): Prevent leaking water Tips: Suitable for 20-25 square meters of irrigation area. If in a big drip irrigation system, we suggest that using the 1/2" Tubing as the main line, 1/4" Tubing as a branch to avoid water pressure is insufficient.

  • Brand: KORAM
  • ASIN: B013JPIJG4
  • UPC: 710465655454

Windows 7 (SP1) All-In-1 32 & 64 bit Reinstall Install DVD Disc Home Basic Premium Professional Ultimate - 2018 Universal Driver Install Disc - No Internet Needed - 2 Disc Installation Kit

Windows 7 (SP1) All-In-1 32 & 64 bit

Need To Re-Install Windows 7 Windows 7 Reinstallation (SP1) DVD Support Windows Basic, Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate Installations. This DVD allows you to Re-Install the Windows 7 Operating System (with Service Pack 1) to Restore your computer's Operating System back to how it was when it was new. This Re-Install DVD will allow you to restore your machine to its original factory settings. Also, it will allow you to reinstall Windows on a new hard drive. Please Note (Read): You must have an original product key that came with your computer. This Re-Install DVD do not come with a Windows Product Key. You will need your Microsoft Product Key (license number) that came with your computer. The Windows Product Key is a 25 digit code and can be found on the bottom of your laptop (sometimes under the battery) or on the side (sometimes back) of your desktop / tower pc. PLEASE BE AWARE: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A GENUINE LICENSE / PRODUCT KEY STICKER THAT CAME WITH YOUR PC - YOU CANNOT USE THIS DVD TO INSTALL RE-INSTALL WINDOWS 7 OPERATING SYSTEM **

  • ASIN: B078P76RX2

CalVan Tools 38900 Two Valve Ford Triton Tool Kit - Foolproof Repair System, Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit. Tools and Equipment

CalVan Tools 38900 Two Valve Ford Triton Tool

Cal-Van Tools Triton Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit for Ford is the kit that the professionals choose to fix this issue on Ford Triton engines. The patented insert is oversized, heavy-duty and can be used to replace previously installed inserts that have failed. This job can be completed without removing the head. It saves both time and money.

  • Brand: Cal-Van Tools
  • ASIN: B000Z9D6KW
  • UPC: 047084389003

DIGITAL INNOVATIONS 1018300 SkipDr(R) DVD & CD Manual Disc Repair System electronic consumer Electronics


DIGITAL INNOVATIONS 1018300 SkipDr(R) DVD & CD Manual Disc Repair System Fixes scratched CDs, DVDs, game & data discs that will not play, skip or that freeze with a DVD or CD player; Manual repair process smoothes surfaces to renew disc's protective layer, leaving disc data unaffected ; Patented FlexiWheel repairs up to 25 discs & safely repairs the same disc multiple times ; Includes: Disc repair device, SkipDr(R) rejuvenating fluid, blue drying cloth, felt buffing square & quick-start guide

  • Brand: Digital Innovations
  • ASIN: B01KBBE9O0
  • UPC: 767887436376

Flantor Garden Irrigation System, 1/4" Blank Distribution Tubing Watering Drip Kit/DIY Saving Water Automatic Irrigation Equipment Set for Garden Greenhouse, Flower Bed,Patio,Lawn

Flantor Garden Irrigation System, 1/4" Blank Distribution Tubing

Features: With Gadgetmann Automatic Irrigation Equipment,you can water all your plants at one time.  After installing this equippment, all you need to do is turn on the tap when you need.   If you are on a business trip or during traveling, this product could help water your plant every day automatically,  save you from bothering your neighbors to help you take care of your plant. (You need to purchase a timer which is not included in this kit) Every nozzle could be adjust individully, it can meet the water demand of different plants at one time.  Help you to save enegry, save time, save money and save water! Install Instruction: Step 1: Cut the water pipe accordingto the length you need.   Step 2: Connect the tee. Step 3: Connect tee with the atomizingnozzle. Step 4: Connect an end closure whenyou finish all atomizing nozzles' installation. Step 5: Connect the pipe to tubing quickconnector. Step 6: Connect the tubing quickconnector with the universal connector. Package Contents: *1/4" Blank distribution tubing (50ft) *Barbed tee (20pcs) * Tee pipe connector for irrigation sprayer (20pcs) *Barbed couplings (20pcs) *Single barbed couplings (20pcs) *End Closure (Goof Plugs) (20pcs) *1/4" Tubing Stakes (20pcs) *Irrigation Drippers (20pcs) *Atomizing nozzle (20pcs) *1/4"...

  • Brand: Flantor
  • ASIN: B01H6ZN0NU
  • UPC: 190149106135

System Three Resins 646697001380 Window and Door Rot Repair Kit

System Three Resins 646697001380 Window and Door Rot

End Rot kit is a preservative and epoxy wood restoration system. Permanently repairs architectural wood components damaged by rot, insects, weather and abuse. Safe to use with low odor and solvent free. for interior and exterior use. Stops rot and insects from coming back. Restores windows, doors, fascia, siding, decks, beams and log homes. Can be used on damp wood. Can be primed and painted with any house paint to match existing finish. Repaired area will hold fasteners, nails and screws.

  • Brand: System Three
  • ASIN: B0015YLMUW
  • UPC: 646697001380

Clearstream Wastewater Systems Repair Kit El Aerator Hp60-80 Wht Chamber Block

Clearstream Wastewater Systems Repair Kit El Aerator Hp60-80

Clearstream Wastewater Systems REPAIR KIT EL AERATOR HP60-80 WHT CHAMBER BLOCK

  • Brand: Clearstream Wastewater Systems

Rain-X 600001 Windshield Repair Kit

Rain-X 600001 Windshield Repair

Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit helps you minimize the appearance and stop the spread of chips and cracks in your windshield. It removes air from the break, fills it with durable resin and makes it even stronger than before. For best results, repairs should be made as soon as possible after the damage occurs and before the break is contaminated by dirt or water. The kit works best on round damage not more than one inch in diameter, and cracks not longer than 12 inches. It will not repair damage to more than one layer of glass.

  • Brand: Rain-X
  • UPC: 079118000011

Kayak Repair Kit plastic canoe boat west system 655k epoxy universal

Kayak Repair Kit plastic canoe boat west system

The key component in a wide variety of boat building, restoration, and repair projects 105 Resin is the base material of the WEST SYSTEM family of products, on which all of the WEST SYSTEM compounds are built. The resin is a clear, light amber, low-viscosity liquid epoxy resin. Formulated for use with WEST SYSTEM hardeners, it can be cured in a wide temperature range to form a high-strength solid with excellent moisture resistance. It is designed specifically to wet out and bond with wood fiber, fiberglass, reinforcing fabrics and a variety of metals. An excellent adhesive, 105 will bridge gaps and fill voids when modified with WEST SYSTEM fillers and can be sanded and shaped when cured. With roller applications, it has excellent thin-film characteristics to flow out and self-level without "fisheyeing." The resin cures clear so that you can achieve a natural finish when coating with varnish. It has a relatively high flash point and no strong solvent odor, making it safer to work with than polyesters. · We strongly recommend the use of WEST SYSTEM dispenser pumps. 205 Fast Hardener: 205 Fast Hardener is a medium-viscosity epoxy curing agent. It is used in a majority of situations, at lower temperatures and to produce a rapid cure that develops its physical properties quickly at r...

  • Brand: Canoe
  • UPC: 792348415089

Infinity CS 3007 COMPLETE System Speaker Repair Kit FSK-INF-CS3007C

Infinity CS 3007 COMPLETE System Speaker Repair Kit

Infinity: Crescendo CS-3007, CS3007, CS 3007, Reference 60, Reference 61 MKII

  • Brand: Simply Speakers
  • UPC: 710228080127

Permatex 09103 Windshield Repair Kit

Permatex 09103 Windshield Repair

Permatex Windshield Repair Kit makes permanent air-tight repairs of bullseye damage up to 1 1/4" on most laminated windshield glass. This state-of-the-art delivery system, with advanced spring-lock feature, allows you to make professional-quality repairs with no mixing required, and it cures by natural daylight. This complete kit provides everything needed for the repair including easy-to-follow instructions with photographs.

  • Color: _
  • Brand: Permatex
  • ASIN: B000ALJ4MY
  • UPC: 068161092241

Draft Beer System Repair Kit w/Storage Pouch

Draft Beer System Repair Kit w/Storage

Ensure that you've always got the equipment you need to make draft system fixes with our handy repair kit. Fully stocked with a full range of draft beer repair parts, this kit is a must-have for anyone with a kegerator or other draft beer dispenser system. To ensure that you don't lose anything, all of the tools and parts included in this kit come in a handy storage pouch with a convenient zipper closure. Don't let the beer stop flowing. Stay on top of your kegerator maintenance with a Draft Beer System Repair kit. Features: All parts come in a compact zipper bag for easy storage. Makes it easy to keep the most useful draft parts on hand. Includes: (1) Instant read pocket thermometer (please note: appearance may vary), (6) Screw clamps, (6) Beer line rubber washers, (2) Body seals for US Sankey keg couplers, (2) Replacement rubber check valves for couplers, (1) Beer faucet hex nut wrench, (1) Beer faucet cleaning brush, (2) Faucet body gaskets, (6) Nylon washers for CO2 regulator, (1) Brass faucet lever

  • Color: black
  • Brand: KegWorks
  • ASIN: B001AWNT4G
  • UPC: 845033004966

Nintendo Screwdriver Set- Younik Precision Screwdriver Repair Tools Kit for Nintendo Switch /DS /DS Lite /Wii /GBA and other Nintendo Products

Nintendo Screwdriver Set- Younik Precision Screwdriver Repair Tools

Younik 17in1 Professional Full Triwing Screwdriver Repair Tool Kit are Professional hand tools to repair all Nintendo Switch, New 3DS, New 2DS, SNES Classic (2017), Wii /DS /DS Lite /GBA and more. All of the items are made of top precisely material, it is a best practical Nintendo game tool kit that you worth to have. Specification: 1*Security Bit Screwdriver (4.5mm) 1*Security Bit Screwdriver (3.8mm) 1*Philips Head Screwdriver (+2.0) 1*Tri-wing Screwdriver (Y2.0) 1* Tri-wing Screwdriver (Y00) 1*Torx Screwdriver (T6) 1*Torx Screwdriver (T10) 1*L Key Screwdriver (T8H) 1*ESD-15 Tweezer 2*Suction Cups 2*Triangle Paddles 2*Pry Openers 1*Stroage Box 1*Cleaning Cloth

  • Color: Screwdrivers
  • Brand: Younik
  • UPC: 700425253882
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