Trick Training for Horses: Fun Ways to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Horse

Trick Training for Horses: Fun Ways to Engage,

TRICK TRAINING: Rediscover some of the magic of your childhood and how it can change the way you work with horses. Trick training is one of the best ways to make your horse your friends. It includes Bowing, Kneeling, Sitting, Lying Down, Carrying Objects, Crossing the Forelegs, Unrolling Carpet, Standing on a Pedestal, Walking on a Balance Beam, Jumping through Streamers and more.

  • Brand: Trafalgar Square Publishing
  • ASIN: 157076462X

Named and Shamed: Pony girl training begins... (The Pony Tales Book 4)

Named and Shamed: Pony girl training begins... (The

Gritting her teeth Jenny grimaced and gave him what he wanted; the lewd sight of her backside jiggling this way and that as he continued to spank it. His hand now felt like sandpaper on the sensitised flesh. How much longer would she have to endure this? The clamps continued to bite into her tender nipples, and as she swayed to and fro she could feel them moving with her, the ache increasing with each passing second...If Jenny thought life was hard under the expert tutelage of Mark, being faced with a stable full of sex-starved pony girls poses several more challenges. For instance, how do you bring eleven young women to orgasm in a timely fashion? But to her surprise, tackling the problem with experimentation and enthusiasm, she finds herself enjoying the experience.When training begins it is anything but enjoyable, however. Harnessed in pony girl tack, her body is encircled with leather, rubber and steel. It nips, chafes and rubs cruelly, especially when she's faced with a morning of naughty games in the exercise yard.In Book Four of Pony Tales Jenny earns herself several punishments, and is subjected to some very thorough sex indoctrination she has to submit to the whims of her groom, trainers and even the stable-hands. Will rescue arrive or will she have to beg to be released...

  • ASIN: B00IAV05WY

The Riding School: Inducted into a world of pony play... (The Pony Tales Book 1)

The Riding School: Inducted into a world of

Meet Jenny. She's rich, spoiled, rude and obnoxious. She's also just been signed up for the BDSM ride of her life! An intensive training course at the Albrecht Stables is not what it appears to be and training to become a human pony was not on Jenny's to-do list.The trouble is, how do you escape when you're tied up, gagged and constantly sexually aroused? Which Master or Mistress do you turn to for rescue? And what do you do if you suspect you might actually be enjoying yourself?This is Jenny's adventure into the world of BDSM and pony play. She's about to find out just how much effort it takes to become a pony girl and that she has no choice but to excel in every aspect of her training or she may never stand a chance of being released from her bondage.Book One features Jenny's abrupt induction, where she finds herself being stripped naked, medically examined and intimately measured for her new uniform - as a pony girl.


Pony Training: Femdom Riders, Submale Steeds (Mistress Lucy's Estate Book 8)

Pony Training: Femdom Riders, Submale Steeds (Mistress Lucy's

Debbie Parker is still enjoying her stay with her old friend Mistress Lucy. Now she decides to take a greater interest in the activities of the estate, in particular the pony training. For on this estate, the ponies are not horses -- but men! Debbie Parker is still enjoying her stay with her old friend Mistress Lucy. Her friend gave her a slave girl. The novelty of that has worn off. Now she decides to take a greater interest in the activities of the estate, in particular the pony training. For on this estate, the ponies are not horses -- but men!

  • ASIN: B0778N6HPK

Polo Ponies: Their Training And Schooling

Polo Ponies: Their Training And

  • ASIN: 1258166216

The USPC Guide to Longeing and Ground Training (Howell Equestrian Library)

The USPC Guide to Longeing and Ground Training

  • ASIN: B00E5PCJZ0

A Rough Ride: Pony girl training in latex and leather (The Pony Tales Book 5)

A Rough Ride: Pony girl training in latex

She immediately recoiled in horror, for reflected in the mirror before her was a human horse, complete with perky rubberised ears. Hoof-mitts were being worked up her hands and she knew it wouldn't be long before her boots followed suit. Not content with having taken her speech, liberty and free will away, now they wanted to make her look like an animal too!Who will have the pleasure of training Petal? By rights, the honour should go to Mark Matthews, but the cowboy has other plans. The matter is not settled until the stable owner is brought into the fray.It is to be a monumental first week for Albrecht's newest trainee. The pony girl will have two days to find a way of coping with her new latex bodysuit and the rigorous buzzing and pumping of the never-ending 'device' which torments her every waking moment. She will then find herself shipped off as a sex-slave, chained and caged, to the mysterious high-bidder from the auction.It doesn't take Petal long to realise that her chances of escaping from Albrecht are slim at best, but her defiant nature won't let her give up hope just yet. There is a way out for her, but she may have to give up more than her sanity in order to achieve it.


Handcraft Little Girls' My Little Pony Rotating Print Underwear Set (Pack of 7), Multi, 2/3T

Handcraft Little Girls' My Little Pony Rotating

My little pony 7 pack panty

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: Handcraft
  • ASIN: B004LEO4DU
  • UPC: 045299005985

The Manual of Horsemanship (British Horse Society)

The Manual of Horsemanship (British Horse

This is the 13th edition of the worldwide bestseller that has helped countless riders to enjoyment and success in all areas of equitation. No other single volume contains so much information on such a wide range of equestrian topics. A British Pony Club Publication.

  • ASIN: 0955337410

The Pony Girl Collection

The Pony Girl

Pony-girls is a collection of three classic erotic novels, all on the same theme and from the pen of Penny Birch, who is not only one of the most imaginative writers in her genre but has first-hand experience as a pony-girl. A Taste of Amber, Penny in Harness and Tie & Tease are all drawn from that experience and combine a true feast of fetish erotica, with not only the most vivid and realistic descriptions of pony-girl play ever written.


Training The Pony Girl (Pony Girl Sex Book 2)

Training The Pony Girl (Pony Girl Sex Book

Shy girl trained as a ponyHorsey looking English girl to horny ponygirl!Lauren, the horsey-looking English girl, was the newest recruit in a Texan pony ranch. Restrained and transformed in a tight-fitting pony suit, she was tethered to a rail in her stall and used relentlessly throughout the night. Now her first proper day of training begins and she is determined not to disappoint her Master.This will get you off if you like:ponygirlssubmissive young womenhot lesbian sexRough sex between powerful older men and shy younger womenbondage erotica˃˃˃ Extract:The day’s training started after breakfast and the pace was relentless. First of all Lauren was led out to where a big pole had been mounted in a circular depression in a nearby field. Her trainer, Billy-Bob, was waiting her for her with his arms folded and a huge bull whip curled on his belt. He grabbed her by the chin and looked deep into her eyes. “Now we’ll see what you’ve got, pony girl,” he told her. Lauren focused on the whip and then his cruel eyes and felt true fear for the first time. Could she actually survive this? The big man took a long rope that was suspended from the top of the pole and clipped it on to the ring at the front of her collar. He cracked the whip behind her. “Now walk, pony!”Scroll up ...


Half Broke Horses: A True-Life Novel

Half Broke Horses: A True-Life

Half Broke Horses is Laura Ingalls Wilder for adults, as riveting and dramatic as Isak Dinesen’s Out of Africa or Beryl Markham’s West with the Night. Destined to become a classic, it will transfix readers everywhere.“Those old cows knew trouble was coming before we did.” So begins the story of Lily Casey Smith, Jeannette Walls’s no-nonsense, resourceful, and spectacularly compelling grandmother. By age six, Lily was helping her father break horses. At fifteen, she left home to teach in a frontier town—riding five hundred miles on her pony, alone, to get to her job. She learned to drive a car and fly a plane. And, with her husband, Jim, she ran a vast ranch in Arizona. She raised two children, one who is Jeannette’s memorable mother, Rosemary Smith Walls, unforgettably portrayed in The Glass Castle. Lily survived tornadoes, droughts, floods, the Great Depression, and the most heartbreaking personal tragedy. She bristled at prejudice of all kinds—against women, Native Americans, and anyone else who didn’t fit the mold. Rosemary Smith Walls always told Jeannette that she was like her grandmother, and in this true-life novel, Jeannette Walls channels that kindred spirit. Half Broke Horses is Laura Ingalls Wilder for adults, as riveting and dramatic as Isak Dinesen...

  • Brand: Unknown

Horse Training In-Hand: A Modern Guide to Working from the Ground

Horse Training In-Hand: A Modern Guide to Working

Working the horse from the ground—schooling "in-hand" as it has been known for centuries—has long been an integral part of classical horse training. Now, this gorgeously illustrated book explains in clear, step-by-step lessons how the modern-day horse owner can incorporate classical groundwork in her daily interactions with her equine partner—to both their benefit and enjoyment.Whether schooling green or young horses; retraining problem horses or those with poor foundations; warming-up advanced mounts prior to workouts; confirming lateral movements on the ground before attempting them on horseback; or supplementing everyday under-saddle exercises, work in-hand provides a wonderful way to advance the horse's education, as well as the standard of communication between horse and handler. Its gradual progression of work on the longe, double-longe, long lines, short reins, and long reins is the perfect addition to the training program that has grown a little stale or boring; the manageable solution to countless problems that commonly arise in daily work with horses; and by definition, an equestrian art form unto itself.With over 100 color photographs—including many detailed series shots—to demonstrate correct body positioning, and meticulously hand-drawn illustrations to gui...

  • Brand: Trafalgar Square Publishing
  • ASIN: 1570764093
  • UPC: 884391181186

How to Think Like A Horse: The Essential Handbook for Understanding Why Horses Do What They Do

How to Think Like A Horse: The Essential

In this fascinating best seller, Cherry Hill explores the way horses think and how it affects their behavior. Explaining why certain smells and sounds appeal to your horse’s sensibility and what sets off his sudden movements, Hill stresses how recognizing the thought processes behind your horse’s actions can help you communicate effectively and develop a trusting relationship based on mutual respect.

  • Brand: Storey Publishing, LLC
  • ASIN: 1580178359
  • UPC: 037038178357

If I Ran the Horse Show: All About Horses (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library)

If I Ran the Horse Show: All About

Calling all young equestrians and Cat (in the Hat) fanciers! In this latest installment of the Cat in the Hat's Learning Library, the Cat introduces Sally and Nick—and beginning readers—to all things horsey. At his Super-Tremendous-Stupendous Horse Show, the Cat explains how horses and people have worked together since ancient times; the difference between fillies, foals, yearlings, mares, colts, dams, sires, and stallions; horse anatomy from nose to tail; the work of a farrier, Western vs English riding; and much, much more—including fun facts about 13 of the most popular horse breeds! Fans of the new PBS Kids preschool science show the Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! (which is based on The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library) will whinny with glee over this new addition to the series!

  • ASIN: 0375866833

Monty Roberts Official Dually Training Halter X-Small/Pony/Weanling (with Free DVD)

Monty Roberts Official Dually Training Halter X-Small/Pony/Weanling (with

OFFICIAL Monty's Extra Small Dually Training Halter, for Ponies and Weanlings, effectively rewards horses for acting in partnership with the handler. The patented method creates a twist that the horse learns to come up off of. Whether you are asking to come forward or back up, this useful training aid will help get the most out of your work when leading, loading, long-lining, as a bit-less bridle and more. A 'How-To-Use-It' DVD is included free. The Dually can be used as either a standard halter OR as a training aid. The adjustable double noseband has left and right side high quality brass rings with hardware designed to breakaway under extreme pressure. The double stitched nylon is for maximum durability. SIZING MATTERS: Pony size fits small-medium ponies and weanlings of most horse breeds. For other sizes, see our Dually Halter in Mini (purple) Small (red), Medium (black), Large (blue). The Dually color is according to size. Green Dually Measurements are Nose- Minimum 19 in (48,3 cm) Maximum 24.5 in (62,2 cm) Head- Minimum 25 in (63,5 cm), Maximum 34 in (86,4 cm) Cheek- From Ring - Ring 6 in (15,2 cm)

  • Color: Hunter Green
  • Brand: Monty Roberts
  • UPC: 030955610313

Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior: From Seeds to Swords (Book 2 8-Bit Warrior series): An Unofficial Minecraft Adventure

Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior: From Seeds to

THESE ARE THE REAL BOOKS BY CUBE KID! DIARY OF AN 8-BIT WARRIOR: FROM SEEDS TO SWORDS ​WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AS WIMPY VILLAGER KINDLES 5-8.Pet slimes. A potion brew-off. A creepy forest that no one will explain. What’s a twelve-year-old warrior-in-training to do? As Runt and his friends continue their battle preparation, they face their biggest challenges yet—and it’s not just those zombies decked out in body armor (which is really weird, by the way). Runt’s got a brand new nemesis who will stop at nothing to claim the top spot in the warrior competition at school. And, to make matters worse, there’s a strange girl following him around wherever he goes. But old enemies will become new allies as the town rallies to save the school from a series of mysterious mob attacks. Can Runt and his friends take down the biggest, baddest boss mob yet? The adventures continue in this second installment of the unofficial Minecraft diary series by Cube Kid.

  • ASIN: B01FET082Q

Basic Training of the Young Horse: Dressage, Jumping, Cross-country

Basic Training of the Young Horse: Dressage, Jumping,

This new edition of the highly regarded international bestseller illustrates the correct way to establish a sound, versatile training foundation in a young horse. Reiner Klimke's self-trained horses went on to achieve success at the highest levels in several disciplines, many of them becoming World Champions. Here, based on his extensive experience, he advises the reader on the early education of the foal, longeing and freework, progressive training under saddle, and eventual preparation for competition. Now enhanced with all new color photos and helpful tips from his daughter, Ingrid — a respected rider and competitor in her own right — is poised to again become the modern standard on horse training.

  • ASIN: 1570767602

Schleich Pony Agility Training

Schleich Pony Agility

Schleich figurines encourage children to play and learn at the same time. During agility training, The ponies playfully familiarize themselves with a variety of obstacles.

  • Brand: Schleich
  • ASIN: B07G9ZW779

Handcraft Little Girls' My Little Pony Panty (Pack of 7), Multi, 4

Handcraft Little Girls' My Little Pony

My Little Pony panty 7 piece

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: Handcraft
  • UPC: 045299007323

The Scales of Training Workbook for Dressage and Jumping: Understanding the Scales of Training and Applying Them in Daily Schooling

The Scales of Training Workbook for Dressage and

The "scales of training" are the components of a progressive training system that has evolved from the teaching of the great riding masters of Italy, France, and Germany. The scales apply to the basic schooling of every horse, whether the rider wishes to concentrate on dressage, jumping, or eventing, and provide an essential foundation for the horse's physical and mental development. If the scales are not observed at novice level, then it is unlikely that horse and rider will progress to advanced levels or be able to maintain a consistent level of performance. In this illustrated workbook Claire Lilley explains how to use the scales when schooling and jumping at home. She describes the principles of each training scale and includes in each section a number of exercises designed to improve performance, with notes on what to look for, training tips, and solutions to common mistakes and misunderstandings.

  • Brand: Brand: JA Allen
  • ASIN: 085131970X

The Expats: A Novel

The Expats: A

  • ASIN: B005NKGEP2

Orajel My Little Pony Fluoride-Fee Training Toothpaste, 1.5 Oz

Orajel My Little Pony Fluoride-Fee Training Toothpaste, 1.5

Getting your little one to brush their teeth isn't always easy. My Little Pony Training Toothpaste is the perfect way to make brushing fun. It turns something they need to do into something that they want to do.

  • Color: no color
  • Brand: Orajel
  • UPC: 310310324636

Modifications: Mane and Tail

Modifications: Mane and

Eric Martin is a successful businessman, but he’s lonely, he’s stressed, and there’s something missing from his life. At least that is, until he meets Daryus at a conference. Daryus promises he can offer Eric all his fantasies come true. A second meeting at a bar one night, leads Eric through a door into a world where he suddenly finds himself as the ‘pony’ of groom Soren.Soren is a groom of human ponies who is working off his debt to a demon by training men in pony play. He enjoys his work a lot and one day hopes to have a pony of his own as a reward for all the good work he’s done and to celebrate the payment of his debt. When Eric appears in his stall, Soren believes that day has finally come.Eric can’t believe the stables he finds himself in are real. His pony fantasies are just that – fantasies. Not only that, he’s never shared them with anyone, so how could Daryus have known? Between Eric’s confusion and lack of experience, Soren has his work cut out not only training Eric, but convincing him that this is real and that Eric doesn’t ever need to go back to his old world. With a little demon magic and a lot of care, Eric and Soren just might find everything they need to be both happy and together.

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