Smart Organizing: Simple Strategies for Bringing Order to Your Home

Smart Organizing: Simple Strategies for Bringing Order to

  • ASIN: B005LQR308

A Smart Girl's Guide: Getting It Together: How to Organize Your Space, Your Stuff, Your Time--and Your Life (Smart Girl's Guides)

A Smart Girl's Guide: Getting It Together: How

Missed buses? Forgotten clarinet and homework? Lost cleats? No girl is born knowing how to organize her space, stuff, or time, but it's easy to learn! From backpack to bedroom, this book can teach you tips and tricks to take charge of things in life that may be tripping you up. Inside you'll find loads of ideas, fun quizzes, and even advice from other girls on how to get your life organized and keep it that way. The result? Not only will you forget and lose less, you'll feel less stressed and have more time for what you love. Author: Erin Falligant. 96 pages. Paperback. Ages 10+

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Smart Office Organizing: Simple Strategies for Bringing Order to Your Workspace

Smart Office Organizing: Simple Strategies for Bringing Order

Being organized and efficient doesn't come easily to everyone. For those who struggle to maintain an organized office space, whether at work or at home, Smart Office Organizing offers tips and tricks for reining in the chaos and creating a personalized system that works. Organizing experts Sandra Felton and Marsha Sims help readers assess the mess effectively utilize organizational tools keep the desk under control conquer the pile of papers needing to be filed take advantage of electronic advances maintain order over the long haul keep organized even during those nonstop busy days and much more Full of insight, humor, and questions that help pinpoint problems and suggest solutions, Smart Office Organizing is an upbeat must read for the organizationally challenged among us.

  • ASIN: 0800720105

Smart but Scattered: The Revolutionary "Executive Skills" Approach to Helping Kids Reach Their Potential

Smart but Scattered: The Revolutionary "Executive Skills" Approach

There’s nothing more frustrating than watching your bright, talented son or daughter struggle with everyday tasks like finishing homework, putting away toys, or following instructions at school. Your “smart but scattered” child might also have trouble coping with disappointment or managing anger. Drs. Peg Dawson and Richard Guare have great news: there’s a lot you can do to help. The latest research in child development shows that many kids who have the brain and heart to succeed lack or lag behind in crucial “executive skills”--the fundamental habits of mind required for getting organized, staying focused, and controlling impulses and emotions. Learn easy-to-follow steps to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses, use activities and techniques proven to boost specific skills, and problem-solve daily routines. Small changes can add up to big improvements--this empowering book shows how.

  • Brand: Peg Dawson
  • ASIN: 1593854455

Smart but Scattered Teens: The "Executive Skills" Program for Helping Teens Reach Their Potential

Smart but Scattered Teens: The "Executive Skills" Program

"I told you, I'll do it later." "I forgot to turn in the stupid application." "Could you drive me to school? I missed the bus again." "I can't walk the dog--I have too much homework!"If you're the parent of a "smart but scattered" teen, trying to help him or her grow into a self-sufficient, responsible adult may feel like a never-ending battle. Now you have an alternative to micromanaging, cajoling, or ineffective punishments. This positive guide provides a science-based program for promoting teens' independence by building their executive skills--the fundamental brain-based abilities needed to get organized, stay focused, and control impulses and emotions. Executive skills experts Drs. Richard Guare and Peg Dawson are joined by Colin Guare, a young adult who has successfully faced these issues himself. Learn step-by-step strategies to help your teen live up to his or her potential now and in the future--while making your relationship stronger. Helpful worksheets and forms can be downloaded and printed in a convenient 8 1/2" x 11" size. See also the authors' Smart but Scattered (with a focus on 4- to 13-year-olds) and their self-help guide for adults. Plus, Work-Smart Academic Planner: Write It Down, Get It Done, designed for middle and high school students to use in conjunction ...

  • Brand: Guilford Publications
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Streetwise for Book Smarts: Grassroots Organizing and Education Reform in the Bronx

Streetwise for Book Smarts: Grassroots Organizing and Education

In Streetwise for Book Smarts, Celina Su examines the efforts of parents and students who sought to improve the quality of education in their local schools by working with grassroots organizations and taking matters into their own hands. In these organizations, everyday citizens pursued not only education reform but also democratic accountability and community empowerment. These groups had similar resources and operated in the same political context, yet their strategies and tactics were very different: while some focused on increasing state and city aid to their schools, others tried to change the way the schools themselves operated. Some coalitions sought accommodation with administrators and legislators; others did not.The events Su describes began with a series of stabbings in Bronx high schools during the 2003-2004 school year. After this rash of violence, several grassroots groups cited the need for additional safety patrols. Mothers from one school spoke of how they had previously protested until they got extra officers, a fairly scarce resource in New York public schools, at their local elementary school. Others asserted that not all the safety patrol officers already in place were treating students humanely. Parent organizations and school officials battled over who was ...

  • Brand: Brand: Cornell University Press
  • ASIN: 0801475589

Tales of the City: A Novel

Tales of the City: A

  • Brand: HarperCollins e-books
  • ASIN: B00512LSW6

Declutter Your Mind: How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative Thinking

Declutter Your Mind: How to Stop Worrying, Relieve

Feel overwhelmed by your thoughts? Struggling with anxiety about your daily tasks? Or do you want to stop worrying about life?The truth is...We all experience the occasional negative thought. But if you always feel overwhelmed, then you need to closely examine how these thoughts are negatively impacting your lifestyle.The solution is to practice specific mindfulness techniques that create more "space" in your mind to enjoy inner peace and happiness. With these habits, you'll have the clarity to prioritize what's most important in your life, what no longer serves your goals, and how you want to live on a daily basis. And that's what you'll learn in Declutter Your Mind. DOWNLOAD:: Declutter Your Mind -- How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative ThinkingThe goal of this book is simple: We will teach you the habits, actions, and mindsets to clean up the mental clutter that's holding you back from living a meaningful life.You will learn:4 Causes of Mental ClutterHow to Reframe ALL Your Negative Thoughts4 Strategies to Improve (or Eliminate) Bad RelationshipsThe Importance of Decluttering the Distractions That Cause AnxietyA Simple Strategy to Discover What's Important to YOU400 Words That Help Identify YOUR ValuesThe Benefit of Meditation and Focused Deep Breathi...

  • Brand: Oldtown Publishing LLC
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Medical-Surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems, Single Volume

Medical-Surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems,

Awarded first place in the 2017 AJN Book of the Year Awards in the Medical-Surgical Nursing category. Learn how to become an exceptional caregiver in today’s evolving healthcare environment! Written by a dedicated team of expert authors led by Sharon Lewis, Medical-Surgical Nursing, 10th Edition offers up-to-date coverage of the latest trends, hot topics, and clinical developments in the field. Completely revised and updated content explores patient care in various clinical settings and focuses on key topics such as patient safety, NCLEX exam preparation, evidence-based practice, and teamwork. A variety of helpful boxes and tables make it easy for you to find essential information and the accessible writing style and building-block approach make even the most complex concepts easy to grasp. Best of all ― a complete collection of learning and study resources helps you learn more effectively and offers valuable, real-world preparation for clinical practice. Highly readable format offers you a strong foundation in medical-surgical nursing.Content written and reviewed by leading experts in the field ensures that information is comprehensive, current, and clinically accurate.Informatics boxes discuss how technology is used by nurses and patients in healthcare settings.Expanded cov...

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Smart Cities, Smart Future: Showcasing Tomorrow

Smart Cities, Smart Future: Showcasing

Are you curious about smart cities? You should be! By mid-century, two-thirds of us will live in cities. The world of tomorrow will be a world of cities. But will they be smart cities? Smart cities are complex blends of technologies, systems and services designed and orchestrated to help people lead productive, fulfilling, safe and happy lives. This remarkable book is a window into our shared future. In crisp language and sharp detail, Mike Barlow and Cornelia Lévy-Bencheton explain how smart cities are powerful forces for positive change. With keen eyes and warm hearts, they invite readers to imagine the world of tomorrow, a fascinating world of connected cities and communities. They capture and convey the depth and richness of the worldwide smart city movement. Smart Cities, Smart Future describes the impact of smart city projects on people in towns, cities and nations around the world. The book includes descriptions of ongoing smart city projects in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Looking Ahead to an Urban World No two smart cities are alike. No one can say with certainty or precision what the term “smart city” means. There is no standard definition or common template. Today, smart cities are works in progress. They emerge from our hopes and our dreams. ...

  • ASIN: 1119516188

Clarity First: How Smart Leaders and Organizations Achieve Outstanding Performance

Clarity First: How Smart Leaders and Organizations Achieve

Award-winning business performance improvement and Lean management expert Karen Martin diagnoses a ubiquitous business management and leadership problem—the lack of clarity—and outlines specific actions to dramatically improve organizational performance. Through her global consulting projects, keynote speeches, and work with thousands of leaders, Karen has seen first-hand how a pervasive lack of clarity strangles business performance and erodes employee engagement. Ambiguity is the corporate default state, a condition so prevalent that “tolerance for ambiguity” has become a clichéd job requirement. It doesn’t have to be this way. In Clarity First, Karen provides methods and insights for achieving clarity to unleash potential, innovate at higher levels, and solve the problems that matter to deliver outstanding business results. Both a visionary road map and practical guide, this book will help leaders: •Identify and communicate the organization’s true purpose •Set achievable priorities •Deliver greater customer value through more efficient processes •Provide greater transparency about true versus assumed performance •Build strong problem-solving and critical thinking capabilities throughout the organization •Develop personal clarity to be a more direct, pu...


Smart Mom's Guide to Essential Oils: Natural Solutions for a Healthy Family, Toxin-Free Home and Happier You

Smart Mom's Guide to Essential Oils: Natural Solutions

Offers over 50 of the most useful essential oil recipes for tackling every mom's daily needsAs a mother, you are always looking for ways to make your family safer, happier and healthier. This book shows how essential oils can help you achieve all those things. And you’ll save money!An easy-to-use handbook for creating natural solutions, green cleaners, and toxin-free personal care items, the Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils provides pure and potent recipes, including:• Peppermint and Grapefruit energizing air diffusion• Fennel and Eucalyptus respiratory relief rub• Citrus-infused cleaning spray and scrub• Lavender and Melaleuca skin-soothing salve• Chamomile and Vetiver stress reliever• Spearmint-powered digestive aidYour family’s wellness starts with you. That’s why this helpful handbook also features a powerful regimen to reduce stress, increase energy and sustain your own personal vitality.

  • Brand: AromaTools
  • ASIN: 1612436463

Real Life Organizing: Clean and Clutter-Free in 15 Minutes a Day

Real Life Organizing: Clean and Clutter-Free in 15

#1 Amazon Best Seller! ─ Clutter-Free Solutions for an Organized HomeStorage solutions and advice to help you create a Pinterest worthy home on a small budget: Learn how to organize your home, simplify life and have more time for things you love. Organizational expert Cassandra ‘Cas’ Aarssen, the guru from YouTube’s ClutterBug channel, reveals her tips, tricks and secrets to a clean and clutter free home in just 15 minutes a day. Cas spends her time organizing other people’s homes, teaching college workshops on organization, and creating weekly videos and blog posts. She offers DIY Pinterest type tips to people like you who are interested in how to get rid of clutter and how to organize your home.Simplify your life: In  Real Life Organizing, Cas walks you through the steps to creating a beautiful, organized, clutter free, and almost self-cleaning home. Simplify your life and have an organized home. You do not have to get rid of all of your things, be a yoga loving minimalist or radically change your lifestyle or personality. The truth is you do not need to actually be an organized person to live like an organized person.Organized home: Through years of experience as an industry expert, Cas has uncovered easy and inexpensive tips, tricks and solutions that allow her t...

  • Brand: MANGO
  • ASIN: 1633535193

CBTONE 6 Pack Closet Space Saving Hangers, Multi-Purpose Metal Magic Hangers Cascading Hanger Updated Hook Design Metal Wonder Hangers for Organizing Wardrobe Clothing Hanger

CBTONE 6 Pack Closet Space Saving Hangers, Multi-Purpose

Our Closet Organization Hangers are your best choice to save your closet space.Heavy Chrome Layered Hangers are an excellent wardrobe closet organizer which could effectively maximize the space of your closet system! It provides excellent functions especially suitable for closet wardrobe of small storage room, compact apartments, and college dorms, RV or holiday home. The space saving hangers are made from high-quality metal material, which strong and sturdy enough to ensure safe and luxurious closet organization. Metal clothes hangers won't warp, bend or lose their shape over time - making them great for tight spaces. Our space saving hangers with eco-friendly chrome-plated, smoothed arc edging design can protect your hand and clothing from being scratched.Features: Materials: Heavy duty metal Size: 10"x0.7"x0.08" Provide 360 degree access to add or remove clothing quickly and easily. Great for dorms, apartments or anywhere with limited space.

  • Color: 6 Pack
  • Brand: CBTONE
  • ASIN: B07BRNQQ14
  • UPC: 663585694486

Made Smart Madesmart Interlocking Drawer Organizer 8 Bin, 1 Set, 9.19 x 6.19 x 4.60 in (23.34 x 15.72 x 11.68 cm), Granite

Made Smart Madesmart Interlocking Drawer Organizer 8 Bin,

Madesmart Interlocking Drawer Organizer Bins 8 Bin, 1 Set

  • Color: Granite
  • Brand: Made Smart
  • UPC: 885582649461

Smart&Cool Reusable Silicone Twist Ties with Strong Magnet for Bundling and Organizing, Can Be Used in Many Ways or Just for Fun (10 Colors-20Pack)

Smart&Cool Reusable Silicone Twist Ties with Strong Magnet

Multi-function management tool, can be used as twist ties or refrigerator magnet. Specifications: 4.33 x 0.66 x 0.15 (in) Made of high quality silicone and ultra strong magnet.

  • Color: 10 Colors-20Pack
  • Brand: Smart&Cool
  • ASIN: B07P1XS4PX
  • UPC: 740030509905

Teaching Language to Children With Autism or Other Developmental Disabilities

Teaching Language to Children With Autism or Other

This is the original must have book for professionals and parents implementing a verbal behavior assessment and intervention program for children with autism or other developmental disabilities (often termed the Verbal Behavior Approach). The book provides an easy to understand introduction to Skinner s analysis of language (i.e., mands, tacts, & intraverbals) with easy to follow examples of everyday language skills demonstrated by children. The book contains a brief language assessment system; the Behavioral Language Assessment Form (BLAF) that will give parents and teachers a quick overview of a child s language skills (see the VB-MAPP for a more thorough assessment). The assessment is followed by descriptions on the basic teaching procedures for developing early and intermediate mands, tacts, echoics, imitation, matching-to-sample, receptive language, and intraverbal skills. The use of sign language and other forms of augmentative communication are presented along with suggestions for IEP goals, skill tracking, and data collection. The book also contains a chapter on the need for both structured discrete trial training (DTT) and natural environment training (NET). This is the latest version of the book and has been re-edited (2010), and professionally typeset thus it is 70 pag...

  • Brand: Brand: AVB Press
  • ASIN: 0981835651

Summary and Analysis of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing: Based on the Book by Marie Kondo (Smart Summaries)

Summary and Analysis of The Life-Changing Magic of

So much to read, so little time? Get a brief overview of the Japanese KonMari method of organizing and take control of your life.   Japanese cleaning consultant and New York Times–bestselling author Marie Kondo is known for the revolutionary method of organization detailed in her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which has helped millions create and keep tidy homes. With chapter-by-chapter breakdowns, this summary explains the key points of her book, including:  How a calm, comfortable home can ease your mindWhy a “little-by-little” approach doesn’t workHow to identify items that “spark joy” and dispose of those that don’tHow to declutter your home by category  Complete with historical context, important quotes, fascinating trivia, a glossary of terms, and other features, this summary and analysis of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is intended to complement your reading experience and bring you closer to a great work of nonfiction.

  • ASIN: 1504046676

Jute Storage Basket by Smart Additions - Woven Fabric Toy Storage Bin, for organizing Toys, Kids Room, Baby Clothing, Children Books, Gift Baskets, Pets, Laundry, Dog Toys - Extra Large

Jute Storage Basket by Smart Additions - Woven

Finally a Durable and Stylish Way to Get Organized!Tired of all the overflowing drawers, stuffed closets, messy shelves and floors?The Smart Additions Jute Storage Basket is your solution!With these storage baskets, you will have a designated spot to neatly store your belongings and keep your family and living spaces organized and tidy!★ Save SpaceNeatly organized Toys and Blankets bring a sense of serenity to your home and save you lots of space, Not to mention that these baskets are collapsible for the ultimate space saving solution when not in use, (although were sure you'll always have something that's just begging for this pretty basket...)★ Highest QualitySmart Additions is known for its Quality products. Each and every one of our items are carefully selected of top quality material bringing you and your family only the Best of the Best!★ Easy To UseFeaturing structured wires to keep the basket in its shape, and easy to grip reinforced handles, this allows you to easily carry a full basket around the house.★ Organize In StyleOffering the ultimate in today's style, our products are designed with both style and practice in mind. Add these to your home and create a stylish feel and look while being well organized and neat at the same time!Start organizing and start tod...

  • Color: Toys
  • Brand: Smart Additions
  • UPC: 042768001349

KeySmart Expansion Pack with Screws, Spacers and Posts (up to 22 Keys)

KeySmart Expansion Pack with Screws, Spacers and Posts

KEYSMART EXPANSION PACK 2-22 Keys Do you have too many keys to store in your KeySmart Key Holder? Not to worry! Your KeySmart Key Holder was created and designed to be expandable so you could fit more keys in it. This KeySmart Expansion Pack will help you do the trick. This bundle can expand your KeySmart Compact Key Organizer to accommodate up to 22 keys. What is inside: - 2 x Stainless Steel KeySmart Screws (with rubber gasket) - 6 x Stainless Steel KeySmart Posts - 8 x Fiber Grade KeySmart Spacers Proudly designed in the US and responsibly made in China. All KeySmart products are covered by a 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty. We Value Creativity: KeySmart is protected under Patent D705,533, D754,428, D756,629, D756,630 & other Domestic and International Patents Pending. KeySmart is a domestic and internationally registered trademark. All infringement will be legally pursued.

  • Brand: KeySmart
  • ASIN: B0198KTPUI
  • UPC: 619159324013
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