Heal Pelvic Pain: The Proven Stretching, Strengthening, and Nutrition Program for Relieving Pain, Incontinence,& I.B.S, and Other Symptoms Without Surgery

Heal Pelvic Pain: The Proven Stretching, Strengthening, and

Bronze Medal Winner of a 2009 National Health Information Award Stop your pelvic pain . . . naturally! If you suffer from an agonizing and emotionally stressful pelvic floor disorder, including pelvic pain, irritable bowel syndrome, endometriosis, prostatitis, incontinence, or discomfort during sex, urination, or bowel movements, it's time to alleviate your symptoms and start healing--without drugs or surgery. Natural cures, in the form of exercise, nutrition, massage, and self-care therapy, focus on the underlying cause of your pain, heal your condition, and stop your pain forever. The life-changing plan in this book gets to the root of your disorder with: A stretching, muscle-strengthening, and massage program you can do at home Guidelines on foods that will ease your discomfort Suggestions for stress- and pain-reducing home spa treatments Exercises for building core strength and enhancing sexual pleasure

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Restoring The Pelvic Floor: How Kegel Exercises, Vaginal Training, And Relaxation, Solve Incontinence, Constipation, And Heal Pelvic Pain To Avoid Surgery

Restoring The Pelvic Floor: How Kegel Exercises, Vaginal

This book is for any woman who has avoided the trampoline or yoga class for fear of leaking. If you’ve had pelvic pain, constipation, or urinary frequency, this book is also for you. Learn how to manage conditions related to the pelvic floor, bladder, uterus, and bowel from a certified pelvic floor physical therapist. With a tasteful sense of humor, Dr. Olson explains how to cure urinary incontinence using Kegels, which foods and drinks to avoid for urinary urgency, how to manage constipation, how breathing and basic exercises can help with pelvic pain, and which exercises are most beneficial to women’s health.

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Evidence-Based Physical Therapy for the Pelvic Floor: Bridging Science and Clinical Practice

Evidence-Based Physical Therapy for the Pelvic Floor: Bridging

Bridging the gap between evidence-based research and clinical practice, Physical Therapy for the Pelvic Floor has become an invaluable resource to practitioners treating patients with disorders of the pelvic floor. The second edition is now presented in a full colour, hardback format, encompassing the wealth of new research in this area which has emerged in recent years. Kari Bø and her team focus on the evidence, from basic studies (theories or rationales for treatment) and RCTs (appraisal of effectiveness) to the implications of these for clinical practice, while also covering pelvic floor dysfunction in specific groups, including men, children, elite athletes, the elderly, pregnant women and those with neurological diseases. Crucially, recommendations on how to start, continue and progress treatment are also given with detailed treatment strategies around pelvic floor muscle training, biofeedback and electrical stimulation.  "..a comprehensive review of every aspect of this area including female, male and childhood issues, incontinence, prolapse, pain and sexual dysfunction." Reviewed by Beatrice McGinley on behalf of Physiotherapy Practice and Research, October 2015aligns scientific research with clinical practice detailed treatment strategies innovative practice guidelin...

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Your Pelvic Health Book: A Guide to Pelvic Floor Awareness, Bladder Health, Bowel Health, Sexual Health, and Changes throughout Your Lifetime for ... Uterus (Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Series)

Your Pelvic Health Book: A Guide to Pelvic

Your Pelvic Health Book is a guide to better understanding your pelvic floor, bladder, bowel, and sexual health, as well as changes that can occur during menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. This book contains tips for people with vaginas and/or uteruses through various ages and stages. This book is written by a pelvic floor physical therapist, Jen Torborg, who has a passion for sharing conversational-style general pelvic health tips.Topics include:Anatomy and physiology of the bladder, bowel, and sexual/reproductive systems as it pertains to vaginas and uteruses.The pelvic floor: why it is important, and how to contract, relax, and lengthen the pelvic floor muscles to your advantage, how the pelvic floor is coordinated to your breathing, posture and movement patterns.How product choices can affect your pelvic health.Bladder health: healthy bladder habits and how to treat urinary frequency, urgency, and leakage.Bowel health: healthy bowel movement patterns and how to address bowel dysfunctions (such as pain, constipation, IBS, gas or fecal incontinence)Sexual health: safe and healthy sex experiences and how to treat unwanted pain with sexThe physiology behind menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause, and the difference between normal changes and treatable symptomsHow physical th...

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Pelvic Liberation: Using Yoga, Self-Inquiry, and Breath Awareness for Pelvic Health

Pelvic Liberation: Using Yoga, Self-Inquiry, and Breath Awareness

Pelvic Liberation includes detailed explanations of key yoga postures and breathing practices designed to awaken and heal the female pelvis, a system that Leslie calls Pelvic Floor Yoga. In addition to explaining practical yoga techniques that will heal body and mind, Pelvic Liberation will take you through eye-opening reflections to help you overcome cultural and historical influences that have impaired every woman's health. Leslie brings thoughtfulness, a dash of humor, and a therapeutic focus to a subject that can be difficult and overwhelming. This book is a shout-out to normalize the conversation about pelvic health and improve a woman's knowledge and awareness of her pelvis. Every woman, yoga instructor, and women's health professional will benefit from this richly informative book.

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Your Best Body after Baby: A Postpartum Guide to Exercise, Sex, and Pelvic Floor Recovery (Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Series: Book 2) (Volume 2)

Your Best Body after Baby: A Postpartum Guide

Pregnant or postpartum and wanting to optimize your healing and recovery after baby? Want to return to exercise without pain or leakage? Want to return to sex pain free? This book aims to empower you with healthy ways to return to exercise, sex, and other tasks encountered by new moms. This book is written from a pelvic floor physical therapy standpoint. This book covers diaphragm breathing, pelvic floor exercises, posture and more. This postnatal book is a quick, easy read for my postpartum mamas out there wanting to develop some healthy habits in their recovery after childbirth. You’ll find plenty of options and variations to tailor your specific goals. There are practical and easy-to-implement ideas that will empower you in your postpartum body. This book was written to give you insight into what people mean when they say just listen to your body. It’s meant to give you a way to listen to that voice and know how to modify or ask for help during the fourth trimester.Your body was meant to do this! The tips provided in this book will allow you to embrace this time after pregnancy and connect with your body in a healthy and inspiring way. Pelvic floor physical therapist, Jen Torborg, PT, DPT shares pregnancy tips based on research and insights from clinical experience. You ca...

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Pelvic Yoga: An Integrated Program of Pelvic Floor Exercise to Overcome Incontinence and Support Overall Pelvic Floor Health

Pelvic Yoga: An Integrated Program of Pelvic Floor

Pelvic Yoga facilitates optimum health of the urinary and reproductive systems by strengthening the pelvic floor. The focus is on preventing urinary incontinence, enhancing sexuality, and maintaining pelvic health. Men and women of all ages will benefit from a preventative program of pelvic exercises.For women who are pre- and post-pregnancy or pre- and post-menopause, the program is essential to overcome natural weakening of the pelvic floor caused by weight gain, stretching of pelvic muscles during pregnancy and delivery, and/or hormonal changes.Because male incontinence does occur, men will also benefit from Pelvic Yoga.Pelvic Yoga integrates pelvic floor exercises into a yoga practice designed to strengthen, tone, and increase flexibility in the muscles of the pelvis, abdomen, lower back, hips, and thighs. Pelvic floor exercises are a vital component of any health program and are particularly important to support reproductive and sexual well-being. "Kimberlee gives a refreshingly human and down-to-earth presentation of some of the more subtle and complex aspects of yoga. Through her book, one may discover true applications of these ancient methods within modern times."David SwensonAshtanga Yoga Productions"As a psychologist interested in a holistic approach to health and well...

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Pelvic Pain: The Ultimate Cock Block

Pelvic Pain: The Ultimate Cock

*A no bullsh*t guide to help you navigate through pelvic pain.*You woke up one morning expecting a hard on, but instead, all you felt was dick pain. You’re thinking maybe it was a weird sex position or that sports injury from the other day. ‘‘No biggie, it’ll go away,’’ you think to yourself. Or maybe you have no clue how this happened but you were sure it would eventually go away. Now you’re not so sure... Years later, you’re still dealing with the same nightmare and have no answers. Like Bill Murray in the Groundhog Day movie, same sh*t, different day. You’ve tried everything but the medications haven’t worked and the doctors don’t know what else to do. Your penis just doesn’t work the same anymore. You think about it all the time, freaked out that there’s something else more serious going on that the docs just haven’t found yet. That’s why Dr. Susie Gronski wrote Pelvic Pain: The Ultimate Cock Block. In this book, you’ll work through why you might be convinced your penis just doesn’t work the same anymore, learn to stop freaking out that there’s something more serious going on and ease into physical therapies that can help you get your life back. Pelvic Pain: The Ultimate Cock Block has been written to empower YOU to become the EXPERT in tre...

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Pelvic Pain Explained: What You Need to Know

Pelvic Pain Explained: What You Need to

At its heart, Pelvic Pain Explained is the story of how patients develop pelvic pain, the challenges patients and providers face throughout the diagnosis and treatment process, the difficult task of sifting through the different available treatment options, and the impact that an “invisible” condition has on a patient’s life and relationships, and much more. Those who develop pelvic pain find the path to proper diagnosis and treatment frustrating and unsuccessful, oftentimes because they are trying to work within the model of recovery they are used to; one in which they go to the doctor, maybe take some tests and then get a very specific diagnosis that dictates a very specific mode of treatment. This simply is not the path to healing from pelvic pain. Pelvic pain is a health issue that crosses the borders between medical disciplines and requires the patient to be a proactive participant in the healing process. Here, Stephanie Prendergast and Elizabeth Rummer offer readers guidance on navigating a pelvic pain diagnosis and treatment, helping them to better understand their pain from a physiological perspective as well as how to digest the current treatment options available and put them on the path to healing. Providers, too, will gain a better understanding of the effective...

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A Woman's Guide to Pelvic Health: Expert Advice for Women of All Ages (A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book)

A Woman's Guide to Pelvic Health: Expert Advice

In A Woman’s Guide to Pelvic Health a urologist and a physical therapist offer expert and reassuring advice to women. For example, one of every four women suffers from urinary incontinence, the involuntary leakage of urine. Elizabeth E. Houser and Stephanie Riley Hahn want these women to know that they do not have to cope in silence with this embarrassing problem, limit their lifestyle, or spend thousands of dollars on adult diapers.Symptoms involving the pelvic floor, including urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and decreased sexual sensation, can occur at any age. A wide range of treatments, such as targeted exercises, nutrition, and acupuncture, as well as medications and surgical approaches, can bring relief. Case studies and illustrations help readers explore the cause of their own symptoms and how treatments work. A Woman's Guide to Pelvic Health encourages women to address their pelvic floor issues and reclaim their lives.

  • ASIN: 1421406926

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: A Multidisciplinary

This book provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive aspects of evaluation and therapy of female pelvic floor dysfunction. It is edited by well-known international surgeons with clinical practices within one tertiary referral institution, the Pelvic Floor Center at Cleveland Clinic Florida in Weston (Fort Lauderdale), Florida which serves as a National and International referral center for women with symptomatic pelvic floor problems. Recognized worldwide for its excellence, Cleveland Clinic departments of Gynecology, Urology, and Colorectal Surgery have combined their expertise in producing this text. Focused on urinary incontinence & other voiding dysfunctions, fecal incontinence & other distal gastroenterologic problems, genital and rectal prolapse, & other recognized pelvic floor problems, the book should be of great interest to the practicing Gynecologist/Urogynecologist, Urologist, and Colorectal Surgeon as well as Sexual Dysfunction specialist, Gastroenterologist and Physical Therapist.

  • Brand: Brand: Springer London
  • ASIN: 1852337303

The Pelvic Floor Lowdown: An Expert Physical Therapist's Guide on Getting Control of Your Bladder, Relieving Pain and Living the Life You Love

The Pelvic Floor Lowdown: An Expert Physical Therapist's

Do you love exercising but are limited by a bladder that leaks?Do you know where every restroom is on your daily commute?Are you avoiding sex due to pain, or just bearing through it, wondering where all the fun went?Have you been told that you have vulvodynia, vestibulitis, pudendal neuralgia or a "tight pelvic floor," and are just wondering what's REALLY going on?Millions of women struggle needlessly with pelvic floor dysfunction causing bladder urgency, urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and pelvic pain that interferes with sexual function and other daily activities. The topic of women’s pelvic health still suffers from taboo and stigma, making good information and real solutions hard to come by. Drawing on 13 years of experience as a pelvic health physical therapy specialist, Debbie Cohen now lifts the veil of mystery and confusion surrounding these common ailments. Showing that these conditions are more than a nuisance and should not be ignored, Debbie connects women with the answers they need to get back to living the life they love, and maintain vibrant pelvic health well into their later years.Inside you’ll find out:•How to know whether or not you have pelvic floor dysfunction.•Why doing more Kegels may not be the answer – and could be making matters wo...

  • ASIN: 1091829012

Get the Pelvic Floor Back in Action: A Physical Therapist's Insight into Rehabilitating Pelvic Dysfunction

Get the Pelvic Floor Back in Action: A

From pelvic pain to incontinence, sciatica to scoliosis, prolapse to painful intercourse, the pelvic floor is a key player in recovery. Weakness and tension in the muscles of the pelvic region are often overlooked as the culprits of many debilitating conditions. And, even when the pelvic floor is deemed responsible for ailments, rehabilitation is often bypassed for surgery or medication. But, there is an active means of rehabilitating and managing conditions stemming from the pelvic region with a physical therapist's guidance. This book aims to provide pelvic floor exercises and relaxation techniques that can assist in overcoming the leakage and overly frequent trips to the restroom associated with incontinence, and the pain and inability to fully empty the bladder due to excessive pelvic floor muscle tension. The exercises and other self help tips can also help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles during and after pregnancy, and after child birth! The techniques aim to help people learn about and gain control of the pelvic floor and remedy some of the causes of the problems. This guidance has truly restored patients' abilities to "live". Truly a book written for all audiences with case "stories" and education segments ranging from broad overviews to minute details, 'Get the Pelvi...

  • ASIN: 0996702113

Fitness for the Pelvic Floor

Fitness for the Pelvic

Easy-to-use, effective exercises for treating pelvic floor dysfunctions!Incontinence affects four out of 10 women, about one out of 10 men, and about 17% of children below age 15. The most common reason for admitting a family member to a nursing home is the family's inability to cope with incontinence. It is estimated that in the US incontinence costs 26 billion dollars a year.While it is common to exercise many parts of the body to stay fit, very little attention is paid to exercising the pelvic floor. Many exercises exist for the general fitness of the body, strengthening of the arms and legs and the abdominal and back muscles. Finding fun exercises for the pelvic floor involves searching through a great deal of literature; finding exercises suitable for men, women, and children that are fun and effective appears to be impossible.This book should provide therapists with treatment ideas and encourage patients to ask for help. It focuses on exercises and discusses other treatment options.

  • Brand: Ball Dynamics
  • ASIN: 3131305312

Female Kegel Exercise Handbook: Full Guide on Everything You Need to Know About How to Use Female Kegel Exercise to Revive Female Sexual & Urinary Health, Plus Female Pelvic Floor Muscles & Lots More

Female Kegel Exercise Handbook: Full Guide on Everything

Female Kegel Exercise Handbook: Full Guide on Everything You Need to Know About How to Use Female Kegel Exercise to Revive Female Sexual & Urinary Health, Plus the Female Pelvic Floor Muscles & Lots MoreLooking for a physical therapy treatment, like FEMALE KEGEL EXERCISE, to help you conquer all the worries or challenges of the female pelvic floor muscle pains or dysfunction? Do you know that large number of women folk face challenges related to pelvic floor muscle pain or dysfunction but don't know how to go about it?In this breath-taking guide, you will be conveniently shown and directed on how you can carry out the female kegel exercise or pelvic floor muscle training quickly and efficiently. It is a great instruction guide for bowel movement posture and proper bearing down techniques and the body scanning instructions, huge help to those suffer from severe pain and frequent bathroom runs or for frequent urinators. Besides, it is an important book especially for those who have gone through childbirth or those who are pregnant. And it is a huge reality for a lot of women, since this book handles the female kegel exercise with grace, and humor, and a sensitivity that makes you feel like you're having a conversation with your best friend. Again, you be shown how to use female keg...

  • ASIN: 1074683080

Pelvic Power: Mind/Body Exercises for Strength, Flexibility, Posture, and Balance for Men and Women

Pelvic Power: Mind/Body Exercises for Strength, Flexibility, Posture,

Combining scientific principles with movement and imagery exercises that are both effective and fun, this book demonstrates how to create a stronger body by toning the pelvic floor. Focusing on the biomechanics of the pelvic floor, which acts as a support for the inner organs and contains a passage for the urethra, the sex organs, and the rectum, this guide shows how the pelvic floor plays an important role in almost all movements, balance, and body posture. The exercises train the muscles and joints and improve the tone of the organs, thereby increasing energy flow, eliminating incontinence, and keeping sexual organs healthy. The mind-body techniques are used to increase awareness of this part of the body and to improve sexual stamina.

  • Brand: Elysian Editions
  • ASIN: 0871272598

Your Best Pregnancy Ever: 9 Healthy Habits to Empower You in Pregnancy, Birth, and Recovery (Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Series: Pregnancy Book)

Your Best Pregnancy Ever: 9 Healthy Habits to

Pregnant and looking to optimize your experience? Wondering what you can do to improve your outcomes during birth and recovery? Longing for more than 2 to 3 sentences on pelvic floor exercises? There’s a full chapter! Find out what this pelvic floor physical therapist wants you to know to have your best pregnancy ever. Are you hoping to get practical, easy-to-implement ideas that make you feel empowered about yourself during this time?If you answered YES to these questions, then you would benefit from this book.Whether this is your first pregnancy or your fifth, this pregnancy book aims to empower you with healthy habits from a pelvic floor physical therapy standpoint.Sure, there are already pregnancy books out there that are filled with every possible detail you may want to know, but not everyone has time for that. Oftentimes those thick books get put off. This book is different from the others.This pregnancy book is a quick, easy read for my pregnant mamas out there wanting to start developing some healthy habits right now. You’ll find plenty of options and variations for you to make these habits your own. This book was written to give you insight into what people mean when they say just listen to your body. It’s meant to give you a way to listen to that voice and know ho...

  • ASIN: B07DK1M2FJ

KEGEL EXERCISES FOR WOMEN: Solution to Urinary Incontinence, Better Sex Life and Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles

KEGEL EXERCISES FOR WOMEN: Solution to Urinary Incontinence,

KEGEL EXERCISES FOR WOMEN Solution to Urinary Incontinence, Better Sex Life and Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles Kegel exercise is a very important exercise for women because it enables us to develop a healthy pelvic floor muscles. The Kegel practices have been popular over the couple of years due to is great benefit. Healthy pelvic floor muscles are something that any lady should go for in her life. Tragically, these muscles are the least exercise.This book provides knowledge on how kegel exercises strengthen pelvic floor muscles and strengthen the vaginal thereby leading to greater sexual activities. It provides knowledge on how kegel exercise help to lessen pelvic organ prolapsed. It also explain how to carryout kegel exercise.Get The Book Now

  • ASIN: 1797655337

Ending Male Pelvic Pain, A Man's Manual: The Ultimate Self-Help Guide for Men Suffering with Prostatitis, Recovering from Prostatectomy, or Living with Pelvic or Sexual Pain

Ending Male Pelvic Pain, A Man's Manual: The

Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS, Physiotherapist and men’s pelvic health expert, has written the ultimate self-help guide for men suffering from pelvic pain, sexual pain, or recovering from prostatectomy surgery. In this unique book, Ms. Herrera delivers the goods, sharing her trade secrets with you, putting you on the right track towards a pain-free lifestyle. This manual will teach you how to see and treat your pelvic floor muscles in a different way opening the door to health and well-being. Ending Male Pelvic Pain will awaken the healer within you, putting you on the road to a fast recovery. Ms. Herrera does not hold back, instead she empowers you with the knowledge you need to defeat your pain. The large selection of techniques in this book are based on Ms. Herrera’s real-life experience in treating men at her NYC based pelvic rehab healing center, Renew Physical Therapy. This multi-keyed book fuses yoga, Pilates, internal massage, visualizations, trigger point therapy, and self-care tools, ensuring that there is something for every man who has suffered long enough with pelvic pain, testicular pain, penile pain, and conditions relating to urinary leaking. In this book Ms. Herrera shows you how she helped countless men get on a path to self healing, ultimately breaking the cycle ...

  • ASIN: 1492204420

The Interstitial Cystitis Solution: A Holistic Plan for Healing Painful Symptoms, Resolving Bladder and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, and Taking Back Your Life

The Interstitial Cystitis Solution: A Holistic Plan for

Take Control of Your Interstitial Cystitis Treatment with this Comprehensive Guide!Interstitial cystitis (IC), also called painful bladder syndrome, is a complex bladder pain condition that can be confusing, frustrating, and debilitating. Successful treatment requires a multidisciplinary approach that often features a combination of medication, physical therapy, dietary and lifestyle changes, alternative medicine, and more.The Interstitial Cystitis Solution has all the information you need, all in one place. It provides scientific reviews and evaluations of potential treatments, along with a helpful treatment plan tailored to your specific symptoms and lifestyle. The information is presented in an accessible way, with real-life examples from the author, who has treated hundreds of patients who have found relief from their symptoms with the holistic treatment plan outlined in this book. This comprehensive guide allows you to take control of your healing and will restore sanity to the insane world of conflicting diagnoses, treatments, and advice.

  • Brand: Fair Winds Press MA
  • ASIN: 1592337376
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