uKloo Riddle Edition Treasure Hunt Game - Award Winning Educational Scavenger Hunt Activity - Reading Comprehension & Logic for Kids of All Abilities - Including Gifted & ADHD, Homework/Homeschool

uKloo Riddle Edition Treasure Hunt Game - Award

Invented by a mom with two boys who were prone to avoiding reading at all costs, uKloo Riddle Edition Treasure Hunt Game is a stimulating educational adventure. It focuses on boosting reading comprehension and building logic, reasoning, problem solving, and decision making skills while promoting independence. uKloo has been the winner multiple recognitions, including Mom’s Choice, Dr. Toy’s “10 Best,” a Top 10 “Play Advances Language,” and a 2015 Family Choice Award. Each game comes complete with 75 riddle cards, a reliable “Hints Helper” booklet, a “Secret Answers” list, and a pad of “Surprise” cards. Each game also includes easy-to-follow instructions, a pad of blank “Write your Own Riddle” cards, and a few tips for writing them. It’s no secret that active teaching, which strives to make learning engaging and fun, is the most effective method for building literacy skills and cognitive function. With uKloo’s Riddle Edition, your growing child embarks on a stimulating treasure hunt journey. As they move excitedly from clue to clue, they won’t even realize they’re learning as they read the clues, consult the “Hints Helper” booklet when they need to, and find the surprise at the end. A game isn’t fun if it’s too easy or too hard. That’s...

  • Brand: uKloo
  • UPC: 627843317159

Gotrovo Expansion Pack for Treasure Hunt Game Edition 1 - 70 Fun Riddles Including Seasonal Christmas and Easter Hunts

Gotrovo Expansion Pack for Treasure Hunt Game Edition

More Hours of entertainment - expand your GoTrovo Treasure Hunt Banish 'I'm bored' and dig out your award winning family game GoTrovo - surprise your intrepid adventurers and pirates of all ages with 70 new fiendish clues to solve including seasonally themed Christmas and Easter riddles for even more fun with this exciting treasure hunt! Guaranteed to put smiles on everyone's faces, GoTrovo is a fun activity for families to do indoors or outdoors. Use this Clue Card Set to challenge your little adventurer or plan the ultimate party game for their friends. Entertain kids and adults who are big kids at heart! Each set includes: 70 reusable riddle clue cards for use with the original Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game to extend your pirate adventures! GoTrovo No Quibble Guarantee In the unlikely event you're not blown away with your Gotrovo product, or you need a replacement part within 90 days of your purchase, simply contact us for a free replacement or refund.

  • Brand: Gotrovo
  • ASIN: B00ZLNC14Y

Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game - Fun Scavenger Hunt for Kids of All Ages - Versatile Indoor, Outdoor, Camping, Party Game - Play at Home, in The Garden Or Anywhere MOM'S Choice Award Winner

Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game - Fun Scavenger Hunt

Hours of entertainment, years of fun Banish those dreaded words 'I'm bored' with this exciting treasure hunt game. GoTrovo is an award winning family game that's adaptable for intrepid adventurers and pirates of all ages - from little kids to adults who are big kids at heart! Winner of the Best Family Game 2017 Mumii Awards Spark your childrens imagination with this captivating challenge that combines brain-teasing clues with a sense of adventure. Follow the map, crack the clues and collect gold coins in the loot bag along the way. The game ends when you solve the final mystery to find the hidden treasure. Guaranteed to put smiles on everyone's faces, GoTrovo is a fun activity for families to do indoors or outdoors. It's the ultimate party game and is a thoughtful gift idea that makes a wonderful alternative to toys. Each set includes: 100 reusable clue cards (picture, word, riddle and role-play), double-sided treasure map, gold treasure bar, gold coins and loot bag. We also include a BONUS eBook chock full of fun ideas to help you get the most out of your pirate adventure! GoTrovo No Quibble Guarantee In the unlikely event you're not blown away with your Gotrovo product, or you need a replacement part within 90 days of your purchase, simply contact us for a free replaceme...

  • Brand: Gotrovo
  • ASIN: B00G36R46S

uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game - Award Winning Educational Scavenger Hunt Activity for New Readers - Picture Dictionary, Clue/Flash cards - All Abilities - Gifted & ADHD, Homework/Homeschool

uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game - Award

For Kids Who Like to Think! Our latest uKloo release, uKloo Riddle Edition Treasure Hunt is an engaging seek-and-find literacy game that combines thinking skills with physically active fun, designed for children ages 7 and up. To play the Riddle Edition, parents lay riddle cards around the house to create a trail leading to a surprise. An enclosed hints booklet can be accessed if the child gets stuck. If the child is really stuck and needs the answer they must reflect upon it – in a mirror! Parents decide how many cards to use, which cards to use and leave out, and what type of surprise will best motivate the child or be suitable for their circumstances; after all, who knows their kids best? Motivate your early reader by adapting the difficulty level based on the child’s progress and confidence. uKloo offers three levels of achievement. Developed as a reading game with the help of teachers, parents, kids, and special needs family testers, uKloo is offers amazing learning benefits and is suitable for a range of learners: budding writers, reluctant readers, ADHD children, autistic kids, and ESL (English as a second language) students. The featured Hints Booklet extends kids’ problem-solving process by making connections, promotes the application of logic and reasoning in a se...

  • Brand: uKloo Kids Inc.
  • UPC: 627843100829

Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Scavenger Hunt for

Scavenger Hunt for Kids is the classic game of search and find with a tidy-up twist! Players have two minutes to search for silly stuff around the house, moving one space on the board for every item they find. Move additional spaces for putting those things back where it belongs. The first player to across the finish line wins. Each round encourages creative thinking and collaborative team play all while building vocabulary.

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: University Games
  • ASIN: B01J2N9DHG
  • UPC: 794764014341

4Thought Products Puzzle Pod Cryptex - Brain Teaser & Coin Bank

4Thought Products Puzzle Pod Cryptex - Brain Teaser

Puzzle Pod is an ingenious, unique, and fun way to deliver a gift by means of a brain teaser puzzle....and a good way to taunt someone. With a coin slot, this secret puzzle box also doubles as a coin bank. You set your own personalized combination - a five letter code word. Lock your wrapped or unwrapped gift inside, and then send someone on treasure hunt adventure, Da Vinci Code style! Instead of just the typical gift, create a stimulating intellectual challenge for your friends, family or coworkers to test their code breaking skills. They won't get your gift until they figure out the solution. It makes a unique corporate or client gift too. Take one to the office and see who can break your code and win a mystery gift or get access to the candy inside. Call, email, or text your clues daily, weekly, or monthly. Length of the game is up to you. Could a clue be on a billboard, street sign, song titles or lyrics, book tittles or passages, hidden on a hiking trail, spelled out in white coral on lava rock somewhere in Kona, HI. Maybe clues lie with various people - relatives, coworkers, etc? Use your own creativity to deliver the clues. The size of the bottle allows many items to be inserted such as candy, money, toys, gift cards, smart phones, jewelry, watches, concert, theater and s...

  • Brand: 4Thought Products
  • ASIN: B009RROA26
  • UPC: 856245003036

The Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

The Da Vinci Code Mini

This is an authorized miniature working model of The Da Vinci Code Cryptex. It opens with password you set, and you can change the password at any time. Store your notes, poems, jewelry, keys or other valuables. The uses of this Cryptex are limited only by your imagination, perfect for sending someone the most special gift. A 4" die-cast with an aged finish, this Cryptex features a hidden compartment that measures 3" x 3/4".

  • Brand: The Noble Collection
  • ASIN: B00420B3R8
  • UPC: 783318499871

4Thought Products Puzzle Pod Junior - Gift Card Puzzle Box, Cash and Gift Card Holder, Brain Teaser Money Puzzle

4Thought Products Puzzle Pod Junior - Gift Card

Everyone appreciates receiving a present of a gift card, cash, or check, but given in an envelope, it's not very imaginative. Puzzle Pod Junior- secret code puzzle box and money holder, transforms the exchange into a fun, interactive, code cracking game between you and the recipient. If you've had fun with our Puzzle Pod Cryptex - Brain Teaser and Coin Bank, then you're going to love this new gift puzzle as well. For this gift card holder, you first choose your own personalized three letter code word and think up a series of related clues. Setting up the unlocking code on the gift puzzle box is really simple. All that's required is to peel off the three adhesive backed alphabet ring labels and apply them to the dials, aligning your chosen code letters with the notches on the dials. The drawer on this money puzzle can only be opened when the code word is aligned beneath the marker on the cover. You can make the game of cracking your code easy or more challenging by the frequency and type of clues you deliver either in person, phone, texts, or emails. The game can last an hour, a month, or longer. Send a unique birthday or holiday gift to someone ahead of time - taunt them with harder, more obscure clues at first, followed by progressively easier ones as the special day arrives. Se...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: 4Thought Products
  • UPC: 856245003098

Secret Lock Box Wood Brain Teaser Puzzle - Unique Design - Put a Gift Inside

Secret Lock Box Wood Brain Teaser Puzzle -

This is a terrific and unique Creative Crafthouse puzzle box that may be perfect for putting gifts or surprises inside. Can also be nicely laser engraved with a name or message on the outer surface. The box has 5 sliding "keys" on each end. You must orient these keys in exactly the correct position to allow the cover to unlock. Not easy, but with patience it can be done. Outside dimensions of the box are 5 1/8" x 3" x 3". The available space INSIDE the box is 3 3/8" x 2 1/8" x 2 1/8" The basis for the design of this puzzle came from Mr. Erhan Cubukcuoglu

  • Brand: Creative Crafthouse
  • ASIN: B008H5MJG8
  • UPC: 783327678694

Peaceable Kingdom Secret Spy Write and Wipe Games to Go! Activity Book

Peaceable Kingdom Secret Spy Write and Wipe Games

It's an undercover world of secrets and espionage - and great games to keep any detective busy for hours! On-the-go fun from Peaceable Kingdom, each Write & Wipe Games to Go! activity book contains 17 pages of fun activities for 1 or 2 players. Find mazes, doodles, break the code, crosswords, riddles and more! Book is constructed of sturdy laminated paperboard and includes a write & wipe pen with eraser for reusable fun.Since 1983 play has been the heart and soul of Peaceable Kingdom. Silly play, special play, wholehearted play! We create experiences to help kids play well together, so they can play well in the world. Our games and gifts connect kids and families, encourage learning and self-expression and let imaginations soar. When play comes from the heart and feeds the soul, that's Peaceable Kingdom!

  • Brand: Peaceable Kingdom
  • ASIN: B0128COIJG
  • UPC: 643356056002
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