52 Scavenger Hunt Ideas

52 Scavenger Hunt

52 Scavenger Hunt Ideas has everything you need to organize fun and exciting scavenger hunts for youth groups, children's birthdays and summer activities - adults can enjoy these too! The book comes complete with a scavenger hunt list for all 52 themes that can be photocopied for each person or team taking part. This means that in most cases, there's no preparation required other than making the photocopies - hassle-free scavenger hunts! Here are just a few of the scavenger hunt themes in the book: Mall scavenger hunt Nature scavenger hunt Pirate scavenger hunt Computer scavenger hunt Christmas scavenger hunt Bible scavenger hunt Things beginning with the letter...... scavenger hunt And many, many more There are enough scavenger hunt ideas here to keep you going for an entire year, even if you did one each week. So don't spend your time trying to come up with your own ideas - use these 52 Scavenger Hunt Ideas to guarantee a fun time!

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Treasure and Scavenger Hunts: How to Plan, Create, and Give Them

Treasure and Scavenger Hunts: How to Plan, Create,

How to plan a super party your friends, co-workers, kids, or kin will be talking about forever!The magic ingredients? A TREASURE HUNT, a SCAVENGER HUNT, and BRAINSTORMERS! What makes this a once-in-a-lifetime SPECIAL PARTY? You’ll create your own clues (it's easy and fun—we'll show you how), then just follow the book’s ready-to-go party instructions.Treasure and Scavenger Hunts: How to Plan, Create, and Give Them walks you through it all, step by step… The book provides all of the details needed to amuse, delight, and bewilder your family and friends at the party of the year! It shows what you do when. It includes hundreds of ideas, a "magic checklist," and a ready-made scavenger list—precisely what you need to know and do to make you properly look like a genius!Bring back the old-fashioned treasure and scavenger hunts! Better yet, combine them into a super party! Be the host of the year! Here, Gordon Burgett gives you hundreds innovative themes and clues, a script, safety and timing guides, everything for memorable events for kids, teens, and adults.Learn... How to write fun, challenging clues How to avoid problems with safety How to create a beguiling scavenger hunt list How to plan a super party around the hunts Where to hide the items sought so they're never taken H...

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Skavenger's Hunt


After young Henry Babbitt tragically loses his father, he can’t help but remember the promises of the great adventures they would now never take. Then, on a snowy Christmas Eve, his grandfather reveals that he’s tracked down a series of mysterious century-old clues left by Hunter S. Skavenger, the eccentric magnate who launched the first and greatest scavenger hunt.Hours later, on Christmas Day, Henry finds himself magically transported back to 1885, where he teams up with a ragtag band of youngsters in a quest to solve Skavenger’s elaborate puzzle. From New York to the Mississippi riverboats to the streets of old Paris, Henry and his new friends face off not only against brilliant competing teams, but also Skavenger’s own dark and elusive nemesis: Hiram Doubt.

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Making Scavenger Hunts Memories and Traditions: Riddled Rhymes

Making Scavenger Hunts Memories and Traditions: Riddled

Riddled Rhymes that take you on a scavenger hunt for ages 2 to 103. Everything you need is all in this one book. Very easy to follow along, chose from 100 different riddled rhymes to send your kids on a hunt around the house, on your block, or drive them where they tell you where to go to find their next clue.


The Gingerbread Man Loose at The Zoo

The Gingerbread Man Loose at The

Is there anything more fun than a class trip to the zoo? The Gingerbread Man and his classmates don’t think so, and they get to solve riddles on a WILD scavenger hunt. They meet giraffes, monkeys, and even a fox (especially scary for a Gingerbread Man!).   But a zoo full of critters is a tricky place for a tasty cookie—even a very fast one—and the Gingerbread Man ends up separated from his friends. He needs to solve all of the riddles to catch up with his class and help someone else who is lost.   I’ll be a detective. I know that I can! I’ll solve all these clues. I’m the Gingerbread Man!   Animals galore and a trail of clues make the Gingerbread Man’s latest adventure his wildest one yet.

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The Tale of a No-Name Squirrel

The Tale of a No-Name

Solve riddles with Squirrel as he travels to the walled city of bees, the fireless tea plantation of mice, and treacherous desert full of tricksters in this beautifully written and creative debut adventure.Squirrel never expected to be anything other than a slave: the last animal slave in Bimmau. That is, until he is invited to a high profile wedding and takes a sip of the forbidden ceremonial wine, unlocking a mysterious riddle. The riddle reveals that there is a key which has the power to grant Squirrel his freedom (and a name!), but also could enslave anyone in Bimmau. Disastrous if it falls into the wrong hands! Squirrel and his friends find themselves in a race to find Brittle’s Key before the army of crows gets to him…and before the mysterious Colonel finds the key first.

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Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Scavenger Hunt for

Scavenger Hunt for Kids is the classic game of search and find with a tidy-up twist! Players have two minutes to search for silly stuff around the house, moving one space on the board for every item they find. Move additional spaces for putting those things back where it belongs. The first player to across the finish line wins. Each round encourages creative thinking and collaborative team play all while building vocabulary.

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Riddle Me Scavenger and Treasure Hunt Clue Software for Windows [Download]

Riddle Me Scavenger and Treasure Hunt Clue Software

Who Else Wants An Unforgettable Activity Or Party Experience Their Kids Will Talk About For Weeks - With Almost Zero Effort, Expense Or Planning Hassles? Someone having a birthday party? Tonight? Easter egg or Halloween scavenger hunt to plan? Featured on TV’s Living in Style show, Riddle Me software takes care of all your party planning needs...except the refreshments. Simply, point and click to: Create and print custom party invitations Choose the age group (ages range from 3 to adult) Customize an indoor/outdoor, age-appropriate riddle adventure from objects around your home (nearly 5,000 riddles in the product library on over 400 objects like "chair", "bookcase", and more) Theme the clue cards from one of 55 pictures you can use as backgrounds or add your own images to give any game the look and feel your party or get-together calls for Pick an ending location with a prize or have an activity to perform Print out the clues and riddles Watch the fun begin! Create thank you notes to send home with guests after the party Every game you create is unique and it doesn’t get any simpler than with Riddle Me software. Not only does it do riddle clue hunts, you can create 8 different types of traditional scavenger hunt list activities (object lists, natur...

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Riddle Me This

Riddle Me


Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game Indoor Outdoor DIY Educational Activity for Kids Learn through Fun - 100 Clue Cards, Treasure Map, Treasure Bar, Gold Coins and Loot Bag

Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game Indoor Outdoor DIY Educational

Have fun with the whole family whatever the weather: Solve picture, word, riddle and role-play clues, fixing them to a treasure map as you travel around the home, school or garden in search of the golden treasure bar at the end of the trail. Gotrovo comes complete with double-sided treasure map (featuring two different designs), 100 reusable clue cards suitable for children of different ages, a golden treasure bar with opening lid (allowing you to add more treats or treasures), satin loot bag and 10 shiny gold coins. Helps kids develop reading, literacy and problem-solving abilities, as well as addressing other Kindergarden & elementary targets in a fun way. Why Gotrovo is unique: - Gotrovo allows the whole family to play together so no-one is left out, with clues for different ages and roles from the youngest to oldest - Gotrovo has won awards for best family game (2107) and best party game (2015) and). It appeals to parents and grandparents as a timeless way to bring families together - Gotrovo meets a range of educational targets and can be used to help develop speech and language - Gotrovo is great as an economical way of entertaining at kids parties, and our range includes a set of Mini Gotrovo Treasure Hunts which provide unique party bags. - Gotrovo is reviewed by pu...

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