barkOutfitters GoGo Bell Dog Doorbell for Housebreaking/Housetraining Door Bell/Potty Training Your Poochie to Let You Know When They Need to Tinkle (White, Qty 1)

barkOutfitters GoGo Bell Dog Doorbell for Housebreaking/Housetraining Door

Your search for the best Dog Doorbell is finally over. When you purchase your our Bell today here's what you should do... When that cute little box from Amazon arrives, rip it open. Take out the bell and remove it from it's packaging. Grasp it firmly in one hand hand and give the bell a tiny shake. Notice the pleasant chime it makes. The clear tone can easily be heard from other rooms. The included instructions will guide you step-by-step on how to train your dog to use the Bell. Your bell includes two screws which makes it easy to put the bell at the perfect height for your dog. What separates our Bell from the competition? It starts with safety and quality. Jingle bells were never designed to be used by pets. They contain several slots which your dog's claws can become stuck in which is dangerous. Our solid metal bell contains no slots. Unlike other bells that are made with thin ribbon that can easily fray our bell is made out of solid metal. Bells that hang off door knobs may not hang low enough for puppies or small dogs to reach. It's this attention to detail and design that separates us from the rest. It's because of this we're able to make a guarantee unlike any other you've seen for dog door bells. Try our bell and if it ever breaks or your dog simply is in that 5% that ca...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: barkOutfitters
  • ASIN: B00R6RHH7O
  • UPC: 738759898974

Silver Steel Tea Hand Bell for Wedding Events Decoration, Food Line, Alarm, Jingles, Ringing

Silver Steel Tea Hand Bell for Wedding Events

A classic signaling device still has a place in the classroom, at public events, and the food industry. This sturdy school hand bell can deliver a message before you even say a word. This clear toned hand bell is made from highly polished metal with sleek wooden handle with gentle curves. This bell makes a wonderful sound and is a great gift for teachers. The timeless look of this hand bell is reminiscent of one room school houses and the teacher ringing in recess time. The bell makes a clear ringing tone and is useful as a call bell for a bedridden person or to bring guests in for dinner. NOTICE: The "Super Z Outlet" seller is the only authorized seller, we do not sell wholesale so there should be NO other sellers; Any other sellers are illegally selling their own products using our registered Trademarked company name. In this listing, purchasing from any seller other than "Super Z Outlet" will result in a potentially faulty product that may be unsafe and cause injury. Please be sure to purchase this product from the "Super Z Outlet" seller to avoid any problems with your product and to ensure both your safety and satisfaction. Manufacturer's warranty included only when purchased from Super Z Outlet.

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Super Z Outlet
  • ASIN: B014Q9FMCQ
  • UPC: 791321439074

Home-X Floral Call Bell

Home-X Floral Call

Ring for assistance. When you're confined to a bed, summon caregivers or family members with this brisk bedside bell.It's pretty enough to leave out on display, cheering you with its brilliant garden motif of flowers.Yet it's fully functional, designed with a long handle that's easy to grip and shake. The striker is mounted on a spring coil to prevent unwanted ringing during normal handling. You'll lift it up and move it out of the way without accidentally calling someone to your bedside. Made from metal and plastic; about 5¼" high.

  • Brand: Home-X
  • ASIN: B014TCAJB4
  • UPC: 852682973871

Coastal Pet Products DCP45105 3-Pack Li'l Pals Round Dog Bells, 1/2-Inch, Silver

Coastal Pet Products DCP45105 3-Pack Li'l Pals Round

Coastal Pet dog bells are comes in round shape. Perfectly proportioned to meet the needs of petite pets. Designed for tiny dogs. Easily attaches to any collar. Available in silver color. Measures 1/2-inch size. Includes 3 bells per pack.

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Coastal Pet
  • ASIN: B00BC46JK8
  • UPC: 740023723523

Honbay 20PCS 38mm/1.5inch Vintage Bronze Jingle Bells for Dog Potty Training, Housebreaking, Making Wind Chimes,Christmas Bell and etc

Honbay 20PCS 38mm/1.5inch Vintage Bronze Jingle Bells for

Material: iron, copper plating Color: vintage bronze Diameter: 38mm/1.5inch Height: 37mm/1.46inch Package included: 20PCS vintage bronze jingle bells Great for dog potty training, housebreaking, making wind chimes,christmas bell and other diy craft projects

  • Brand: HONBAY

MROCO Big Call Bells, 3.38 Inch Diameter, Chrome Finish, All-Metal Construction, Desk Bell Service Bell for Hotels, Schools, Restaurants, Reception Areas, Hospitals, Warehouses(Silver)

MROCO Big Call Bells, 3.38 Inch Diameter, Chrome

MROCO: Amazon's Leading Office Brand Every review is real and popular. Extensive office products that cover your dairy life. Offer popular price but top rated premium quality, timely and friendly service. MROCO Stainless Steel Call bell Shiny surface, long-lasting, clear and loud ringing. Features - Durable and portable.  - Easy to use and clean.  - Corrosion resistance, safe to use.  - Loud, clear and comfortable sound. - You can hear the sound in the distance.   - Stainless steel, chrome Finish and prevent rust.  - Reduced power, only need one finger or palm to make it ringing.  Application ● Purpose: Everybody.  ● Warranty:Lifetime warranty for quality-related issue.  ● Place: Hotels, Schools, Restaurants, Reception Areas, Hospitals, Warehouses, Stores.  Specification Color: silver black.  Product Weight:105g/0.23lb.  Product Size: 3.3 Inch x 2.3 Inch.  Material: stainless steel, chrome.  The listing is only one call bell, the 2 call bell of package is the the asin: B07816SJSB Action Push down with your palm or one finger to make it ringing. ♫ Ding! Ding! Ding

  • Brand: MROCO
  • ASIN: B0769WH8F2
  • UPC: 710280667441

Shiplies Extra Loud Multi-Purpose Hand Call Bell

Shiplies Extra Loud Multi-Purpose Hand Call

Grab the attention of those around you with a flick of the wrist. The Shiplies Bell is a great gift for anyone who is bedridden, to catch the attention of little ones, pet training, calling your household to dinner or for game use. The handle is centered and the ball mechanism hangs at a height that allows the bell to sit flush on the table. It is loud enough for anyone to be able to hear it down a flight of stairs or at the other end of the house.

  • Color: Gold
  • Brand: Shiplies

2 Extra Loud Cat & Dog Bells Save Birds & Wildlife | Luxury Handmade Copper | Beau's Bells (Small)

2 Extra Loud Cat & Dog Bells Save

Beau's Bells Our handmade copper bells are partially coated with nickel to prolong their life. Beau's bells are carefully crafted using high quality materials which are built to last. Did you know, our bells are made from the same stuff as the Statue of Liberty? These bells have a stainless steel minimum motion clapper that enables the bells to ring with the slightest of movements. Each pair features tonal variation and comes supplied with a stainless steel split-ring which can be used to attach to your pet's collar and can be removed easily. Beau's Bells are the perfect size for both cats and dogs and allow your pet to be heard from long distances. Sizing Guide Small: W: 16mm x H: 18mm - This is our new smaller size which is ideal for smaller cats and mini dog breeds. Medium: W: 19mm x H: 21mm - This is our original bell which is ideal for dogs and larger cats. Due to the larger size, these are slightly louder than the smaller bells. How to Use To use with cat collars, simply slide split-ring around the collar or attach to small metal 'o' ring on the collar. To use with dog collars, slide split ring around collar 'o' ring but be aware that the split rings are not designed to open wider than 3mm as they then may not close back as tightly. If 'o' ring is thicker, we recommen...

  • Brand: Beau's Bells

Adorox Silver Steel Hand Bell Loud Call Bell Alarm

Adorox Silver Steel Hand Bell Loud Call Bell

Steel call bell delivers a loud clear ring for those who are bed ridden and may need assistance. Also can be used for events or parties to call attention guests. Signal dinner is ready, train pets, call order in a room, use in games or for a person to call for help

  • Color: 1 Pcs. Set
  • Brand: Adorox
  • UPC: 675309058191

Azure Green FB106G Brass Two Tone Bell 2 in.

Azure Green FB106G Brass Two Tone Bell 2

A small bell with a high clear tone and an understated decoration formed by selectively plated chrome. Chrome Plated Brass. 2"

  • Color: white
  • Brand: AzureGreen
  • UPC: 616919040916
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