Her Little Majesty: The Life of Queen Victoria

Her Little Majesty: The Life of Queen

A multilayered portrait of Queen Victoria describes the life and reign of a monarch who ruled for sixty-four years

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Red Queen: The Official Coloring Book

Red Queen: The Official Coloring

The world of Red Queen comes to life in this stunningly illustrated coloring book companion to the #1 New York Times bestselling series by Victoria Aveyard. With both original black-and-white line drawings and beautiful hand-lettered quotes, this coloring book brings to life the high-stakes moments in Mare’s journey, which continues to thrill and captivate readers. Relive every adventure, from Mare’s first night as the little lightning girl to the royal betrayal that changed everything—and get ready to rise, Red as the Dawn.

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VC Heroes - The True Stories Behind Every VC Winner Since World War Two

VC Heroes - The True Stories Behind Every

For a nation with a long and proud military tradition, one token stands above all the others as a mark of recognition for the ultimate acts of individual feats of arms: the Victoria Cross. Awarded for one reason alone - to mark extreme acts of great heroism by British and Commonwealth servicemen in the face of the enemy - it is unquestionably the hardest club in the world to gain entrance to. Its holders, ordinary soldiers, sailors and airmen, are linked by an uncommon bond of exceptional bravery displayed often at great personal risk and against impossible odds. The VC has been awarded only sixteen times since the end of the Second World War in 1945. Some of these awards were made to recipients who paid the ultimate sacrifice while demonstrating gallantry beyond the call of duty. Forged in battle, from the shell-scarred hills of Korea, to the windswept marshland of East Falkland and today's counter-insurgency operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, each one of these VC has a uniquely inspiring tale to tell. These are their incredible stories.

  • ASIN: B009KSK1VQ

Queen Victoria's Family: A Century of Photographs

Queen Victoria's Family: A Century of

The beginning of Queen Victoria's reign coincided with the advent of photography. Before her children had left the nursery, the first photographs of the royal family were andthe public saw a new dimension of the monarchy. This album includes more than 300 pictures and illuminates the lives, personalities, and tastes of the Queen's family.

  • ASIN: 0750926872

The Victoria Crosses that Saved an Empire: The Story of the VCs of the Indian Mutiny

The Victoria Crosses that Saved an Empire: The

The Indian Mutiny struck at the very heart of the British Empire. If India was lost the whole edifice of British domination across its colonies was in jeopardy. Everything was at stake, Britain’s leading role in the word, its international commerce and the reputation of its armed forces. Across the globe Britain ruled only through the compliance of the subordinate nations – but if India could throw off the imperialist yolk others might also rebel. The very fate of the Empire hung in the balance.The situation was considered to be so serious that the British authorities extended the warrant of the newly-created Victoria Cross to include anyone, even civil servants, who performed prodigious acts of valour to save India, and save the Empire.A total 182 VCs were awarded during the Mutiny, the same number as in the whole of the Second World War, climaxing in one day at Lucknow when twenty-four men displayed extraordinary valour to raise the siege – the most VCs ever won in a single day.This is the story of those few months between May 1857 and June 1858 when the world turned its gaze upon the jewel in Victoria’s crown and 182 men – soldier, sailor and civilian – wrote their names into the history books.

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Queen Victoria: A Photographic Journey

Queen Victoria: A Photographic

Queen Victoria was the first in a new breed of Cunard Ships: her unique design is enhanced to give her the ability to cross the North Atlantic. Introduced to service in 2007, Queen Victoria has had a notable career with royal engagements, tandem Atlantic crossings and Gala-World Cruises. Illustrated with stunning color photographs taken by the authors, this book has been fully updated after the extensive 2017 refit.

  • ASIN: 0750985534

Queen Victoria in Her Letters and Journals

Queen Victoria in Her Letters and

This revealing selection from the Queen's papers provides essential clues to her character, tracing her development from shy princess to the formidable and uncompromising grande dame of Europe. How did she feel on hearing that she had become queen? How close was she to her eldest grandchild, who became Kaiser Wilhelm II? Why was she so reluctant to yield the crown to her son and heir, the future King Edward VII? What did she really think of Gladstone and Disraeli? These questions and many more are answered clearly and candidly in the Queen's own words. Victoria's passionate adoration of Prince Albert is evident throughout her journals, and later extracts give a touching insight into her feelings of loneliness and susceptibility after his death. Illustrated with some of the Queen's own drawings, this book presents an absorbing account of one of the most remarkable personalities of the nineteenth century.

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The Life and Times of Victoria (Kings and Queens of England Series)

The Life and Times of Victoria (Kings and

A biography of Queen Victoria.

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Favole Tarot


Victoria Frances, a rising star in fantasy illustration, has wowed Europe and is rapidly gaining fans in the U.S. The stunning Favole Tarot showcases this young illustrator's signature Gothic Romantic style, inspired by Anne Rice, H. P. Lovecraft, and pre-Raphaelite paintings. Bask in the splendor of this dreamy, timeless world, haunted by beautiful vampires, dark fairies, and other mysterious creatures of the night. Diverging from the Rider-Waite tradition, you'll find crosses, masks, roses, and butterflies representing the four suits. Gorgeously grim and lyrical, this unique deck will help you explore the dark crevices of the psyche―and find beauty where it's least expected. Boxed deck (2½ x 4½) includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet The companion booklets for most Lo Scarabeo decks are in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

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Black '47 and Beyond: The Great Irish Famine in History, Economy, and Memory (The Princeton Economic History of the Western World)

Black '47 and Beyond: The Great Irish Famine

Here Ireland's premier economic historian and one of the leading authorities on the Great Irish Famine examines the most lethal natural disaster to strike Europe in the nineteenth century. Between the mid-eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries, the food source that we still call the Irish potato had allowed the fastest population growth in the whole of Western Europe. As vividly described in Ó Gráda's new work, the advent of the blight phytophthora infestans transformed the potato from an emblem of utility to a symbol of death by starvation. The Irish famine peaked in Black '47, but it brought misery and increased mortality to Ireland for several years. Central to Irish and British history, European demography, the world history of famines, and the story of American immigration, the Great Irish Famine is presented here from a variety of new perspectives. Moving away from the traditional narrative historical approach to the catastrophe, Ó Gráda concentrates instead on fresh insights available through interdisciplinary and comparative methods. He highlights several economic and sociological features of the famine previously neglected in the literature, such as the part played by traders and markets, by medical science, and by migration. Other topics include how the Irish cli...

  • Brand: Brand: Princeton University Press
  • ASIN: 0691070156

Triquet's Cross: A Study of Military Heroism

Triquet's Cross: A Study of Military

In Triquet's Cross John MacFarlane tells the story of Paul Triquet, a French-Canadian soldier who was awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery in the battle for Casa Berardi during the Second World War.One of only thirteen members of the Canadian Armed Forces to be awarded the highest military honour during the war, Triquet was later pressured to resign from the force due to the overwhelming public and political expectations that the award entailed. The role of hero did not suit Triquet and weighed heavily on him and his family. MacFarlane shows how Triquet's story was changed by those who wished to make his hero status the cornerstone in a political debate between francophones and anglophones, particularly with regard to his representing the Commonwealth despite his French-Canadian heritage.Military heroism has changed in the postwar period, and heroes are no longer expected to be perfect models. But in 1944 Paul Triquet - perhaps the most popular Canadian hero of the war - was asked to conform to political, social, and military agendas. His story reveals much about Canadian and Quibicois society at the time and the history of French-Canadians in the Second World War.

  • Brand: Brand: Mcgill Queens Univ Pr
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England 1 Penny 1861 Coin Queen Victoria 2nd portrait

England 1 Penny 1861 Coin Queen Victoria 2nd

  • Brand: JABB Coin Consultants

From Grief to Grace

From Grief to

Grief touches all of our lives, but it does not have to paralyze us with fear or inaction. God allows suffering because He knows how powerful it can be to our spiritual lives and to helping us fully embrace His love and mercy. In this insightful and practical book, you'll learn how to live a life of redemptive suffering that will draw you through grief into a state of tenacity, meaning, holiness, and joy. Author Jeannie Ewing is no stranger to suffering. Her family has long struggled with bipolar disorder and depression, and her baby daughter was born with a rare genetic disorder that caused her bones to prematurely fuse together. Despite the many layers of sadness, loss, confusion, and anger, Jeannie responded to Gods calling and transformed her life into one with profound purpose and joy. Combining her training in psychology and counseling with real-life examples, Jeannie will show you that there is much life to be lived in the midst of loss, and that all things even the most painful life experiences are working together for a greater good. You'll also learn: The all-too-often misunderstood difference between grief and depression. The spiritual benefits to uniting your crosses with Jesus's Passion and Death. The counterintuitive notion that grief and joy can coexist. The spiri...

  • Brand: Spring Arbor
  • ASIN: 1622822943

Queen Victoria's Baggage: The Legacy of Building Dysfunctional Organizations

Queen Victoria's Baggage: The Legacy of Building Dysfunctional

Queen Victoria's Baggage is a cross-disciplinary examination of why the organizational life experienced by millions of people in western culture is fraught with dysfunctionality and pain. To avoid a loss of perspective by focusing on the present cultural milieu the book utilizes anthropology, psychology, history and the study of technology and applies them to those who established the foundations for today's institutions during the reign of Queen Victoria from 1830-1901. The author uncovers the discontent found in current organizations in the nineteenth century cultures of America, Russia, and Vienna, the ancestral social roots that continue to disrupt the foundations of lives within organizations and analyzes both the depth and breadth of the remedial actions which need to be undertaken to undo what has been evolving for 150 years.

  • Brand: Brand: University Press of America
  • ASIN: 0761812822

Return to Sirius (Nick Walker, U.F. Marshal Book 10)

Return to Sirius (Nick Walker, U.F. Marshal Book

Four months after returning from Centauri B in what was his most dangerous assignment ever, United Federation Marshal Nick Walker now faces an even greater challenge. In fact, he is now in the deepest trouble of his life.When four starships go missing without a trace, the Federation calls on Nick to investigate the disappearances. After a brief study of the available data, Nick learns that one passenger—a mole—was on board all the missing ships, which suggests the ships may have been attacked by pirates, or someone posing as pirates. Nick is aware that slavery and human trafficking are rife in the Sirian system, and suspects that Sirius is at the heart of the mystery.When the same mole books passage on a fifth starship, so does Nick. If he can identify who is behind the disappearances, he might be able to gain enough information for the Federation to take them down; failing that, perhaps he can at least protect the passengers on the fifth ship.It’s a dangerous assignment with little chance of success, but someone has to try. The biggest risk to Nick is the fact that he is a wanted man on Sirius. For six years the Sirian KK has been hoping to capture him and punish him for his actions in Sirian Summer; if he ever falls into their hands, he is almost certainly looking at tort...

  • ASIN: B07GXY354Z

Stormy Weather


As the Honourable Artemis Castor, a fledgling architect, rises early on her wedding day to make coronets of flowers for herself and her bridesmaids to save a milliner’s bill she is thankful that never again will she have to worry about money. Had Harry Tremaine owned nothing but a dingy garret and a bottle of absinthe she would have married him anyway because he is kind, honourable, charming, clever and handsome. But he is also extremely rich. The honeymoon is to be spent on a small farm in Cornwall owned by Harry’s ancient, grumpy guardian. She leaves behind, temporarily, the ugly, crumbling family pile, the amiably feckless Lord and Lady Castor, and her little sister who is in trouble at school. And she owes a great deal of money to her boss for a beautiful but dilapidated house in Whitechapel. At last, she thinks, with Harry’s moral support and limitless funds she can find a solution to all the problems that beset her. How wrong she is!This is Victoria Clayton’s eighth novel and like the others it is a romantic comedy. For the time being it is published only as an e-book.

  • ASIN: B006MRZH1M

Uncommon Valour: The Story of the Victoria Cross

Uncommon Valour: The Story of the Victoria

What is the nature of courage, how and when should it be recognized, and how has our appreciation of it changed? These are among the questions Granville Allen Mawer seeks to answer in this absorbing study of the history of the Victoria Cross, the highest award in the British honours system for gallantry in the presence of the enemy. His is the first analytical account of the institution of the Victoria Cross, and it is a fascinating study of the ethics of rewarding bravery. It explores in dispassionate detail the thinking behind the creation of the award, the reasons why individual awards were given and how, over the last 160 years, the system has developed and changed.Using vivid and carefully selected examples, he compares individual actions that led to a Victoria Cross and considers the circumstances in which they took place and the reasons given for making the award. So many factors were involved – the character of the individual concerned, the severity of the danger he faced, the situation of the British forces, whether his conduct was seen and recorded, and the interpretation of the criteria for making an award at the time.This unconventional treatment of the Victoria Cross may be controversial, but it should stimulate a deeper understanding of the history of the medal an...

  • ASIN: 1526755386

The Victoria Cross in 100 Objects: The Story of the Britain's Highest Award For Valour

The Victoria Cross in 100 Objects: The Story

It was the events of the Crimean War that changed everything. Until that time, those serving in Britain’s army or navy had been expected to do their duty without thought of recognition or reward, particularly the men in the lower ranks.Fuelled by reports from the first ever war correspondents, which were read by an increasingly literate public, the mumblings of discontent over how the gallantry and valor of the ordinary man was recognized rapidly grew into a national outcry. Questions were asked in Parliament, answers were demanded by the press – why were the heroes of the Alma, Inkerman and the Charge of the Light Brigade not being officially acknowledged? Something had to be done.That something was the introduction of an award that would be of such prestige it would be sought by all men from the most junior private to a Field Marshal. It would be the highest possible award for valor in the face of the enemy and it bore the name of the Queen for whom the men fought – The Victoria Cross.Since the VC was instituted in January 1856, it has been awarded 1,358 times to 1,355 individual recipients. Those men were thrown into wars and campaigns around the globe, from the seas and skies around the UK to the deserts of Africa and the sweltering jungles of the Far East. The two worl...

  • ASIN: 1526730766

Crossing the Horizon: A Novel

Crossing the Horizon: A

Soar back to the fearless 1920s with #1 New York Times bestselling writer Laurie Notaro—beloved author of The Idiot Girls’ Action Adventure Club—in a stunning historical novel that tells the true, little-known story of three aviatrixes in a race to be the first woman to fly across the Atlantic.Ten thousand feet in the sky, aviatrixes from London to Paris to New York—fueled by determination and courage—have their eyes on the century’s biggest prize. The year is 1927, and Amelia Earhart has not yet made her record-breaking cross-Atlantic flight. Who will follow in Charles Lindbergh’s footsteps and make her own history? Three women’s names are splashed daily across the front page: Elsie Mackay, daughter of an Earl, is the first Englishwoman to get her pilot’s license. Mabel Boll, a glamorous society darling and former cigar girl, is ardent to make the historic flight. Beauty pageant contestant Ruth Elder uses her winnings for flying lessons and becomes the preeminent American girl of the sky. Inspired by true events and real people, Notaro vividly evokes this exciting time as her determined heroines vie for the record. Through striking photos, meticulous research, and atmospheric prose, Notaro brings Elsie, Mabel, and Ruth to life, pulling us back in time as the ...

  • Brand: Gallery Books
  • ASIN: 1451659407

Heart of Brass (Antipodean Queen Book 1)

Heart of Brass (Antipodean Queen Book

Emmeline Muchamore is a well-bred young lady hiding explosive family secrets. She needs to marry well, and quickly, in order to keep her family respectable. But when her brass heart malfunctions, she makes a desperate choice to steal the parts she needs to repair it and survive.She is unable to explain her actions without revealing she has a steam-powered heart, so she is arrested for theft and transported to Victoria, Australia – right in the midst of the Gold Rush.Now that she’s escaped the bounds of high society, iron manacles cannot hold her for long.The only metal that really matters is gold.

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