You Can Heal Your Life (Gift Edition)

You Can Heal Your Life (Gift

  • Color: Multicolor
  • ASIN: 1561706280
  • UPC: 656629000442

Seuss-isms! A Guide to Life for Those Just Starting Out...and Those Already on Their Way

Seuss-isms! A Guide to Life for Those Just

A New York Times bestseller, this collection of quotes from Dr. Seuss makes a perfect gift for graduation! The one and only Dr. Seuss dispenses invaluable advice about life in this collection of his most memorable quotes. With over sixty pages of cherished Seuss art and quotes from such classics as The Cat in the Hat, Horton Hatches the Egg, Green Eggs and Ham, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, Oh, the Places You'll Go!, and many more, this humorous and inspiring collection is, indeed, perfect for those just starting out . . . or those who are already on their way!

  • Brand: Dr. Seuss
  • ASIN: 0553508415

Memorial/Remembrance Photo Frame with Inspirational A Celebration of Life Poem - Sympathy Gift for Loss of Loved One (Black)

Memorial/Remembrance Photo Frame with Inspirational A Celebration of

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: The Grandparent Gift Co.
  • ASIN: B07HS3TZY3
  • UPC: 667788307860

29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life

29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can

After a devastating MS diagnosis, one woman shares her inspirational journey in gratitude and generosity--in this New York Times bestseller.At age thirty-five, Cami Walker was burdened by an intensified struggle with multiple sclerosis, a chronic neurological disease that left her debilitated and depressed. Then she received an uncommon "prescription" from South African healer Mbali Creazzo: Give away 29 gifts in 29 days.29 Gifts is the insightful story of the author's life change as she embraces and reflects on the naturally reciprocal process of giving. Many of Walker's gifts were simple--a phone call, spare change, a Kleenex. Yet the acts were transformative. By Day 29, not only had Walker's health and happiness improved, but she had also created a worldwide giving movement. 29 Gifts shows how a simple, daily practice of altruism can dramatically alter your outlook on the world.

  • Brand: Unknown
  • ASIN: 0738214302

Life's Last Gift: Giving and Receiving Peace When a Loved One Is Dying

Life's Last Gift: Giving and Receiving Peace When

After four decades of training volunteers to sit at the bedsides of the dying, psychologist and Shanti founder Charles Garfield has created an essential guide for friends, family, and healthcare professionals who want to ease someone's final days but don't know where to begin.Garfield presents practical advice about finding connection, honesty, and peace while being of the greatest service to those at the end of life. By focusing on the reciprocal and healing relationship between the living and the dying, which continues until the last breath, he offers a path toward clarity and wholeness, and even growth. Life's Last Gift is an emotional lifeline for anyone who feels lost and filled with grief during this final stage of life.

  • ASIN: 1942094507

The Gift of Life: 117 Poems and Observations

The Gift of Life: 117 Poems and

Congratulations! You’ve made the audacious choice to pick up a book of poetry. Audacious in the sense of a “surprisingly bold risk.” So, thank you for taking the risk of walking with me as I look at different slices of life. This is, in reality, a partial faith journey for me. Sometimes, the slice is dark and troublesome; often it is my standing in awe of God’s creation. As I look at the Apostle Paul being stoned or Barabbas being set free, at a desert child or some ashes in a mirror what resonates with me just might speak to you. All that the God of the Bible has made invites us to know Him and serve Him. Some slices are just fun. Others invite you to look hard at the very core of who you are. You may agree or disagree with my perspective, but let me invite you to sit on my balcony and view some slices of life that might alter the way you deal with people and events. Let my reflection on a spider web, a barbed-wire fence, a terrorist attack or even a shoe-shine boy further open your mind and heart. Our lives are complicated and simple; they are convoluted and straight forward. Life is worth living. And yet, life is not a right to be claimed; it is a gift from God framed with heavenly expectations and wrapped with the Creator’s invitation to trust and obey. Out of the c...

  • ASIN: 1948993007

Hundred River Tree of Life Necklace with Message Card Gift Card(Life Tree)

Hundred River Tree of Life Necklace with Message

  • Color: tree of life
  • Brand: Hundred River
  • ASIN: B07HMKXK13
  • UPC: 743811256289

Life Is God's Best Gift: Wisdom from the Ancestors on Finding Peace and Joy in Today's World

Life Is God's Best Gift: Wisdom from the

Following the success of the megabestselling Black Pearls, a collection of 365 African proverbs that illuminate the secret to peace and joy; and inspire the words of Cudjo Lewis in Zora Neale Hurston’s Barracoon.In Africa, grandparents traditionally share their wisdom about life and culture with their grandchildren, using proverbs and stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. This beautiful keepsake volume includes 365 proverbs—one for each day of the year—partnered with brief, yet profound lessons and knowledge covering all facets of life. Collected from countries across the African continent, these wise proverbs encourage children to treasure community over material items; show kindness to others; love from the heart and not the mind; exercise empathy; and strive for a global education. These thoughtful proverbs include insights such as:Proverb: “Love, like rain, does not choose the grass on which it falls.” (South Africa)Insight: True love is blind. True love is not based on wealth, family, position, education, tribe, religion or class. Love can bind together a most unlikely couple, as the heart has reasons that reason does not understand.Proverb: “When an old man dies, a library burns to the ground.” (Gambia)Insight: The elders of the com...

  • ASIN: 0062906879

Everyday Gratitude: Inspiration for Living Life as a Gift

Everyday Gratitude: Inspiration for Living Life as a

A Network for Grateful Living curates this collection of quotes and reflections aiming to help you discover that the roots of happiness lie in gratefulness. Inspiration from well-known minds such as Maya Angelou, Confucius, and Anne Frank is combined with original reflections and practices that will help you recognize the abundance of everyday opportunities for gratitude and joy. Hand-lettered art makes this beautifully designed collection a gift to treasure, regardless of whether you keep it for yourself or give it to a loved one.

  • Brand: Storey Publishing, LLC
  • ASIN: 1635860466

Comfort Candles The Best Things in Life by Pavilion Includes Tea Light Candle, 4-1/2-Inch Round, Sentimental Saying

Comfort Candles The Best Things in Life by

Comfort Candles by Pavilion is a unique line of attractive candles and accessories with inspirational says. The Comfort Candle collection consists of unique terra cotta candle holders with copper lids, beautiful glass accessories with etched designs and embedded sequins and decorative wax candles with simple sentiment and elegant scrolling. All items come packaged in a beautiful gift box which makes for a wonder "Gift to Go." Comfort Candles, bringing warmth into our hearts and homes.

  • Color: copper
  • Brand: Pavilion Gift Company
  • ASIN: B002G916UQ
  • UPC: 664843056756

Winter's Graces: The Surprising Gifts of Later Life

Winter's Graces: The Surprising Gifts of Later

Filled with unexpected good news about growing older, Winter’s Graces highlights eleven qualities that ripen with age―including audacious authenticity, creative ingenuity, necessary fierceness, self-transcending generosity, and a growing capacity to savor life and to ride its ups and downs with humor and grace.Decades of research have established that the catastrophic conditions often associated with late life, such as severe dementia and debilitating frailty, are the exception, not the rule. Still, the mistaken idea that aging equals devastating decline persists, causing enormous and unnecessary suffering, especially for women. Drawing on decades of experience as a psychology professor and psychotherapist, Susan Stewart, PhD, weaves together inspiring folk stories that illustrate the graces of winter and recent research that validates them, along with a wealth of user-friendly tools and practices for amplifying these graces and bringing them to life. Written primarily for women over 50 seeking good news about growing older, Winter’s Graces offers adults of all ages a compelling vision of aging that celebrates its many gifts, acknowledges its challenges, and reveals how the last season of life can be the most fulfilling of all.

  • ASIN: 1631523791

Rutter: The Gift of Life & Seven Sacred Pieces

Rutter: The Gift of Life & Seven Sacred

  • ASIN: B01648VO4M

Story of My Life: A Workbook for Preserving Your Legacy

Story of My Life: A Workbook for Preserving

Capture the stories of a lifetime! Record the stories of your life--or a loved one's--for posterity! The Story of My Life workbook makes it easy: Simply follow the prompts to preserve memories from your entire life. The book includes sections on parents, siblings, childhood, high school, career, and adulthood. There’s also space to note vital statistics about yourself and immediate family members as a genealogical record. The workbook features:Fill-in pages with thought-provoking prompts to capture key moments that define your lifeAdvice and exercises to reconstruct memories from long agoInteractive pages for family and friends to share their own storiesSpecial forms for spotlighting important people, places and timesA great gift for your children to learn about their parents' lives or the jumping-off point for writing a memoir, the Story of My Life workbook will help you preserve your memories for generations to come.

  • Brand: Family Tree
  • ASIN: 144034714X
  • UPC: 035313666704

Your Soul's Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born

Your Soul's Gift: The Healing Power of the

Would you like to understand the deeper spiritual meaning of miscarriage, abortion, caregiving, abusive relationships, sexuality, incest, adoption, poverty, suicide, rape, and mental illness? In his groundbreaking first book, Your Soul's Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born, Robert Schwartz brought the idea of pre-birth planning into the mainstream. Now, his brilliant sequel Your Soul's Gift delves even deeper by exploring these subjects and others, such as spiritual awakening and even the pre-birth planning we do with our future pets. Working with a team of gifted mediums, Schwartz brings forth great love and wisdom from the other side to explain why such experiences are planned and the deep, soul-level healing they can create.Through the stories in Your Soul s Gift you can:-Develop greater self-love as you become aware of the tremendous courage it takes for you to plan a life on Earth and to live the life you planned-Emerge from victim consciousness to know yourself as the powerful creator of your life-Forgive those who have hurt you and create a lasting inner peace-Understand the qualities you came into this lifetime to cultivate and express-See profound purpose in experiences that once appeared to be meaningless suffering-Develop a h...

  • ASIN: B007P800CI

A tiny itsy bitsy gift of life, an egg donor story

A tiny itsy bitsy gift of life, an

A touching children s egg donor story about a happy couple of rabbits, Pally and Comet who have everything in life except a baby bunny, you accompany them in their longing for this child, the waiting and the moment the mother is informed she has no eggs to conceive. One day a good lady rabbit brings her a tiny itsy bitsy gift of life, which is the egg, the half, she needs to conceive. The rabbit s tummy then begins to grow and finally her baby bunny is born and the happiness of how this family is formed is shared. The book is very colourful and ideal for children even before they can read, because the pictures are so full of details it easily captures the child s attention. It is my intention that the book should be easy for parents to read to their child so that gradually, as the child grows they will begin to understand their origins, in an easy and amusing manner.

  • Brand: Martinez Jover Carmen
  • ASIN: 9709410326

Catholic Bioethics and the Gift of Human Life

Catholic Bioethics and the Gift of Human

"In this revision of his already classic text, William May shows us once again the wisdom of the Catholic Church's moral tradition in its application to contemporary bioethics. Illuminating and engaging - and with the attention to nuance that marks all of May's writing." - Edward J. Furton, M.A., Ph.D., Ethicist and Director of Publications, The National Catholic Bioethics Center"Since it was first published, Dr. May's text Catholic Bioethics and the Gift of Human Life has served an irreplaceable role in Catholic moral education. His new revision adds clear systematic treatments of several additional issues of pressing moral concern to the Church and society. Catholic educators everywhere will welcome this excellent revision. I welcome it! - E. Christian Brugger, Associate Professor of Moral Theology, Institute for the Psychological Sciences"With so much bioethical thinking supporting the 'culture of death,' I can think of no better champion of a 'culture of life' than Professor William E. May. Professor May has given us a book which is useful not only for its masterful summary of the moral magisterium on bioethics, but also for its treatment of such issues as contraception, artificial reproduction, the care of the dying, human experimentation, and the definition of death and org...

  • ASIN: 1612787029

Life is Better at the Beach - Beach Gifts for Women - Funny Birthday, Summer Wine Gift for Wife, Mom, Grandma, Gigi, Best Friend, Coworker, Sea Lover for RV, Boating, Camping - LEADO Wine Tumbler Cup

Life is Better at the Beach - Beach

Have a drink in style with 12 oz insulated tumbler from LEADO! CAPACITY: 12 oz / 360 ml DIMENSIONS: 4.5" high, 3" in diameter WEIGHT: 0.4 lb / 0.2 kg MATERIAL: 18/8 stainless steel Package included: 1 x wine tumbler 1 x straw 1 x straw brush BUY CONFIDENTLY with our 100% Money Back Guarantee: If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, please contact us freely for a full refund no questions asked and hassle free.

  • Color: Rose Gold
  • Brand: LEADO

The Path to Serendipity: Discover the Gifts along Life's Journey

The Path to Serendipity: Discover the Gifts along

You get to choose what kind of life you want to live. Every day. But it doesn’t always seem that way. When challenges arise and throw you off course, life can feel frustrating, maddening . . . heartbreaking. Even in those moments, you have the choice to find the gift. Through tragedy and triumph—and even in the many mundane moments in between—life offers love, wisdom, and self-discovery. The best gift of all is the freedom to choose who you want to be and what kind of life you want to live. The Path to Serendipity by education leader Allyson Apsey is a funny, genuine, and clever look at the fortunes we can gain from even our worst experiences. Through her personal, relatable stories, you will learn strategies for living a meaningful life regardless of the craziness happening around you. Don’t miss the gift.

  • ASIN: 1946444715

aahs!! Engraving Donald Trump Stand Up | Cardboard Cutout | 6 feet Life Size Standee Picture Poster Photo Print of President | Blue Tie

aahs!! Engraving Donald Trump Stand Up | Cardboard

Are you looking for a political remembrance that will be talked about forever? Then you are in the right place.Donald Trump Life Size Cardboard Cutout Stand upThe aahs!! engraving Donald Trump standout is made to be used for showing support and cracking jokes. It will start conversations with your neighbors and allow you to be unique. This 6 feet lifesize standee picture is made with tough cardboard that is not easy to be bent - just like your support for Donald Trump.Gift this to your parents on fathers/mothers day or leave it in your front yard.Use the unique trump emotions as emojis on snapchat or take pictures with it.Take these to the local political rally, event, party, festical or fair.In any type of activity, these cutouts will lead to funny memories that will last forever.Aahs!! Engraving is known to have a collection of unique novelty gifts. Our catalog includes products such as stand ups, trophies, desk plates etc. We believe in filling your surroundings with unique items to look and laugh at. Our product is not just another item in your house or office, these are memories that lead to conversations for years to come. We believe in making unique memories that people will remember you for. So what are you waiting for? Grab your remembrance now!!

  • Color: Trump Blue Tie
  • Brand: aahs!! Engraving
  • ASIN: B01MSM1RK9
  • UPC: 755541092266

The Purpose Driven Life Selected Thoughts and Scriptures for the Graduate

The Purpose Driven Life Selected Thoughts and Scriptures

Based on the New York Times bestseller The Purpose Driven® Life, this keepsake book provides a priceless reminder for graduates of the bountiful life God has planned for them through understanding His purpose for their life.  Carefully selected by author Rick Warren, the thoughts and Scriptures inside these pages will help new graduates simplify future decisions, develop a deeper meaning for their life, and most importantly, prepare them for eternity.

  • Brand: HarperCollins Christian Pub.
  • ASIN: 0310337356
  • UPC: 787721848202
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