The Ninja and Their Secret Fighting Art

The Ninja and Their Secret Fighting

Look past the legends and learn about the REAL ninjas of feudal Japan with this entertaining, illustrated ninjutsu guide. Ninjutsu, the least understood of the Japanese martial arts, is an ancient fighting style emphasizing natural movement, responsiveness to adversaries, and absolute practicality. In feudal Japan, ninja were feared for their skill in espionage and, particularly, assassination. Masters of weaponry, stealth, and martial techniques, ninja were credited with supernatural powers because of the near-invincibility of their unique and deadly art. In The Ninja and Their Secret Fighting Art, Black Belt Hall of Fame member, Stephen K. Hayes, reveals the secrets that lead to the perception of the ninja as warriors of almost sorcerous skill—the art of invisibility, special tools and weapons, and psychological training enabling the ninja to gain advantage in any situation.Chapters include:Perspective—Origin; Organization; Training; At the Height of Power; The Decline; Ninjutsu in the Modern WorldSearch for the NinjaUnarmed Combat—The Ninja Fists; Fighting Postures; Other FactorsWeaponry—Chains and Cords; Sticks and Staffs; Canes with Concealed Weapons; The Ninja Sword; Throwing BladesThe Way of Invisibility—Sense Deception; Phantom Steps; Reconnaissance; Blending wi...

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The Secret Art of Pressure Point Fighting: Techniques to Disable Anyone in Seconds Using Minimal Force

The Secret Art of Pressure Point Fighting: Techniques

Rare Book

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Secret Fighting Arts of the World

Secret Fighting Arts of the

Here is a book crammed full of secret fighting techniques never before divulged in print: the Oriental delayed death touch, the destruction wrought on by the fingertips of an obscure Mexican; the shout of doom; the method so terrible it is practiced only in Russian torture chambers, the niceties of Thugee strangulation; and many more vicious fighting tricks.Suppressed for generations! Twenty of the world's most secretly guarded fighting techniques vividly described in one volume.The average reader will find this book amazing--almost unbelievable. But many thousands of rugged young men currently practicing and writing about Oriental martial arts in the United States will find it invaluable. They know that such techniques exist, but have never before had the opportunity to learn them. Even those who scoff at such amazing arts should read this book with care.

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Secret Fighting Arts of the Warrior Race, Volume 1: betleH yIqel

Secret Fighting Arts of the Warrior Race, Volume

The first book of its kind! Klingon(R) Martial Arts instruction. You will find inspiring proverbs rendered in the Klingon language, detailed betleH instruction including 255 photos, empty hand techniques to disarm a warrior with a betleH, warrior humor, and more! "Klingon" is a Registered Trademark of Paramount Pictures.

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Perfect Book Covers: Professional advice for indie writers to design your own book cover. A cover that will tell your book's story and values at a glance.

Perfect Book Covers: Professional advice for indie writers

Seven tips to design your book cover as a professionalI invite you to follow a little exercise. Think about your book. Try to understand the general idea and the emotions it conveys.Only in four words. Okay; six words... No more than a sentence, please.Got it?Congratulations! You just created the basis for designing your perfect cover.This book has a very simple goal. I'll try, through simple tips, to give you the support you need so your book cover can reach several readers; even if you decide to design it by yourself or hire a professional.My intention is to help authors who self-publish their works to improve the presentation quality of their books.Information is power and this book gives you all the information you need to make your covers look professional so they sell more.

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Secrets of the Karambit: Weapons of Southeast Asia

Secrets of the Karambit: Weapons of Southeast

The karambit has become extremely popular in recent years, spread by practitioners of Southeast Asian martial arts such as Silat, KunTao and the Filipino arts of Kali and Escrima, but there is very little information on the subject outside of these arts.More and more martial arts styles as well as law enforcement (LEO) and the military are looking into the usefulness of this ancient Indonesian weapon, but with a dearth of teaching material and/or instructors out there, they are left to learn on their own or try to find a qualified instructor of Southeast Asian arts to teach them the finer points of this unique weapon.This book aspires to describe and explain the History, Design, Materials, as well as demonstrate Deployment, Drills and defense against the Knife, Gun, Unarmed defense and Multiple Attackers.Hopefully everyone interested in learning the karambit can gain a better understanding of this fascinating utility tool and fighting implement with 243 pages and over 750 photos showing step by step sequences of techniques and applications.Be sure to look for our Karambit 4-volume DVD set on Amazon

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret History of the Foot Clan

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret History of the

Demons, ninjas, and hostile takeovers — what more can you expect from a TMNT comic? Secret History of the Foot Clan reveals a history never told before about the original founder of the Foot. Join the Turtles as they get schooled with a history lesson they'll never forget!

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1,001 Street Fighting Secrets: The Principles Of Contemporary Fighting Arts

1,001 Street Fighting Secrets: The Principles Of Contemporary

This exhaustive collection of streetfighting secrets covers every aspect of author Sammy Franco's eclectic, no-nonsense system of self-defense, from training and conditioning, the attributes of combat, and tactics and strategies to specialized areas such as grappling, stick fighting, knives and firearms.

  • Brand: Brand: Paladin Press
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The Secrets of Kalis Ilustrisimo: The Filipino Fighting Art Explained (Tuttle Martial Arts)

The Secrets of Kalis Ilustrisimo: The Filipino Fighting

Master the art of filipino kalis with this illustrated martial arts guide. The Filipino martial art of ilustrisimo hails from Cebu, Philippines, where martial arts are still considered a matter of life-and-death survival—rather than sport or exercise.Named after Antonio "Tatang" Ilustrisimo, the master who taught the style to both of the authors of this book, the art of kalis ilustrisimo has been in the Ilustrisimo family for more than five generations. Based on traditional Philippine stick and sword fighting methods—and refined by Antonio Ilustrisimo's vast personal experience in challenge matches—it offers a powerful, flexible, dynamic, and effective fighting style.The Secrets of Kalis Ilustrisimo is the first book to deal with the techniques and theories of this very effective system of personal combat including the history of kalis ilustrisimo and structure of the system, the fundamentals of practice, the defensive movements and applications, and the training techniques used to prepare for actual personal combat. It also includes hundreds of photographs showing the essential movements and techniques of this martial arts style.Sections include:KALIS ILUSTRISIMO IN PERSPECTIVE—History and Development; Structure of the Ilustrisimo SystemFUNDAMENTALS OF PRACTICE

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Secret Teachings in the Art of Japanese Gardens: Design Principles, Aesthetic Values

Secret Teachings in the Art of Japanese Gardens:

The art of the Japanese garden is a 1,500-year-old landscape design tradition that is still evolving, still instructive. Secret Teachings in the Art of Japanese Gardens explains the fundamental principles of this tradition and describes how those principles may be applied to a much wider range of environments than exists in Japan. In the first section the author draws on his own experience as an apprentice to a master gardener in Kyoto, as well as his considerable knowledge of Japanese classical texts, to present the garden design process in terms of three primary aesthetic considerations: Scenic effects-reproductions of appealing natural landscape forms. Sensory effects-varieties of scale, framing, rhythm, motion, and spatial quality. Cultural effects-the incorporation of allusions to classical literature, poetry, and painting. The final section comprises a complete translation of a classic gardening manual used by Buddhist monks in medieval Japan. Its rules for planting trees and setting rocks still make good design sense today, and the author includes numerous garden descriptions as examples of how ancient masters practiced their craft. This clear, authoritative work, fully illustrated with diagrams and photographs, elucidates much about the Japanese compositional sense. But a...

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