The Mason's Words: The History and Evolution of the American Masonic Ritual

The Mason's Words: The History and Evolution of

Freemasonry is entirely built around traditions. From time immemorial, those who have belonged to the world's oldest and largest fraternal order have metaphorically passed between the pillars of Solomon's Temple to nurture within themselves a harmonious bond between tradition and modernity. This is the story of the Masonic ritual, the language and ceremonial forms that have evolved into the present structure of American Freemasonry, defined its lodge space, and offered its members the same stablizing influence of instruction that has prevailed on every continent for nearly 400 years. The reader will discover that the language of the world's oldest fraternal society has also made its own interesting journey, and been tested by the most powerful and the most humbling of men. The result is, that, in Masonic lodges across America, and, indeed, the world, men from every walk of life, of all ages, every social category and every spiritual and philosophical conviction are able to find a basis for reflection on who they are, why they are here, and what has meaning to them. By its common language delivered in a common culture of fraternal relationship, Freemasonry is enabled to exemplify a univeral brotherhood of man. This is the story of the Mason's words; the history and evolution of th...

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MASONIC - CLAUSEN'S COMMENTARIES on MORALS and DOGMA Mason masonic Scottish rite


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Elektroplate Knights Templar Cross and Crown Chrome Auto Emblem

Elektroplate Knights Templar Cross and Crown Chrome Auto

Knights Templar shiny chrome auto emblem (2.5" x 2.5" x .125") by Elektroplate. This emblem is manufactured in our OEM process - an ABS plastic core with a triplate chrome-plated metal finish. Shiny chrome guaranteed to last the lifetime of your vehicle! Attaches via paint-safe 3M adhesive foam tape. All Elektroplate car emblems are comprised of a chrome-plated metal finish made to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. This auto emblem will look brand new for years to come (as opposed to cheap imitations that will fade or chip within months of being on your vehicle). Our high-end auto emblems are the perfect way to showcase your Masonic pride everywhere you drive. In addition, all Elektroplate chrome emblems are packaged in elegant retail packaging to make a great gift! FREE shipping on all orders. Emblems attach via a paint-safe adhesive foam tape. Won't be affected by extreme weather or car washes Will not damage the paint on your car Simple peel & stick application

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Scottish Rite Masonry Illustrated - Complete Ritual of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite Profusely Illustrated By a Sovereign Grand Commander 33 Degree with an Historical Sketch of the Order, Introduction & Critical Analysis of Each Degree(2 Vol)

Scottish Rite Masonry Illustrated - Complete Ritual of

A Two Volume set of the Scottish Rite Profusely Illustrated. Written by a 33rd degree Sovereign Grand Commander. This set includes over 400 quotations from Standard Masonic Authorities which confirm the accuracy of the Ritual and show the character of Masonic Teaching and Doctrine

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Scottish Rite Cathedral (Images of America)

Scottish Rite Cathedral (Images of

The Scottish Rite Cathedral, easily the most prominent edifice in Lawrence County, overlooks the city below and consummated the dream of 6,000 dedicated Masons in 1925. Home to nearly a dozen Masonic organizations, the building contained the largest stage between New York and Chicago and the earliest cantilevered balcony in Pennsylvania. The 2,800-seat auditorium hosted notable performers like Johnny Cash, Benny Goodman, Reba McEntire, Jerry Seinfeld, and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Its kitchen and dining rooms served meals to more than 1,800 at various times. Unbelievably, the construction of the Scottish Rite Cathedral required 2,000,000 common bricks and 600,000 face bricks, and the insurance company appraised the building at a replacement value of more than $65 million.

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Antique Style 32nd Degree Mason 2 Pack Auto Car Emblems Decals Heavy Alloy Northern Jurisdiction Wings Up

Antique Style 32nd Degree Mason 2 Pack Auto

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Antique Style 32nd Degree Mason 2 Pack Auto Car Emblems Decals Heavy Alloy Southern Jurisdiction Wings Down

Antique Style 32nd Degree Mason 2 Pack Auto

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Masonic Standard Red Symbol in Circle - Square and Compass Face Cotton Gloves - White (One Size Fits Most). Masonic Regalia Clothing and Formal Attire (One Size Fits Most)

Masonic Standard Red Symbol in Circle - Square

(1) One pair of Masonic cotton ceremony gloves with standard Compass and Square symbolism in bold red inside a circle with the classic G in the center. One size fits most with snap closure. Masonic Regalia Clothing and Formal Attire.

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  • Brand: Mason Zone
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