The Navigator [LP]

The Navigator

On Hurray for the Riff Raff's new album 'The Navigator' (March 10/ATO Records), Alynda Segarra tells an interwoven, cinematic story of a wandering soul at a crossroads of identity and ancestral weight. It finds a street kid named Navita traversing a perpetually burning city in search of herself. 'The Navigator' is a thrilling call to arms that could not come at a more crucial time. It also finds Hurray for the Riff Raff at its own musical intersection, delving deep into the worlds of Latin rhythms, searing rock, and incisive ballads.

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Small Town Heroes [LP]

Small Town Heroes

On February 11, Hurray for the Riff Raff will release 'Small Town Heroes,' its debut for ATO Records. The album features frontwoman Alynda Lee Segarra - who settled in New Orleans after leaving her native Bronx at age 17- with twelve new, original songs all written or co-written by Segarra, with support from a vivid cast of Crescent City musicians.NPR has said that Hurray for the Riff Raff 'sweeps across eras and genres with grace and grit,' never more so than on 'Small Town Heroes.'

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Peach Panther (Includes Download Card)

Peach Panther (Includes Download

RiFF RAFF first introduced “The Peach Panther” a new sophisticated persona during a wrestling match between Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio. The disruption distracted Kurt allowing Rey Mysterio to execute his infamous 619 finishing move to pin Kurt for a 3 count to win the fight. The fracas drove fans crazy creating a viral moment and setting the stage for the release of RiFF’s new project also called The Peach Panther. With the release of “Carlos Slim,” the first single off the new LP, RiFF RAFF also announced the creation of Neon Nation Corporation The $4 million joint venture will be head up by Russell Redeaux of Stampede Management and long time manager for Riff Raff; and Riff Raff, who brings his social media expertise, his Neon Nation army of fans, and trail blazing creative vision to form this amazing new label. Neon Nation Corporation was able to strike a distribution/marketing deal with BMG, starting with Riff Raff’s highly anticipated album The Peach Panther scheduled for release in June. RiFF RAFF’s sophomore album includes guest performances from G-Eazy, Gucci Mane, Lil Durk, J Doe, & Danny Brown. The project will include a "Peach Panther" film, a US summer headline tour of the same name, four music videos to support album, and more.

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Sanctuary (RiffRaff Records Book 5)

Sanctuary (RiffRaff Records Book

YOUR LOVEEvie James loves to read, gets great grades, and enjoys being a good daughter. But after two days at SMU, she learns the entire university is disgusted that she's not a rock princess. Never one to disappoint, and desperate to fit in, she reinvents herself and becomes the darling of her sorority, and the girl everyone wants to be. Except Evie needs a little help to keep up appearances. What started as a boost has turned into an out-of-control dependency. Does she care? Nah. Not even when the tattooed god of her dreams, Nick Barrens calls her on it.IS INKED ON MY SOULTwo years ago Nick Barrens fell hard for sweet, shy, gorgeous Evie James. When she reappears in his life, she's not the same Evie. This girl is in trouble, and Nick can't help but try to save her. Problem is, Evie doesn't want to be saved, or so she says. But Nick knows the girl he fell for is in there, and decides he'll move heaven and earth to support her as she finds her way back to normal, and back to him. 'Cause the one thing Nick won't do is lose Evie ever again.

  • ASIN: B07CGGK83B

Riff Raff: Neon Icon (Free MP3) Vinyl 2LP

Riff Raff: Neon Icon (Free MP3) Vinyl

Debut album on Mad Decent from Riff Raff. Limited vinyl version pressed on double LP.


Alcoholic Alligator


Limited colored vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. 2018 album from one of hip hop's dopest modern icons - Riff Raff! Includes 12 brand new tracks plus two bonus remixes!

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Riffs [Vinyl]


Legion of Two is a new project from Alan O'Boyle and David Lacey. It pits electronics against live drums and percussion for a dark, dense, and noisy dirge. Huge basslines, slow, pounding rhythms, and feedback dominate. Industrial, dub, and metal influences are shredded through old guitar pedals and cheap reverbs and reassembled into a driving and melodic force.O'Boyle is best known for his work as Decal, boasting a catalog of EPs and albums on labels like Satamile, Planet Mu, and Rotters Golf Club covering electro, techno, and experimental music. He has also been involved in recording, production, and remix duties with Redneck Manifesto, Two Lone Swordsmen, Jape, Super Extra Bonus Party, and many, many more.Lacey is a Dublin-based drummer and percussionist who has been behind a drum kit in some capacity since the late '80s. Beginning in 1997, he has been heavily active in improvised music, collaborating with many local and international musicians. He is one of the driving forces behind the I+E Festival in Dublin.

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Loyalty (RiffRaff Records Book 4)

Loyalty (RiffRaff Records Book

Oh, What a Tangled Web We WeaveTwins Cash and Crue Matthews are as close as brothers can be. Cash would do anything for Crue, so much so he lived a lie - a huge lie - for over a year. Cash doesn't know who he's angrier with, himself for doing it, or Crue for asking. Either way, Cash feels like crap. Then, Mason Maxwell's sweeter than sin daughter, Katie Cadence, drops into his life and Cash has a new purpose. will she react to his secret, and can he risk losing her by telling the truth?Katie Cadence's parents have treated her like she'd evaporate in the rain. True, her beginning was so tragic the news media covered it for years. But, damn. She wants to break free and take chances. When she's banished to the Devil's Share compound, she expects more of the same, only to find the Devil's Spawn know how to live, and Katie is all in for spreading her wings. Who's offered to give her the guided tour: Cash Matthews. Falling in love isn't on her list of firsts, but when it hits she has no choice but to go with it.

  • ASIN: B07B1L2H4D

Piracy (RiffRaff Records Book 6)

Piracy (RiffRaff Records Book

STEALING...Saying Jett Matthews has it easy is an understatement. He loves being the youngest son of a rockstar. A day doesn't go by that Jett isn't working his Devil's Spawn status to the max. But Jett is more than he appears to be. He's co-owner of a huge company that grows and sells marijuana. It's all legit...well, it is now, but there's a hitch: he and his Spawn partner, Marley Connor, have been building the business right under their parents' noses, and they are none the wiser. When Jett and Marley have to come out from behind the shadows, it's Devin King who helps make the impossible happen, and that seals the deal on Jett's heart forever.THE RICHEST TREASUREDevin King is serious about her college education. She's at UT Austin on an academic scholarship, and she means to turn this opportunity into a serious career. When sexy, trash-talking, full of swagger, too gorgeous for his own good, Jett Matthews sits down next to her in Civics, her world turns on its side, and she can't say she minds all that much. Sure, she made him work for it, but everything worth having requires a little effort, especially for Jett. But the prize is so much sweeter after a little sweat equity, and Devin means to have it all, and for it to last a lifetime.

  • ASIN: B07LD9D7HW

Hurray For The Riff Raff: The Navigator (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl LP

Hurray For The Riff Raff: The Navigator (Colored

6th album from indie folk band lead by Nuyorican singer-songwriter.

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