Badger After Bug Balm - Bite Relief Stick - 0.6oz Stick

Badger After Bug Balm - Bite Relief Stick

Ahhh…soothing bug bite itch relief. Sometimes no matter how well we protect ourselves, an annoying mosquito still makes a meal of us. Then the itching begins, which leads to scratching, which provides temporary relief so you scratch some more, but the more irritated your skin gets, the more it itches. Put an end to the itch-scratch cycle with our certified organic and all natural After-Bug Balm. This gentle balm with soothing Colloidal Oatmeal and cooling Menthol relieves itchy bug bites and minor skin irritations. Organic Beeswax, vitamin E-rich Sunflower oil and essential oils of Seabuckthorn and Lavender nourish and soften skin. Tamanu oil moisturizes and is naturally antioxidant rich. Convenient travel size means you can take it with you wherever you go! Pediatrician approved and tested hypoallergenic so it’s safe for sensitive skin and great for use by the whole family. Active Ingredient is 10% organic Colloidal Oatmeal. What is Colloidal Oatmeal and how does it work? The skin benefits of oats (Avena sativa) dates back to 2000 B.C. and the Ancient Egyptians who were among the first to recognize its skin-soothing properties. Colloidal Oatmeal refers to very finely ground organic oats suspended in liquid (such as a balm) and evenly dispersed. In this suspended state, the n...

  • Brand: Badger
  • UPC: 634084297003

Mosquito Bite Relief - Bug Bite Itch Relief for Kids Baby & Adults - Anti Itch Treatment for Insect Bites Bee Stings Bed Bug Bites - All Natural Emu Joy On The Go Stick

Mosquito Bite Relief - Bug Bite Itch Relief

CONVENIENT POCKET SIZE FIRST AID STICK FOR RASHES, BITES, CUTS AND BURNS On The Go Skin Soother Stick is handy to carry and easy to apply Quick Convenient Non-Messy First Aid Ointment Stick Soothing balm stops itching fast. Keep this bug bite stick handy when you are in the woods, working in the yard, camping, boating or picnicing. Use as an all natural diaper rash ointment. Soothes red inflamed skin on baby's bottom. Use as a first aid burn cream: apply to minor burns from cooking or other causes to relieve pain and improve healing. Relieves and prevents nasal sores from CPAP masks. Helps heal cold sores. Gluten-free - safe to use near the mouth even for those who are gluten intolerant. Great for hikers and cyclists who get chapped skin due to sun, wind and dry mountain air. Apply to bruises right away to help prevent swelling. No Parabens, Perfumes or Fragrance Oils | Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Wheat-Free | No Petroleum Products Click the ADD TO CART button and order several so you're always ready for life's little mishaps!

  • Brand: Emu Joy
  • UPC: 678021745073

Bearant Original Insect After Bite - Itch Relief Stick Topical Remedy for Itch, Pain, Sting 10ML (3 pcs, Green)

Bearant Original Insect After Bite - Itch Relief

Bearant After Bite Stick is a reliable all-natural relief for insect bites and the pain and itching that follow. It comes in a stick with a roll-on tip for easy topical application.

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Bearant
  • UPC: 818327021925

Farm Dog Naturals - Restore Wound Care and Itch Relief Salve for Dogs, 2 Ounce

Farm Dog Naturals - Restore Wound Care and

Farm Dog Restore Salve stops itching and helps dogs avoid secondary skin infections. We call it our "vet in a jar". Restore can be used on hot spots, bug bites, flea dermatitis and weepy skin. Heals cuts, scrapes, punctures, and open wounds. For dogs & horses only. Not for use on cats. Our salves are vegan, non-toxic, biodegradable and edible. ALWAYS CRUELTY-FREE. INGREDIENTS: Cherry kernel oil , organic rose hips oil*, hemp (Canada), almond*, apricot kernel oil,* pumpkin seed oil,* karanja oil and neem oil.* candilillia wax,*unrefined shea butter, and essential oils of carrot seed, frankincense, patchouli, peppermint*, geranium, non-GMO Vitamin E. * USA sourced. NOT FOR CATS

  • Brand: Farm Dog
  • ASIN: B009DKB264
  • UPC: 713757360418

StingEze Insect Bite Relief for Stings, Bites, Pain, and Itching with Benzocaine, Phenol, and Camphor, 0.5oz Travel Dauber

StingEze Insect Bite Relief for Stings, Bites, Pain,

Our StingEze Max Insect Bite Relief Dauber offers a triple-action formula that provides fast, effective relief from the pain, itching and infection associated with insect bites and stings. The primary active ingredient in StingEze is the pain reliever Benzocaine, a mild yet effective alternative to ammonia. Ammonia, even in low concentrations, can irritate your eyes, cause your skin to burn or swell, dry out your skin and promote the growth of bacteria. The StingEze Original formula stops pain, relieves itching and reduces infection - without irritating your skin.

  • Color: Original Version
  • Brand: StingEze
  • UPC: 368093331204

After Bite Kids, Sensitive Formula, Pharmacist Preferred Insect Bite & Sting Treatment, Natural Healing, Aloe Vera, Skin Protectant, Portable Instant Relief, Stop Itching Cream, 0.7-ounce

After Bite Kids, Sensitive Formula, Pharmacist Preferred Insect

After Bite Kids Insect Bite Treatment, 0.7 Ounce

  • Color: Kids Formula
  • Brand: After Bite
  • ASIN: B00D8NN828
  • UPC: 044224012807

Murphy's Naturals Insect Bite Relief Soothing Balm | Plant-Based After Bite Balm | Chamomile, Cocoa Butter, Tea Tree Oil, Andiroba Oil and Beeswax | Made in USA | Pocket Size 0.75oz

Murphy's Naturals Insect Bite Relief Soothing Balm |

Murphy's Naturals Bite Relief Soothing Balm is designed to sooth and calm the itch from mosquito and flying insect bites. We know there may be occasions when you forget to bring your favorite Murphy's Naturals Repellent along with you outdoors. With this in mind, we created an all natural remedy that will provide relief after you've already received a bite. Murphy's Naturals Bite Relief Soothing Balm is made from all-natural ingredients to include Olive Oil, Beeswax, Cocoa Seed Butter, Sunflower Seed Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, Glycerin and Chamomile. Simply apply balm to the area where the mosquito bite occurred to effectively relieve the itch and burn so that you can continue to Enjoy Life Outdoors!

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Murphy's Naturals
  • ASIN: B0714K4WL1
  • UPC: 856930006069

Similasan Itch Relief Roll-On .25 Fluid Ounce, Stimulates Natural Defenses for Relief of Minor Itch or Irritation, Formulated with Natural Active Ingredients

Similasan Itch Relief Roll-On .25 Fluid Ounce, Stimulates

First aid with natural active ingredients*. Similasan Itch Relief roll-on stimulates natural desensitization for relief of minor itch or irritation caused by insect bites and stings or minor skin irritation due to poison ivy, oak, and sumac. Trusted by pharmacists and families in Switzerland for over 35 years, Similasan is a leading Swiss brand of remedies that use natural active ingredients instead of harsh chemicals to keep families healthy. Our state of the art facility located near the Swiss Alps makes over 190 popular remedies for children and adults: cough and cold, eye care, ear care, nasal allergies and more. Similasan has been voted by the readers of Reader's Digest the most trusted Swiss healthcare brand 14 years in a row. *The uses of our products are in compliance with official Homeopathic Compendia. They were not the subject of approved applications reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration prior to marketing.

  • Brand: Similasan
  • UPC: 094841810010

After Bite Advanced Formula With Baking Soda & Ammonia, Pharmacist Preferred Insect Bite & Sting Treatment, Skin Protectant, Portable Instant Relief, Stop Itching Applicator Pen, 0.5-ounce (4 pack)

After Bite Advanced Formula With Baking Soda &

After Bite's advanced formula with baking soda now provides even better relief for the whole family. For over 40 years, After Bite's pharmacist-preferred formula has provided instant itch relief for bites from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other common insects - so there's no more scratching. The proprietary mix of soothing ingredients acts fast when you need it most. Be prepared with After Bite and don't let insect bites ruin your outdoor family fun.

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: After Bite
  • ASIN: B001G7QRC6
  • UPC: 044224610300

All Terrain Natural Ditch the Itch Cream 2oz, Helps Relieve Minor Skin Irritations & Itching, Helps With Poison Ivy, Insect Bites, Rashes

All Terrain Natural Ditch the Itch Cream 2oz,

Pfo (Pure Fish Oil)

  • Brand: All Terrain
  • ASIN: B0015RX0LI
  • UPC: 608503050425
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