Jurassic Park - 5.5 Inch Raptor Claw Zinc- Alloy All Purpose Dinosaur Fossil Bottle Opener

Jurassic Park - 5.5 Inch Raptor Claw Zinc-

Hold our beer and hold onto your butts because our creative scientists have buried their heads in various amber elements and dug up the perfect collectible for clever girls... and boys.

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Factory Entertainment, Inc.
  • ASIN: B07G72T3NZ

Velociraptor Slashing Claw 2988

Velociraptor Slashing Claw

This is a replica Velociraptor Slashing & Killing Claw, 3.75 inches around the curve. 2nd Toe of Hind Foot Velociraptor was the smallest of the raptors (the movie Jurassic Park actually featured the larger raptor Utahraptor but called them Velociraptors). However, Velociraptor was no less fierce. Scientists believe all raptors may have hunted in packs, making any attack an encounter with death. Cast from a scientifically accurate model in fine museum-quality resin. A authentic or real Velociraptor claw if you could find one would cost many hundreds of dollars. THE IMPORTANCE OF FOSSIL REPLICAS By definition authentic fossils are unique one of a kind occurrences. No two fossils are identical. In fact many fossils are the one and only known specimen of a particular genus or species. With only one specimen available for study how do paleontologist around the world study such rare and often very fragile specimens? One answer to that question is through replicas cast directly from the original fossil. This way many exact copies can be made and distributed for research and museum display all over the world. Thus fossils replicas are an important scientific tool. In some cases a replica of a fossil lost or destroyed may be the only remaining evidence of the original fossil. Replicas all...

  • Brand: Unknown
  • ASIN: B017Y3XW8M

Jurassic World Velociraptor Blue Claws [Amazon Exclusive]

Jurassic World Velociraptor Blue Claws [Amazon

Get ready for thrilling action and adventure with Jurassic World! Velociraptor Blue is a fan favorite character from Jurassic World and now kids can act out movie scenes using claws just like Blue's! Flexible and bendable, these claws are the perfect dinosaur role-play item for swiping and grabbing when recreating big action scenes and moments. Each claw comes with an elastic band inside so they fit snugly on a child's hand.  Combine with Velociraptor Blue Chomp 'n Roar Mask (sold separately, subject to availability) for complete dinosaur role-play fun! Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Color: M/a
  • Brand: Jurassic World Toys
  • UPC: 887961591392

Velociraptor Dinosaur Life Size Claw Fossil Replica

Velociraptor Dinosaur Life Size Claw Fossil

An actual size cast replica of a real velociraptor slashing claw. Would've been used for killing prey. Full life size scale. (Approximately 2.2 in.) Could be used as prop or as part of a dinosaur/fossil display.

  • Brand: Grant Field Specimens

Utahraptor Dinosaur Claw (Recreation)

Utahraptor Dinosaur Claw

The Utahraptor was a fierce predator of the Cretaceous. It used it''s highly specialized claw, measuring 7 inches long, to slash thick hide and kill prey. Fossils of this dinosaur was first discovered in Utah, hence its name.

  • Brand: Skulls Unlimited International
  • ASIN: B008FCLLU8

Deinonychus Raptor Dinosaur Claw Replica - Museum Quality Cast Fossil Specimen

Deinonychus Raptor Dinosaur Claw Replica - Museum Quality

Deinonychus lived during the Cretaceous period, about 110 to 100 million years ago. Deinonychus may have hunted in packs, attacking even very large animals, perhaps even large sauropods and ankylosaurids. This specimen is a Dinosaur Replica or Dinosaur Reproduction. One of earth science resources. Among the best fossils for kids. Makes for a great dinosaur gift.


Dinosaur Claw Set : Allosaurus, Velociraptor and Deinonychus (Replica)

Dinosaur Claw Set : Allosaurus, Velociraptor and Deinonychus

Replica Velociraptor Claw measures 2.75 in. along the curve -- Replica Deinonychus Claw measures 4.75 in. along the curve -- Replica Allosaurus Claw measures 5.5 in. along the curve. -- Deinonychus was a genus of carnivorous dromaeosaurid dinosaur. There is one described species, Deinonychus antirrhopus. This 3.4 meter (11 ft) long dinosaur lived during the early Cretaceous Period, about 115-108 million years ago (from the mid-Aptian to early Albian stages). Fossils have been recovered from the U.S. states of Montana, Wyoming, and Oklahoma, in rocks of the Cloverly Formation and Antlers Formation, though teeth that may belong to Deinonychus have been found much farther east in Maryland. -- Velociraptor is a genus of dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaur that existed approximately 75 to 71 mya (million years ago) during the later part of the Cretaceous Period. Only two species are currently recognized, although others have been assigned in the past. The type species is V. mongoliensis; fossils of this species have been discovered in both Inner and Outer Mongolia in central Asia. A second species, V. osmolskae, was named in 2008 for skull material from Inner Mongolia. -- Allosaurus is a genus of large theropod dinosaur that lived 155 to 145 million years ago, in the late Jurassic period ...

  • Brand: Skulls Unlimited International
  • ASIN: B00H3L7YH6

ALBATROSS EDC Cool Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knives Tactical Sharp Raptor Claw Knife, (Black)

ALBATROSS EDC Cool Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knives

This is a nicely made Tactical Karambit Knife. The knife Offering easy one-handed deployment, this spring assisted open folding knife locks securely into place with the use of its liner lock. Offering a simple yet classic design, It also has a pocket clip for easy and safe carry. It widely used in Daily application and outdoor adventure activities, such as hunting, camping, hiking and any outdoor activity. Product Description: 100% New Colour: Black,Blue,Rainbow Material: 440 stainless steel Whole Length: 8 inch Handle Length: 5.25 inch Blade Length: 2.75 inch Blade Thickness: 2.8MM Weight: 5.5 OZ Package Contents: 1 x Claw knife 1 x Nylon bag Click 'Add to Cart' and 'BUY NOW'!

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: ALBATROSS
  • ASIN: B0774XKZYS
  • UPC: 723044491848

Megaraptor Claw - Dinosaur Replica, Museum Quality

Megaraptor Claw - Dinosaur Replica, Museum

Makes for a great dinosaur gift -- museum-quality replica for the collector, teacher or dinosaur-loving kid in all of us.

  • ASIN: B005TJ7LH2

Allosaurus Dinosaur Life Size Claw Fossil Replica

Allosaurus Dinosaur Life Size Claw Fossil

Cast of an actual fossil from the iconic Allosaurus (allosaurus fragilis). Complete ungual claw specimen.

  • Brand: Grant Field Specimens
  • ASIN: B07G5L3P77
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