C.S.M. Body Brush for Wet or Dry Brushing - Gentle Exfoliating for Softer, Glowing Skin - Get Rid of Your Cellulite and Dry Skin, Improve Your Circulation - Gentle Massage Nodes

C.S.M. Body Brush for Wet or Dry Brushing

CSM’s body brush is an exfoliating brush for wet or dry brushing to help remove cellulite and encourage collagen production for softer, glowing skin. Help your body detox, improve your circulation, and stimulate your lymph nodes by scrubbing your skin once or twice a day to feel fresh and renewed. For wet or dry use in the bath or shower. CSM Complete Skin Makeover is a luxury organic skincare line with health and beauty products dedicated to providing you with high quality and natural solutions for a better, healthier you. The CSM brush is a body scrub, dry brushing body brush and is easy to use. Use the brush with a cellulite cream cellulite remover for faster results. The bristle brush is made from natural boars hair and helps massage your body. Acts as a natural scrubber and exfoliator for the dry skin on your legs, stomach, arms, thighs, back, booty, upper chest, belly, foot, and elbow. Excellent foot brush and dead skin remover. Best results as a dry brush or wet brush and a body wash or scrub. The soft brush will help exfoliate your skin, and remove ingrown hair while leaving you looking radiant and glowing. Body brushes are boar hair bristle with a wood handle and linen strap for scrubbing your skin smooth.Scrubbed skin is firm, tighter skin. Help heal and hydrate your ...

  • Color: Orange
  • Brand: C.S.M
  • ASIN: B0158S5BIY
  • UPC: 641378918643

Premium Natural Egyptian Shower Loofah Sponge, Large Exfoliating Shower Loofa Body Scrubbers Buff Away Dead Skin for Smoother, More Radiant Appearance (3 lufa Pack)

Premium Natural Egyptian Shower Loofah Sponge, Large Exfoliating

Buff your way to natural beauty Cultivated for skincare since ancient times, Egyptian loofah is nature's best exfoliator. ALMOONI Natural Egyptian Loofah Sponges gently remove dead skin and promote micro-circulation for healthier, younger looking skin in minutes. By unblocking pores and strengthening the dermis, your skin will be more receptive to hydration, moisturizers and lotions, and resistant to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Better for you and for the planet Our natural loofah sponges are farmed in Egypt and are highly recommended by skincare experts for their thick, flexible fibers that soften and expand when wet. They are unsurpassed in their ability to offer rich, soapy lather. Unlike plastic loofahs, these shower body scrubbers are BPA-free, biodegradable and exceptionally sustainable, and they boast 100% Egyptian cotton rope handle for full eco-friendliness. They are elegantly packaged in a poly fiber bag for impressive gifting as stocking stuffers, birthday or Mother's Day gifts. Your satisfaction is our top priority Your ALMOONI Loofah Sponges ship flat, needing only a few minutes of soaking to take on their familiar shape. We confidently offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for your peace of mind. In the unlikely event that our loofahs do not me...

  • Color: Pa34
  • Brand: ALMOONI
  • ASIN: B07KCK67KR
  • UPC: 759321892688

Exfoliating Brush For Razor Bumps and Ingrown Hair Treatment, Silicone Face Scrubbers, Face and Body Exfoliator Set - Perfect for Dry Brushing, by Dylonic

Exfoliating Brush For Razor Bumps and Ingrown Hair

Imagine beautiful, bump-free skin. With Dylonic, it's just a brush away!There's nothing worse than spending time and money on hair removal only to have to hide the irritating red bumps that follow! Dylonic doesn't want you to cover up another day. You deserve to show off the skin you're in with confidence! So we developed the easy, chemical-free solution to both ingrown hairs and razor bumps! Touchable, soft skin is just a click away!It's small and lightweight, great for use on wet or dry skin of any type, and exfoliates as it heals, leaving behind radiant, soft skin! See and feel the bump-free difference as dead skin cells are massaged away, follicles clear, and tricky ingrown hairs dislodge, revealing healthy, sexy skin! Consider your skincare routine complete.Don't forget that you can call a pair of flexy face exfoliator pads your own with your Dylonic purchase!Each silicone scrubber has a micro-exfoliating texture, which gently invigorates your face as each pore gets a deep clean! For a super refreshing, sudsy feeling with every wash, you'll be glad to have your pair of silicone face brushes in hand!Package Includes:x1 Exfoliating Body Brushx2 Flexy Silicone Face ScrubbersGet the smooth, bump-free skin of your dreams and add one to your cart TODAY!

  • Brand: Dylonic

Vive Shower Brush - Dry Skin Body Exfoliator - Shower and Bath Scrubber For Wash Brushing, Exfoliating, Cellulite, Foot Scrub, Leg Exfoliant w/Soft and Stiff Massage Bristles - Wooden Long Handle

Vive Shower Brush - Dry Skin Body Exfoliator

Dual Body Brush SetCreate an at-home spa experience with the dual body brush set by Vive. Perfect for dry brushing or for use while showering to exfoliate and remove dead skin, stimulate circulation and improve lymphatic flow, the body brush has stiff boar bristles and soft nylon bristles for any type of skin. An extra-soft boar bristle facial brush is also included to gently exfoliate the sensitive skin on the face and neck. Mildew resistance, each lotus wood handle is coated with a waterproof finish for exceptional durability.Effectively Exfoliate and Cleanse Your Skin:Create an at-home spa experience with the extended reach Vive dual body brush and small facial brush. Effectively exfoliating and cleansing the skin, the wet or dry brushes improve circulation and promote optimal skin health. Convenient for hanging to dry, the cord loop attached to the extended-reach brush handle is also large enough to slide on your wrist to prevent dropping while showering.Dual Brush Heads for Wet or Dry Brushing:Stiff boar bristles exfoliate the skin and work to smooth any rough skin patches. The natural boar bristles are also great for cleaning hard to reach areas with body wash or scrubs.  Perfect for delicate or sensitive skin,

  • Brand: Vive
  • ASIN: B01JQA04XW
  • UPC: 028841242090

PRETTY SEE Back Brush Long Handle Wooden Bath Body Brush Exfoliator Boar Bristle for Shower, Wet or Dry Brushing

PRETTY SEE Back Brush Long Handle Wooden Bath

ITEM SPECIFICATION Material: bristle & wood Recommended age: adults Size: 15.7''*4.1''(L*W) Package list: 1*bath brush

  • Brand: PRETTY SEE
  • ASIN: B07R2BKZ7S

Aquis Exfoliating Back Scrubber, for Great Skin

Aquis Exfoliating Back Scrubber, for Great

Our Exfoliating Back Scrubber is specially designed to deep clean and polish your skin. One side of the scrubber has loofah-like fibers that massage and invigorate the hard-to-reach skin on your back, while the other, softer side offers a more plush and relaxing skin care experience. Use it two to three times a week to promote improved circulation and softer skin.

  • Color: Ivory
  • Brand: AQUIS
  • ASIN: B000I20Q72
  • UPC: 740297010015

Kiloline Exfoliating Loofah Pads-2 Pack 100% Natural Luffa and Terry Cloth Materials Loofa Sponge Scrubber Brush Close Skin For Men and Women When Bath Spa and Shower

Kiloline Exfoliating Loofah Pads-2 Pack 100% Natural Luffa

Materials: 100% Natural Loofah And Terry Cloth Materials,Non-Toxi,Close Skin. Function: Exfoliates,Remove Horniness to Give You Smooth Skin Every Day. Usage: Loofa Sponge Scrubber Brush Close Skin For Men and Women When Bath Spa and Shower Using. How To Use: Soak In Water To Become Soft Before Using;Dry In The Air Afer Using. Usage Suggestion: Better to Renew Replacement Every Three Months Like Towel.

  • Brand: Kiloline
  • ASIN: B015O21XPE
  • UPC: 192188304022

Conquer Beauty - Dry Brushing Body Brush with Massage Nodes - Bamboo Long Handle Back Scrubber for Shower Brush with Natural Boar Bristles - Skin Care Exfoliator Reduce Cellulite Bath & Spa - 1 Piece

Conquer Beauty - Dry Brushing Body Brush with

Do you want healthier, younger, and softer looking skin? We've got the cure for you. Our dry brushing body brush is made to brush all areas of your troubled skin areas where there are noticeably uneven, blotchy, and cellulite skin areas. With everyday regular dry brushing using this body brush, your skin will appear beautiful again. NOTE: Please to aware that our body brush bristles will appear harder than usual the first few times of use. This is normal as our brushes are brand new. Allow skin to get used to the bristles after 1-2 weeks of everyday use. INSTRUCTIONS: Hold onto body brush wooden handle to brush dry before your shower or wet during your shower or bath.Meant to be used for high pressure brushing or soft pressure brushing. Apply massage oil onto brush to loosen up pressure.Simply hang to dry after each use. For best results, brush into skin repeatedly daily. SENSATIONAL BENEFITS: Live the ultimate luxurious, at-home spa experience Exfoliate and remove unwanted dead skin Allow new skin to resurface and glow Back body scrub for hard to reach areas Improve your lymphatic system Reduce appearance of celluliteMassage sore muscle tensions Stimulate blood circulationFull body massageDIMENSIONS:15.75" (L) x 4.25" (Head Width) x 1.5" (H) inches MATERIAL:Handle made with 10...

  • Brand: Conquer Beauty
  • ASIN: B0788Z36JV
  • UPC: 601754997006

SMITCO Exfoliating Gloves - 4 Pairs Full Body Scrub - Shower or Bath Spa Exfoliation Accessories For Men and Women - Scrubs Away Dead Cells For Soft Skin and May Improve Blood Circulation

SMITCO Exfoliating Gloves - 4 Pairs Full Body

You Want - An exfoliating body scrub to remove dead skin cells and bumps and that may also help with ingrown hairs as well as wash your body at the same time! You Need - An easy to use full body bath or shower scrubber which is great for exfoliation. You Desire - Soft, smooth and radiant looking skin especially before applying self tanner! You Get - 4 Pairs of body exfoliator gloves that can go straight into the washer and dryer to keep it fresh for the next use. Each exfoliating glove comes with a hanging loop and a custom made ziplock bag to store the extra pairs of bath scrubber gloves. The pack bathing scrubbers make a great gift with some other bath accessories for both men, women and teenagers. The body scrubber exfoliators can be used with your favorite shower gel and/or sugar/salt exfoliator. You'll never want to be without our SMITCO exfoliating gloves! Don’t delay, ADD TO CART TODAY!

  • Color: green pink purple blue
  • Brand: SMITCO
  • ASIN: B00G0U2BUG
  • UPC: 820103725002

Dry Skin Body Brush - Improves Skin's Health and Beauty - Natural Bristle - Remove Dead Skin and Toxins, Cellulite Treatment, Improves Lymphatic Functions, Exfoliates, Stimulates Blood Circulation

Dry Skin Body Brush - Improves Skin's Health

"The Secret to Healthy, Beautiful Skin" Do you want to have healthy, smooth, flawless and beautiful skin? Wholesome Beauty's Dry Skin Brush is your solution! It is the best dry skin brush out there. We guarantee it and so do our customers. "THE BRUSH PEOPLE OF ALL AGES SWEAR BY" * Smoother skin - Use the dry skin brush and feel your skin getting softer and smoother * Exfoliates - removes dead dry skin, improving appearance, clearing your clogged pores, and allowing your skin to "breathe." * Reduce Cellulite - softens hard fat deposits below the skin while distributing fat deposits more evenly to diminish the appearance of cellulite. * Stimulate Your Lymphatic System- Helps release toxins and stimulates lymphatic System.* Increase Circulation - Increases circulation to your skin and helps eliminate metabolic waste. * Warning: Many people become "addicted" to dry skin brushing (in a good way) because it simply feels so good. Along with glowing and tighter skin, regular dry skin brushers report feeling invigorated after a quick session. Wholesome Beauty Dry Skin Brush features: * Made with natural bristles of the finest grade * High Quality wood handle * Travel Pouch included * Stick-on hook included Wholesome Beauty Dry Skin brush is the ONLY brush backed by a No-Hassle...

  • Brand: Wholesome Beauty
  • UPC: 889787856686

The Original Kessa Hammam Scrubbing Glove

The Original Kessa Hammam Scrubbing

Kessa Hammam Exfoliating Glove-The very best natural exfoliating glove. Traditional in Morocco use after a relaxing bath or shower with our Moroccan Black Soap. Your skin will peel away and leave your skin silky smooth. Designed with micro fibers for a gentle effective result. -Unclogs pores and removes dead skin cells to reveal smoother, more radiant skin -Clarifies complexion and balances skin tone and texture -Promotes skin suppleness and elasticity -Helps eliminate harmful dirt and grime that accumulate on a daily basis -Enhances the absorption of beauty and skincare products to make them more effective

  • Brand: Zakia's Morocco
  • ASIN: B0076YIPZU
  • UPC: 859506002151

Dry Body Brush-100% Nature Boar Bristles Bamboo Shower Bath Brushes for Exfoliating - Help your Cellulite Reduction Body Massage Glowing Skin -Improves Lymphatic Functions,Sleep Improvemen-by Ybj-ake

Dry Body Brush-100% Nature Boar Bristles Bamboo Shower

【What Ybj-ake Dry Skin Brush can do for you ?】  The shower brush has shown great results for the skin's health and beauty when dry brushing,  benefits include: cellulite appearance reduction , smoother glowing skin, improves blood circulation and sleeping,  shed dead skin, eliminates clogged pores for better nutrients absorbing improve your skin. The natural bristles work  with your favorite soap or dry after the shower to exfoliate and increase circulation all over your body. Easy to take  with you while you're traveling. It features a convenient natural canvas strap for hanging near your tub or shower. 【Natural material & humanize design back scrubber】  We use 100% MOSO bamboo and natural boar bristles its construction which is the most eco-friendly ,  Fashionable & suitable for your bathroom, more durable . Humanize Design , easy to  carry.  Additional features: the natural canvas strap for easy hanging. 【Why choose us】  With 20 years experiences of manufacturing bamboo items ,we devoted to providing our customers  the best quality items with very competitive price . We care about the details of every product .  We care about you !   【Free Return】    If you are not satisfied, please email to us, Ybj-ake promises 100% free return and ...

  • Color: brown
  • Brand: Ybj-ake
  • UPC: 663274965880

SALUX Nylon Japanese Beauty Skin Bath Wash Cloth/Towel - Blue

SALUX Nylon Japanese Beauty Skin Bath Wash Cloth/Towel

SALUX Nylon Japanese Beauty Skin Bath Wash Cloth/Towel - Blue

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: SALUX
  • UPC: 531479496259

100% Natural Himalayan Salt Full Body Scrub 12 oz with Lychee Oil and Sweet Almond Oil- Best Body scrub, Deep Skin Exfoliator, Anti Cellulite, Body Wash, Moisturizer & Detox

100% Natural Himalayan Salt Full Body Scrub 12

Himalayan Crystal Salt provides a perfect mineral-rich buffer to remove the dull, dead skin cells, bringing new life to your skin. Pink Himalayan Salt is added to an ultra- moisturizing blend of nourishing botanical oils to leave your skin velvety soft & ever so lightly scented. We use a high quality Himalayan Salt for its maximum nutrient profile including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper & iron. By exfoliating with Himalayan Salts, the rich minerals & nutrients in the salt are delivered to your cells via an easily absorbed ionic infusion. Exfoliate, Re-Mineralize & Moisturize for a radiant glow!

  • Brand: First Botany Cosmeceuticals
  • ASIN: B01N9SY9OB
  • UPC: 602519445367

Premium Dry Brushing Body Brush for Exfoliating Dry Skin to Get Glowing Tighter Skin - Body Brush Set Includes Exfoliator Gloves, Pumice Stone and Konjac Sponge

Premium Dry Brushing Body Brush for Exfoliating Dry

"I would have never thought dry brushing one's skin could make such a huge improvement. I'm only into this one week today and I'm in awe over how smooth my skin is. It actually feels younger and it glows.""Amazing brush. Feeling energized, slimmer, stronger and happier! And yes, brushing is addictive.""This set is absolutely perfection. It makes my skin glow and feel like a million bucks. It's the perfect investment if you want to detoxify your skin."Use our body exfoliator to increase blood flow and lymph drainage making it a natural immune system booster. This can help with cellulite reduction, detox & weight loss as well as reducing the risk of premature skin aging."Dry skin brushing is one of the more successful ways to smooth less-than-perfect spots on your legs."- Huffington Post"I've been dry brushing for the last 2 weeks along with a green smoothie cleanse. I SWEAR I can already tell a difference in my skin's complexion and the appearance of celulite is diminishing. Not to mention it's so relaxing. Highly recommend this brush."1. FOR ALL SKIN TYPES - Stimulate without scratching our dry brush features extra long, curved, bristle strong enough to do the job without causing irritation. Use the charcoal konjac sponge as natural cleanser even for sensitive skin including oily...

  • Color: Beige
  • Brand: ZEN ME
  • UPC: 795525246308

EvridWear Exfoliating Dual Texture Bath Gloves for Shower, Spa, Massage and Body Scrubs, Dead Skin Cell Remover, Gloves with hanging loop (1 Pair Heavy Glove)

EvridWear Exfoliating Dual Texture Bath Gloves for Shower,

Ideal for cleaning your skin! EvridWear Exfoliating Bath Gloves can be used with your favorite liquid or soap to remove dead skin cells, stimulate blood circulation and leave your skin smooth. The gloves promote healthy skin and helps repair damaged skin. How to Use: Pour a small amount of soap or body wash liquid onto the gloves and rub over the body. Package Contents: 1 Pair EvridWear Exfoliating Bath Gloves Light Exfoliating - Natural White Moderate Exfoliating - Light Blue Heavy Exfoliation - Gray Product Features: 100% Nylon Fibers, soft and comfortable Five-finger type can help you wash down small parts such as between your fingers and toes Great to prepare the skin for self tanningWorks for all skin types, perfect for cleaning and exfoliating Stretch to fit any hands size and suitable for both right and left hands Removes dead skin cells Improves circulation Excellent with soap, body scrubs, shower gels, and sea salts Also can be used for household cleaning and scrubbing Easy to wash, machine washable and fast dry, perfect for daily use EvridWear is a responsible brand who pursues to maximize customer satisfaction, GREATER QUALITY, LOWER PRICE! If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

  • Brand: Evridwear
  • UPC: 737420807376

Bath & Shower Loofah Brush, Gentle Scrub Skin Exfoliation. 100% Silicone

Bath & Shower Loofah Brush, Gentle Scrub Skin

NYKKOLA Bath Brush Silicone 2 in 1 Face & Body Loofah Brushes--- Perfect for Shower, Give you a comfortable shower experience.Product Features:Clean and HygienicOur bath Brush won't easily get bacteria or lose it shape. And easy to clean.Rich BubbleOne side of this brush has long bristles that are perfect for creating a bubbly lather.100% SiliconeSilicone material brush won't hurt your skin and can give the soft massage.Suitable for AnyoneSkin-friendly soft silicone bath brush is suitable for all kinds of people, especially for sensitive skin. Also very suitable for babies.Kindly Note:Wash in hot water before first use.Package Includes:1 * Bath Brush Silicone

  • Color: a
  • Brand: NYKKOLA
  • ASIN: B01M8LY57P
  • UPC: 646816931901

Salux Nylon Japanese Beauty Skin Bath Wash Cloth/towel (3) Blue Yellow and Pink

Salux Nylon Japanese Beauty Skin Bath Wash Cloth/towel

The product has been given as the following : Salux Nylon Japanese Beauty Skin Bath Wash Cloth/towel (3)blue Yellow and Pink

  • Color: Blue Yellow and Pink
  • Brand: SALUX
  • ASIN: B007IAE5WY
  • UPC: 052104846275

Beurer Rechargeable Cleansing Shower Brush, for Entire Body, Electric 2 Rotating Heads Included, For All Skin Types, Exfoliation Waterproof, FC55

Beurer Rechargeable Cleansing Shower Brush, for Entire Body,

The type of cleanse you need.  The Beurer FC55 Rechargeable Cleansing Body Brush provides a thorough body cleanse. The FC55 brush is designed to give your body a refreshingly clean and deep exfoliation. The brush is waterproof, making it ideal to be used in the shower or bath. Designed for all skin types, the set includes 2 brush head attachments. One for everyday use, and the other for a deep and thorough exfoliation which is great for removing dry and dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. The device also includes a long handle, for hard to reach areas, like your back. The handle can easily be removed if you desire or want to travel with the brush. The rechargeable brush lasts for approximately 60 minutes and includes a USB cable. Choose from 2 speed levels to maximize your in-shower comfort and cleansing. Replacement heads are available to purchase.  Did You Know?Exfoliating your body is just as important as exfoliating your face. Because your body's skin tends to be thicker it can handle exfoliation more often than your face. Exfoliating at least once a week can help to achieve healthier, more glowing and radiant-looking skin. In fact, it is necessary to eliminate your skin's surface of those lingering dead skin cells to ensure proper cell turnover. This will help t...

  • Brand: Beurer
  • ASIN: B07L5H9VHR
  • UPC: 853879007607

Dry Body Brushing Set - Natural Bristle Shower Brush - Remove Dead Skin & Toxins, Cellulite Treatment, Improves Lymphatic Functions, Exfoliates, Stimulates Circulation, Head to Toe Skin Glowing Set

Dry Body Brushing Set - Natural Bristle Shower

Proteove Dry Brushing & Exfoliating Complete Brush Set Good news! You don't have to book a pricey spa treatment to reap the benefits; this one can be done in your very own bathroom! All you need to do is purchasing a natural bristle brush, obviously, dry brushing & exfoliating 6 in 1 complete brush set is an ideal choice for you! The Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing *The most obvious benefit of dry skin brushing is the removal of dead skin cells from the body, thus providing a fresher complexion and tighter skin tone. *Assisting in improving vascular blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. By releasing toxins, it encourages the body's discharge of metabolic wastes so the body is able to run more effectively. *Help rejuvenate the nervous system by stimulating nerve endings in the skin. *Help with muscle tone and gives you a more even distribution of fat deposits. *Help your skin to absorb nutrients by eliminating clogged pores. Package Includes: 1*Anti-static Air Cushion Comb 1*Anti-cellulite Massage Head 1*Bamboo Wood Handle 1*Bristle Bath Brush Head 1*Bristle Face Brush Head 1*Quadruple Pedicure Tools

  • Brand: Proteove

Brown Sugar Body Scrub for Cellulite and Exfoliation - Natural Body Scrub - Reduces The Appearances of Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Acne, and Varicose Veins, 10 Ounces

Brown Sugar Body Scrub for Cellulite and Exfoliation

Keep your entire body soft and moisturized with Majestic Pure Brown Sugar Scrub! Real brown sugar crystals and natural humectants help prevent moisture loss while gently buffing away dry skin cells. This revitalizing formula contains superior blend of carrier and essential oils nourish and moisturize the skin. In addition, ginseng root extract and peppermint invigorate the senses and revitalize skin cells while citrus oils help to brighten and tone the skin while leaving behind an unforgettable natural scent. Benefits of Majestic Pure Brown Sugar Scrub Includes: Reduce toxins and impurities Moisturizes skin Can be used on delicate and sensitive areas such as face or lips Can be used as facial and body scrub Dissolves easily, does not leave any residue to clog pores Smells great Click the button at the top of this page to buy with confidence. SAFETY WARNING: For external use only. Rub a very small amount on the inside of your elbow area to test for any allergic reaction before use. Avoid contact with eyes, keep out of the reach of children. If pregnant, consult with your health care provider before use.

  • Brand: Majestic Pure
  • ASIN: B07G8MDQC9
  • UPC: 850000192225

MainBasics Bath Shower Loofah Sponge Pouf Body Scrubber Exfoliator (Set of 3)

MainBasics Bath Shower Loofah Sponge Pouf Body Scrubber

MainBasics Bath and Shower Sponge This MainBasics skin-refining bath loofa increases the lather of your body wash and gently exfoliates skin while you cleanse. These mesh bath sponges are made of 100% polyethylene and the hanging rope is made of 100% polyester. Backed by a MainBasics money back guarantee, if for any reason your not satisfied with you MainBasics bath sponges, email us for a full refund. Now scroll up to get your lather on with these designer colors three-pack mesh poufs shower loofahs.

  • Color: Dark Gray, Rose Pink, White
  • Brand: MainBasics
  • UPC: 790887351189

Exfoliating Brush, Body Brush, Eliminate Shaving Irritation for Face, Neck, Armpit, Bikini Line, Legs, To Treat and Prevent Razor Bumps and Ingrown Hairs for Men and Women

Exfoliating Brush, Body Brush, Eliminate Shaving Irritation for

Our exfoliating brush is designed for both genders for your faces, necks, armpits, legs, or bikini areas. And this brush massage the skin to release the ingrown hairs. In or out of the shower, you'll enjoy a secure hold with it unique, ergonomic design. Made to be easy to grip, even with soapy, sudsy hands. Your brush can be disassembled to drain water, soap, or anything else that may have collected in the head. This means it will stay safe and hypoallergenic through months of use. It not only works as an ingrown hair and razor bumps treatment tool, but also works as a scalp or body massager. The handle is provided with holes which can be used for threading rope, so that the product can be conveniently placed. Use it simply use the following 3 steps: 1. Use warm water to soften your skin, hair, and open your pores. 2. Brush dylonic in circular motions or against hairs grain for 15-30 seconds. Adjust the pressure you apply based on the sensitivity of the target area. Note: If you have a sensitive skin - start with 5-10 motions per treated area, using only straight lines up in one direction - against the hair's grain. Apply slight pressure (almost none), when exfoliating. 3. Use it daily, morning and night, to achieve the best results. Product features:• Exfoliates dead ski...

  • Color: Exfoliating Brush
  • Brand: POVAD
  • ASIN: B07777N3M5
  • UPC: 799460557482

Linda Exfoliating Bath Gloves, Pack of 4

Linda Exfoliating Bath Gloves, Pack of

Get softer, smoother skin just by washing. It's no secret that exfoliating reveals healthy, glowing skin. Now you can get soft, smooth skin while you wash. These exfoliating bath gloves remove dead, dull skin cells while you bathe. The glove texture is rough enough to remove dead cells, but gentle enough for sensitive skin and everyday use. Gloves stretch to accommodate most sized hands. They are suitable exfoliating gloves for women and men. Not only will you reveal healthy skin, but you'll improve your circulation by massaging and applying pressure to your body. Colors are chosen randomly, blind color assortment. Easy to use. To use, put exfoliating bath glove on. Moisten glove with water and apply soap of choice. Gently apply pressure to your body as you scrub to exfoliate with the glove. When finished, rinse with water and lay flat to dry. If you use them on your face and decollete, you may need to lighten the pressure you apply, as these are sensitive areas of the body and need very gentle exfoliation. Replace gloves every 3 months for safe hygienic practices. Reveal healthy, glowing skin when you bathe. Buy linda exfoliating bath and shower gloves now .

  • Brand: Linda
  • ASIN: B0170AFF8O
  • UPC: 799928475129
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