Lisle 13800 Water Pump Sprocket Holder for GM Ecotec

Lisle 13800 Water Pump Sprocket Holder for GM

Holds the timing chain and gear in place while removing or installing water pump on ecotec engines. Securely holds water pump sprocket preventing loss of timing or damage to the engine. Special half-moon design allows easier access to water pump gear bolts. Uses access cover bolts to hold the tool in place. Package Dimension is 5.75 inch width by 7 inch height by 1.75 inch depth.

  • Brand: Lisle
  • ASIN: B001C6LDHU
  • UPC: 767887391088

Lisle 13500 41mm Water Pump Wrench for GM 1.6L

Lisle 13500 41mm Water Pump Wrench for GM

Use With 3/8 inch square drive and short extension to easily adjust and hold the water pump when replacing or adjusting the timing belt. The stubby tool design allows access to timing belt sprocket without interference from vehicle frame. It works on 1.6L engines in 2004-current Chevrolet Aveo excluding 2009 with variable timing engine and 1999-2002 Daewoo Lanos.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Lisle
  • UPC: 083045135005

Lisle 14440 Water Pump Wrench

Lisle 14440 Water Pump

Lisle water pump wrench removes and installs water pump assembly on GM Northstar 4.0L and 4.6L engines. Turn the tool with a 1/2" drive ratchet or breaker bar.

  • Brand: Lisle
  • ASIN: B0002SREAO
  • UPC: 830451444036

Lisle 22100 Flywheel Locking Tool for 6.6L Duramax

Lisle 22100 Flywheel Locking Tool for 6.6L

Locks Flywheel in place when removing harmonic balancer on 6.6l duramax engines with Allison automatic transmissions. Saves time by locking the flywheel at the transmission instead of having to remove the starter for water pump replacement. On 2500 and 3500 pickups, remove metal spring-loaded inspection plate on the bottom of the transmission. Tool should slide into opening toward engine with the top of the tool engaging the teeth of the flywheel. On 4500 and 5500 trucks, remove the rubber inspection cap on the bottom of the transmission. Insert the tool at the front of the opening to engage the flywheel and hand tighten bolt to hold tool in place. Use 36mm 12-point socket with 3/4 square drive to remove harmonic balancer bolt and retorque on installation. Package dimension is 4.5 inches width by 5 inches height by 2 inches depth.

  • Brand: Lisle
  • UPC: 753956448784

Lisle 43600 Universal Fan Clutch Wrench Set

Lisle 43600 Universal Fan Clutch Wrench

A nearly universal fan clutch wrench set for use on the most popular applications. Unique hooked wrench design will hold bolted-on water pump pulleys by applying pressure against another bolt. The double-sided spanner style holding wrench will hold pressed-on pulleys on many GM, Jeep and Dodge vehicles.

  • Brand: Lisle
  • ASIN: B0076PBXSU
  • UPC: 083045436003

Lisle 43580 Short Spanner Holding Wrench

Lisle 43580 Short Spanner Holding

For removing and installing pressed-on or bolt-on water pump pulleys. Use with 1/2" ratchet or other square drive for flexibility in tight spaces. Comes in a blow molded case for storage.

  • Brand: Lisle
  • UPC: 083045435808

Lisle 43300 Pneumatic Fan Clutch Wrench

Lisle 43300 Pneumatic Fan Clutch

Faster and easier than conventional fan clutch wrenches. No holding wrench is necessary. Set includes 7 driving wrenches that fit Ford, GM, Chrysler and Jeep. Set now includes 7/8 inches, 32mm, 36mm, 40mm thin and new 47mm size to fit Ford 6.0L and 6.4L Power stroke diesel pickup. 1-7/8 inches sand 2 inches are still included in the set. 1-1/2 inches, 41mm and 42mm are still available individually. Use with an air hammer.

  • Brand: Lisle
  • UPC: 083045433002

Lisle 22110 Flywheel Lock

Lisle 22110 Flywheel

Light Truck Flywheel Stop.

  • Brand: Lisle
  • ASIN: B002PHYM2I
  • UPC: 083045221104

Lisle 44180 Fan Clutch Spanner Wrench

Lisle 44180 Fan Clutch Spanner

For GM, Jeep and Dodge trucks, vans and SUVs with pressed on water pump pulleys. The double-ended spanner wrench fits the holes in pressed-on water pump pulley. Hold the pulley firm with the spanner wrench. Use the appropriate open end wrench to turn the fan clutch nut (36mm turning wrench works on many applications).

  • Color: United States
  • Brand: Lisle
  • ASIN: B000W0WSPI
  • UPC: 012301855951

Lisle 39000 Pulley Puller

Lisle 39000 Pulley

Removes and Installs Pressed on Power Steering, Alternator and Air Pump Pulleys WITHOUT SLIPPING.

  • Color: United States
  • Brand: Lisle
  • ASIN: B000XEX00A
  • UPC: 083045390008

Lisle 77080 19 mm Harmonic Balancer Socket for Honda

Lisle 77080 19 mm Harmonic Balancer Socket for

This Heavy-Duty Impact Socket is Designed with More Than Three Times the Standard Socket Mass to Direct More Energy to Removing the Bolt.

  • Brand: Lisle
  • UPC: 799621210812

Lisle 51450 Harmonic Damper Pulley Puller

Lisle 51450 Harmonic Damper Pulley

Low profile design works in confined spaces eliminating the need to remove the radiator. Equipped with magnetic jaw spacers for 5.9 liter Dodge. New jaw geometry, slimmer magnetic spacers and a fourth rod allow use on 4.2L Trailblazer, Envoy and Bravada '03 and newer, 4.2L Buick Rainier '04 and newer, 3.5L Colorado and Canyon '04 and newer, Hummer H3 '06 and newer, 2.8L Colorado and Canyon '05 and newer. Jaws are now held in place with a clevis pin and can be removed and replaced easily.

  • Brand: Lisle
  • ASIN: B0015PBHGK
  • UPC: 083045514503

Lisle 43380 32mm Wrench

Lisle 43380 32mm

32mm Wrench.

  • Brand: Lisle
  • ASIN: B000P0VT28
  • UPC: 083045433804

Lisle 17892 Transmission Drain Pan

Lisle 17892 Transmission Drain

This heavy-duty plastic lift drain funnel extends the catch area of any lift drain. The funnel catches any loose parts. It is flexible, if run over it will return to its original shape. The super transmission drain funnel fits the Ford E 40D and others. The fluted design can be used for draining oil filters. Dimensions are 22 inches x 23 inches.

  • Brand: Lisle
  • ASIN: B0002SR6WA
  • UPC: 830451789274

Lisle 43390 36mm Wrench

Lisle 43390 36mm

36mm Wrench.

  • Brand: Lisle
  • UPC: 083045433903

Lisle 75400 Vacuum Pump Repair Kit for Brake Bleeding Tool

Lisle 75400 Vacuum Pump Repair Kit for Brake

Lisle Tools Creepers 75400 Vac Pump Rep Kit

  • Brand: Lisle
  • ASIN: B000KEII78
  • UPC: 083045754008

Lisle 52500 Mechanic's Stethoscope

Lisle 52500 Mechanic's

Lisle mechanic's stethoscope features a unique sound chamber and super thin diaphragm that greatly amplifies sounds. It quickly pinpoints the source of noises in engines, transmissions, differentials and bearings.

  • Brand: Lisle
  • ASIN: B0002SQYSM
  • UPC: 830455250046

Lisle 37100 Timing Tool for Ford 3.5L, 3.7L Set

Lisle 37100 Timing Tool for Ford 3.5L, 3.7L

For use when servicing the timing chain on Ford V6 3.5L and 3.7L engines. Applications include 3.5L - 2007 and newer.

  • Brand: Lisle
  • ASIN: B06Y2B6C1Z
  • UPC: 083045371007

Lisle 17922 Drain Pan - 7.5 Gallons

Lisle 17922 Drain Pan - 7.5

Lisle 30 quart heavy-duty all-purpose plastic drain tub works great for draining radiators, crankcases, transmissions, and differentials on cars and trucks. It is designed for easy pouring and disposal of liquids.

  • Brand: Lisle
  • ASIN: B0002SR7SS
  • UPC: 083045179221

Lisle 24610 Spill-Free Funnel

Lisle 24610 Spill-Free

Saves time and eliminates spills and mess. It is improved. Includes threaded cap and adapter for newer GM threaded style radiator openings. The spill-free funnel eliminates trapped air pockets which usually cause erratic cooling system and heater performance. It controls the proper amount of coolant entering system and enables unattended filling of the cooling system. The funnel eliminates squeaky belts caused by coolant overflow and protects the environment. Four adapters fit most domestic and import cars and light trucks. Angled neck allows use on radiator caps that are placed at an angle. GM threaded cap is found on '04-'07 Grand Prix, '06-'07 Buick, '04-'07 S10 Blazer, Canyon, Colorado, SSR, Trailblazer and Olds Bravada. Also found on '07 GMC Acadia, '06-'07 Hummer, Torrent, Equinox and Tahoe.

  • Brand: Lisle
  • ASIN: B001A4EAV0
  • UPC: 083045246107
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