Artncraft 3-in-One Wooden Puzzle Games Set - 3D Puzzles for Teens and Adults - Includes Wood Interlocking Blocks, Diagonal Burr, and Snake Cube in Storage Box

Artncraft 3-in-One Wooden Puzzle Games Set - 3D

What's better than having a puzzle game at the ready to help you pass the time? How about having three challenging games? The 3-in-One Wooden Puzzle Games Set triples the fun by giving you three puzzle games that you can play at home or at the office. Perfect for passing the time on a rainy day, taking a break from the stresses of your day and keeping your mind sharp, this set is sure to delight any adult or teen.The puzzles included in the 3-in-One Wooden Puzzle Games Set are three dimensional building games. Each one consists of a wooden pieces, which are designed to be fit together to create a finished three-dimensional shape. Solving the puzzle takes patience and skill, and you can enjoy putting the pieces together again and again. The set includes a diagonal burr, a snake cube and interlocking blocks.With the 3-in-One Wooden Puzzle Games Set, you'll never have to worry about pieces becoming lost or damaged. The set includes a wooden tray with three compartments, so that you can keep the loose pieces or the assembled puzzles inside until you're ready to play again. The tray measures 7 inches by 2.5 inches in size and is made from the same high quality sheesham hardwood as the pieces.Constructed entirely by hand, the 3-in-One Wooden Puzzle Games Set shows off Indian woodworkin...

  • Color: Basic
  • Brand: Artncraft
  • ASIN: B00W50QXUO
  • UPC: 783627654121

Brain Teasers Metal Wire Puzzle Toys - Assorted Metal Puzzle Toys for Gifts, Party Favors, Prizes, Disentanglement Puzzle Unlock Interlock Toys - IQ Puzzle Brain Teaser Set of 24

Brain Teasers Metal Wire Puzzle Toys - Assorted

Exciting brain teaser puzzles for kids and adults to enjoy, this disentanglement puzzle provides for hours of entertainment, included in this pack are a variety of different designs in total you receive 24 pieces. Metal puzzle brain teaser originates from Chinese culture it was designed to aid with concentration and focus it also helps develop creative thinking, problem solving, it improves your IQ, and more. These metal brain teasers provide for a great challenge it comes with wire pieces twisted together, to unlock the ring puzzle you need to maneuver the pieces until you will be able to separate them. This set includes a great variety of metal wire brain teasers, when you figure out how to unlock one puzzle you still have a lot more to try, lots of fun to play with family and friends and compete who can disentangle the puzzle first. Durable brain teaser puzzle set for all occasions, these are perfect to hand out for birthday parties, party favors, classroom rewards, educational prizes, gifts, stocking stuffer, Easter egg filler, and much more.

  • Brand: Smart Novelty
  • UPC: 749531994593

Party Favor Pinata Filler,Treasure Chest,Mini Magic Cube,Brain Teaser Puzzle Boxes,Mochi Squishies,Snake Twist Puzzle,IQ Puzzle Toy,Treasure Box Prizes For Carnival Prizes,Goodie Bag Fillers,Classroom Rewards

Party Favor Pinata Filler,Treasure Chest,Mini Magic Cube,Brain Teaser

These party favor assortment includes wide assortment small size toys. packed with fun for everyone! this colorful collection of deluxe goodies offers a fun variety of toys for parties, carnival prizes, classroom rewards, and more! Super value high-quality toys assortments is perfect for anyone. teachers can use them as students' classroom prizes in their rewards box. parents can use it as rewards or gifts. doctors and dentists can use them in children play rooms. kids will love these prizes and the parents will love this great alternative to candy! package included: 8 x mochi squishies 4 x mini brain teaser puzzle boxes 4 x IQ puzzle balls 4 x fidget snake twist puzzle toy 4 x Mini Magic Cube WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: H-Partner
  • ASIN: B07MVF32TH
  • UPC: 712492467970

Guaishou 6-in-One 3D Luxury Wooden Brain Puzzle Teaser Kongming Lock for Teens and Adults Includes Storage Box

Guaishou 6-in-One 3D Luxury Wooden Brain Puzzle Teaser

100% Wooden Game Brain Teaser,6 Different Design, 6 Different Fun, Best Challenge for Kids and Adults,Age 6+,The Biggest Joy is to Explore Ways to Crack and Assemble, So We do Not Provide Instructions.

  • Brand: Guaishou
  • ASIN: B078W3DWZR

Coogam Metal Wire Puzzle Set of 16 with Pouch,Brain Teaser IQ Test Disentanglemen Iron Link Unlock Interlock Game Chinese Ring Magic Trick Toy for Party Favor Kids Adults Challenge

Coogam Metal Wire Puzzle Set of 16 with

Includes 16 different metal wire puzzles,enjoy hours of fun with your family and friends Designed to test your brain,patience and coordination Try hard to separate the two pieces and amaze your friends Good for creative thinking and improve both your IQ and EQ Suitable for everyone,especially those who like to be challenged Small parts and not for children under 6 yrs

  • Brand: Coogam
  • UPC: 714559284131

Escher's Mirrorkal Brainteaser Puzzle - 3D Puzzle - Escher Art Brain Teasers

Escher's Mirrorkal Brainteaser Puzzle - 3D Puzzle -

Escher’s Mirrorkal Brainteaser Puzzle is 3D puzzle and mind game inspired by 5 brilliant sketches from M.C. Escher. Made beautifully with slanted mirrors, this puzzle is a joy to work with and to display on the coffee table for guests to admire. Renowned inventor Ivan Moscovich met Escher in 1964 and the meeting birthed the creative genius that the Mirrorkal Brainteaser Puzzle is today. What a great combination of brilliance, giving us a puzzle to play with that transforms iconic art into a logic-boosting pastime. The Mirrorkal Brainteaser Puzzle features mirrors that reflect the tray or another cube’s sides, producing a puzzle-working scenario that’s unlike any other. To play, simply remove the cubes from the tray and then choose any one of 5 images you want to create. The puzzle’s angled mirrors reflect Escher’s art and you must work to make sure a clear side faces up in the end.

  • Color: Mirror
  • Brand: Recent Toys
  • ASIN: B002QCLJ82
  • UPC: 705105412337

Brain Teasers Puzzles Toy for Kids & Adults | 16 Pcs Wooden Colorful Hexagon Fun Geometry Logic Tangram Puzzles Table IQ Game STEM Montessori Educational Toys Gift for Children (Color May Vary)

Brain Teasers Puzzles Toy for Kids & Adults

2019 POP NEW DESIGN PUZZLES ◆Great for all ages! ◆It's a good item to get the children off the video games. ◆Endlessly entertaining category and allows motor skills as well as the imagination to be used. ◆Keeping your toddler's attention. This hexagon tangram would help encourage focus and problem solving. ◆So much fun even as an adult! Can be used to relieve stress for adults. ◆This is a fun set and great for teaching a lot of early-elementary math concepts. Craftsmanship Uniform size, no burrs, rounded edges and corners,do not hurt the baby's hands.Environmentally friendly paint which is bright, safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Note ◆The color may vary! ◆Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.

  • Brand: CHAFIN
  • UPC: 823544933197

ShalinIndia Game Labyrinth, Ball-in-a-Maze Puzzles, Handcrafted in India - Round

ShalinIndia Game Labyrinth, Ball-in-a-Maze Puzzles, Handcrafted in India

The world of toymaking was forever changed in 1889 when inventor charles martin crandall introduced his newest toy sensation. Called pigs in clover, this game quickly became a favorite in the united states and went on to inspire other toymakers to create their own designs. Our handcrafted indian wooden labyrinth ball maze puzzle game & decoration follows in the tradition of the original pigs in clover game and is sure to become a favorite activity for a special child in your life. the handcrafted indian wooden labyrinth ball maze puzzle game & decoration is a maze game that is fun and engaging to play. The toy is hand fashioned out of sesum wood and consists of a large round disc. Deep grooves have been carved into the surface of the disc, and the entire toy has been sanded to a smooth finish with no sharp edges. Three small steel balls have been placed inside of the grooves. When the toy is rattled, jostled, tipped and shaken, the balls move about inside of the maze track. To win the game, kids must get all three of the balls into the middle of the puzzle. Game play requires hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem solving skills and will aid in children's growth and development in a fun way! measuring 6 inches in diameter, the handcrafted indian wooden labyrinth bal...

  • Color: Wooden
  • Brand: ShalinIndia
  • ASIN: B007YYJ03I
  • UPC: 804031622602

Magic Compartment Wooden Puzzle Box with Secret Drawer Brain Teaser

Magic Compartment Wooden Puzzle Box with Secret Drawer

Feature: This puzzle box is invented by an old Chinese and given as gift to hide some important items. Its a funny toy to kill your spare time than sitting before the computers all the day. It can test your IQ and also a nice gift for the children to play it. Hide a special gift for she/he who is important for you- they will like it very much. HOW TO PLAY? You just need to find out a piece of the wood which is suttled on side of the box- and pull it. It will let you open the bigger drawer. After than- you will easy to open the other smaller drawer. Description: Material: Wood Color: Showed as the pictures Size: 15.5cmX8.5cmX5.5cm Quantity: 1Pcs Package Included: 1X Puzzle Box

  • UPC: 889957952378

Lezhi IQ Toys-AB A+B Test Mind Game Brain Teaser Wire Magic Trick Toy IQ Puzzle Set (Pack of 16), Metallic

Lezhi IQ Toys-AB A+B Test Mind Game Brain

Age 6+ The Chinese Rings Puzzle is believed to be one of the oldest puzzles known, dating back to China over 2000 years ago. We believe that what makes it so popular is that it cleverly combines both logic and creative thinking. The most representative of Chinese classical intelligence toys. Practice the brain, logical thinking ability and finger muscles. It also can cultivate the spirit of work study focused and your patience. Package Included: 1 x set of 16 pcs Metal Ring Brain Teaser Puzzle

  • Color: Metallic
  • Brand: Lezhi
  • ASIN: B01MYPZZ19
  • UPC: 757450636432

Vlish 12 Pack- Fun Puzzle Balls, Party Favors, Goody Bags, Christmas Stocking Stuffers, Easter Basket, Classroom, Fidget Brain Teasers, Brain Games, Puzzles

Vlish 12 Pack- Fun Puzzle Balls, Party Favors,

Vlish offers this bulk pack of puzzle balls. Each puzzle balls comes individually wrapped with instructions for every puzzle. Don't miss out on this fun little treat for your kids at an unbeatable price. If you have any questions about our product please feel free to email us and we will respond with answers promptly.


CYLINDER Hanayama Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle (Level 4)

CYLINDER Hanayama Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle (Level

Hanayama's Cylinder brainteaser gives you no clues to the solution - and that's part of the fun. The outside of this elegant little knurled cylinder doesn't offer any hints, but we'll give you one: Think about it as though you are cracking a safe. After you separate the cast metal cylinder into its components, can you put it back together again? This cast metal puzzle designed by Vesa Timonen is considered difficulty level 4 (challenging). Measures 4.72'' x 2.99'' x 1.88''. Hanayama is known worldwide for challenging puzzles and quality manufacturing. BePuzzled is more than just jigsaw puzzles - it's puzzle-plus.

  • Color: Multi-colored
  • Brand: Bepuzzled
  • UPC: 701017526858

DeemoShop Montessori Materials Metal-Wire Puzzle-IQ-Mind-Brain-Teaser-Puzzles-Game Adults

DeemoShop Montessori Materials Metal-Wire Puzzle-IQ-Mind-Brain-Teaser-Puzzles-Game

  • ASIN: B07G27TXDR
  • UPC: 695982661068

ENIGMA Hanayama Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle (Level 6)

ENIGMA Hanayama Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle (Level

BePuzzled Hanayama Enigma Puzzle - Level 6This is without a doubt among the most difficult of all puzzle brainteasers. And Hanayama should know. Puzzle inventor Eldon Vaughn brought this Enigma to Hanayama, the world-renowned cast metal brainteaser puzzle company and now it's time to introduce you to its multiple curves and challenge your puzzle skills. University Games was founded by Bob Moog and Cris Lehman, who recognized a developing niche in social interaction and learning games for adults and children. University Games creates educational board games designed so that players won't notice how much they are learning. Product Dimensions: 4.8 (L) x 3 (W) x 1.8 (H)Age: 3 years and up

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: Bepuzzled
  • ASIN: B0038BAHI8
  • UPC: 772223981168

Big Mo's Toys Balance IQ Party Favor Games - Cube Puzzle Stocking Stuffers for Kids and Adults - 12 Puzzles

Big Mo's Toys Balance IQ Party Favor Games

Big Mo's Toys Challenge Maze Box is the perfect brainteaser for children, teens and adults of every age. They are challenging little cubes with puzzles and balls in each. The objective of each puzzle is slightly different but meant to test the mind. It is educational and can only be played solo. They are little and fit into your pocket, for easy carry on while traveling. They are the cutest hand held brainteasers that children and teenagers will love. They are perfect of all ages, but especially for ages 10 to 15 year olds. Not all cubes are of the same level. Some are obviously easier, and some are hard. These work magic with kids with autism and are educational as well. They are single player games, and a fun way to pass time. The dice is hard to complete since you are working against gravity, however, will build your STEM education. Regardless of the intensity, these mini brain teasers make the best gifts for boys and girls. Big Mo's Toys items are made of High Quality materials that are Non-Toxic and Tested to ensure your child's Safety.

  • Brand: Big Mo's Toys
  • ASIN: B07CS22B4L
  • UPC: 612712414732

IQ Test Toy, WOLFBUSH 6Pcs Ultimate IQ Test Metal Brain Teaser Puzzles Disentanglement Puzzles Toy

IQ Test Toy, WOLFBUSH 6Pcs Ultimate IQ Test

Test your skill and patience with these tricky puzzles to help you practice focus and logical thinking.Fun Party Games Next time you're at a party, pull these out and divide into teams. Find out who's the best master solver of the group! Fun Holiday Gifts Instead of sugary treats and snacks in stockings and Easter baskets, try gifting your kids and teens with these brain testing games. Keep On Hand These metallic games are small enough that you can pull them out any time you're traveling or waiting in a long line. A Game Set Worth Owning Challenge your mind every day with the wire games that everyone loves! Package Content: .3 x Metal Puzzle .3 x Wooden Kong Ming Lock .1 x User Manual

  • Brand: WOLFBUSH
  • ASIN: B018E0TZO4
  • UPC: 889123080812

1 Set 3D Wooden KongMing Lock Set Brain Teaser Puzzles Classical Luban Jigsaw Cube Game for Kids and Adults (Tic-tac-Toe Block)

1 Set 3D Wooden KongMing Lock Set Brain

Features:AMAZING IQ TOYS: Bring you different implementation experience. Especially suitable for children above 3 years old, each puzzle is designed to enhance kids' perseverance and deduction power for improved mind sharpness and alertness.CHANLLENGE YOUR CHILD: The design of the puzzle looks like so simple and insignificant, but actually its solution is quite complex which is a big challenge, that will challenge the kids' patience and skill.GREAT GIFT FOR KIDS: Great for building spatial skills, fantastic gift for your favorite brainy guy or girl.A professional looking but incredibly funny desk gadget, a desk novelty that will not be forgotten Inside hidden organs design.ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS: Made of natural wood, is nontoxic and odorless, environmental and healthy to use.EDUCATIONAL WOODEN LOCK: Bamboo Puzzle Ball KongMing Luban Lock is a puzzle game puzzle. Helps to increase finger dexterity, improve problem solving abilities, relieve pressure and more.The lock may look simple, but it contains lots of mysteries.Description:Main Material: Wood+Environmentally friendly water-based paintShape: IrregularNet Weight: Approx.75gPackage Including1Pc Wooden Kong Ming Lock Puzzle

  • Color: Wood
  • Brand: Wudi

AZI New Beautiful Puzzle Box Magic Jewelry Box Secret Tricky Carved Wooden Box Gift Wooden Toy Brain Teaser (Deep Violet)

AZI New Beautiful Puzzle Box Magic Jewelry Box

This is a secret puzzle box, and the secret is how you open it. The box does not have anything inside. Please look carefully at the pictures, those will help you understand the opening. The steps are the following : Hold it in your hands. The bottom part you push backwords. Then slide the front part of this bottom part (which you have slide backwords) to the left. Now you can see that piece of the side of the box, which you have to slide towards you, to take it out. You slide it from the middle (not from the edge of the box) You can see on the picture that the cut is not quite at the edge of the secret box. After that, you turn this piece what you have taken out, and you can see that in the back of it it is the key. You take out the key. But... where is the keyhole?! It is where all boxes open, where they all have their lock, Now it is covered with one of the elements carved like a leaf or has some points. You slide down the middle one of them (the middle of those 5,7 or 9 things depending on the box's size) and there is the keyhole. You put the key in the position which is on the picture, and make one complete circle clockwise (turning it to the right) and then you may need to turn a little bit more (force, and turn, don't worry it will not break) It is unusual at the beginning,...

  • Color: Deep Violet
  • Brand: AZI

Educational Insights Brainbolt - Brain Teaser Memory Game

Educational Insights Brainbolt - Brain Teaser Memory

Get your game on with Brainbolt, the mind-melting light-up memory game from the game experts at Educational Insights. Follow the lights and watch, remember, and see how long you can follow the pattern before making a mistake. Perfect for solo play, two-player mode, timed mode for quicker games, and advanced mode for expert players.

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Educational Insights
  • ASIN: B07G4HP6QM
  • UPC: 086002084354

Compass and Star Combo, True Genius - Disentanglement Puzzles, Brain teasers, Adult Puzzle

Compass and Star Combo, True Genius - Disentanglement

Challenge yourself with 2 separate puzzles included in one set. Based off of China's early navigational technology from 850 AD, this gift set brings you the long lasting entertainment of a wooden compass and metallic star. Compass: Take apart and then reassemble Difficulty Level: 4 Measures approx. 3.75 inches Star: Separate the two pieces Difficulty Level: 3 Measures approx. 1.75 x 3 inches

  • Color: Wooden
  • Brand: Project Genius
  • UPC: 852425006392
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