Paul Chen 2061 Practical Wakizashi with Simulated Rayskin Handles

Paul Chen 2061 Practical Wakizashi with Simulated Rayskin

Paul Chen Practical Wakizashi. 28" overall. Sharpened 20" forged and differentially tempered carbon steel blade with authentic temper line. Simulated rayskin handle with black cord wrap. Black coated cast metal tsuba. Wooden scabbard with black lacquered finish. Cloth storage sleeve. Blade Material: Carbon Steel Handle Material: Cord Wrap MADE IN CHINA.

  • Brand:  Paul Chen
  • ASIN: B004H65C3I
  • UPC: 000000042321

CAS Hanwei Raptor Tanto

CAS Hanwei Raptor

While the wakizashi and tanto of the Raptor Series provide matching pieces for any of the Raptor katanas, they are in their own right designed as very effective cutting tools. Made in the blade style of James Williams' personal nami ryu swords, these pieces will allow the cutting practitioner to perfect techniques for each of the three weapons, at the same time as they complete an impressive display. Overall: 16 1/2" blade length: 10 3/4" handle length: 4 1/2" weight: 13 oz blade steel: 5160

  • Color: black
  • Brand: CAS Hanwei
  • ASIN: B0037V28RW
  • UPC: 615642010869

CAS Hanwei SH2472 Hunter L6/Bainite Wakizashi

CAS Hanwei SH2472 Hunter L6/Bainite

The Hunter wakizashi is built on the hanwei L6/bainite blade in the shonogi zukuri style, and featuring superb koshirae, the Hunter is a very desirable and functional piece. The subdued green silk ito and green striped lacquered saya with green silk sageo compliment the blackened tsuba with golden accents, featuring a Raptor Stalking his next prey. Bainite is a structure of high-carbon steel that combines great strength with excellent flexibility and shock Absorption characteristics. It has been known as an exemplary Katana blade component for a number of years but its use has been restricted to a few top-class master smiths, due to the difficulties involved in performing the exacting heat treatment procedures necessary for the production of a bainite blade body in combination with the very hard martensite yakiba (edge section) required for Katana blades. Hanwei has now mastered this difficult process, using billets of l-6 tool steel (a very tough high-carbon low-alloy steel) as a starting point. Blades are forged and shaped in the normal way, then carefully heat treated to achieve the required bainite and martensite structures before final polishing. Overall: 27 1/2inches blade length: 20 inches handle length: 6 1/4 inches point of Balance: 3 1/2 inches sori: 1/2 inches blade st...

  • Color: black
  • Brand: CAS Hanwei
  • UPC: 615642012986

CAS Hanwei SH2449 Lion Dog Wakizashi High Alloy Steel Sword

CAS Hanwei SH2449 Lion Dog Wakizashi High Alloy

The Lion dog wakizashi from Paul chen of hanwei features an o-kissaki blade of our own high-alloy hws-1s steel, which combines superior performance with an outstanding o-choji hamon. This steel is made in hanwei's new factory, with high-tech equipment, producing a very pure advanced-metallurgy blade with the best edge-holding capability and resilience of any blade ever produced by hanwei. The outstanding performance characteristics of blades forged from hws-1s steel derive from a combination of the careful selection of alloying elements and a complex processing procedure, basically involving the manipulation of the steel's carbon content across the blade section. This results in a very tough and resilient blade with a hard, highly abrasion-resistant edge. The sharply detailed fittings feature a lion-dog themed black iron tsuba, with matching fuchi/kashira and golden peony menuki. The complex saya features a gloss-lacquered ribbed section at the koiguchi/kurikata with the Balance spatter-lacquered for a very attractive appearance. The premium multi-colored sageo is hand-woven in pure silk.

  • Color: black
  • Brand: CAS Hanwei
  • UPC: 615642012450

Ten Ryu MA-2SD Two-Tier Sword Stand, Black Lacquer Finish

Ten Ryu MA-2SD Two-Tier Sword Stand, Black Lacquer

Show off your swords in style with this beautiful Two-Tier Sword Stand in black lacquer finish (model MA-2SD) from Ten Ryu, which displays up to two swords. This stand has a black lacquer finish and red velvet holders and has the Ten Ryu logo on the front in gold. Simple, classic and designed to show off your beautiful collection without distracting from the artistry of the swords. Ten Ryu offers a wide range of affordable Samurai swords, which are hand sharpened to ensure the sharpest blade. Swordsmiths combine modern knowledge and traditional secrets to produce superior quality swords with enhanced durability, sharpness, and exquisite craftsmanship.

  • Brand: Ten Ryu
  • ASIN: B0060E7DNC
  • UPC: 805319112877

Paul Chen PC2470 Tonbo Wakizashi The blade of the Tonbo wakizashi is hand-forged

Paul Chen PC2470 Tonbo Wakizashi The blade of

The blade of the Tonbo wakizashi is hand-forged and folded from powder steel, with medium-length (chu) kissaki. The saya is deep black lacquer featuring gold dragonflies. High quality ray skin (same) is used on the tsuka. The tsuka-ito is made of premium purple Japanese cotton. The tsuba is crafted in black iron, with detailing in gold and bronze and an exquisite dragonfly scene decoration. The silk sageo compliments this piece and is elegently woven in dark blue and black. The fuchi and kashira are black with bronze and brass detailing, and the kojiri, koiguchi and kurikata are of polished buffalo horn. The habaki is one-piece brass construction. Made by Hanwei

  • Brand:  Paul Chen

Musashi 40" Japanese Tactical Samurai Sword Katana with Full Tang Hand Forged 1060 High Carbon Steel Blade for Collections, Gifts, Martial Arts Practice (Katana)

Musashi 40" Japanese Tactical Samurai Sword Katana with

Musashi Samurai Swords: Musashi Tactical Katana. The traditional Katana was one of the most famous styles of sword in the world. It embodied the Samurai spirit and stand for their way of life. Known for their cutting abilities, the katana in the right hand is a formidable weapon. We took the traditional katana and added some current features to bring you our version of a modernized katana. Our Tactical Katana is hand forged with 1060 high carbon steel using traditional maru kitae method. Full tang ABS handle with Hamidashi style tsuba. Our tactical katana is razor sharp right out of the box and ready to cut. Musashi Official weapon of the United States Kempo Team. Silver Medal winner in weapons category at the Turkey International Competition Rated 4-stars in Sword Buyers guide Recommended by Will Keith of  

  • Color: Katana
  • Brand: Musashi
  • ASIN: B07GDT66NB
  • UPC: 847490086882

 Paul Chen PC2422 Raptor Wakizashi Sword 19.125" Carbon Steel Blade Wood Scabbard

 Paul Chen PC2422 Raptor Wakizashi Sword 19.125" Carbon

26 7/8" overall. 19 1/8" forged 5160 high carbon steel blade. White rayskin handle with black suede wrap. Blackened iron tsuba with raptor motif. Wood scabbard with textured black lacquer finish.

  • Brand:  Paul Chen
  • ASIN: B00OZ1BB3K

Paul Chen PC2449 Lion Dog Wakizashi

Paul Chen PC2449 Lion Dog

Lion Dog Wakizashi 27 3/4" overall. 20 3/4" sharpened HWS-1S steel O-Kissaki blade. Features an outstanding O-choji hamon. White rayskin handle with black cord wrap and golden peony menuki. Black coated Lion-dog theme tsuba and pommel. Black leather wrapped wooden scabbard with gloss lacquered ribbed section at the hilt. Features hand-woven multicolored pure silk shoulder strap. Black cloth storage sleeve. Natural color wooden storage box.

  • Brand:  Paul Chen
  • ASIN: B00OZ1CG3O

Cold Steel 88BKW Katana, Ray Skin Handle, Wood Scabbard

Cold Steel 88BKW Katana, Ray Skin Handle, Wood

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Cold Steel
  • ASIN: B000Q9GCTI
  • UPC: 730707326126
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