Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant, 1.4 Oz

Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant, 1.4

Fertility-friendly Pre-Seed lubricant relieves dryness without harming sperm. The Pre-Seed Combo Pack delivers moisture inside and out- to best mimic your own fertile fluids. Published studies show sperm-safety. Clinically tested and doctor recommended.

  • Brand: Pre-Seed
  • ASIN: B004382GWK
  • UPC: 855114000046



40 gm tube with 9 twist on applicators (2-4 gm dose each) Pre-Seed is the only intimate lubricant that it is safe to use when trying to conceive. Pre-Seed's patented formula was uniquely developed by a woman Sperm Physiologist to match fertile cervical mucus in pH, osmolality and viscosity, providing an optimal sperm environment for couples who are trying to conceive. Most lubricants harm sperm or reduce motility and should not be used while trying to conceive. Pre-Seed's formula is the only moisturizing intimate lubricant that does not interfere with human sperm motility and DNA quality, or damage embryo development. Pre-Seed applicators allow dosage to be chosen according to each woman's needs. Pre-Seed is applied inside the vaginal canal to best mimic natural secretions. This allows sperm to encounter an optimal environment following ejaculation, as they start their journey.

  • Brand: Pre-Seed
  • ASIN: B00F303LQW
  • UPC: 855114999050

Pre-Seed fertility-friendly


Pre-Seed is the first 'fertility-friendly' intimate lubricant specifically designed for couples that are trying-to-conceive. Includes a 40gm tube with 9 reusable applicators.

  • Brand: INGfertility
  • ASIN: B007A4NCLS

Conceive Plus Fertility Personal Lubricant, 1Oz

Conceive Plus Fertility Personal Lubricant,

WHY USE CONCEIVE PLUS WHEN TRYING TO GET PREGNANT? Conceive Plus is a Fertility-friendly personal lubricant that is FDA cleared safe for use when you are trying to conceive! Use Conceive Plus like you would a regular lubricant, available in a multi-use flip-top tube and in pre-filled applicators that are really easy, and convenient to use. The product is formulated to help the natural functions of the body on its path to getting pregnant naturally. We recommend using both the applicator and multi-use tube when you are trying to get pregnant. WHAT IS CONCEIVE PLUS PERSONAL LUBRICANT? Fertility support is an essential part of conception, whether you are just starting out or have been trying for some time. Regular lubricants are proven to have negative effects on the fertilisation process and should be avoided when you are trying to conceive. Conceive Plus is a FDA cleared fertility-friendly personal lubricant that is formulated to be isotonic and meet a pH range compatible with human sperm survival and migration. Intended to enhance the ease and comfort, supplement the body's natural lubrication and help couples on the path to getting pregnant naturally. WHY ARE CALCIUM AND MAGNESIUM SO IMPORTANT? These two nutrients help maintain sperm motility and sperm viability - so the sperm ...

  • Color: No Colour, Non Staining
  • ASIN: B00C76FUFU
  • UPC: 776578725262

SpermCheck Fertility Home Sperm Test

SpermCheck Fertility Home Sperm

The SpermCheck test can be conducted in the privacy of your own home, providing you with helpful information regarding your fertile status Ð without the embarrassment or inconvenience that often accompanies a clinical semen analysis. Why Test Your Sperm Count? Low sperm count is one of the main causes of fertility issues in couples experiencing difficulty in conceiving. Simply put, the fewer sperm a man produces, the lower the likelihood is that one of them will be able to successfully fertilize the egg. There are obvious benefits to determining if sperm count is an issue for you. The sooner an issue is identified, the sooner appropriate treatment can be started. Possible treatments include over the counter-male fertility supplements, prescription drugs, or varicocele surgery.

  • Brand: SpermCheck
  • ASIN: B007N8FWB4
  • UPC: 856254003003

Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant, 40 Gram Tube with 9 Applicators (Pack of 2)

Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant, 40 Gram Tube with 9

Fertility-friendly Pre-Seed lubricant relieves vaginal dryness without harming sperm. The Pre-Seed Combo Pack delivers moisture inside and out- to best mimic your own fertile fluids. Published studies show sperm-safety. Clinically tested and doctor recommended. Plant-based arabinogalactan provides antioxidant support. Made in America

  • Brand: Pre-Seed
  • ASIN: B01283CFE0
  • UPC: 741533904617

Pre-Seed Lubricant Multi-use, 40-gram tube with 9 applicators (Pack of 2)

Pre-Seed Lubricant Multi-use, 40-gram tube with 9 applicators

With Arabinogalactan for Antioxidant support. pH balanced to match fertile cervical mucus. Uniquely developed to not harm sperm. Applicator provides moisture to cervix and vagina. Clinically tested and doctor recommended.

  • Brand: Pre-Seed
  • ASIN: B001G7QNKM
  • UPC: 885230604781

[email protected] 50 Ovulation Test Strips and 20 Pregnancy Test Strips Kit - the Reliable Ovulation Predictor Kit (50 LH + 20 HCG)

[email protected] 50 Ovulation Test Strips and 20 Pregnancy

You will receive: Individual [email protected] LH Ovulation Test Strips and/or individual hCG Pregnancy Test Strips About [email protected] One Step LH Ovulation Test Strips: The LH (Luteinizing Hormone) which is in the urine of normal women will increase dramatically in the middle of the menstrual cycle. The LH increase triggers ovulation which is when the egg is released periodically from Normal fertile women. WHO experts state that LH testing is a reliable way to detect ovulation. Ovulation will occur after 24-48 hours following a positive test. One Step Ovulation Urine Test is a qualitative test used to predict when there is a LH surge, and in turn, when you are likely to ovulate. NOTE: The IDEAL time for ovluation test is in the afternoon, though testing may safely take place from 10am to early evening. Features: - Most reliable, reputable ovulation test on the market - All tests FDA approved and 99% accuracy - Easy to use - Quick 5 minute results - Earliest detection, greatest sensitivity level - 25 mIU/mL About [email protected] One Step HCG Pregnancy Test Strips: Detects the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which appears in urine very early in pregnancy. Regardless of the technical language, this test works just like most other pregnancy tests out there. It measures the...

CONCEPTION Fertility Prenatal Vitamins - Regulate Your Cycle, Balance Hormones, Aid Ovulation - Myo-Inositol, Vitex, Folate Folic Acid - 60 Vegetarian Soft Capsules

CONCEPTION Fertility Prenatal Vitamins - Regulate Your Cycle,

"Beyond grateful to have them" "Changed our lives" "Something that finally works" "Highly recommended!"• PROBLEM SOLVED! CONCEPTION by Eu Natural is the real solution to fertility health and conception, the natural way. Complete nutrition for mom and baby's future, including manganese, zinc, iron, selenium, and folate folic acid, boost the efficacy of this healthy natural fertility aid. • #1 VOTED! Clinically-researched ingredients like Organic KSM-66® Ashwagandha, Pharmaceutrical-grade Myo-Inositol and Vitex Chaste Tree Berry support the reproductive cycle and balance hormones.• VITAMIN ANGELS 1-FOR-1 MATCH! When you buy vitamins from Eu Natural, you aren't just helping yourself, you are also helping a child in need. Your purchase equals one year of life-saving vitamins to children under five, new mothers, and pregnant women who are at risk for malnutrition.• EMPOWERING YOUR HEALTH! Eu Natural is cleanest and purest nutrition brand using zero fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients. Strict FDA Standards by cGMP Certified Laboratory. Always gluten, wheat, and dairy free, and never tested on animals.You risk absolutely nothing. Our products are backed by our unconditional 90-day 100% money back guarantee so you can try it risk-free. Your search for "the ONE" perfect f...

  • Brand: Eu Natural
  • ASIN: B013RMKCV4
  • UPC: 794168615250

One A Day Men's & Women's Pre-Pregnancy Multivitamin Couple's Pack, 30+30 Count

One A Day Men's & Women's Pre-Pregnancy Multivitamin

One A Day Pre-Pregnancy Multivitamin Couple's Pack contains two different complete multivitamins specially designed to provide nutritional support for couples who are trying for a baby. This unique couple's pack supports pregnancy health as a couple. For the future mother, One A Day Women's Prenatal 1 contains Folic Acid. One A Day Women's Prenatal multivitamins are the #1 OB/GYN recommended over the counter brand of prenatal multivitamins. For the future father, One A Day Men's Pre-Conception Health with powerful antioxidants like Vitamins C, E, Selenium, Zinc, and Lycopene. Men can switch to a regular multivitamin after conception while women should continue taking a prenatal multivitamin. Adding a prenatal multivitamin to daily routines is an important step in providing nutritional support for pregnant women and babies throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. One A Day Multivitamins can provide nutritional support that you and your family may need at every life stage.*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • Brand: One-A-Day
  • ASIN: B01M9GSQB1
  • UPC: 016500571216
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