The Lucky Baseball Bat

The Lucky Baseball

This Matt Christopher classic story of a boy and his lucky baseball bat will capture readers' imaginations while teaching them vital lessons about the importance of friendship, teamwork, and believing in themselves.When Marvin moves to a new neighborhood, he wants nothing more than to make a good impression on his new teammates. After all, Marvin loves baseball more than anything, and all he wants is to prove he's worth his spot on the team. And with his lucky baseball bat in hand, what could go wrong?But when that same lucky baseball bat goes missing, Marvin completely loses his ability to play baseball. But even though he's lost his talent, Marvin might just find something else: the value of friendship, his own confidence, and maybe, just maybe, a place on the team.Celebrating over six decades on bookshelves, this classic, timeless story of baseball, friendship, and confidence continues to captivate and delight new generations of readers.

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Lucky Me: My Sixty-Five Years in Baseball

Lucky Me: My Sixty-Five Years in

Eddie Robinson’s career lasted sixty-five years and spanned the era before and during World War II, integration, the organization of the players union, expansion, use of artificial turf, free agency, labor stoppages, and even the steroid era. He was a Minor League player, a Major League player, a coach, a farm director, a general manager, a scout, and a consultant. During his six and a half decades in baseball, he knew, played with or against, or worked for or with many of baseball’s greats, including Hank Aaron, Yogi Berra, Joe DiMaggio, Bob Feller, Rogers Hornsby, Mickey Mantle, Satchel Paige, Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth, Tris Speaker, George Steinbrenner, Casey Stengel, Bill Veeck, and Ted Williams. The lively autobiography of Robinson, Lucky Me highlights a career that touched all aspects of the game from player to coach to front-office executive and scout. In it Robinson reveals for the first time that the 1948 Cleveland Indians stole the opposition’s signs with the use of a telescope in their drive to the pennant. This edition features a new afterword by C. Paul Rogers III.

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Lucky Bastard: My Life, My Dad, and the Things I'm Not Allowed to Say on TV

Lucky Bastard: My Life, My Dad, and the

In this New York Times bestselling memoir, the announcer of the biggest sporting events in the country—including the 2017 Super Bowl and this century's most-watched, historic, Chicago Cubs–winning World Series—reveals why he is one lucky bastard.Sports fans see Joe Buck everywhere: broadcasting one of the biggest games in the NFL every week, calling the World Series every year, announcing the Super Bowl every three years. They know his father, Jack Buck, is a broadcasting legend and that he was beloved in his adopted hometown of St. Louis.   Yet they have no idea who Joe really is. Or how he got here. They don’t know how he almost blew his career. They haven’t read his funniest and most embarrassing stories or heard about his interactions with the biggest sports stars of this era.   They don’t know how hard he can laugh at himself—or that he thinks some of his critics have a point. And they don’t know what it was really like to grow up in his father’s shadow. Joe and Jack were best friends, but it wasn’t that simple. Jack, the voice of the St. Louis Cardinals for almost fifty years, helped Joe get his broadcasting start at eighteen. But Joe had to prove himself, first as a minor league radio announcer and then on local TV, national TV with ESPN, and then fi...

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Lucky Enough (Fred Bowen Sports Story Series)

Lucky Enough (Fred Bowen Sports Story

Trey is overjoyed when his lucky charm helps him make the travel team, but will his luck hold out? When Trey's treasured lucky charm―a piece of blue sea glass he found near his grandmother's beach house―"helps" him make it onto the Ravens travel team with his friend Cole, he is overjoyed. This stroke of good fortune reinforces his superstitious behavior, and the rituals become more and more important to him. In spite of some teasing and even some sarcasm from his teammates, Trey persists―he never steps on the foul line, he obsessively taps the corners of home plate when he's at bat, he always chooses the same lucky bat―and the list just keeps getting longer. Why stop? After all, his tactics are working; he's doing quite well on the field and in the batter's box. Then one day he can't find his lucky sea glass. He and Cole search everywhere―but it's no use. Trey's performance begins to slip, and he is convinced that his future with the Ravens is doomed. It is no comfort to him to learn that many pro baseball players also depended on lucky charms or rituals. Things don't start to improve for Trey until his uncle reminds him of his grandmother's favorite saying: "The harder you work, the luckier you get."

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The Lucky Baseball Bat [LUCKY BASEBALL BAT ANNIV/E 50/]


Title: The Lucky Baseball Bat Binding: Paperback Author: MattChristopher Publisher: Little,BrownBooksforYoungReaders


KBETHOS American Spirit Collection USA Distressed Vintage Baseball Cap Dad Hat Adjustable Unconstructed (Adjustable, Lucky (500) - Medium Denim)

KBETHOS American Spirit Collection USA Distressed Vintage Baseball

KBETHOS Vintage Cotton Baseball Cap. Rock the exclusive design of Baseball Cap. Quality detailed and various colors makes the perfect style for your head. Brand new superb Baseball Cap with tag. Trendy design for Men and Women.

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The Lemon Sisters: A Novel

The Lemon Sisters: A

"A book to savor--and share." --Susan Wiggs, New York Times Bestselling AuthorThe New York Times bestselling author of Rainy Day Friends and Lost and Found Sisters returns to Wildstone, California...Brooke Lemon has always led the life she wanted, wild adventures—and mistakes—included, something her perfect sister, Mindy, never understood. So when Mindy shows up on Brooke’s doorstep in the throes of a break-down with her three little kids in tow, Brooke’s shocked.Wanting to make amends, Brooke agrees to trade places, taking the kids back to Wildstone for a few days so Mindy can pick up the pieces and put herself back together. What Brooke doesn’t admit is she’s just as broken . . . Also how does one go home after seven years away? It doesn’t take long for Brooke to come face-to-face with her past, in the form of one tall, dark, sexy mistake. But Garrett’s no longer interested. Only his words don’t match his actions, leaving Brooke feeling things she’d shoved deep. Soon the sisters begin to wonder: Are they lemons in life? In love? All they know is that neither seems to be able to run far enough to outpace her demons. And when secrets surface, they’ll have to learn that sometimes the one person who can help you the most is the one you never thought to ask.


Black Clover USA Luck #2 Hat, Navy/White, Small/Medium

Black Clover USA Luck #2 Hat, Navy/White,

Live lucky and play in Black Clover style with the USA Luck cap. Quality is not an accident, it's a choice and at Black Clover they choose to be the very best at what they do. They choose to Live Lucky. Live your life to fullest, experience the thrill and join Clover Nation today. This white low profile hat features a US Flag embroidered clover, navy trim and is made out of 100% performance polyester. Size S/M.

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Love Does for Kids

Love Does for

In the same way that Love Does has struck a deep chord with adults, kids will experience God in new and thrilling ways and see that living out our faith certainly isn’t boring! With this book, children will laugh, dream, and be inspired to make a difference for God, and they’ll learn to:  take ownership of their mistakes and forgive others for their mistakes.never give up—no matter how scared they are.put their faith into action by spending time with—and acting more like—Jesus.Kids everywhere will love Bob and Lindsey’s stories about how love does. With childlike faith, enthusiasm, and great whimsy, young hearts will feel instantly connected to a love that acts as much as it feels. Children will walk away with a sense of wonder at how great God is and will feel empowered to do things that will make a tangible difference in the world.As a little boy with a big personality and even bigger dreams, Bob Goff had lots of questions, and they didn't go away when he grew up. It wasn’t until he learned just how big and wild and wonderful God is that he began to find answers. Once Bob learned about the deep goodness of God, he began to learn about the great power God gives His kids when they live a life full of love for others.Bob and Lindsey invite kids to get to kn...

  • Brand: HarperCollins Christian Pub.
  • ASIN: 0718095227

The Baseball Short Story Anthology

The Baseball Short Story

Baseball is magic. This game holds a sacred space in the hearts of so many, and the ball field serves as a microcosm of the most notable events in life and society as a whole. Lessons of friendship, fair play, sportsmanship, and tolerance are everywhere. Team members are worthy of adoration while fans are appreciated for the role they play in the scheme of things.These authors are men and women from three countries on two continents and range in age from twelve years old to almost eighty years young. The single thing that connects us all is our mutual love for the sport of baseball, and the people that make this game come to life every season.The next time you are watching a game on television or at the ball park, or discussing the latest plays by your favorite players with your closest friends, think for just a moment about what your life would be like without baseball. Then snap back to reality, knowing that baseball is a constant in the world as we know it and will be around for generations to come. And if you want to know what it truly means to be in love, share baseball with someone special in your life and see firsthand how that feels.

  • ASIN: B07F5NND1L
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