Towards Universality


There is no shortage of books about Le Corbusier, or Mies van der Rohe, or De Stijl. However, this book considers them in relation to each other, observing how a study of one can illuminate the works of the others. Going beyond a superficial look at the end-products of these architects, this book examines the philosophical foundations of their work, taking as its central theme the aim of universality, as opposed to the individual and the particular. Each of these three aimed at universality, but for each this concept took on a different form. The universality of De Stijl and artists like Van Doesburg and Mondrian resembled that of the universe itself: it was boundless, going beyond the limits of the canvas and seeking to abolish the wall as the boundary between interior and exterior space. In contrast, each of Le Corbusier’s creations was a self-contained universe within a clear frame, while Mies fluctuated between these two perspectives.

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campagne, en hoewel de Amerikaanse stijl van soundbites en scherpe aanvallen uitgelokt harde kritiek (Dutch Edition)

campagne, en hoewel de Amerikaanse stijl van soundbites

Netanyahu's overwinning op de aanloop naar de verkiezingen favoriete Shimon Peres verraste velen. De belangrijkste katalysator in de val van de laatste was een golf van zelfmoordaanslagen kort voor de verkiezingen; op 3 en 4 maart 1996, Palestijnen uitgevoerd twee zelfmoordaanslagen, het doden van 32 Israëli's, met Peres schijnbaar niet in staat om de aanvallen te stoppen. In tegenstelling tot Peres, heeft Netanyahu geen vertrouwen Yasser Arafat en geconditioneerd enige vooruitgang in het vredesproces op de Palestijnse Nationale Autoriteit nakoming van haar verplichtingen - met name de strijd tegen het terrorisme, en liep met de campagneslogan "Netanyahu - maken van een veilige vrede". Hoewel Netanyahu won de verkiezingen voor minister-president, Arbeid won de Knesset verkiezingen, het verslaan van de Likud-Gesher-Tzomet alliantie, wat betekent dat Netanyahu moesten vertrouwen op een coalitie met de ultra-orthodoxe partijen,Ten eerste premierschap, 1996-1999Nadere informatie: Zevenentwintigste regering van Israëleerste ontmoeting Netanyahu met de Palestijnse president Yasser Arafat op de Erez kruising, 4 september 1996Een golf van zelfmoordaanslagen versterkt de Likud positie voor de veiligheid. Hamas heeft de verantwoordelijkheid opgeëist voor het grootste deel van de bombard...

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Repertoire De Stijl : Bauhaus : Dada by Petro Van Doesburg (2007-05-15)

Repertoire De Stijl : Bauhaus : Dada by


PORTFOLIO Vermeer Ed Ruscha James Van Der Zee De Stijl ++ 3-4 1982

PORTFOLIO Vermeer Ed Ruscha James Van Der Zee

Issue complete. Contents 2nd scan. Dimensions given, if any, are approximate. VG or better condition. Defects not visible in scan[s] are described.

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De Stijl Color Block Cufflinks byJohn Van Hamersveld

De Stijl Color Block Cufflinks byJohn Van

Created by graphic artist John Van Hamersveld

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Peggy Guggenheim and Nelly van Doesburg: Advocates of De Stijl

Peggy Guggenheim and Nelly van Doesburg: Advocates of

Peggy Guggenheim (1898–1979) and Nelly van Doesburg (1899–1975) were vital participants in the De Stijl movement, promoting, exhibiting and buying De Stijl at a time when few had interest in the geometric language of forms being developed by Theo van Doesburg, Piet Mondrian and others in the Netherlands. Guggenheim and van Doesburg’s efforts helped ensure that De Stijl came to be recognized internationally as one of the most important art movements of the 20th century.Richly illustrated with works by van Doesburg, Mondrian, Vantongerloo, El Lissitzky, Brancusi, Pevsner and Léger, this publication is the first to highlight the role of women in De Stijl. Peggy Guggenheim and Nelly van Doesburg, the story of two strong women in a world dominated by men, sheds new light on a chapter in the history of the early 20th century avant-garde.

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De Stijl: Boxed Set of 16 Note Cards with Envelopes

De Stijl: Boxed Set of 16 Note Cards

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Nijhoff, Van Ostaijen, "De Stijl": Modernism in the Netherlands and Belgium in the First Quarter of the 20th Century. Six Essays

Nijhoff, Van Ostaijen, "De Stijl": Modernism in the

FRANCIS BULHOF "What was Modernism?" That is the title of an address delivered in June of 1960 by the eminent comparatist Harry Levin at Queen's University in King­ ston, Ontario.1 Apparently, more than a decade ago, in the eyes of this per­ ceptive analyst of literature and the arts, the modernist movement had become a thing of the past. Having acquired full citizenship in the republic of letters, modernism had outlived itself. The title of Harry Levin's lecture bears an obvious resemblance to that of Fritz Martini's book-length essay Was war Expressionismus?,2 which dealt exclusively with the German variant of the expressionist movement. In the case of German expressionism there is much dispute concerning the precise moment of its decline and fall, but the political conditions provide at least a crucial dividing line in the year 1933. The end of modernism, however, a far more comprehensive movement which was not just limited to one country, is not so easy to determine. And there is also still much discussion about its roots.


The Story of de Stijl: Mondrian to Van Doesburg. Hans Janssen and Michael White

The Story of de Stijl: Mondrian to Van

What was De Stijl? This survey seeks to unravel that question and to consider how the theory of De Stijl matched its actual practice. The authors challenge the understanding of De Stijl as a coherent movement.

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Orenco Originals Vase of Irises Yellow Background Van Gogh Counted Cross Stitch Pattern

Orenco Originals Vase of Irises Yellow Background Van

This is a cross-stitch pattern, not a completed product. It is not a kit, and contains no floss or fabric. This purchase is for a paper chart and contains no floss or fabric. This chart was inspired by the illustrations of Vincent Willem van Gogh, 1853 -1890, was a Dutch post-Impressionist painter whose work, notable for its rough beauty, emotional honesty, and bold color, had a far-reaching influence on 20th-century art. After years of painful anxiety and frequent bouts of mental illness, he died at the age of 37 from a gunshot wound, generally accepted to be self-inflicted (although no gun was ever found). His work was then known to only a handful of people and appreciated by fewer still. Following his first exhibitions in the late 1880s, van Gogh's fame grew steadily among colleagues, art critics, dealers and collectors. After his death, memorial exhibitions were mounted in Brussels, Paris, The Hague and Antwerp. In the early 20th century, there were retrospectives in Paris (1901 and 1905), and Amsterdam (1905), and important group exhibitions in Cologne (1912), New York (1913) and Berlin (1914). These had a noticeable impact on later generations of artists. By the mid 20th century van Gogh was seen as one of the greatest and most recognizable painters in history. In 2007 a gr...

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