Heel Lift Peel-Away Medium Without Fastening Left or Right Foot

Heel Lift Peel-Away Medium Without Fastening Left or

Heel Lift Peel-Away Medium Without Fastening Left or Right Foot

  • Brand: Peel Away

Appearus Taklon Fan Mask Brush Acid Applicator for Glycolic Peel/Masques (Medium)

Appearus Taklon Fan Mask Brush Acid Applicator for

Taklon bristles with wood handle. The perfect brush for applying glycolic acid products. To clean - Thoroughly rinse off any product remaining on the bristles or brush handle. Soak in a disinfectant solution, and if desired, place in a UV sterilizer.

  • Color: white
  • Brand: Appearus
  • ASIN: B008EYOV7M
  • UPC: 772195062902

Youthful Glow 50% Glycolic Acid Peel with Free Treatment Fan Brush- Full Strength Cosmetic Grade Unbuffered

Youthful Glow 50% Glycolic Acid Peel with Free

Skin Smoothing: When applied to the skin, it works to remove dead skin cells and leaves the skin glowing and radiant. Diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. Reverses Sun Damage: Glycolic acid can work to soothe sun damaged skin by making wrinkles less noticeable and pronounced. Treats Hyperpigmentation:Splotchy pigmentation, brown marks and age spots are common skin problems, however using glycolic acid peels can help treat these conditions by lightening the skin overall and creating a more even complexion. Helps Smooth Scars: If you have a scar on your face or roughened acne scars, glycolic acid peels can create a more even texture and smooth out keratinized skin, making pits and dents appear shallower. Improves Acne: In most cases, acne can be improved by glycolic acid peels. In a sense, it presses the reset button on your skin and creates a more even texture and balanced surface. So, trying to maintain a balance between oily and dry skin becomes less of an issue. ATTENTION: Please do the proper research to select the proper strength for your skintype, these acids will take 4-5 applications to get the right timing for your skin. Results vary from person to person. STRENGTH RECOMMENDATIONS: Dry/sensitive skin and beginners (who are not overly oily) should not use anything higher t...

  • Brand: Planet Eden
  • ASIN: B0084QKVRY
  • UPC: 639767925709

Rust-Oleum 202131 Zinsser Wall Texture 20Oz, Oil-Based Orange Peel Medium

Rust-Oleum 202131 Zinsser Wall Texture 20Oz, Oil-Based Orange

Zinsser wall texture aerosols provide a quick and easy solution for repairing damaged textured walls or adding a decorative finish to previously flat walls. Use to liven up wall surfaces and add interest to any room in the home. Each texture is ready to use, just shake the can and then spray it on. Zinsser wall texture creates professional results instantly by providing an easy, cost effective solution for texture repair or creation.

  • Color: Orange Peel Medium
  • Brand: Rust-Oleum
  • ASIN: B01N3P0FYV
  • UPC: 020066318963

Professional 20% Pure Medical Grade Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA Peel) + Jessner's (Lactic Acid, Salicylic, Resorcinol) Chemical Peel, 30mL each, with Powerful Ultra Healing Moisturizing Lotion

Professional 20% Pure Medical Grade Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA

A Very Popular Combination Peel Consist of 4 specially designed chemicals in certain concentrations, that will provide an effective light-medium depth peel and produce an outstanding level of controlled damage without the risk of side effects. Jessner's solution is a unique combination of Salicylic Acid, Resorcinol, and Lactic acid. TCA (Trichloroacetic acid) is a well-known chemical peel agent proven to have exceptional scar and wrinkle reducing abilities. EACH ORDER INCLUDES: Each Kit includes: Professional Jessner Cosmetic Peel Solution (30ml), Professional TCA 20% Cosmetic Peel (30ml), Professional Ultra Healing Moisturizing Lotion (0.5 fl oz) for the healing process - with Vitamin E, Easy-to-Read and Easy-to-Follow instructions, After Peel Therapy and healing process procedure, and Transfer Dropper. SALICYLIC ACID is a beta hydroxy acid derived from the bark of the willow tree. Beta hydroxy acids have a larger molecule than their cousin, alpha hydroxy acids. This action within the pores make it an ideal exfoliant for use on acne and acne-prone skin. Lactic Acid is a naturally occurring human metabolite, there is much less chance of allergic reaction using this type of acid peel. If you are looking for a peel with a good acidic value and with virtually no irritation, then thi...

  • Brand: Ideal Image Solutions LLC
  • ASIN: B003VI2KMY
  • UPC: 798304127706

Amazon's Lowest Price YOU Save $43.74+ Free Shipping 14% Jessner's Chemical Peel-medium Strength, 4oz-120ml, GET Double the Product At $42.00, Which Is Less Than Amazon's Leading 14% Jessner 2oz @($39.99 Plus $2.88 Shipping and Handling) Equals $42.87, for Wrinkles, Blackheads, Large Pores & More From Propeel

Amazon's Lowest Price YOU Save $43.74+ Free Shipping

Our Custom Compounded all-natural Medium Strength Jessner 14% gives you dramatic results for the Medium Peel user. Due to its unique blend of active peeling agents, the medium strength Jessner Solution skin peel revitalizes and renews skin like none other. Lactic acid (alpha hydroxy acid) renews the surface of the skin as salicylic acid (beta hydroxy acid) exfoliates deep within the pore lining to dissolve obstructing comedones. All the while, resorcinol ensures a bacteria-free peeling environment. This three-pronged combination therapy ensures real results for individuals plagued with acne, enlarged pores, excessive sebum production and hyper pigmentation. The downtime is short-term to moderate; however, the remarkable results are long lasting! Darker skin types (particularly African American) should proceed with caution due to an increased risk of post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation from Resorcinol exposure. . All Our Chemical Peels Are Made in Small Batches, Custom blended by our Chief Pharmacist and shipped direct to you from our Laboratory in the heart of Georgia, USA.

  • Brand: Pro-Peel
  • UPC: 794271057312

Bigelow Green Tea with Mango 20 Bags (Pack of 6), Premium Green Tea with Mango Rosehips Hibiscus Chamomile and Lemon Peel, Bright Antioxidant-Rich All Natural Medium-Caffeine Tea in Foil-Wrapped Bags

Bigelow Green Tea with Mango 20 Bags (Pack

Individual fresh pack. Delicate flavor. Healthy antioxidants. Each tea bag individually wrapped. Take your favorite tea wherever you go to ensure your full enjoyment. Leave it to Mother Nature and Bigelow! Mother Nature gave us a wonderful gift when she packed powerful antioxidants into green tea. But not all green tea tastes the same. Bigelow uses only the finest quality tea grown in higher-elevation gardens. It is hand picked at its peak, then carefully processed to bring out the tea's natural, smooth flavor. The refreshing flavor of mango is added. The tea bags are then wrapped in protective pouches to seal in freshness. What more can you ask for, a product that contains antioxidants and tastes great! So go ahead, enjoy a cup or two or three throughout your busy day. Bigelow Green Tea with Mango... drink it once and discover a whole new dimension in green tea enjoyment. Blended and packaged in the USA.

  • Brand: Bigelow Tea
  • ASIN: B000GG0BNO
  • UPC: 072310001879

TCA 50% Pro Chemical Peel Kit -1oz (30ml) Trichloroacetic Acid, Medically Pure, Complete Kit with Detailed Instructions. Everything You Need From Start to Finish Is in the Kit.

TCA 50% Pro Chemical Peel Kit -1oz (30ml)

TCA peels are known as medium peels. Very popular for treating skin of all colors. TCA can vary in strength depending on the need. From skin tone to imperfections to wrinkles and more. TCA can improve wrinkles by improving the collagen and elastin fiber of the skin by strengthening and repairing them. TCA is used to improve fine lines, discoloration due to over exposure to the sun, hormones and aging. TCA peels address these problems by removing the outer layer of skin and revealing a younger-looking skin below. In addition, the TCA peel stimulates new cells to grow, thereby tightening the skin and decreasing lines and wrinkles as well as softening acne scars depending on the depth and indentation. Please be sure you tca is medically pure and not industrial. Many sellers pass industrial for medical. Low price is a big indicator. Neutralizer Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Sodium Bicarbonate, Polysorbate 20, Panthenol, Allantoin, Tea Tree Oil, Benzyl Alcohol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Methylisothiazolinone. Prep Sol. Ingre. Ingredients: SD Alcohol, Witch Hazel, Purified Water

  • Brand: THEORY Skin Care Company
  • ASIN: B00XNPUO00
  • UPC: 634420794692

Textbook of Chemical Peels, Second Edition: Superficial, Medium, and Deep Peels in Cosmetic Practice (Series in Cosmetic and Laser Therapy)

Textbook of Chemical Peels, Second Edition: Superficial, Medium,

Chemical peels have returned to the forefront of the practitioner's armamentarium and are popular because they offer nearly immediate results. The Textbook of Chemical Peels is the definitive guide to all types of chemical peel treatments. It covers the practical application and scientific background for a wide variety of chemical peels. The book reflects the new classification of peels as a medical, rather than cosmetic, treatment and helps providers by making chemical peel formulas easier, safer, and quicker to use. The book covers the appropriate selection of peels to treat the face, scalp, neck, hands, body, and forearms. It also discusses the use of peels to treat aging skin, stretch marks, scars, melasma, chloasma, acne, postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, and scalp keratoses.The mechanism of action, indication, application, and results are discussed for a variety of chemical peels including alpha hydroxy acids, trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, resorcine, and phenols. Also covered are any contraindications, precautions, and safety issues. This edition includes new material on adjunctive procedures such as microneedling and mesotherapy as well as new information on mosaic peels.Treatment prior to and following the peel are also discussed in detail, and a full chapter is...

  • ASIN: B01G50QMYG

Glycolic Acid 70% Gel Peel Including After Peel Neutralizer Facial Peel Contains Retinol Vitamin C Kojic Acid Licorice Bearberry Tea Mulberry. Acne Treatment Perfect Medium Strength Chemical Peel

Glycolic Acid 70% Gel Peel Including After Peel

Size of Peel: 1 oz (30mL) Size of Neutralizer: 4 oz (120mL) The 70% Glycolic acid peel is designed to tackle serious skin problems that the milder peels did not address. It is ideal for those with oily skin, coarse skin or resistant skin. Glycolic Acid effectively addresses just about any common skin flaw that you can think of: discolored skin, acne, keratosis pilaris (chicken skin), rough skin texture, and wrinkles, you name it-- glycolic can fix it. It goes beneath the skin's surface to remove dead skin cells, minimize appearance of pores, and allows the skin to more readily absorb other skin care treatments. Glycolic Acid removes dead skin cells, purges oil, dirt & bacteria from pores and builds collagen. The dead skin cells are what causes the skin to look dull, discolored and aged. They also clog the pores which leads to unsightly blackheads and acne. Glycolic Acid purges the sebum and bacteria from the pores and peels away the dead skin cells. This ensures that the skin becomes smooth, luminous, and blemish-free. As a bonus gift you will also get a large 4 oz bottle of the After Peel neutralizer. The After- Peel Neutralizer is needed to stop the action of the chemical peel. It deactivates the acid and prevents the peel from penetrating further into the skin and causing burn...

  • Brand: Retin Glow
  • ASIN: B00QL0VA84
  • UPC: 701936561015
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