Peyote Stitch Companion

Peyote Stitch

Everything you need to know about peyote stitch in the palm of your hand! Dive in to peyote stitch with this essential reference guide from bead designer, author, and former Beadwork magazine Editor Melinda Barta. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn peyote stitch or a seasoned beader looking for expert advice, you're sure to improve your skills as you explore expert tips and helpful hints within the pages of The Peyote Stitch Companion. This handy beading companion covers everything from the basics of peyote stitch to fun variations, troubleshooting, and more. Plus, learn how to peyote stitch with two-hole SuperDuos, bricks, and other new shaped beads. With more than 165 illustrations along with easy-to-follow instructions from Melinda, you're sure to become a peyote stitch pro! You'll learn to:Overcome frustrations of the first few stitches with tips on how to hold your beadwork.Troubleshoot problem areas with helpful hints for proper thread tension, what to do when you miss a stitch, break a bead, or need to make a bead substitution.Spend more time beading when you learn how to join new thread directly to old thread.Explore fun variations including two-needle peyote stitch, odd-count peyote stitch variations, and diagonal peyote stitch.

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Fast Peyote Stitch Jewelry

Fast Peyote Stitch

In this book, designer Josie Fabre shares several techniques that allow for much quicker creation of the Peyote stitch. While this stitch is often the first stitch learned by beginning stitchers, it is extremely time-consuming. She simplifies the process with her detailed instructions and original, multi-drop, flat peyote patterns. Keeping beginners in mind, the book has 25+ beautiful projects designed with a minimum of colors, making the patterns easier to follow and faster to create.Her inspired bracelet patterns range from the traditional wide to slim width, some include clean edging, some are finished with a stitched toggle clasp, and others use a double clasp. While bracelets are the main jewelry piece created in peyote stitch, Josie has also added necklaces and earrings to her mix in this book.

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Mastering Peyote Stitch: 15 Inspiring Projects

Mastering Peyote Stitch: 15 Inspiring

With interest in beadweaving on the rise, Mastering Peyote Stitch provides a much-needed look into the most integral technique--peyote stitch. With 15 styles in all, beading geniuses will finally have an accessible, easy-to-understand guide to one of the fundamentals of beadweaving, brought to you courtesy of Beadwork Editor Melinda Barta.In the "Peyote Basics" chapter, you will learn the basics of creating flat peyote bands, then advance to circular and tubular variations, eventually learning to fashion dimensional jewelry pieces. Once you've mastered the basics, Melinda dives into designing dimensional jewelry pieces. Additional chapters cover combining peyote with other popular beadweaving techniques (right-angle weave, herringbone, and bead embroidery) and creating unique edgings and embellishments for finished pieces. Melinda, together with Beadwork's Designers of the Year, including Jean Campbell, Lisa Kan, Carole Ohl, Melanie Potter, Jean Power, Cynthia Rutledge, and Sherry Serafini, demonstrates a range of styles in 15 beautiful jewelry projects.

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The Big Book of Beading Patterns: For Peyote Stitch, Square Stitch, Brick Stitch, and Loomwork Designs

The Big Book of Beading Patterns: For Peyote

The Big Book of Beading Patterns is the go-to compendium of patterns for all types of stitchers. Many pattern books focus solely on loomwork, but this book also includes popular stitches like peyote, brick, and square stitch in addition to loomwork. The gorgeous patterns here can be used to make beaded bracelets, amulets, tapestries, and more. Patterns are divided into chapters by topics like animals, flowers, holidays, and more. The best of Bead&Button’s patterns are showcased in this exciting compilation.

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Stitch Workshop: Peyote Stitch: Basic Techniques, Advanced Results

Stitch Workshop: Peyote Stitch: Basic Techniques, Advanced

This book is the first in our Stitch Workshop series. This book will concentrate solely on peyote stitch, explaining the basics of that stitch in detail and supplying plenty of projects for beaders to practice with. With 28 peyote stitch projects organized from beginner to advanced, this book has a wide audience for those who are just learning the stitch and those who are looking for more project ideas. All of the projects in this book are from Bead&Button magazine.

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Peyote Stitch: Beading Projects

Peyote Stitch: Beading

Beginning with a simple lariat made with a flat strip of peyote, Peyote Stitch Beading Projects includes projects and techniques for beaders of all levels, even absolute beginners. With more than 25 of the best peyote projects from Bead&Button magazine, this book has something for every taste. Step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and photos guide readers through a wide variety of peyote techniques, including 2- and 3-drop, ruffled, and spiral peyote. Directions for bracelets, necklaces, pins, purses, and home decor objects fill this inspiring volume.

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Flowers in Free-Form Peyote Stitch

Flowers in Free-Form Peyote

Did you ever want to make a necklace with all the flowers, like the ones you see in the magazines, but didn't know how? Here is your chance to learn. This book takes you step by step through the process of making beautiful flowers in peyote stitch using just a needle and thread, no wire involved. All steps are fully illustrated with diagrams and full color photos. A refresher is given on traditional peyote stitch, however the designs can also be worked in two-needle peyote stitch or brick stitch if you prefer. Patterns include a Fuchsia, Rose Bud, Delphinium, Daffodil, Pansy, Wild Rose, Dogwood, Cattleya Orchid, Oriental Lily, and Hibiscus, plus two leaf patterns. The backs of the flowers are relatively flat so that they can be used in many applications including wearable art and decor. All the flowers in the book are original patterns not previously published elsewhere. They are not generated by computer software. The patterns are approximately life size and are designed for size 11/0 rocailles (round seed beads) with a few 15/0 rocailles added to get the correct curves and shaping. They could also be made in larger or smaller sizes by using 8/0 or 15/0 rocailles. The designs strive for as much realism as possible given the limitations of working with size 11/0 rocailles! Patter...

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3-D Butterfly Patterns in Peyote Stitch

3-D Butterfly Patterns in Peyote

The butterfly patterns in this book are three dimensional with the wings overlapping and the body raised on the front side. They are flat on the back, allowing them to be used in a variety of applications such as framing, adding a pin back, or adding a hairclip finding. They can also be used for jewelry embellishment, appliques on fabric, or hung as ornaments. The symmetrical freeform shaped designs require the use of odd-count peyote stitch, increases and decreases. This book is not intended to teach peyote stitch to the beginner, however the first chapter does include detailed information on odd-count, increasing, and decreasing techniques in peyote stitch as well as general information on materials used and instructions for the raised body and antennae. Each chapter also gives detailed directions on completing the wing sections with minimal increases. Butterfly patterns in the book include the Red Admiral, the Black Swallowtail, the Ruby Lacewing, the Janetta Forester, the Small Tortoiseshell, the Buckeye, the Purple Spotted Swallowtail, the Danube Clouded Yellow, and the Corinna Daggertail.

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Peyote Stitch - Basics and Beyond

Peyote Stitch - Basics and

Master flat, circular, and tubular peyote basics and learn how to step them up a notch with advanced variations and embellishments to add texture, trim, and more!

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Spirit of the West: Amulet Bags in Peyote Stitch

Spirit of the West: Amulet Bags in Peyote

Spirit of the West is a pattern book of images to create in Peyote Stitch or Brick Stitch. There are nine patterns including a gray wolf, a horse at sunset, a coyote, the sunset over the mountains, a brown bear, a bald eagle, a horse kachina, a bobcat, and a squirrel. Each pattern is presented with both a lettered chart of the image and a word chart. The lettered chart is easier to read than a chart with symbols and can be used as a guide for Brick Stitch. The word chart lays out the bead pattern one row at a time for Peyote Stitch, which is much easier than following the chart. An introductory chapter also includes instructions in traditional peyote stitch, selecting beads, colors, and threads, assembling an amulet bag, and adding fringe and a strap. The final page of the book also lists some suggestions on what to do with your beadwork if you do not want to make an amulet bag. This book is the part of a series of pattern books for Peyote Stitch. Watch for more books coming soon.

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