Vaginal Cleansing Douche, Norbase Vaginal Douche Syringe Cleaner Enema Reusable Manual Pressure Anal Vaginal Cleaning System Portable Kit with 5 Nozzles, Water Colon Cleansing Detox 600ml

Vaginal Cleansing Douche, Norbase Vaginal Douche Syringe Cleaner

How To Use Step 1: Disinfected cleaner by boiling water before first use. Step 2: Unscrew the lid and fill the wash liquid into the bottle then shake well. Step 3: Make sure the liquid temperature under 42 degrees Celsius / 107 degree Fahrenheit (Close to body temperature). Step 4: Press pump and rinse. Step 5: disinfected the cleaner after each use, and put the cleaner in a ventilated place.   This package includes: 1 x 600ml Flush Bottle 1 x 23 inch Long tube 5 x Nozzles 1 x storage bag 1 x English manual   Precautions 1. Water temperature: control liquid temperature during use, must be lower than 42degrees Celsius. 2. Prohibit cross-use. 3. It is forbidden to use during menstruation. 4. The flushing time is controlled within one minute.

  • Brand: Norbase
  • ASIN: B07QQ9T4VB
  • UPC: 740385127014

Manual Can Opener,Can Opener Manual Smooth Edge Manual Can Openers for Seniors With Arthritis Bottle Opener for Weak Hands a gift for parents, elder, Seniors(5 Functions) (blue)

Manual Can Opener,Can Opener Manual Smooth Edge Manual

STORAGE FOR ANY FOOD - Liquids: soup, stock, sauce - Solids: fruit & veggies, cheese, ready & pre-cooked meals, meat, fish, pre-made smoothie ingredients - Lunch for diet control - Organic baby snacks - Picnic, camping supplies - Pet, cat & dog food on-the-go REUSABLE FOOD SILICONE BAG IS SAFE WHY REUSABLE SILICONE BAG? - Cooking bag for any boil-in-the-bag products & precision sous vide cooker, microwave, steamer. - Thick silicone doesn't break with heavy daily use. - Soft & foldable can be stored flat in drawers. - Easy to fill through the wide opening as it stands on the flat bottom. - Use volume markings & the max line to mix the ingredients. - Label with dry erase markers. - Dishwasher clean. PACKAGE: 1 x 50 OZ & 1 x 30 OZ bag, FDA approved pure silicone, temp. range: -76°F ~ 428°F (-60ºC ~ 220ºC); 2 plastic clips NOTE! DO NOT HEAT SLIDER BARS AS THEY WILL WARP. MAX TEMPERATURE: -76°F ~ 176°F (-60ºC ~ 80ºC) NOTE! Silicone seal is tight to keep the food fresh, it slides easily when wet.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: fansdia
  • ASIN: B07J5C7MCB

RSVP Manual Drip Coffee Filter Cone for Carafes or Thermos

RSVP Manual Drip Coffee Filter Cone for Carafes

RSVP strives to offer quality kitchen products and cooking tools at competitive prices. Our Filter Cone is a perfect example. Brew smooth, delicious coffee with our top performing filter cone. With its durable plastic design, this filter cone has an extension that allows coffee to brew right into carafes and thermoses. Perfect for camping, boating, and traveling, the RSVP filter cone makes the perfect pot of coffee time after time. Even better, this filter cone is dishwasher safe for easy clean up. Measures 7-inches by 6-1/4-inches by 6-1/2-inches. When all the right people, and ingredients, kitchen tools, and food come together, we call this The Art of Gathering.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: RSVP International
  • UPC: 053796800262

Sous Vide Vacuum Sealer Bags Kit | 15 Reusable Food Saver Storage Bags, 1 Hand Air Pump, 2 Sealing Clips and 2 Bag Clips | 100% BPA-Free | For Anova and Joule Cookers/Fridge and Freezer

Sous Vide Vacuum Sealer Bags Kit | 15

TAKE THE HASSLE OUT OF VACUUM SEALING Experience the Difference Looking to go down the healthy route with sous vide cooking? Want to keep food in the fridge fresher for longer? This 20-piece vacuum sealer bag gives you all the essentials needed to get started. It includes 15 bags, 1 manual hand air pump, 2 sealing clips, and 2 bag clips. But this isn't just your regular sous vide bag set. While other bags let in air over time, ours have a double zipper to create a proper vacuum seal. This means better results as you cook and virtually no freezer burn when you store your meats in the fridge. Simple to Use We've taken all the complexity out of vacuum sealing. No more taking ages. Just place your food into the bag, use the sealing clips to zip it close, and use the manual pump to drive out the air until the bag clings around the food. It takes just 8-15 seconds to get the job done. Now you can hang the bag onto the sides of your water bath using the bag clips or place it in the fridge for fresh storage. It's that simple! (Not for use in the microwave. Please don't submerge the air valve in water) Here are more reasons to love this kit: - The sous vide bags can each be reused up to 10 times. - FDA-approved bags are made using BPA-free and non-toxic polyethylene. - Include...

  • Brand: Asani
  • ASIN: B07RB82W87
  • UPC: 610395674801

Primula Single Serve Coffee Brew Buddy - Nearly Universal Fit - Ideal for Travel, Reusable Fine Mesh Filter, Red

Primula Single Serve Coffee Brew Buddy - Nearly

Brew up something extraordinary, one perfect cup of coffee, with the Coffee Brew Buddy from Primula. This little tool provides the easiest way to indulge in the full-bodied flavor of drip coffee virtually anywhere. This innovative pour over coffee maker is an essential for the busy on the go coffee lover. This portable tool is a must-have for anyone who craves coffee but doesn’t always have the time to pop into the local coffee house for a fix. Pour, brew, and enjoy in as little as 30 seconds. The wide rim sits securely over your favorite cup. Spoon or scoop some freshly ground coffee into the fine mesh filter, and then pour hot water over. The coffee flavors are quickly extracted, and you can brew to your desired strength. Of course, the Coffee Brew Buddy fits on most cups or mugs. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean, the Brew Buddy is the most convenient way to enjoy a single serving of coffee anywhere.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Primula
  • ASIN: B0087SPTLC
  • UPC: 781147204611

Professional Manual Blood Pressure Cuff - Aneroid Sphygmomanometer with Durable Carrying Case by Paramed - Lifetime Calibration for Accurate Readings - Dark Blue

Professional Manual Blood Pressure Cuff - Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

Keep Track of Your Blood Pressure and Offer Yourself Peace of Mind with a Reliable, Manual Blood Pressure Cuff by Paramed! Are you tired of untrustworthy, cheaply made blood pressure devices that increase your anxiety, instead of offering accurate readings? Would you like a high quality blood pressure cuff that you can easily use at home, whenever you feel the need? Then this Paramed sphygmomanometer is for you! Protect Yours and Your Family's Health Whether you need to monitor your blood pressure daily or want to have a high quality, accurate blood pressure cuff handy for any occasion, this professional aneroid sphygmomanometer is a must-have for any household, especially in homes with hypertensive or hypotensive patients. Trust In Professional, Clinically Calibrated Results The Paramed aneroid manometer offers the safest, most reliable solution for highly accurate, clinically calibrated blood pressure readings, every time. The long, universal cuff (22-42cm) is made of durable materials that are comfortable to use in any body type (from slim to obese), while its easily readable, clear dial with large, discernible numbers makes it ideal for the elderly or people with low vision. Blood Pressure Measuring Has Never Been EasierEquipped with an easy to use, air valve mechanism that c...

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Paramed
  • ASIN: B01MQ20MHE
  • UPC: 646492834725

Weishi Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

Weishi Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge

Simple quick and safe blade replacement.This razor uses the "butterfly" opening mechanism to quickly change blades. You simply twist the knob to open, insert the new blade then close to firmly secure the blade. Use standard double edge blades. This is a beautiful safety razor for either your own use or a gift! Pakage contents: 1 x WEISHI Long Handle Version Safety Razor / With 5 Blades.

  • Brand: WEISHI
  • UPC: 799443649036

FIRSTINFO Aluminum Can Pneumatic/Manual Refillable Fluid/Oil Pressure Storage Sprayer + Jet Dual Purpose Nozzle

FIRSTINFO Aluminum Can Pneumatic/Manual Refillable Fluid/Oil Pressure Storage

Specification: 1. Our Aluminum can sprayer is ideal for using in lubrication, anti-rust, etc. 2. It is 2 function designed for easy to operate. The long type nozzle is suitable for narrow and difficult space spray. 3. It can be refilled pressure with universal adapter for easily to stuff air pressure. 4. Provided with the safety valve on the air inlet setting: pre-setting for 90 Psi(6.3Bar), and the exceed pressure will be release automatically. 5. The material of canister is Aluminum for long life use. 6. Max capacity is 650 c.c. Warning: Please do remember not to use with strong chemical or corrosive fluid.

  • Color: Silver
  • ASIN: B00YF7Q1TI
  • UPC: 712323806220

Pour Over Coffee Maker, Ohuhu Manual Coffee Maker With 3 Reusable K-Cups, Brew Coffee Drip Coffee Mug Portable Coffee Maker Coffee Percolator Perfect for Camping, Travel, Home and Office Fathers day

Pour Over Coffee Maker, Ohuhu Manual Coffee Maker

Toss out the expensive and bulky coffee machine and say hello to the Ohuhu K-Cup Drip Coffee Mug! This portable drip coffee mug is a perfect must-have for coffee person. Thanks to its portability, the mug can be taken to your office, car, reading room and more. Plus, the mug is compatible with all kinds of k-cup, k-cup capsule. Better still, you can use the mug either for brewing k-cup coffee and containing drinks of your own choice. Good news for avid coffee lovers -- this mug is crafted from food grade PP material and food grade AS plastic, providing you easy clean and reliable durability. Ready to make your own coffee? The easy-to-use drip coffee mug let you make coffee like a pro and make inviting coffee within 3 or 4 minutes. Start right now to be your own barista! Start your nice day from drinking a cup of self-made coffee with the Ohuhu K-Cup Drip Coffee Mug! How to Use Step 1: Lose the lip, and take out the inner cap. Step 2: Hold the inner cap upside down, and unlock the capsule tray. Step 3: Put a k cup into the capsule tray, and then lock the capsule tray. Step 4: Put the inner cup onto the outer cup, pour hot water (200ml for k cup capsule; 150ml for ground coffee) into the inner cup. Step 5: Wait for brewing and dripping, after all the hot water comes into t...

  • Color: Black - White
  • Brand: Ohuhu
  • ASIN: B0798HWB2Z

Balloon Arch Decorating Strip Kit, Reusable 32Ft Balloon Tape Strips, 2pc Tying Tool,200 Dot Glue,2 Roll Ribbon & 20pc Flower Clips for Party Wedding Birthday Festival Anniversary DIY Decorations

Balloon Arch Decorating Strip Kit, Reusable 32Ft Balloon

Make everyone loves balloons at a party with SUPER EASY DIY BALLOON TOOLS TO MAKE MODERN ARCHES AND GARLAND. Enjoy your party! The features about BALLOON DECORATING STRIP Kit to make arches and garland: ❤️Balloons Decorating Strip Balloon strip can be cut,bend and connect the balloon tape. Put a end of balloons through to the big hole on the tape, and then pull it to small hole and fixed. You can arrange it to the shape you like. Mixing and matching several colors and size balloons looks dazzling. ❤️Balloon Tie Tool Massive balloon knotting, manual knotting is easy to hurt your hands. No more painful from finger by tying tool. Super easy way to tie a lot of balloon at once. ❤️Balloon Dot Glue & Curling Ribbon Small strong transparent glue dot makes it easy to fill the gap of balloons on your balloon arch garland strip. You can also stick balloobs together to be a big balloon ball. Tied the appropriate length of ribbon to the balloons, you can set your balloons at table centerpiece on your party. Combined use with dot glue, stick balloons on the wall/ceiling, adding the atmosphere of wedding. ❤️Flower Clip Insert balloons with any style or color, make beautiful balloon flowers and stick them on the wall. What You Will Get: 2x Balloon Strip (16ft With 110 Holes) 2x ...

  • Color: Transparent
  • Brand: ID IDAODAN

Furoshiki Fabric Wraps: Simple • Reusable • Beautiful

Furoshiki Fabric Wraps: Simple • Reusable •

The Pixeladies are sewing experts Deb Cashatt and Kris Sazaki. They show readers the centuries-old tradition of furoshiki, the Japanese art of wrapping objects in fabric for practical purposes. A beautiful and original way to present a gift, from food items to gift cards! The book is illustrated with photos of finished wraps and includes simple step-by-step instructions. Learn to make 18 different wraps for wrapping 5 main object shapes—bag, box, flat, bottle, and basket. Also included are ideas for designing unique wraps using surface design techniques, plus a gallery showing gorgeous finished pieces. You’ll have the know-how to furoshiki just about anything!

  • ASIN: B008AYKL2U

Comfify Pour Over Coffee Maker with Borosilicate Glass Carafe and Reusable Stainless Steel Permanent Filter Manual Coffee Dripper Brewer with Real Dark Brown Wood Sleeve - 30 oz. - Free Ebook

Comfify Pour Over Coffee Maker with Borosilicate Glass

The search for the perfect cup of coffee is finally over! The Glass Design Clever Coffee Dripper by Comfify allows you to customize every cup for fresher, tastier, more satisfying home brewed coffee:   - Artisanal glass coffee dripper - Easy to clean - 30 oz. capacity - Uses fitted filters   You can taste the quality in every cup, this is how coffee is meant to be savored!   Beautiful Coffee Dripper Style The first thing you'll notice is the elegant, beautiful design of the Glass Design Clever Coffee Dripper by Comfify. It's made from glass, with sultry curves and a sophisticated look that includes a perfectly fitted polished wood collar and leather tie. It improves the look and style of your kitchen!   The design is about more than good looks, it's also about performance. This artisanal manual coffee brewer allows you to customize every cup of coffee. Adjust for flavor, coffee intensity, water ratio, temperature and more. You call the shots to make every cup special!   The Glass Design Clever Coffee Dripper by Comfify is also convenient. Clean up is simple, just rinse and dry – glass does not stain or retain odors, it's clean and durable.   Best Coffee Gift Shopping for a coffee lover? They'll appreciate a gift that lets them ditch their electric coffee maker and brew ta...

  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Brand: Comfify
  • ASIN: B075L64L2J
  • UPC: 687299655380

Premium Quality Manual Inflatable Life Jacket Lifejacket PFD Floating Life Vest Inflate Survival Aid Lifesaving PFD Basic Blue Color

Premium Quality Manual Inflatable Life Jacket Lifejacket PFD

Overview: This brand new premium quality manual life preserver jacket can help you to stay safe on the water. It inflates upon manually pulling the inflation handle, making it simple to use when needed. It provides comfort, safety and peace of mind for the sportsman, flat water paddler or recreational boater without knowing you have it on. Its lightweight, low profile design keeps you safe in various water environments without limiting movement. Features & Benefits: * Inflates less than 3-5 seconds when the wearer manually pulls the inflation handle. * CE Certificated & SOLAS approved USA 3M reflectors. Highly visible in dark. * Light weight, durable, and comfortable to wear. Adjustable belt fit for adult and youth. * Reusable, washable, convenient, easy to air dry and repack. * Made from best quality materials: Nylon+TPU, Neoprene, Polyester. * Soft neoprene neckline for all day comfort and reflective stripe for greater visibility. * This Life Jacket Utilizes a 33 grams CO2 cartridge. Fits for adults under 330 lbs (150kg) Recommendation: We suggest you buy an extra CO2 cylinder for backup purpose. Search AISN: B01H52FMG2 (33G Manual)Package includes: 1 x premium inflatable device 1 x whistle 2 x reflection bands 2 x oral tubes 1 x water sensitive automatic inflatable bo...

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Lifesaving Pro
  • ASIN: B01H2WJ3RY
  • UPC: 689466885941

Chobs - 11 Pcs Stir Bar Kit, 10 PFTE Magnetic Stirring Bars, 1 PFTE Magnetic Stir Bar Retriever, Strong Magnets, Durable & Balanced, Non-Corrosive, Includes a Manual + Reusable Container

Chobs - 11 Pcs Stir Bar Kit, 10

Chobs Quality Control: All of our products are brand new straight from the factory, we have precise sizing on all of our items. We also, do sample testing to help reduce the amount of defective products. Reusable Packaging: Chobs uses a strong reusable container that divides each individual stir bar, perfect for in the lab or on the go. A manual is also included with every single one. Inside there are 10 different size PFTE Stir Bars with 1 PFTE Magnetic Stir Bar Retriever. Materials: Our magnetic stir bars and our magnetic stir bar retrievers are made of high quality non-corrosive polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Which is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene that has numerous applications. Our magnets have gone through rigorous field and lab testing to assure they're the best, highest quality magnets. We only use the best materials, so our products withstand the test of time. Maximum Operating Speed: 1000 r.p.m. (Revolutions Per Minute) Operating Temperature: -200~110℃ (Degrees Celsius) -328~212℉ (Degrees Fahrenheit) Size Dimensions of 10 PFTE Magnetic Stir Bars: 5mm 15mm6mm 10mm6mm 30mm7mm 25mm7mm 50mm8mm 25mm8mm 50mm 9mm 28mm 9mm 50mm 10mm 50mm Size Dimensions of PFTE Magnetic Stir Bar Retriever: 9mm 150mm SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: At Chobs...

  • Brand: Chobs
  • ASIN: B07NXQC2D2

Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads, Superior Absorbency, Leak Protection, 100 Count (Pack of 2)

Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads, Superior Absorbency,

Lansinoh Nursing Pads are designed for maximum comfort and leak proof coverage. Lansinoh Stay Dry breast pads have a quilted, honeycomb lining and a unique breathable waterproof layer for leakproof protection. Our disposable nursing pads are individually wrapped and have two adhesive strips to keep the pad in place in your breastfeeding bras. Our nipple pads also have a contoured shape, are discreet under clothing, and are comfortable to wear even when wet. Ideal for a breastfeeding mom with medium flow, we recommend changing the nursing pad often to maintain healthy skin, if possible after every feeding. Easy to carry on hand in a diaper bag, pump bag or purse. Lansinoh offers the #1 selling breastfeeding pads in the US. All of the ingredients in our pads are non-toxic and latex free. Founded by a breastfeeding mom, Lansinoh has been committed to helping moms succeed in breastfeeding for over 30 years. Famous for our award-winning cornerstone product, HPA Lanolin, Lansinoh is a leader in breastfeeding pumps, breast pads disposable, and other products and accessories.

  • Brand: Lansinoh

3pcs Lermende TSA Approved Toiletry Bag with Zipper Travel Luggage Pouch Carry On Clear Airport Airline Compliant Bag Travel Cosmetic Makeup Bags - Blue

3pcs Lermende TSA Approved Toiletry Bag with Zipper

Do you travel often for work or leisure? Are you tired with the hassle of airport security delays?With our Lermende super-durable TSA Approved Clear Toiletry bag, make passing through security a pleasure, not a chore.Take it to the pool or beach, throw in a larger tote or travel bag & know your items are protected from moisture or sand! Easy to wipe clean. TSA Approved Toiletry Bag-(7.9*5.9*2.4 inches), complies with the 3-1-1 rule for TSA screening. Make pass through security a pleasure. Safe to carry your cosmetics or toiletries in travel or to gym. Also design for men' shaving kit, women' beauty product, kids' stationery.Features:- Made with waterproof clear material. Waterproof keep item dry inside. Clear but not so bright, high visibility make check and get items a breeze. Lightweight ease burden. Semi-supple and compressible, save your space when not use.- Detail-oriented Zipper. Sturdy zipper, zip up more smoothly. Large zipper opening, big zipper handle, easy pack and take.- Double fine stitching at both sides of the zipper to protect the zipper and make it more sturdy.- Suitable for all ages, men and women, as well as children, to meet the needs of their travel in the wash. The product is easy to clean and can be reused.Note:1. The Toiletry Bag is waterproof but NOT incl...

  • Color: 3. Blue
  • Brand: Lermende
  • ASIN: B079DQF62F
  • UPC: 607569773682

Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li Pool & Spa Cleaner

Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li Pool &

The flagship product of the Pool Blaster line, the Max Li vacuum has been redefining the world of pool maintenance since 2001! Featuring a fully rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, this cordless, hoseless pool cleaner is one of the most powerful models Water Tech manufactures for residential use. The Pool Blaster Max Li is the solution to your pool, spa, or hot tub cleaning needs!

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Pool Blaster
  • ASIN: B001B3SKN4
  • UPC: 894331001016

Outsta Reusable Mesh Shopping Bag, Net Turtle Bag Convenient String Net Cloth Shopping Grocery Bag Fruit Storage Handbag Totes New (White)

Outsta Reusable Mesh Shopping Bag, Net Turtle Bag

Description: 100% New with High Quality Quantity: 1 Color: as shown in the figure Material: Net cloth Size: 32 * 38 * 15cm Applies to household shopping, supermarket fruit packaging Durable, wear-resisting, can be washed washed NOTE 1.As different computers display colors difference, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from the above images 2. Please allow 1-3 CM thus due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding. Package include: 1 X Convenient shopping mesh bag

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Outsta
  • ASIN: B07FX75PX5
  • UPC: 703624542146

Anti Static Bubble Bags, Resealable Static Shielding Bag, Reusable for Sensitive Electronic Components (Small Qty 10)

Anti Static Bubble Bags, Resealable Static Shielding Bag,

Protect your products from the hazards of shipping with the Anti-Static Cushioned Ziplock -Top Bubble Bags. These easy-to-use padded anti static bags offer a superior, long-lasting electrostatic shield during short, predictable shipping cycles. Fuller and more dependable than other bags, the economical self-sealing design features an air retention barrier that is co-extruded with two layers of polyethylene for cushioning you can count on.

  • Color: Pink
  • Brand: SiForce
  • ASIN: B002ZV1X1C
  • UPC: 852665452935

The ULTIMATE Furnace A/C Filter! Washable, Permanent, Reusable. Electrostatic - Traps dust like a magnet. 10x Better than Disposable Filters. Never Buy Another Filter! (14x25x1)

The ULTIMATE Furnace A/C Filter! Washable, Permanent, Reusable.

Tired of having to remember to buy that furnace filter every 3 months? Tired of your house being dusty? Replace your disposable air filter with a washable electrostatic filter. It traps 10X more dust and allergens than cheap disposables, has a durable metal frame and comes with a lifetime warranty. Just hose off, allow to dry for 15 minutes and reinstall. Helps save money, time and the environment. (All filters are 7/8 inch thick. Filters must be 24-5/8 inch or smaller on one side.)

  • Brand: Air Care
  • ASIN: B01CRE3T4K
  • UPC: 738283035487

Uniclife 40 Pack Tough Plastic Key Tags with Split Ring Label Window, Assorted Colors

Uniclife 40 Pack Tough Plastic Key Tags with

Good for many occasions, such as home, offices, hotels, rental management companies, accommodation, storage facilities and so on.  Each Key Label Tag comes with a chrome key ring, to carry a lot of keys and other items. Each key tag has a write-on paper insert to further differentiate the keys.  Small, lightweight and will not increase your burden.  Specification:  Multiple colors: red, white, yellow, blue, green, black, orange and purple. Material: durable hard plastic, paper and metal.  Label size: 5 * 2.2 * 0.3 cm (2 * 0.87 * 0.12 inches) Keyring diameter: 1.9 cm (0.7 inches)  Weight: approx. 2 g Package included: 40 * Random Colors Key ID tag1 English Manual Random Colors contain: 8 Assorted color: Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black, Orange and Purple. 2 Random color: Dark Green or Light blue.

  • Color: Key Tag
  • Brand: Uniclife
  • ASIN: B01G8L4T74
  • UPC: 860000054065

Sodoop Reusable Produce Bags, Set of 10 Mesh Organic Cotton Vegetable Bags(3 Small/4 Medium/3 Large), Premium Washable Grocery Bags with Double Stitched Drawstrings Bag,Tare Weight on Label

Sodoop Reusable Produce Bags, Set of 10 Mesh

Specification: 100% Brand New and High Quality!    Material:Polyester Size:as the picture shows Note: Please allow 1-5mm errors due to manual measurement. Item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different on your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated same. Package included: 10 Pcs  Storage bag [KEYWORD]:housekeeping organization storage home supplies healthy life household home garden home living bags box home storage organization women's fashion home kitchen home clothes inside the home hooks fashion rack kitchen plastic underwear kitchen accessories kitchen dining kitchen home handbags case storage organization storage bag travel jewelry cosmetic purses storage boxes bins closet white storage boxes modern life shoes household cleaning tools home storage socks home organization colorful flowers makeup bras luggage bags beauty hangers racks clothing [KEYWORD]:home kitchen home living home home decor decor stickers decoration home décor art wall sticker fashion decal diy flowers home decoration wall decal cover vinyl gifts cushions pillows bedroom cotton case painting kitchen wallpaper lights led modern tool posters kitchen accessories kitchen dining kitchen home canvas cute kids print wall cartoons cars home garden clock oil paint...

  • Color: Beige
  • Brand: Sodoop
  • ASIN: B07TCSV3N9
  • UPC: 742780651927

300ml Vaginal Douche Cleaner - Anal Douche Vagina Cleaning Kit, 3 Nozzle Tips - Reusable Manual Pressure Enemas for Douche, Coffee & Water Colon Cleansing/Detox (300ml/10.1oz)

300ml Vaginal Douche Cleaner - Anal Douche Vagina

  • Color: 300ml/10.1oz
  • Brand: HailiCare

PERSONALIZED Yardzee 25 games outdoor or indoor, all ages yard yahtzee giant jumbo dice, wedding lawn game

PERSONALIZED Yardzee 25 games outdoor or indoor, all

Be known as an original & thoughtful gift-giver. And Let the Good Times Roll, with not 1 or 2... but 25 of the World's most exciting games. -For ALL AGES, small or large groups. Including several fun & educational games for young KIDS. A 5-star BEST SELLER (1000's hand-made & sold) at our Etsy Shop. (Makes for a great wedding gift). INCLUDED: 6 jumbo 3.5"X3.5" solid wood dice. Water-proof! Store, or take the party with you, inside the 11" tall, 3 gallon "jumbo tossing cup". Includes a handle made of steel, & a LID that snaps shut- leave out in the rain/snow, no prob'. YOU design it - so easy peasy, via "Select Options" drop-down menu. Included Yatzee, as well as Farkle games, each have reuseable score cards, for up to 12 people or teams; & include laminated easy instructions. (Also, instructions for "solitaire", for when no mates are around.) An organza drawstring bag for the included dry erase markers; AND you'll like our hardback clipboard! BONUS: Instructions & strategies book for 25 of the BEST dice games! (FYI, can play ALL 25 games indoors on carpet, or with small dice)! Plus, 2 BLANK erasable scorecards included, for the many games in your PROfessionally designed book. DELUXE DICE: Every dot is expertly HAND-DRILLED, BELOW the wood surface with a...

  • Brand: Earth Sky and You
  • ASIN: B07194W6NJ
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