Concord Blades ACB1000T100HP 10-Inch 100 Teeth TCT Non-Ferrous Metal Saw Blade

Concord Blades ACB1000T100HP 10-Inch 100 Teeth TCT Non-Ferrous

This industrial standard aluminum cutting carbide saw blade has construction grade titanium carbide teeth that allow you to easily cut through aluminum and non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, bronze, etc. Can be used to cut other difficult materials such as plastic, PVC tubing and fiberglass. The negative hook angle, triple-chip grind and thick plate combine to produce a superior finish. TCG grind3.2mm kerf-5 degree hook angle5/8" arbor

  • Brand: Concord Blades
  • UPC: 812763020283

RemGrit E0406180 12" x .100" Carbide Grit Rod Saw Blade

RemGrit E0406180 12" x .100" Carbide Grit Rod

Carbide particles bonded to an alloy steel rod. This saw cuts extremely abrasive materials with no teeth to chip or dull. Carbide grit offers the greatest wear and heat resistance. Ideal for materials that other saws will not cut. Rod design gets into tight areas and cuts The blade fits any standard hack frame.

  • Brand: RemGrit
  • ASIN: B001FAY5OG
  • UPC: 035781061803

Makita A-95794 Carbide-Tipped Metal Cutting Blade, 56T

Makita A-95794 Carbide-Tipped Metal Cutting Blade,

Makita 5-3/8" 56 Tooth T.C.T. Saw Blade is ideal for making cuts in thin gauge stainless steel. The ultra-thin kerf make for faster cuts with reduced drain on the battery. The carbide tips and alloy core are specially engineered to reduce heat build up.

  • Brand: Makita
  • UPC: 088381406437

16 Pcs HSS Rotary Tool Circular Saw Blades Cutting Discs Mandrel for Dremel Cutoff with Connecting Rod

16 Pcs HSS Rotary Tool Circular Saw Blades

Package: 12 x Circular Saw Blades - (22mm, 25mm, 32mm, 35mm, 44mm, 50mm ) + 4 x Rotary Mandrels - (2Pcs x 1/8"mandrel, 2Pcs 1/4" Mandrel)

  • Brand: Asayu
  • ASIN: B07NBPC3K7
  • UPC: 658709214725

Makita A-90532 12-Inch 60-Teeth Dry Ferrous Metal Cutting Saw Blade with 1-Inch Arbor

Makita A-90532 12-Inch 60-Teeth Dry Ferrous Metal Cutting

Cuts mild steel pipe, angle iron, tubing, conduit and channels. Use with LC1230, [461.6215].

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Makita
  • ASIN: B0007SXHIM
  • UPC: 094703932812

DEWALT DWA7747 66 Teeth Heavy Gauge Ferrous Metal Cutting 1-Inch Arbor, 14-Inch

DEWALT DWA7747 66 Teeth Heavy Gauge Ferrous Metal

Outfit your DW872 Multi-Cutter Saw for tough metal work applications with this heavy-gauge DeWalt DW7747 14-Inch Ferrous Saw Blade featuring a 1-inch arbor.This 70-tooth blade is capable of making an average of 1,200 cuts in most materials rotating at 1800 rpm, and it is designed to let you resharpen the teeth for improved cutting and a longer life. It is crafted with 12-percent titanium carbide and features expansion slots that dissipate heat. Plus it offers a tri-foil braze that increases the strength of each tooth's tip for exceptional durability, while a modified triple chip tooth grind helps ensure clean, burr-free cuts for beautiful finished projects.

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: DEWALT
  • ASIN: B0000302QT
  • UPC: 028874077478

Freud Diablo D0648F 6-1/2" x 48-Tooth Steel Demon TCG Ferrous Cutting Circular Saw Blade 5/8" Arbor

Freud Diablo D0648F 6-1/2" x 48-Tooth Steel Demon

The Diablo Steel Demon is designed for cutting ferrous metals mild steel only, such as steel studs, angle iron, flat bar, EMT conduit, all threaded rod and more. High-performance blade features super thin laser cut kerf for effortless cutting performance. Tico Hi-density carbide provides a controlled carbide wear that stays sharper longer. Perma-Shield nonstick coating shields the blade against heat, gumming and corrosion. Laser cut stabilizer vents trap noise and vibration and stabilize the blade. Tri-metal shock resistant brazing allows carbide tips to withstand extreme impact. Laser cut heat expansion slots allow blade to expand due to heat build-up, keeping the cut true and straight. Arbor Knockout No, Arbor Size in. 5/8, Blade Diameter in. 6 1/2, Blade Speed RPM 11,000, Blades qty. 1, Corrosion Resistant Yes, Engineered Venting Yes, For Cordless Saws Yes, Teeth qty. 48, Tip Type Carbide, Tooth Grind TCG, Blade Use Steel cutting. Super-thin laser cut kerf for easy cutting Tico high-density carbide stays sharper longer Perma-Shield nonstick coating protects blade Laser cut stabilizer vents Tri-metal shock resistant brazing Laser cut heat expansion slots

  • Brand: Diablo
  • UPC: 008925057871

Baban Diamond Cutting Wheel, 10X 1/8" Dremel Cutting Wheel Diamond Saw Cut Off Discs Wheel Blades Rotary Tool Set Shank

Baban Diamond Cutting Wheel, 10X 1/8" Dremel Cutting

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Baban
  • ASIN: B015R3B40E
  • UPC: 635902713231

Dremel EZ406-02 1 1/2-Inch EZ Lock Rotary Tool Cut-Off Wheel and Mandrel Metal Cutting Starter Kit

Dremel EZ406-02 1 1/2-Inch EZ Lock Rotary Tool

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Dremel
  • UPC: 074994559554

QST New Portable 6pcs HSS Rotary Tool Circular Saw Blades Cutting Discs Mandrel For Dremel Cutoff With Connecting Rod

QST New Portable 6pcs HSS Rotary Tool Circular

Feature: HIGH-LEVEL MATERIAL: Made of high quality special steel, its unique advanced science cutting principle,so the defects of other blades can be effectively resolved WIDELY USED: HSS Segmented Saw blade for continuous cutting in wood, drywall, plastic, copper, aluminum, other CUTTING SHEET MAINTENANCE:The cutting piece at least six months to a year before grinding, the operation is also very simple, the whole process of grinding can be completed in 2 minutes




SPECIFICATIONS: - Overall Length: 6-7/8" - 175mm - Construction: Forged Steel - Box Joint - Handle Grips: PVC Coated - Pliers Return: Double Spring - Width of Jaw: 37/64" - 14.6mm (At Front End- Tapers Down) - Body Thickness: 25/64" - 9.6mm - Jaw Length: 1" - 25.4mm - Jaw Holding Capacity: From 5/64" to 3/8" / 2mm to 10mm - Finish: Smooth Brushed Polish - Pliers Weight: 5.2 oz. - 145 gr. Item is New - Never Used in Original Packing

  • Color: Black
  • ASIN: B011SJD2RE
  • UPC: 028841191619

DEWALT DWASHRIR Impact Ready Shears Attachment

DEWALT DWASHRIR Impact Ready Shears

The DEWALT DWASHRIR Impact Ready Shears Attachment is able to cut up to 18GA material including but not limited to: Sheet metal, corrugated sheet metal, duct, asphalt shingles, steel mesh, vinyl siding, wire, plastics, cardboard and rubber. This tool features a 360 degree swivel head that allows for maneuverability when cutting. Connects via standard 1/4-inch hex shank. This attachment works with most 18V-20V impact driver and drills, regardless of brand. Attachment only, drill not included.

  • Brand: DEWALT
  • UPC: 885911413749

Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet

The heavy duty electric fillet knife has twice the blade speed and three times the power of standard electric fillet knives. Dishwasher safe 7 1/2 inch reciprocating style blade is included. The right size for almost all filleting needs. Comfortable, relaxed grip provides fatigue free filleting, 8' power cord gives you plenty of reach for working around the fillet tble.

  • Color: Black and gray body with stainless steel blade
  • Brand: Rapala
  • ASIN: B00F5EK3CG
  • UPC: 745369226066

CARTMAN Red 39-Piece Cutting Plier Tool Set - General Household Hand Tool Kit with Plastic Toolbox Storage Case

CARTMAN Red 39-Piece Cutting Plier Tool Set -

Product Description It is heat treated and chrome plated to resist corrosion. It is securely housed in a handy blow-molded case. All the tools meet or exceed ANSI critical standards. It contains the tools needed for most small repairs around the house. All tools are packed neatly in a self contained durable molded case.

  • Color: Red/ Grey
  • Brand: CARTMAN
  • ASIN: B06XPW89FK

Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener

Work Sharp Guided Field

The Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener is the complete knife and tool sharpener for field applications. Equally at home in your pack, tool box, tackle box, glove box, go bag, boat, quad, or anywhere else you keep knives and cutting tools. It is the first angle guided, 5-stage sharpening solution designed for sportsmen who need a compact, complete and versatile field sharpening tool while on the go. The Guided Field Sharpener incorporates 5 stages of sharpening and honing, each with a built in angle guides for a consistent bevel across the entire blade: • 2 Diamond Plates – 1 coarse (220 grit) for shaping and repairing, and 1 fine (600 grit) for sharpening. Plates measure 4" x 1". • 2 Ceramic Rods – a 3-position ceramic rod incorporating coarse grit, fine grit and fish hook honing sides, plus a smaller diameter, fine grit serration sharpener. • 1 Leather Strop – conditioned with a micro-abrasive to finish your blades to a razor-sharp edge.

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: Work Sharp
  • ASIN: B009YKHZ96
  • UPC: 637825891348

Boomerang Tool Company Original Snip Grey Fishing Line Cutter, 36" Retractable Tether, Stainless Steel Blades Cut Braid Clean and Smooth Everytime! (Grey)

Boomerang Tool Company Original Snip Grey Fishing Line

The Original Boomerang Fishing SNIP is a revolutionary fishing line cutter that allows you to spend more time fishing and less time worrying about dropping or losing your gear in the water, or fishing around your tackle box for the tool you need. These innovative fishing line cutters cut through braid, mono, and fluoro lines in just one click- clean and smooth every time! These attach conveniently to your vest or belt loop, and have a durable retractor, keeping your line cutters secure and handy when you need them. The Original Fishing SNIPS are a must for every tackle box.

  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: Boomerang Tool Company
  • ASIN: B002BWW99A
  • UPC: 852419010022

Nisaku NJP650 Hori-Hori Weeding & Digging Knife, Authentic Tomita (Est. 1960) Japanese Stainless Steel, 7.25" Blade, Wood Handle

Nisaku NJP650 Hori-Hori Weeding & Digging Knife, Authentic

The Nisaku stainless steel weeding knife boasts both straight & serrated edges that's useful for dividing plants, planting bulbs, flowers & herbs, digging out weeds, removing rocks, cutting through roots & so much more! A comfortable wooden handle allows for a good grip for all-day digging, & ensures you push into the soil with more control. Comes with a leather sheath.

  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Nisaku
  • ASIN: B0007WFG2I
  • UPC: 705181151601

Legrand - Wiremold CMK70 Flat Screen TV Cord and Cable Power Kit, Recessed In-Wall Cable Management System with PowerConnect, White.

Legrand - Wiremold CMK70 Flat Screen TV Cord

Tidy up your entertainment system with this power kit that features a pre-wired design for easy installation. All the tools you need to conceal cables for a neat appearance are included. No Electrical termination required: Plug and Play. SIMPLE AND EASY INSTALLATION: No electrician or hard wiring involved Installation could be done within 30 Minutes. STEP FOR INSTALLATION: Prior to drilling any holes in the wall, verify the plug from the television will plug into the top assembly. Determine the mounting location between the studs. The CMK70 Power Kit is designed to fit into both interior and exterior walls constructed of a minimum of 2" x 3" studs and 1/2" inch drywall. Measure and mark the center of each hole location. The top and bottom assemblies can be located a maximum of 5 feet apart within the same wall cavity. Assemble the 3-inch hole saw. Using either a power drill or the handle, drill a hole at each of the 2 pre-determined locations. Assemble the 3 sections of the fish tape together using the provided connectors and fish hook. Starting at the bottom hole, insert the fish tape to the upper hole. Hook the wire of the Power Harness to the fish hook and pull through the wall until it protrudes through the bottom hole. Unsnap the trim ring from the pre-assembled upper mod...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Wiremold
  • ASIN: B006K3CM4S
  • UPC: 086698000508

QEP 6-7006GLQ 7-Inch Continuous Rim Glass Tile Diamond Blade, 7mm Rim Height, 5/8-Inch Arbor, Wet Cutting, 8730 Max RPM

QEP 6-7006GLQ 7-Inch Continuous Rim Glass Tile Diamond

6-7006GLQ Features: -Glass tile diamond blade for wet tile saws. -Diamond-coated cutting edge. -7mm Continuous rim for clean cuts in glass tile with minimal chipping. -Max rpm: 8730. Product Type: -Circular. Generic Dimensions: -Blade width: 0.06". -0.25" - 2" H x 0.25" - 2" W x 7" D. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: -2 Pounds.

  • Brand: QEP
  • ASIN: B004GHO00Y
  • UPC: 010306670067

Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline Trimmer Line.095 in

Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline Trimmer Line.095

Save time and money, and cut noise out of your work with one of the industry’s strongest, most flexible professional lines. Work easily around stone, raised beds, fences, driveways and more. This heavy-duty line lightens the load on any job.

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: Oregon
  • ASIN: B0018TWCOO
  • UPC: 607178465664

Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade, 4.1-Inch, Military Green

Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with Sandvik

The Morakniv Companion Fixed-Blade Outdoor Knife is an all-in-one knife for outdoor enthusiasts, ideal for carving, food prep, and cutting tinder and wood. Featuring a 4.1-inch, three-quarter tang hardened Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade, it maintains an edge and stays sharp longer than carbon steel, and is far less prone to rust, for outdoor and marine applications where knives are commonly exposed to dirt and moisture. A patterned, high-friction grip sits comfortably in the hand, for greater control, safety, and performance, especially in wet and cold conditions. A must-have knife for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, and survival/emergency preparedness, the Moraniv Companion has a blade length of 4.1 inches (104 mm), blade thickness of 0.1 inch (2.5 mm), overall length of 8.6 inches (218 mm), and weight w/ sheath of 4.1 oz. (116 g). Includes a color-matching plastic sheath with a belt clip. Manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. Made in Sweden.

  • Color: Military Green
  • Brand: Morakniv

Pocket Chainsaw Survival Chain Saw Magnesium Fire Rod Fire Starter 29 Inches Portable Garden Handle Hand Saw with Sharp Teeth Survival Tool Emergency Kit for Camping Hunting Tree Cutting

Pocket Chainsaw Survival Chain Saw Magnesium Fire Rod

Here is a perfect emergency survival kit for those who like camping, hunting. The survival tool comes with a super sharp pocket chainsaw, an all-weather magnesium fire starter, and 1 pair protective gloves. They are great survival tool for cutting wood to make fire or shelter in an emergency. Features Pocket Chainsaw: the pocket chainsaw is 29 inches long - extremely tough and durable. Its length allows you to keep a safe and comfortable distance from the tree branch when cutting it and to use long strokes at the same time. Designed with rubber handle, 360-degrees flexible, for better grip, and easy to cutting wood. It is also an ideal tool for home and garden use. All Weather Fire Starter:  It is water resistant, high temperature resistant, and it can work in the rain or cold. The magnesium fire starter contains everything you need to get a fire starting. You just scrape the rod directly into some dryer lint or cotton balls and it should ignite immediately. The scraper can be use as a scale and bottle opener. Gloves Made of elastic fiber with silicone point, double padded in the mouth, flexible and anti slip for comfortable wearing, breathable and easy to clean. Specification MATERIAL: pocket chain saw: steel + rubber SIZE: Pocket Chain saw: 29 inches long(including...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: AMbs
  • UPC: 754047582721

Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool, Evolution S54 Toolchest Plus Pocket Knife, Red

Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool, Evolution S54 Toolchest Plus

ICONIC EVOLUTION Embrace change with the 3.3" Evolution S54 pocket knife. Featuring 31 tools, stainless steel construction, and Swiss-Made precision, this new take on our iconic classic gives you the perfect grip and tools for easy, quick fixes. FEATURES 31 FUNCTIONS: 2.5" locking blade; nail file with a nail cleaner; lever design serrated-edge scissors; can opener with a small screwdriver; cap lifter with a large locking screwdriver and wire stripper; 2.75: double-cut wood saw; locking Phillips screwdriver; metal file with a metal saw; mineral crystal magnifyer with a precision screwdriver; pliers with an adjustable opening, wire crimper, wire cutters, and nut wrench; integrated rotating compass with a sight line and ruler (cm/in); universal wrench; fish scaler with a hook disgorger; corkscrew; reamer; key ring; tweezers; and a toothpick. CARE TIPS FOR YOUR SWISS ARMY KNIFE The steel is tempered, annealed and polished to achieve the necessary hardness and provide optimum resistance to corrosion. SHARPENING To re-sharpen your knife, use a whetstone at an angle of 15°– 20°. This will result in a cutting angle of 30°– 40°. If sharpening on a grinding wheel, always cool with plenty of water to avoid excessive temperatures and the resulting damages that may occur. C...

  • Brand: Victorinox
  • ASIN: B00KNO2E4S
  • UPC: 046928044221

Prominence Home 80094-01 Ashby Ceiling Fan with Remote Control and Dimmable Integrated LED Light Frosted Fixture, 52" Contemporary Indoor, 5 Blades White/Grey Oak, Farmhouse White

Prominence Home 80094-01 Ashby Ceiling Fan with Remote

Get the look you've always wanted with a state-of-the-art, Prominence Home ceiling fan. Our ceiling fans are designed with our customers in mind. Each fan provides high quality with quiet performance. We have the right style for any room. Why ceiling fans ceiling fans save energy both in summer and winter months and offer aesthetic enhancement to any room decor. Our remote ceiling fans offer the ultimate in comfort. All Prominence Home fans are backed by a limited lifetime . Whatever your needs, there are many fine options from Prominence Home.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Prominence Home
  • ASIN: B07QH2V9S5
  • UPC: 671961800949
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