Duda Solar 15 Tube Water Heater Collector 45° Frame Evacuated Vacuum Tubes SRCC Certified Hot

Duda Solar 15 Tube Water Heater Collector 45°

Duda Solar Water Heater Collectors are the most efficient solar collectors on the market. The evacuated tubes retain heat much better than flat panel collectors and therefore can work much more efficiently in cold climates. They also have a unique capability of obtaining higher efficiencies while the sun is at an angle in the east or west through passive tracking in the tubes. SRCC Certified and eligible for the 30% Federal Tax Rebate. May also be used with Duda Solar Aluminum Reflectors.

  • Color: 45° Degree
  • Brand: Duda Solar
  • ASIN: B00HP846KK
  • UPC: 840194113656

Solar Collector Unit for DecKorators, Maine Ornamental Solar Post Caps

Solar Collector Unit for DecKorators, Maine Ornamental Solar

This is a replacement unit for DecKorators' tiffany-style glass post caps. Also branded Maine Ornamental.

  • ASIN: B004B3ESKU
  • UPC: 090489099732

Planning and Installing Solar Thermal Systems: A Guide for Installers, Architects and Engineers

Planning and Installing Solar Thermal Systems: A Guide

Solar thermal systems available today offer efficiency and reliability. They can be applied in different conditions to meet space- and water-heating requirements in the residential, commercial and industrial building sectors. The potential for this technology and the associated environmental benefits are significant. This fully updated edition of 2004's bestselling guide offers clear guidance on planning and installing a solar thermal system, crucial to the successful uptake of this technology. All major topics for successful project implementation are included. Beginning with resource assessment and an outline of core components, it details solar thermal system design, installation, operation and maintenance for single households, large systems, swimming pool heaters, solar air and solar cooling applications. Details on how to market solar thermal technologies, a review of relevant simulation tools and data on selected regional, national and international renewable energy programmes are also provided. In short, the book offers comprehensive guidance for professionals who wish to install solar thermal technology and is a highly valued resource for architects and engineers alike who are working on new projects, electricians, roofers and other installers, craftsmen undertaking vo...

  • Brand: Brand: Routledge
  • ASIN: 1844077608

BQ25570 Nano Power Boost Converter of Solar Energy Collector

BQ25570 Nano Power Boost Converter of Solar Energy

Descriptions:BQ25570 nano power boost converter of solar energy collector CFsunbird

  • Brand: ElectronicStorm
  • ASIN: B07PZ9QY59

Thames & Kosmos Physics Solar Workshop (V 2.0) Science Kit

Thames & Kosmos Physics Solar Workshop (V 2.0)

In one way or another, almost every form of energy we use originates as energy from the sun. Solar energy directly powers photovoltaic cells and thermal collectors. Indirectly, we get power from plants grown by the sun, oceans heated by the sun, and Earth's weather systems sustained by the sun. Even the energy stored in fossil fuels originated as energy from the sun, captured by plants and animals millions of years ago. Physics Solar Workshop explores the topic of solar energy, focusing on photovoltaic cells. By building five awesome models and conducting experiments with them, you will learn how solar cells transform light into electrical energy, and how motors and mechanical devices can optimize the work done by this energy. Start with a simple helicopter model that converts sunlight into a rotating motion and demonstrates the basics of solar technology. Continue your experiments by constructing increasingly complex models: a solar-bot, a moon rover, and a stag beetle. Finally, build a cool praying mantis model that moves like an insect and is powered by a solar cell. The models can also be powered by a battery, allowing operation in all lighting conditions. There are 138 parts, which are compatible with other Thames & Kosmos physics and engineering kits. The 48-page book offer...

  • Brand: Thames & Kosmos
  • ASIN: B00TF8Z7LK
  • UPC: 814743011427

5-Pack Square Fresnel lens 100*100MM Focal Length 50MM Optical transmittance 90%,Fivefold magnification, Solar energy collector DIY projector Fire Starter

5-Pack Square Fresnel lens 100*100MM Focal Length 50MM

Size: 100*100mm Focal length:50mm Thickness: 2mm Material: PMMA Groove pitch: 0.3mm Material : acrylic (pmma) Transmission (%): 92 (from 400-1100nm) Index of Refraction nd : 1.491 Operating Temperature (°C): 80 (Maximum) The range of application: 1) focusing action 2) Widely used in solar hot water heating 3) Also be suitable for Solar energy collector system, start a fire under sunlight, hot water heater, solar furnace, LCD projector Feature and advantages: 1) High light transmittance 2) Hihh efficiency in focusing 2) We can provide customer fresnel lens,because we can make mould by ourselves 3) 10 years' professional induction and design 4) High quality and competitive price 5) Good after-sales service Typical application: solar energy concentration, projector, LED lamp lens. lighting, magnifier etc.

  • Brand: Six Seasons
  • UPC: 714559892732

1977 Press Photo Shadows cover solar collectors of solar energy powered house - Historic Images

1977 Press Photo Shadows cover solar collectors of

This is an original press photo. Shadows from surrounding trees bathe some of the south facing 42 solar energy collectors that are expected to provide most of the heating and domestic water needs of the Robert W. Confare family after they move into the house nearing completion at 1725 Old Oak Ct., Brookfield. It has 12 rooms, including an atrium, four bedrooms and two game rooms. There also are three porches, one of them screened. Photo measures 10 x 6.5 inches. Photo is dated 10-8-1977.

  • Brand: Historic Images
  • ASIN: B07TNX3R58

Fan-Tastic Vent RV Roof Vent, 3-Speed Manual Crank RV Vent Fan, Smoke Dome RV Vent Cover - 1200 Series - White

Fan-Tastic Vent RV Roof Vent, 3-Speed Manual Crank

About Fan-Tastic Vent: Fan-Tastic Vent was chartered as a stock corporation in 1984 and in 1985 began production of a 12-volt high efficiency ceiling fan in Burton, Michigan. In its first year the company employed 4 people and built approximately 2,000 fans. As sales continued to grow, the company moved to a larger facility in Capac, Michigan, in 1995. In an unfortunate turn of events, a devastating fire followed the move in January of 1997, resulting in a total loss. Incredibly, the company rebounded much faster than the industry or the community anticipated. In just eleven days Fan-Tastic Vent was able to resume production. In 2010, Fan-Tastic Vent was acquired by Atwood Mobile Products LLC, a leading supplier to the recreation vehicle industry. Today Fan-Tastic Vent continues to be one of the most recognized brand names in the industry and has sold over 3 million fans.

  • Brand: Fan-Tastic Vent
  • ASIN: B0027XAN78
  • UPC: 834834008006

SPS Panel Kit for Solar Pool Heaters (Collector Installation Kit) (2" Header)

SPS Panel Kit for Solar Pool Heaters (Collector

SPS panel installation kits contain the parts necessary for installing a solar pool heating panel to a supporting surface and making water connections from one panel to another. Fits universally with any solar pool heating system featuring a round 1.5” or 2” header manifold and makes attachments with rubber couplings. -> One (1) kit is required for each panel. EACH PANEL KIT INCLUDES: (1) Outlet Header Hold-Down Bracket Assembly (1) Flashing Base Outlet Headers (2) Hold-down Strap Brackets (2) Flashing Base Strap Brackets (4) Hose Clamps (2) Collector Connection Hoses

  • Brand: Solar Pool Supply
  • ASIN: B07NP7T9J5

Lysee Solar energy 433 analog collector RTU 2AD+2DI+RS485/RS232 SM626-B-4

Lysee Solar energy 433 analog collector RTU 2AD+2DI+RS485/RS232

SM626-B-4433M solar collector is a high-tech product which integrates data acquisition and wireless communication. It is a miniature RTU system. It is composed of high-precision operational amplifier, interface chip, watchdog circuit, input and output circuit, and embedded communication module with the core of high-grade ARM microcontroller. The remote data acquisition RTU terminal has the characteristics of stable performance and high cost performance. Because SM626-B-443M solar collector is designed for industrial product integration, it adopts special design in temperature range, vibration, electromagnetic compatibility and interface diversity, which guarantees stable work in harsh environment and provides high quality guarantee for your equipment. It has two analog data acquisition, 12 bit high precision A/D simultaneous sampling function. It has one channel pulse counting function and two switch sampling functions. It has a DC 24V output and 20mA driving capability (especially for two wire sensors). It has a RS485 interface and is dedicated to RS485 instrument communication. The USB interface is used to set parameters. Configurable data acquisition, starting point and pulse base. It can configure station numbers, time, wireless parameters, etc. Local query and real-time data...

  • Brand: Lysee

Double Zipper Laptop Bag,Aerial Central Texas Solar Energy Farm Thousands of Collectors,14 inch Canvas Waterproof Laptop Shoulder Bag Compatible with 14"/14.1215" inch Laptop

Double Zipper Laptop Bag,Aerial Central Texas Solar Energy

Stylish & fashional Art Image design,fashion your life It can be Perfectly used For Study Business Leisure and Travel, Stylish and Decent in Appearance, You Will be Delighted with Our Laptop Shoulder Bag. The Exclusive Trendy Design also Gives Your Device the Most Functional yet Fashionable Look, and Enables You to Carry Your Laptop in a Uniquely Sleek Style. Padded top handles provide a comfortable grip,Slim, compact case is perfect for carrying laptops without the unnecessary bulkGreat for travel or just daily use, creative gifts for college students friends and families Important Note 01.The digital images we display have the most accurate color possible, however due to differences in computer monitors, we cannot be responsible for variations in color between the actual product and your screen.

  • Color: color5
  • Brand: DNBliangwan
  • ASIN: B07PJRTB38

iPhone X/XS Ultra-Thin Glass Back Phone case,Aerial Central Texas Solar Energy Farm Thousands of Collectors Soft and Easy to Protect The Protective case

iPhone X/XS Ultra-Thin Glass Back Phone case,Aerial Central

Please kindly note that the magnetic case is creative, so cool and beautiful. Don't let it slip from your hand and drop on the ground. Are you still heasting to choose what kind of phone case ? The following reaserch will help you answer the problem Tradtiatonal phone case have the following problem 1.The soft TPU case will get yellow when you use it and it is easily to breed bacteria. 2.The Hard phone case is too heavy and it is easily get cracked and it will block the singal of the phone. 3.The normal glass will get cracked easily and it will hurt the phone when you intall it or pick off the phone case. Our phone case is new version and it does not exist this kind of problem. Q&A about MISSCASE Product: Q1: What kind of materials the case frame made of,metal or hard plastic? A: It designed with compound metal material and you can install or remove it easily. Q2: Do I need to take off the case when I want to charge my iPhone? A: Easy access to speaker & charging port without having to remove the case for its precise cutouts. Q3: Does the case have a lip to protect the camera and screen? A: Yes, the edge around the camera and screen is higher and will protect your screen and lens from scratches. Q4: Is it easy to install and remove? A: Yes, this frame is made of 2-piece m...

  • Color: colour12
  • Brand: PADSJK

Energy Harvesting Module Boost Converter Solar Cell Management Energy Collector CJMCU-25504 bq25504

Energy Harvesting Module Boost Converter Solar Cell Management

The CJMCU-25504 is the first new intelligent integrated energy harvesting nanopower management solution ideal for ultra low power applications with special needs. The device is designed to collect and manage microwatt (μW) to milliwatt (mW) power generated from various DC sources such as photovoltaic (solar) generators or thermoelectric generators. The bq25504 is the first in its class to implement a high efficiency boost converter/charger for products and systems with tight power and operational requirements, such as Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). The design of the bq25504 begins with a DC-DC boost converter/charger that requires only microwatts of power to start working. After the boost converter/charger is activated, it can efficiently extract energy from a low-voltage output collector such as a thermoelectric generator (TEG) or one/two solar panels. The boost converter can be started with VIN as low as 330mV, and after startup, it can continue to acquire energy with VIN as low as 80mV. The bq25504 also implements a programmable maximum power point tracking sampling network to optimize power transfer to the device. VIN_DC open-circuit voltage sampling is programmed by an external resistor and held by an external capacitor (CREF). Characteristic: Ultra Low Po...

  • Brand: Deeoee
  • ASIN: B07TH1XXH2

Solar Energy Engineering: Processes and Systems

Solar Energy Engineering: Processes and

Energy policy promoting sustainable development is transforming global energy markets. Solar power, the most abundant of all renewable resources, is crucial to greater achieving energy security and sustainability. This new edition of Solar Energy Engineering: Processes and Systems from Prof. Soteris Kalogirou, a renowned expert with over thirty years of experience in renewable energy systems and applications, includes revised and updated chapters on all areas of solar energy engineering from the fundamentals to the highest level of current research. The book includes high interest topics such as solar collectors, solar water heating, solar space heating and cooling, industrial process heat, solar desalination, photovoltaic technology, solar thermal power systems, modeling of solar energy systems and includes a new chapter on wind energy systems. As solar energy’s vast potential environmental and socioeconomic benefits are broadly recognized, the second edition of Solar Energy Engineering: Processes and Systems will provide professionals and students with a resource on the basic principles and applications of solar energy systems and processes and can be used as a reference guide to practicing engineers who want to understand how solar systems operate and how to design the syste...

  • ASIN: 0123972701

Solar Charger Prank

Solar Charger

  • Brand: Indragni Soft Solutions
  • ASIN: B017COXW6K

LED String Lights Solar RGB 100 LED Rope, Outdoor Waterproof, 33ft, 8 Lighting Modes, Ideal for Decoration,Thanksgiving, Garden, Lawn, Patio, Party (RGB)

LED String Lights Solar RGB 100 LED Rope,

LED quantity: 100. Spacing of LED:4 inches Ni-Mh batteries: AA size,1.2V 1000mAH,1pcs. Cycles charging 500 times Solar panel: 0.5W/150MA. Photoelectric conversion efficiency 17% Charging time: 6~8 hours Working mode: Flash / Steady on Working time: Steady on mode 14h, Flash mode 24h (if fully charged) Total length: 39ft,including 33ft rope lights length and 6ft lead cable length. Description: Easy to install and Energy Saving No electricity cost. Recharged by solar panel under sunlight. Smart sensor With light sensor. Automatically turns on at dusk, and turns off at dawn when on working mode Waterproof and Wide application Waterproof IP55. Suitable for outdoor applications Put on wall, window, door, floor, ceiling, grass, Christmas tree or building. Add perfect atmosphere to your place. Lighting EVEN provides safe, the best LED lighting experience to create the most comfortable lighting environment for the life. Note: If the ground is too hard, do not twist or hammer it with force. Try to soften the ground with water and then insert into the ground. Failure to follow this may result in product damage. The solar lights should be fully charged by direct sunlight for 6-8 hours before initial use. Package Includes: 1xSolar Panel 1x6.5cm Mounting Bracket C...

  • Color: RGB
  • ASIN: B018Q2SNB6
  • UPC: 704298036573

Solar Lanterns Mason Jar Hanging Lights,4 Pack 30 LED Lights String Fairy Firefly Starry Jar Lights (Mason Jars/Hangers Included),for Patio Garden Wedding Table Mason Jar Decor Solar Lantern Lights

Solar Lanterns Mason Jar Hanging Lights,4 Pack 30

4 Pack 30 Led Solar Mason Jar Hanging Lantern Lights,Waterproof Fairy Firefly Starry Led String Jar Lights,Perfect for Patio Garden Yard Walkway Weeding Party Tree Christmas Decoration,DIY Mason Jar Crafts,Make Warm and Charming Atmosphere. Specification: Color:Warm White Led Quantity :30 Solar Panel:2V,70mA Battery:1.2V,600mA String Lights:Length 17.72"(45CM),30 Micro LED Lights Mason Jar Size:Bottom Diameter 2.36", Jar Top Diameter 2.55", Height 5.11" Package Include: 4* Mason Jar 30 Led Lid Lights(AAA Rechargeable Battery Incldued) 4*Stainless Steel Hangers4 * Mason JarsWarm Note: 1.Screw Up the Lights Lids to Ensure Watertight and Be Careful When You Hanging the Solar Jar Lights . 2.Each Solar Jar Lights with a On/Off Switch Under the Lights Lid,Please Keep it On When Put it Under the Sun for Charging.And Put the Battery Out If Not Use for a Longtime. 3.If The Lights Brightless When You Receive The Lights ,PLS Put the Lid Under The Sunlight for Recharging FirstAny Problems Please Feel Free to Contact Us Before or After Your Purchase.Our Customer Service Team Will Serve You within 24 Hours.

  • Color: 4 Pack 30-LEDs Mason Jars&Hangers Included
  • Brand: Autorch
  • ASIN: B075DC6D6G

Pica Toys 3D Wooden House with Solar Windmill and Electric Light | Physical Circuit Education Building Model - Pure Real Wood Science Stem Kit | DIY Creative Experiment for Kids, Teens and Adults

Pica Toys 3D Wooden House with Solar Windmill

This house kit is not only equipped with solar panel so the windmill can rotate under the sunlight, but also lamps light up through the  batteries power, to learn science and to keep the environment clean when you are enjoy the fun .We provide an English instruction with detailed pictrures and it can be assembled easily step by step with a sense of achievement. It is adviced parents and children assemble it together for a more fun parent-child time and great learning experience of science. Product dimensions (after assembly):13.4×7.9×15.7inches Package includes:  150 pieces × 5.1*0.7 inches wooden stick 100 pieces × 2.8*0.7inches wooden stick 70 pieces × 1.2*0.7inches wooden stick 10 pieces × 5.1inches wooden round stick 30 pieces × 5.1inches wooden strip 120 pieces × 2inches small wooden strip 250 pieces × small wooden pieces (semi-circle shape) 1 piece × motor 1 piece × motor seat 1 piece × solar panel 7 pieces × lamp beads with wires 1 piece × battery box  2 pieces ×  30ml glue  2 pieces ×  double-sided tape 1 piece ×  instruction manual Notes: Batteries are not included in the package.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: Pica Toys
  • ASIN: B07P6M613Y

Control Systems Engineering, 7th Edition

Control Systems Engineering, 7th

Highly regarded for its practical case studies and accessible writing, Norman Nise's Control Systems Engineering has become the top selling text for this course. It takes a practical approach, presenting clear and complete explanations. Real world examples demonstrate the analysis and design process, while helpful skill assessment exercises, numerous in-chapter examples, review questions and problems reinforce key concepts. In addition, "What If" experiments help expand an engineers knowledge and skills. Tutorials are also included on the latest versions of MATLAB, the Control System Toolbox, Simulink, the Symbolic Math Toolbox, and MATLABs graphical user interface (GUI) tools. A new progressive problem, a solar energy parabolic trough collector, is featured at the end of each chapter. Ten new simulated control lab experiments now complement the online resources that accompany the text. This edition also includes Hardware Interface Laboratory experiments for use on the MyDAQ platform from National Instruments. A tutorial for MyDAQ is included as Appendix D.


Duda Solar 30 Tube Water Heater Pool Collector Evacuated Vacuum Tubes Hot

Duda Solar 30 Tube Water Heater Pool Collector

Solar water pool collectors are unpressurized solar collectors meant to heat the pool water directly. Cold water enters into the manifold from the pool, sinks to the bottom of the tube, and once heated a little bit, will rise back up to the top of the manifold and exit with the water flow. Pool collectors are the most efficient way to heat water because they come in direct contact with the heated surface in the tube and operate at low temperatures which will allow for minimal heat loss through the tubes and manifold, if any at all.

  • Color: Pool
  • Brand: Duda Solar
  • ASIN: B00HP84FUG
  • UPC: 840194109819

Vintage Photos 1982 Press Photo Solar Energy Collector System in New Berlin Industrial Park

Vintage Photos 1982 Press Photo Solar Energy Collector

This original vintage photograph is from one of various news service and newspaper photo archives from locations around the country including: Boston, Detroit, Tampa, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, New Orleans, Milwaukee, Portland, Spokane, and more. I do not copy or reproduce any photographs -- every item is a unique vintage piece that was housed in a news archive. All of my photos are in used condition and none have been officially rated. The best indication of condition is the scans you see on the listing which are scans of the individual photo being sold and not a stock image. Please study the images carefully to determine the condition of this vintage photograph, as it may not be in perfect condition. It may contain wrinkles, cracks, and possibly even tears due to its age and how it was handled before it got to us. A scanner may interpret colors and contrast differently than human eyes will, so it is possible that the actual photograph may be slightly darker or lighter in person.

  • Brand: Vintage Photos
  • ASIN: B07N35JJ2N

Sierra Wave 9590 120W Solar Collector

Sierra Wave 9590 120W Solar

The Sierra Wave 120-Watt Solar Collector is a high-capacity panel designed to supply energy to the Solar Link 1000 or directly charge 24V batteries and other similar devices.

  • Brand: Sierra Wave
  • ASIN: B010V03NFW
  • UPC: 769372095907

3D Decorative Privacy Window Films,Old Timer Vintage Automobile Collectors Revival Nostalgia American Culture,No-Glue Self Static Cling Glass Film for Home Bedroom Bathroom Kitchen Office 36x48 Inch

3D Decorative Privacy Window Films,Old Timer Vintage Automobile

SoSung 3D Decorative Privacy window films create the look of stained and etched glass. These thin, translucent films provide privacy while still allowing natural light to enter the room. Artscape films are easily applied to any smooth glass surface. They do not use adhesives and are easily removed if needed. They can be trimmed or combined to fit any size window. These films provide UV protection and are the perfect decorative accent for windows that require continued privacy. Basic Information: Product Type: Glass Window Film Material : Static cling,PVC, Waterproof, Fastness Color: The actual color is lighter than the display image. Lifetime: 8-10 Years Technique: Digital Printing Suitable: Windows, Sliding Doors, Smooth Surface. Features :Static cling without glue and reusable Note: Please allow 5mm error in size as manual cutting. Feature: When you don't want people looking in, our decorative privacy window film will provide the maximum distortion needed for a bathroom, indoor pool or spa, or office window. Tips: The visual effect of stained glass Creates privacy Applies to any smooth glass surface in minutes Provides UV protection Patterns repeat to cover any size window How To Installation These Window Film: Clean the window thoroughly & Measure the window size. Measure the ...

  • Color: Color10
  • Brand: SoSung

38" x 72" x 6 mil Clear Plastic Eco-Manufactured Dust Collector Bags (Roll of 45)

38" x 72" x 6 mil Clear Plastic

Contains 15% metallocene for added strength.

  • Color: clear
  • Brand: Smart Tech Plastic Bags
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