Marking Time (The Immortal Descendants, Book 1)

Marking Time (The Immortal Descendants, Book

** Winner of the 2016 Library Journal Indie E-Book Award - YA **Seventeen-year-old tagger Saira Elian can handle anything … a mother who mysteriously disappears, a stranger who stalks her around London, and even the noble English grandmother who kicked Saira and her mother out of the family. But when an old graffiti tag in a Tube station transports Saira to the nineteenth century and she comes face-to-face with Jack the Ripper, she realizes she needs help after all.Saira meets Archer, a charming student who helps her blend in as much as a tall, modern American teen can in Victorian England. He reveals the existence of the Immortals: Time, Nature, Fate, War, and Death, and explains to Saira that it is possible to move between centuries – if you are a Descendant of Time.Saira finds unexpected friendships at a boarding school for Immortal Descendants and a complicated love with a young man from the past. But time is running out for her mother, and to save her, Saira must embrace her new identity as she hides from Archer a devastating secret about his future that may cost him his life.

  • ASIN: B009ZC6666

Track the Ripper: Murder Mystery Paranormal Romance (RIP Series Book 1)

Track the Ripper: Murder Mystery Paranormal Romance (RIP

USA TODAY Bestselling author, Lexy TImms, brings you a new twist on Jack the Ripper... Track The Ripper – cozy murder-mystery New Londone is drowning in social and political unrest, a society on the verge of collapse and a people overcome with despair. Police and citizens in the Whitechapel District are at each other’s throats. Mob mentality has taken over, and lingering suspicion and heated tempers are raging on both sides of the thin line between good and evil. To make matters even worse, there’s a depraved killer on the loose, targeting the working women in East Edge.Inspector Frank Abberline has finally clawed his way out of the seedy Whitechapel sector, only to be sucked back in when the homicidal maniac begins to unleash his tour of terror. It is not the inspector’s first rodeo, but this is also not the typical case. Something’s very off about this killer, a lurking darkness even more depraved than the mayhem the inspector has unearthed before.Will Inspector Abberline be able to reevaluate his beliefs or even set them aside so he can track and hopefully catch the Ripper?RIP SeriesTrack the RipperHunt the RipperPursue the RipperShadow the RipperCaught by the RipperSupernatural Suspense Thriller that'll have you sleeping with the lights on!

  • ASIN: B073YKPHW6

Racing Short Throw Quick Shifter for 83-04 Ford Mustang /83-88 Thunderbird /85-90 Cosworth T5 Red ( Fit T45/T5 Manual Transmission Shifter ONLY )

Racing Short Throw Quick Shifter for 83-04 Ford

Compatible with: For 83-04 Ford Mustang (T5 w/OverDrive or T45 Transmission) For 85-90 Ford Cosworth (T5) For 83-88 Ford Thunderbird Fit for Models with T45/ T5 Manual Transmission Only Features: Provides Quicker, Reducing Shift Throw by 30 - 60% Billet Aluminum Shifter for Strength & Weight Reduction Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Base for Sturdy Mounting Platform Adjustable Shift Stops & Return Springs High Performance Racing Spec. Design Direct OEM Fitment or Replacement Retains Usages of Factory Shift Knob Dual Mounting Points to Reduce Shifter Height Package Includes: 1 x Mustang T45 T5 Manual Transmission Shift Kit Hardware as Shown in the Picture Above

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Roadstar
  • ASIN: B074W4Z8GL
  • UPC: 712492924640

Ripper (Hunter: A Thieves Series Book 1)

Ripper (Hunter: A Thieves Series Book

A New Heroine Rises...Kelsey Atwood is a private detective with a problem. She came from a family of hunters, growing up on the wrong side of the supernatural world. Tracking down bail jumpers and deadbeat dads may not make her a lot of friends, but it’s a lot safer than the life she turned her back on. She was hoping to escape from the nightmares of her past, but her latest case has brought them right back to her door. A young woman has gone missing, and she didn’t go willingly. When Kelsey discovers that the girl is actually a shifter, she knows she should drop the case and walk away. But this shifter was a sweet kid, and she’s in serious trouble. More females are missing and the evidence points to a legendary killer. Bodies are piling up, and her case is becoming center stage for a conflict that could shatter the fragile peace between wolves and vampires.As the hunt intensifies, she finds herself trapped between two men—Gray, a magnetic half-demon lawman, and the ancient vampire Marcus Vorenus. Both men call to her, but when a shocking secret about Kelsey’s family is revealed, it could ruin them all. To stop the killer, she will have to embrace the truth about who—and what—she truly is.A Thieves Novel by Lexi Blake


Dirty Alphas (Heartland Forest Book 1)

Dirty Alphas (Heartland Forest Book

Know what’s worse than being forced to marry your depraved, sadistic alpha? Hiding his corpse.Ten years after storms and seismic disasters ravaged the world, only one major forest remains intact in the United States, and my werewolf pack is responsible for keeping Heartland Forest for the wolves. Jacob Knight may have been a terrible alpha, but he kept the fae, vampires, and man-eating trolls from taking over Heartland. Day by day, they close in on us. For two years, I’ve gotten away with murder, and it hasn’t been easy. I live a lie, and it’s eating me up inside. It’s a price I must pay to keep my secrets buried and my pack safe. But nothing stays buried for long in Heartland Forest. When Jacob’s three alpha brothers ride their motorcycles into town, claiming they want to rent a room in the apartment building I manage, I know they’re here for more than low rent and creaky pipes. Do I have what it takes to take on three alpha werewolves?

  • ASIN: B07L54KGGH

Beyblade Burst Evolution Star Storm Battle Set (Amazon Exclusive)

Beyblade Burst Evolution Star Storm Battle Set (Amazon

Switch up your striking powers with Beyblade Burst SwitchStrike tops. SwitchStrike features affect the way tops behave to help bladers customize the course of battle. Includes Beyblade Burst Star Storm Beystadium, 2 Beyblade Burst SwitchStrike right/left-spin launchers & 2 Beyblade Burst SwitchStrike right-spin tops consisting of Beyblade Burst: Energy Layer -- Genesis Valtryek V3 Two-Part Forge Disc -- DR26 (aka 6V) Performance Tip -- TA11 (aka Reboot) SwitchStrike features -- spring blade attack & in-battle tip change (SwitchStrike feature activations are rare) Energy Layer -- Satomb S3 Two-Part Forge Disc -- DR38 (aka 2G) Performance Tip -- TD08 (aka Loop) SwitchStrike features -- spinning wheels & ground support wheels (SwitchStrike feature activations are rare) Two-Part Forge Disc is compatible with other Two-Part Forge Discs. Scan code on Beyblade Burst SwitchStrike tops’ Energy Layers to unleash the tops in the Beyblade Burst app. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: BEYBLADE
  • UPC: 630509632770

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike, Featuring 17-Inch/Medium High-Tensile Steel Frame, 7-Speed Shimano Drivetrain, Mechanical Disc Brakes, and 26-Inch Wheels, Navy Blue

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike, Featuring 17-Inch/Medium

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike, Featuring 17-Inch/Medium High-Tensile Steel Frame, 7-Speed Shimano Drivetrain, Mechanical Disc Brakes, and 26-Inch Wheels, Navy Blue

  • Color: Navy Blue
  • Brand: Mongoose
  • ASIN: B00J7J40TM
  • UPC: 038675414488

BEYBLADE Burst Supergrip Launcher

BEYBLADE Burst Supergrip

The Beyblade Burst Supergrip Launcher is built for both left and right-handers. For use with Beyblade Burst tops and Beyblade Burst Beystadium, sold separately. Subject to availability. Players can connect a second original Beyblade Burst launcher (Sold separately. Subject to availability) to the Supergrip Launcher for a double launch! The Supergrip Launcher has a larger grip area and longer ripcord than the original Beyblade Burst launcher. More grip! More rip! Scan the code on the Supergrip Launcher to unlock a corresponding digital launcher in the Beyblade Burst app! Beyblade Burst tops bring wild fun to the Beyblade Burst Beystadium. Your opponent’s top can "burst" into pieces, resulting in 2 points for the player left standing (Burst rates vary). First player to 3 points wins! Energy Layers, Forge Discs, and Performance Tips are interchangeable with other Beyblade Burst tops, for customization. Beyblade Burst tops come with a scan-able code, giving access to these tops in the Beyblade Burst app. The app allows for play with combinations of Performance Tips, Energy Layers, and Forge Discs within stadium atmospheres. Play in the app with these creations. Scan the code on a Beyblade Burst top to unleash it in the Beyblade Burst app. Let it rip! For use with Beyblade Burst top...

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: BEYBLADE
  • ASIN: B01J7YO5BE
  • UPC: 630509498628

Sunlite Display Stand

Sunlite Display


  • Brand: Sunlite
  • ASIN: B000C17HJ4
  • UPC: 072774926695

Biting Cold (Chicagoland Vampires Book 6)

Biting Cold (Chicagoland Vampires Book

Turned into a vampire against her will, twenty-eight-year-old Merit found her way into the dark circle of Chicago’s vampire underground, where she learned there was more to supernaturals than met the eye—and more supernaturals than the public ever imagined.And not all the secrets she learned were for sharing—among humans or inhumans. Now Merit is on the hunt, charging across the stark American Midwest, tailing a rogue supernatural intent on stealing an ancient artifact that could unleash catastrophic evil on the world. But Merit is also the prey. An enemy of Chicagoland is hunting her, and he’ll stop at nothing to get the book for himself. No mercy allowed. No rules apply. No lives spared. The race is on.

  • ASIN: B007HU7JHS

Bey battle Burst Left Spin Launcher blade Launcher and Grip (Compatible with B-97,B-86, B-100, B-66.)

Bey battle Burst Left Spin Launcher blade Launcher

  • ASIN: B07CXYX956
  • UPC: 712243826759

Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst B-70 Sword Launcher Blue

Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst B-70 Sword Launcher

Beyblade is a brand name for a line of spinning top toys originally developed and manufactured by Takara Tomy, first released in 2000. They include a launching device with a ripcord to help make the top climb to maximum speed. Players eject their tops into a plastic arena where they strike each other. The last top left spinning is the victor. The main premise of the Beyblade series is customizable, with interchangeable parts. Both the toys and their name were inspired by "Beigoma", a traditional spinning top. The introduction of the toy corresponded with the broadcast of the Beyblade anime television series of the same name. In 2001, the series was licensed by Korean toy maker Sonokong. In 2002, Hasbro began to sell Beyblade toys internationally (under license from, and produced by, Takara) along with a coordinated country-by-country release of localized versions of the TV series. In August 2008, Takara Tomy released Beyblade: Metal Fusion; the first incarnation of the toy in three and a half years. The series was followed up in 2015 with Beyblade: Burst. [Company information] Takara Tomy Company, Ltd. is a Japanese entertainment company that makes children's toys and merchandise. It was created from a merger on 1 March 2006 of two companies: Tomy (founded in 1924 as Tomiyama, ch...

  • Brand: Takara Tomy
  • ASIN: B01N2U6C4Q

RingBrothers 99000-4600N Billet Shifter Knob in Natural Finish

RingBrothers 99000-4600N Billet Shifter Knob in Natural

Ripper Billet Shifter Knob3/8 in. -16 Thread SizeNatural Aluminum Finish

  • Color: Natural Finish
  • Brand: Ringbrothers
  • UPC: 013145002860

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: 100th Anniversary Collection

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde:

SeaWolf Press is proud to offer another book in its Robert Louis Stevenson 100th Anniversary Collection. Each book in the collection contains the text, illustrations, and cover from first or early editions. Use Amazon's Lookinside feature to compare this edition with others. You'll be impressed by the differences. If you like our book, be sure to leave a review! Our version has:Text that has been proofread to avoid errors common in other versions.A beautiful cover that replicates an early movie poster about the story.The complete text in an easy-to-read font similar to the original.Properly formatted text complete with correct indenting, spacing, footnotes, italics, and tables.Look for other Robert Louis Stevenson books in our 100th Anniversary Collection.Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was published in 1886 and has enthralled its readers ever since. A London lawyer investigates his good friend Dr. Jekyll's behavior and actions concerning a Mr. Hyde who is involved in brutal acts and murder. The book's title has become part of our language. Referring to someone as a "Jekyll and Hyde" character means they have a dual personality; good and evil.

  • ASIN: 1948132850

Old Fashioned: Phantom Queen Book 3 - A Temple Verse Series (The Phantom Queen Diaries)

Old Fashioned: Phantom Queen Book 3 - A

***Welcome to Boston, where all your nightmares come to life… To the tune of a Christmas jingle.***PREORDER NOW AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE! FIRST 4 BOOKS IN THE SERIES RELEASING BY JULY 10, 2018!Quinn MacKenna learns that the cure for a blinding hangover is simple…Stay in bed, and whatever you do, don’t answer your freaking door.Otherwise, you might find yourself roped into a murder investigation with a psychopath attempting to rewrite the Twelve Days of Christmas as a holiday homicide special, asked to rescue a former international spy, forced to dodge bullets with a Valkyrie, or to take on a power-hungry Fae intent on freezing everything he touches.Hypothetically speaking.In hindsight, snorting crushed aspirin in a dingy alley would have been the wiser choice…Especially when Quinn learns the only way to find the answers she seeks is by... sampling some magically-infused, hallucinogenic flowers. And that someone is waiting for her on the other side of her out-of-body experience.And they've been waiting a very long time...Welcome the newest antihero in the Worldwide Bestselling Temple Verse by Shayne Silvers. Join Cameron O’Connell and Shayne at the literary bar to sip a dirty cocktail of feisty Irish brogue – with an unhealthy splash of monsters – TODAY!If you like KF B...

  • ASIN: B07D6WX9GY

Takaratomy Takara Tomy B-108 Beyblade Burststring Beylauncher Red Color Right Spin Top

Takaratomy Takara Tomy B-108 Beyblade Burststring Beylauncher Red

Let it Rip with beyblade Burst, the third generation of the popular beyblade franchise! Play against your friends or join the battle at the tournaments to test to your skill. Starter set comes with one complete beyblade and a grip launcher. Compatible with beyblade Burst product only.

  • Color: Multi-colored
  • Brand: Takaratomy
  • ASIN: B07BB9XY4F

Outcast (Hunter: A Thieves Series Book 4)

Outcast (Hunter: A Thieves Series Book

On the hunt for a vicious killer, Kelsey discovers that the true threat lies closer than she could have ever imagined.It’s been months since Trent Wilcox was sentenced to exile, but Kelsey hasn’t given up on finding a way to bring him home. Grayson Sloane doesn’t share her enthusiasm. Loving two men is challenging enough without them being at each other’s throats, and she is unwilling to compromise on the future she knows is meant for them. Kelsey’s only hope for bringing them all together comes in the form of the Hell lord who insisted on Trent’s exile – Gray’s father. Lord Sloane is willing to acquiesce on Trent’s punishment if Kelsey will do one little job for him. A stray wolf is on a killing spree in Wyoming and he’s killed a number of witches in Lord Sloane’s service. The situation is made all the more complicated by the presence of a sinister werewolf cult in the area. Lupus Solum is known for being cruel to their own kind, and even worse to outsiders.Caught between a craven wolf cult, a brutal killer, a Hell lord, and a mounting pile of bodies, Kelsey is going to have her work cut out for her. But if she can solve the case, she might have a chance to earn her happily ever after.

  • ASIN: B07HZ52NTV

Vampire Madam & Werewolf Constable: Shifters In Ripper's London (Werewolf Love Triangle Book 1)

Vampire Madam & Werewolf Constable: Shifters In Ripper's

Shapeshifters tasted better and sustained her longer than other men. With strapping men patrolling Whitechapel for Jack the Ripper, Daria's half-sister wants her to stop feeding in the streets. But Daria meets a man who captivates and masters her as no other has ever dared. This novelette-length episode of the Werewolf Blood Triangle horror serial is between a short story and short novella in reading time. It's rated 18+ for sexual content including werewolf and vampire encounters, female bisexuality, BDSM and mentions of fetishes featured in Victorian works. The characters are not gentle and they discuss details of the Ripper's crimes. Contents may be triggering for some people. Reader discretion advised.Note: Download links to sites other than Amazon may lead to pirated copies containing malware. Our books are DRM-free and singles are always free with Kindle Unlimited. ebook contains the full text of The Animals of London and Wolf Says originally published as singles, and a sneak peek of the next episode of Werewolf Blood Triangle.

  • ASIN: B00XFOB1O2

Animals of London: Shifters in Jack the Ripper's London (Vampire Madam Book 1)

Animals of London: Shifters in Jack the Ripper's

Muscular shapeshifters unlike anything Daria ever tasted stalk the prostitute-slashing Ripper in Whitechapel. Despite the threat to their house, Daria continues hunting men in the streets. Her hunger for feral blood drives her to endanger her brothel.Will a werewolf make her give up everything she knows?This is a stand-alone short story. It's an irreverent and steamy dark fantasy with explicit eroticism and violence. All the characters are over 18 and readers should be, too. Read Safe: If you download a free copy from a site other than a major ebook distributor it's a pirated copy that may contain a virus. The Vampire Madam series and all Hughes Empire books are DRM-free. Animals of London Wolf Says: Vampire Madam 2 the Bat Hughes author page for official Amazon email notices of new releases:

  • ASIN: B00HH25F6I

Sleeper (Hunter: A Thieves Series Book 3)

Sleeper (Hunter: A Thieves Series Book

When Neil’s past catches up to him, Kelsey must choose between her new family and an old love…With tensions rising between the Council and demonkind, Kelsey finds herself investigating a series of murders that threaten the fragile truce between them. If she can’t stop these killings soon, they could ignite a fire sure to burn the supernatural world down. Unfortunately for her, Kelsey’s problems don’t stop with a pile of dead halflings. Her connection with Marcus is frayed at best, and Gray hasn’t been heard from in months. Her only semblance of peace comes from a new man in her life. When Gray storms back into the picture, her love life goes from incredibly complicated to apocalyptic.Just as Kelsey begins to unravel the mystery, the forces of Heaven decide to take an interest in her actions. Outclassed with these powers in play, Kelsey knows that one misstep could leave the human and supernatural worlds in ashes.A Hunter: A Thieves Series Novel by Lexi Blake

  • ASIN: B074JP9JQZ

Keeper (The Morphid Chronicles Book 1)

Keeper (The Morphid Chronicles Book

“I will be transformed into something beautiful, but at what cost?”My name is Samantha, but I prefer Sam.I’m ordinary, which is fine. It’s just I want to be ordinary somewhere else—not here in this small town, living with my too-busy-to-care parents.But ordinary ends the day Greg Papilio—a dark-haired, blue-eyed hottie—saves me from myself and a mysterious, magical stranger who blows up my car and swears he’ll be back to finish the job.Turns out, I’m not ordinary. In fact, Greg says I’m not even human, but the member of a dying race. He says I’ll soon change and lose my free will. But that’s crazy, no one can live enslaved by their own instincts and the whims of Fate.To drive the final screw into ordinary and prove me wrong, another stranger shows up claiming to be my fated mate. He’s cute, but no thank you. I make my own decisions, and they don’t involve moving into his fancy castle or becoming the leader of his people. I’ll carve my own path, even if it kills me.Keeper has magic, forbidden love and adventure, and will appeal to lovers of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and The Mortal Instruments series.*** The Morphid Chronicles trilogy is complete—three full-length novels of 80,000+ words each ***

  • ASIN: B00LFO6N2O

Roman (Wolves of Winter's Edge Book 2)

Roman (Wolves of Winter's Edge Book

Roman Striker is on the hunt. His brothers may have big plans to save his hometown, but all Roman cares about is ridding the world of one vengeful alpha of the Bone-Ripper Pack, Rhett. Getting to Rhett is easy—mess with a submissive she-wolf in his pack named Mila and the alpha makes mistakes. But Roman and Mila grew up together and their history runs deep. And the more Roman gets to know the woman she’s grown into, the more he wants to pull her away from the pack for different reasons. She’s got his protective instincts at maximum, and he sure likes the way she looks at him, but he’s got dark secrets nobody knows about. The kind that could burn a sweet beauty like her.Mila is just trying to make it from day to day at the bottom of a notoriously monstrous pack, but when Roman Striker blows into the bar she works at offering her a shot at a better life, hope starts to bloom inside her for the first time in years. If anyone can turn this messed up town around, it’s Roman, but he doesn’t realize his potential. And as she gets to know the Wolves of Winter’s Edge, she wishes for a life she could’ve had if Roman hadn’t left all those years ago. Her alpha has destroyed everything, and now Roman is showing signs of a darkness she doesn’t understand. As a war brews bet...


Forever Moonlight (Shifter Series Book 1)

Forever Moonlight (Shifter Series Book

Wolf biologist Sera Tibbs is attractive, smart, and respected in her field. She is also dying. When she decides to relocate to Lake Tahoe to complete her research she never dreamt she would encounter her soul mate in the midst of taking her last breathe.Rescued by a 6’4 virgin shifter who swears he is her fated lover he promises to save her from the illness ravishing her body. Impotent and colorblind, Lykian born werewolf, Justus Apollon has been tracking a serial killer for two centuries. In love, Justus discovers a world of colors and passion, only to leave himself vulnerable to his enemy. Will Sera choose immortality with Justus only to risk dying in the vengeful hands of his adversary once known as, Jack the Ripper?


Dark Wine at Midnight (A Hill Vampire Novel Book 1)

Dark Wine at Midnight (A Hill Vampire Novel

A seductive spy. An alpha vampire. A deadly assassin after them both...When a rogue vampire group emerges from the shadows to enslave mortals, research scientist Cerissa Patel is the only one with an inside track to stop them.The catch - she must go undercover in a vampire-controlled town where an assassin is on the loose and everyone is a suspect, including herself.Worse, she must ignore her growing attraction to vampire Henry Bautista. He's rich, dangerous, and as complex as the wines he makes, and he will do anything to stop her from hurting the community he built.With Henry watching her every move, she must uncover who's behind the rogue vampires and stop the assassin before Henry discovers what's hidden beneath her skin...If you like the worlds of Deborah Harkness, Charlaine Harris, or Jeaniene Frost, then you will love this first installment in the Hill Vampire series.Hit BUY NOW to escape into the mystery, romance, and political intrigue of the Hill Vampire vineyards. Dangerous and seductive, the suspense will grab you and not let go.

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