Medique Products 81913 Medi-First Sinus And Pain Pressure, 500 Tablets, 250 X 2

Medique Products 81913 Medi-First Sinus And Pain Pressure,

Relieves sinus pressure associated with allergies, headaches and colds. Each tablet contains: Acetaminophen 500mg; Phenylephrine HCl 5mg.

  • Brand: Medique
  • ASIN: B001B5K3AK
  • UPC: 347682819132

Thermalon Microwave Activated Moist Heat-Cold Sinus Mask for Sinus Pressure, Headaches, TMJ, 5.5" X 8"

Thermalon Microwave Activated Moist Heat-Cold Sinus Mask for

Made of non toxic materials

  • Brand: Thermalon
  • ASIN: B000E57CWA
  • UPC: 041533243328

Mucinex Sinus-Max Pressure, Pain & Cough Maximum Strength Caplets- Sinus Pressure, Congestion & Headache Relief, Expectorant & Decongestant With Acetaminophen, Guaifenesin & Phenylephrine, 20 Caplets

Mucinex Sinus-Max Pressure, Pain & Cough Maximum Strength

The next time you’re on the defensive against sinus pressure, headache and excess mucus, let Maximum Strength Mucinex Sinus-Max Pressure & Pain step in. It has a triple action formula with 3 maximum strength medicines in a single dose.

  • Color: Sss
  • Brand: Mucinex
  • UPC: 363824200200

Sudafed PE Pressure + Pain + Mucus Relief for Sinus Pressure and Nasal Congestion, 24 ct

Sudafed PE Pressure + Pain + Mucus Relief

Sudafed PE Pressure + Pain + Mucus Relief Caplets relieves sinus pain, pressure, and congestion. Each non-drowsy caplet contains 325 mg of acetaminophen, a pain reliever and fever reducer; 5 mg of phenylephrine HCl, a nasal decongestant; and 200 mg of guaifenesin, an expectorant. Sudafed PE Pressure + Pain + Mucus Caplets temporarily relieve symptoms associated with hay fever, respiratory allergies, and the common cold, such as sinus pressure, headaches, nasal and chest congestion, excess mucus, and minor aches and pains. Sinus & congestion relief medicine also helps loosen mucus to rid bronchial passageways and make coughs more productive.

  • Brand: Sudafed
  • ASIN: B00E4WSN86
  • UPC: 300450580252

LES Labs Sinus & Seasonal, Sinus Relief & Seasonal Discomfort Supplement for Healthy Histamine Levels, Respiratory & Nasal Health with Butterbur, Quercetin & Nettle Root, 60 Capsules

LES Labs Sinus & Seasonal, Sinus Relief &

Sinus Health & Seasonal Discomfort Formula is a natural dietary supplement taken daily to help promote sinus & nasal health and reduce seasonal discomfort. The 60 vegetarian capsules contain herbal extracts shown to support healthy sinuses and histamine levels.* Quercetin A flavonoid found in fruits and vegetables, Quercetin has been shown to support healthy histamine levels and promote healthy immune response.*Nettle Root Extract Nettle Root Extract (Urtica Dioica) is an herbal extract used to help prevent seasonal discomfort.*Bromelain Bromelain, an extract derived from pineapple, is an enzyme shown to reduce seasonal discomfort.*Butterbur Extract Butterbur is taken to reduce seasonal discomfort. Our Butterbur is certified free of pyrrolizidine alkaloids.*DosageTake one (1) capsule one to three times daily or as directed by a physician.*Safety WarningKeep out of reach of children. Pregnant or lactating women and those undergoing treatment for a medical condition should consult a physician before taking this supplement.LES Labs Does It DifferentlyWe source only the highest-quality natural ingredients from around the world. All of our supplements are manufactured in the USA in cGMP facilities - most of them locally here in California. While many supplement companies add fille...

  • Brand: LES Labs
  • ASIN: B00G9G16A2
  • UPC: 091037758590

Vicks Sinex Severe Sinus Pressure, Pain, Congestion, & Headache Relief, Non-Drowsy LiquiCaps, 24 Count

Vicks Sinex Severe Sinus Pressure, Pain, Congestion, &

Sinex Severe Pressure & Pain Liquicaps provide relief from sinus congestion, pressure, and pain resulting from the common cold, hay fever, or other upper respiratory allergies – so you can breathe freely fast.

  • Brand: Vicks
  • ASIN: B01HEU0A76
  • UPC: 323900023277

Sudafed PE Sinus Pressure + Pain Relief Maximum Strength Non-Drowsy Decongestant, 24 ct

Sudafed PE Sinus Pressure + Pain Relief Maximum

Sudafed PE Sinus Pressure + Pain Relief Maximum Strength Non-Drowsy Tablets provide powerful relief of sinus congestion and pressure with pain, plus headaches. From the #1 pharmacist recommended brand among oral OTC decongestants, the non-drowsy formula contains 325 mg of acetaminophen, a pain reliever and fever reducer, and 5 mg of phenylephrine HCl, a nasal decongestant. This sinus pressure & pain medicine temporarily relieves nasal congestion and sinus symptoms associated with hay fever, upper respiratory allergies, and the common cold, such as sinus pressure, headaches, and minor aches and pains. It helps promote sinus drainage and temporarily reduces fever and relieves headache, as well as other minor body aches and pains. The maximum strength decongestant tablets can be used by adults and children 12 years and older for powerful sinus pressure, congestion and pain relief.

  • Color: 1
  • Brand: Sudafed
  • UPC: 885781224421

Sinus Pressure & Migraine Headache Relief Cap and Eye Mask - Deep Penetrating Herbal Ice hat for Hot or Cold Sinus Pain Relief

Sinus Pressure & Migraine Headache Relief Cap and

The Sinus & Migraine Cap is designed to gently cover sinus, temples, eyes & neck area. Our unique cap stimulates acupressure points around sensitive eyes and neck while enhancing calmness and relaxation to the entire body. The Sinus & Migraine Cap naturally forms to individual features to relieve stress. The removable neck pac allows the option of hot, cold or a combination of therapies. Relax, rejuvenate and restore your body and soul.

  • ASIN: B07F3P3L9S

Hyland's Defend Sinus, Natural Relief of Sinus Pain and Pressure, Headache and Nasal Congestion Due to Common Cold, 4O Count

Hyland's Defend Sinus, Natural Relief of Sinus Pain

Hyland’s DEFEND Sinus, Natural Relief of Sinus Pain and Pressure, Headache and Nasal Congestion Due to Common Cold, 4O Count Temporarily relieves the symptoms of sinus pain and pressure, headache, and nasal congestion due to common cold or allergies.NATURAL REMEDIES SINCE 1903 Hyland’s has been producing homeopathic medicines since 1903. Made with natural ingredients and made in the United States. Hyland’s products contain no artificial flavors, dyes or parabens. This product works to stimulate the body’s own natural healing process. FDA COMPLIANT MANUFACURINGAlways read and follow the label directions when using Hyland's products. The uses for our products are based on traditional homeopathic practice. Hyland’s products follow the manufacturing and quality practices outlined in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. Hyland’s operates in full compliance with the FDA standards for manufacturing, safety and labeling. Hyland's products have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. All ingredients are tested upon receipt to ensure potency and safety. Hyland’s Facilities use the most up-to-date equipment and environment to guarantee purity and quality. SAFE AND RELIABLEHomeopathy is a safe effective system of medicine with fundamental principl...

  • Brand: Hyland's Homeopathic
  • ASIN: B005FA7GXE
  • UPC: 354973295933

Boiron Sinusalia Sinus Relief, 60 Tablets

Boiron Sinusalia Sinus Relief, 60

Relief from sinus pain in the forehead or the upper jaw. Sinus congestion from colds or allergies.

  • Brand: Boiron
  • ASIN: B004TSKVO4
  • UPC: 306969341049

NEW YEAR SALE: ComfyPot | Ergonomic Ceramic Neti Pot Sinus Rinse | Natural Pressure, Congestion & Infection Treatment

NEW YEAR SALE: ComfyPot | Ergonomic Ceramic Neti

**Comfortable & Easy To Use**Our specially designed conical tip creates a perfect seal on your nostril. ComfyPot's handle-free, easy-grip design enables you to use your ComfyPot easily and comfortably time after time.**2 Removable Silicone Nozzles**You can easily slip the removable silicone nozzles on and off the ceramic neti pot. They are designed to form a comfortable and secure seal against your nostril. The 2 silicone nozzles also enable you to share your ComfyPot or just have a spare nozzle.**Read The Instructions**Your ComfyPot comes with instructions on the box. Please do not throw the instructions away. Simply cut the top off the box and keep the card. It has instructions on how to use your ComfyPot and what to fill it with.**Ancient & Gentle Sinus Health**Neti pots have been used for thousands of years to flush out toxins and keep sinuses healthy and clear. ComfyPot continues a fine tradition and simply brings you an optimized neti pot experience**Satisfaction Guarantee**All ViLu Essentials products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you do not absolutely love your ComfyPot, just send it back and you will be refunded no questions asked.**Easy Cleaning**Your ComfyPot has been specially designed with cleaning in mind. There are no hard to clean handle areas and bo...

  • Brand: ComfyPot
  • ASIN: B01N0J9YAK
  • UPC: 714983580748

Breathe Sinus & Lungs Breathing - Seasonal Nasal Health, Open and Clear Airways, Bronchial Wellness, Healthy Chest - Quercetin, Nettle Leaf, Bromelain Pills - 60 Vegetarian Soft Capsules

Breathe Sinus & Lungs Breathing - Seasonal Nasal

"Beyond grateful to have them" "Changed my life" "Something that finally works" "Highly recommended!" PROBLEM SOLVED! BREATHE by Eu Natural is the real solution to breathe deeply and easily, the natural way. Easily fight pollen, dust, chemicals, smoke, and other irritants. #1 VOTED! Clinically-researched ingredients like Quercetin, Nettle Leaf, and Boswellia provide long-term support by focusing on the root cause of nasal and lung irritation. VITAMIN ANGELS 1-FOR-1 MATCH! When you buy vitamins from Eu Natural, you aren't just helping yourself, you are also helping a child in need. Your purchase equals one year of life-saving vitamins to children under five, new mothers, and pregnant women who are at risk for malnutrition. EMPOWERING YOUR HEALTH! Eu Natural is cleanest and purest nutrition brand using zero fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients. Strict FDA Standards by cGMP Certified Laboratory. Always gluten, wheat, and dairy free, and never tested on animals.You risk absolutely nothing. Our products are backed by our unconditional 90-day 100% money back guarantee so you can try it risk-free.Your search for "the ONE" perfect breathing solution is finally over! With our five-star reviews, you can trust that customers agree.Eu Natural - Empowering Your Health #BeYou

  • Brand: Eu Natural
  • ASIN: B06ZYS68PS
  • UPC: 716894245273

Mucinex Sinus-Max Severe Congestion & Pain Relief Maximum Strength Caplets- Sinus Decongestant, Headache Relief & Loosens Mucus, Expectorant w/ Acetaminophen, Phenylephrine & Guaifenesin, 20 Count

Mucinex Sinus-Max Severe Congestion & Pain Relief Maximum

When your sinuses come under serious attack, let Maximum Strength Mucinex Sinus-Max Severe Congestion & Pain step in. Its triple action formula combines 3 maximum strength medicines in one dose. You’ll clear sinus pressure, relieve that annoying headache and give mucus the boot.

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Mucinex
  • ASIN: B009XQHQS6
  • UPC: 885376716881

PerfeCore Eye Mask Get Rid of Puffy Eyes Migraine Relief, Sleeping, Travel Therapeutic Hot Cold Compress Pack With Cover Gel Beads, Spa Therapy Wrap for Sinus Pressure Face Puffiness Headaches Purple

PerfeCore Eye Mask Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Tired of puffy eyes? Can't seem to get rid of that annoying headache?Soothe and relieve pain and ease stress away! Have a luxurious spa day. Using PerfeCore's Eye and Face Mask unique hot and cold Dual Action property gel beads get quick and effective soothing relief. PerfeCore Masks provide natural relief for ailments. Simply freeze for flexible cold therapy or microwave for aches. Contoured with cutouts for eyes or the option to use as a sleep mask. Treat yourself or someone special to a truly extravagant bath and body beauty gift. PerfeCore Therapeutics make for a perfect addition to any spa gift set. Our Gel Bead Hot & Cold Compress Eye Masks + Fabric Covers are always: Non-Toxic, Latex-free, BPA-free & Phthalate-Free, and made in FDA certified manufacturing locations. Cold Applications - Puffy Eyes, Swelling, Sinus Relief, Inflammation, Migraine Headaches, TMJ, Aches, Pains, Stress, Sports Injury, Broken Nose, Black Eyes Heat Therapy Uses - Dry Eyes, Minor Sleep Conditions, Anxiety, Restlessness We are an American family owned business. We stand by our products and guarantee your satisfaction. PerfeCore uses strict quality control measures and our manufacturing facilities have FDA Certification. Buy with trust. See more PerfeCore products for all therapeutic uses. Che...

  • Color: Purple
  • Brand: Perfecore
  • ASIN: B071Z6NQJD
  • UPC: 785123445630

Aculief- Award Winning Natural Headache and Tension Relief - Wearable Acupressure (Green)

Aculief- Award Winning Natural Headache and Tension Relief

Wearable acupressure body tension The drug-free AculiefTM band attaches to your hand, providing pressure to the Large Intestine 4 (LI4), an acupressure point believed in traditional Chinese medicine to relieve headaches and pain. Ideal for active lifestyles, AculiefTM helps relieve imbalances throughout the body and restore natural energy flow while promoting general well-being. It's also great for foot acupressure. Caution: Pregnant women should not wear AculiefTM. Nylon, 5"

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Aculief
  • UPC: 850748004002

Mucinex Sinus-Max Max Strength Day & Night Liquid Gels, 24ct

Mucinex Sinus-Max Max Strength Day & Night Liquid

Day Time: relives sinus pressure and congestion and headache, thins and loosens mucus. Night Time: relives nasal congestion, sinus pressure and pain; relieves runny nose, sneezing and Cough. 24 count, includes 16x day time liquid gels and 8x night time liquid gels.

  • Color: Na
  • Brand: Mucinex
  • ASIN: B013Q8JZJY
  • UPC: 363824688244

Sinus Rinse Complete Kit

Sinus Rinse Complete

The original & patented Sinus Rinse Kit. No. 1 physician prescribed OTC nasal rinse. Soothing; moisturizing. For large volume & low pressure. Saline nasal irrigation, moisturization and daily nasal hygiene. Suitable for use during pregnancy. Make NeilMed's Sinus Rinse an essential part of your daily hygiene - like brushing your teeth, washing your hands or taking a shower. Natural sinus care has never been easier. Advantages: Soothing, no burning or stinging large volume & low pressure system for saline nasal irrigation, moisturization and daily nasal hygiene; Single-piece, custom-designed rounded cap fits any nasal opening. No push and pull components make for easy cleaning; Preservative, drug, iodine, BPA, gluten and latex free; Premixed packets of USP grade sodium chloride & sodium bicarbonate (purity level 99% or higher); Excellent cleansing prior to spraying nasal corticosteroids; pH balanced & isotonic, or hypertonic with two or more packets; Smooth flow with easy-squeeze bottle; Empties 95% in upright position; Suitable for use after sinus surgery and during pregnancy. Consult your physician with concerns; Portable for travel. Kit includes: 1 custom designed cap; 1 rinse bottle 8 oz (240 ml); 1 tube; 50 packets of USP grade (purity level 99% or higher) sodium chloride & so...

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: NeilMed
  • ASIN: B000RDZFZ0
  • UPC: 705928001664

IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask and Eye Pillow, Cold Therapy Headache, Migraine, Sinus Pain, Patented, Universal Size

IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask and Eye Pillow,

IMAK ErgoBeads Eye Pillow If you are suffering from a sinus headache, have tired, puffy eyes, or have just had a long stressful day, ActiveForever has. Hand wash cold, air dry.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Brownmed
  • UPC: 066510068251

Creatrill X-Large Heated Eye/Sinus Mask, USB Heating Compress Pad for Dry Tired Puffy Eyes, Dark Circle, Migraines Headache, Blepharitis, Sties, Sinus Pain Pressure Relief Hot Therapy (Gray)

Creatrill X-Large Heated Eye/Sinus Mask, USB Heating Compress

eye mask

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: CREATRILL

Pressureze Nasal Spray - 18 ml (130 Sprays) - Fast, Natural Relief from Sinus & Ear Pressure symptoms, Congestion, Stuffy Nose, Blocked Ears, Nasal Drip

Pressureze Nasal Spray - 18 ml (130 Sprays)

All Natural nasal mist, preservative free. Helps clear ear and sinus canals fast for kids. Great for stuffy nose and ear.

  • Brand: Pressureze
  • UPC: 638948201014

Sinus Relief, Congestion, and Allergy Blend by āVō, 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Effective Natural Relief for Nasal and Respiratory Congestion, Sinus Pressure, and Cough- 1 Ounce (30 ml)

Sinus Relief, Congestion, and Allergy Blend by āVō,

Sinus, Congestion, and Allergy Relief Blend by āVō Essentials combines the highest quality, premium, 100% natural essential oils so you can breathe freely! This expertly crafted essential oil blend is vegan, all-natural, and therapeutic grade. Our respiratory support blend has incredibly diverse healing abilities with inherent antibacterial, antiviral, analgesic, antiallergenic and antifungal properties. This remedy is used to naturally relieve: Allergies Respiratory illness, Viral infections (respiratory), Lung regeneration and repair, Bronchitis, Cough, Congestion, Sinusitis, Asthma, Colds, Croup, Mucus, and Pneumonia. Other products can contain harmful artificial ingredients and preservatives that you're trying to avoid. Our essential oils are undiluted and contain absolutely no additives. Steam distillation ensures potency, so that you can get more benefits from each drop. When you buy from āVō Essentials, you're not just getting Premium Essential Oils. You'll also receive our outstanding product support and customer service. Your complete and continued satisfaction is our top priority. Finally, if you're EVER unhappy with our product, simply return it for a complete refund, no questions asked. Order now so that we can get your Sinus, Congestion, and Allergy Relief Blend ...

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: āVō Essentials
  • ASIN: B014LM2QAO
  • UPC: 741533718115

Migraine Gel Head and Neck Ice Hat by FOMI Care | Top and Side of Skull Plus Cervical Cold Coverage | Wearable Cranial Cap for Headache, Sinus, Chemo, Stress, Pressure Pain Relief

Migraine Gel Head and Neck Ice Hat by

FOMI's Migraine Hat with Neck Extension is the ultimate drug free pain reliever for migraines, headaches, tension headaches, head colds, neck pain, chemotherapy, fever, muscle aches and stiffness, whiplash, herniated disc, arthritis, sinusitis, stress, fever, and inflammation relief. Using cold therapy, the hat reduces swelling, discomfort and pain caused by all forms of headaches, migraines, inflammation, and injury.It features four removable and reusable gel pack inserts: One for each side of the head, one that fully covers the forehead and top of the head, and one that provides complete neck coverage. It provides an instant cooling sensation for the entire head and neck resulting in soothing relief for all the pain points in those areas. The unique feature of cold sensation on the neck helps alleviate migraines faster and more effectively.FOMI's Migraine Hat with Neck Extension is made from lightweight and soothing, machine washable material. It's designed to have an exact and comfortable fit. It perfectly contours to your head and neck, reaching deep into the tissue to reduce pain and tension. It's made with adjustable, firm fastener closures that adjust around your neck for a secure and custom fit for all sizes. Can be adjusted easily to target pressure points and create com...

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: FOMI
  • ASIN: B07M6SP4YP

Sofida Cold Hot Gel Face Eye Mask - Reduce Puffy Dark Circles Bags Under Eyes Migraines Stress Relief - Heat Ice Therapy Pack Compress - Sinus Pressure Acne Headaches Relaxation (Soft pink)

Sofida Cold Hot Gel Face Eye Mask -

Have you ever wanted to try something very unique, that can help you treat the headache and puffy eyes problems? Solution is here: Hot Cold Therapy Gel Mask!Face - a very important part of our body which needs special care. Give yourself an opportunity to feel healthy, happy and relaxed. Our innovation, the product can help you fix many problems with our only natural treatment. Your personal Spa salon in our special gel mask.Product Specification:Package Includes: 1 Unit of Sofida Gel Beads Mask for Face; Packege Size: 8.0 in × 9.0 in × 0.75 in; Product Size: 7.7 in × 8.3 in × 0.6 in; Color: Blue, Soft Pink. Sofida Hot Cold Gel Face Mask for Face is Non-Toxic, Latex Free, BPA Free, Phthalate Free.Our company Sofida make every mask with love and care for our clients. You get a product of high quality. It is easy to use. Care, cleansing all in one. Well designed. Good inside and out.We work thinking about you!

  • Color: Soft pink
  • Brand: Sofida
  • UPC: 661585014518

Eye Mask Combo Pack - Microwavable Compress Pad and Hot or Cold Medical Mask- Comfortable and Soothing Relief, Washable and Reusable - Treatment for Pinkeye, Sties, and Sinus Pressure - by Optix 55

Eye Mask Combo Pack - Microwavable Compress Pad

Do you suffer from dry irritated eyes? Get some instant relief for discomfort in your eyes with the Compress Eye Mask and Medical Hot/Cold Mask Combo Set from Optix 55! Together, they help reduce swollen eyes and puffiness and provide treatment for eye conditions like pink eye, stye, sinus pressure and more.BENEFITS AND FEATURES:Eye Compress Mask Heat Therapy Microwave Activated Easy to Use Quick and Easy Soothing and Rejuvenation Reusable Washable Velcro Elastic Strap Doesn't Support or Fungi Growth Doesn't Dry Out or Develop Odors Blue Silky Drawstring Storage PouchMedical Hot/Cold Eye Mask Elastic Band Ergo Beads Reusable Hand Washable Soothing Velcro Closure Hot or Cold Therapy Latex Free BPA Free One Size Fits MostMADE WITH HIGH QUALITY MATERIALSAt Optix 55 we provide elite quality eye wear and eye care products. Long-lasting materials and an ergonomic design make our eye compress stand out above the rest. A velvety soft back feels great on skin and an elastic band fits comfortably over your head. Our eye compress is free from harmful chemicals and is hand washable. It's perfect for travel and helps reduce unruly migraines. Sit back and relax with the soothing feel of hot or cool therapy. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee you'll feel confident about your purchase.EASY TO ...

  • Brand: Optix 55
  • UPC: 819054023299
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