Stansport Bota Wine Bag, 2-Liter

Stansport Bota Wine Bag,

Our Stansport 2-Liter Bota Wine Bag is made of top quality leather and the colorful rope trim acts as a sling. It features a heavy latex lining that keeps your contents sanitary and a leak-proof screw cap.

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Stansport
  • ASIN: B00069PFA0
  • UPC: 011319903005

Czech Military Army Surplus M60 Aluminum Canteen Water Bottle Flask and Cover

Czech Military Army Surplus M60 Aluminum Canteen Water

Vintage vessels from the former Czechoslovakia. Each is a perfectly preserved example of the military-issue beverage bottles issued by this Eastern-bloc nation. Wool covers insulate what's inside, naturally keeping warm drinks warm and cold ones cold. A leather strap to attach to your gear or belt. Great to take hiking, backpacking etc.

  • Brand: Army Surplus
  • UPC: 620944085606

Rothco Wine Bota/2 Liter

Rothco Wine Bota/2

Rothco makes quality outdoor and sports gear for all types of situation. Whether you are in a combat intensive environment, or if you are a recreational user, Rothco will fit the lifestyle of many. Quality tested and Performance driven, use rothco.

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Rothco
  • UPC: 613902100596

NextClimb Bota Bag Leak-Proof 750ml Spanish Wine Skin - Premium Leather Canteen with Heavy-Duty BPA-Free Bladder Liner and Comfortable Shoulder Strap

NextClimb Bota Bag Leak-Proof 750ml Spanish Wine Skin

Finally! A Bota Bag That Won't Leak! Most bota bags are produced as cheaply as possible. They use very thin internal plastic bags to hold your drink, but they break after a few weeks. (sometimes just a few hours!) This is a BIG problem, especially if you're... 1. Using your bag as a theatre prop. 2. Bringing it as your water source for an all-day hike. 3. Dressing up for a costume party or historical reenactment. But now the problem is solved with the LEAK-PROOF NextClimb Bota Bag. We designed an entirely new internal structure for this bota bag. Instead of using a cheap thin plastic bag, we molded a perfectly shaped SOLID polyethylene bladder that is thick, durable, and will last for years. If you want a bota bag that will not leak, this is the bag for you. Features: - Extra-Thick LEAK PROOF Polyethylene Drink Bladder (Backed by our LIFETIME guarantee.) - Authentic Spanish Wine Skin Feel - Genuine leather, bright side-stitching and red bull-horn artwork. - Convenient 'Sports Cap' - Pops open in a second without unscrewing. Won't dangle on a string where it gets in the way or gets lost. - Wide, durable leather strap rests comfortably on your shoulder, unlike the standard 'red string' straps that cut into your skin. We're currently discounting the price of the Ne...

  • Brand: NextClimb
  • ASIN: B07D2Y516P
  • UPC: 751570411597

sammi Leather, Latex Lined, 1 Liter Traditional Spanish Bota Bag with Braided Shoulder Strap, Brown

sammi Leather, Latex Lined, 1 Liter Traditional Spanish

Traditional Spanish bota bags are lined with a goat's bladder. We know you love the ease of use and convenience of a wineskin, but does anyone really want to drink from a goat's bladder? * Luckily, this modern adaptation retains the premium leather exterior but utilizes a food-grade latex lining that stops leaks dead in their tracks. Carry your wine (or beer, or liquor, or water, get the point) in worry-free, lightweight style, confident in the knowledge that somewhere out there is a thankful goat with a bladder full of goat pee. * Specs - Capacity: 1 Liter.

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: sammi
  • ASIN: B000GFHD6I
  • UPC: 751738270790

Stansport Canteen, 4-Quart

Stansport Canteen,

Are you looking for a canteen that not only is able to refresh you, but also looks good slung around your shoulder? Our Blanket-Covered Desert Canteen is just the canteen you need! It can hold up to four quarts of any refreshing beverage you choose. It is constructed with a high-impact plastic body insulated with a blanket covering. The shoulder strap is adjustable to fit all ages. Its screw-on cap is attached with a safety strap, which ensures you will not lose it. Do not get caught out in the wilderness without a source of replenishing liquid. Grab our Blanket-Covered Desert Canteen and never go thirsty out on the trail again!

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Stansport
  • ASIN: B00069PFCS
  • UPC: 011319362604

Vulpen Natural Handwoven Round Rattan Shoulder Crossbody Bag - Boho Circle Bag with Leather Straps

Vulpen Natural Handwoven Round Rattan Shoulder Crossbody Bag

This is the fun, trendy purse that's all over Instagram! Loved by Hollywood stars and models, this round woven rattan bag is the must-have accessory of the season. The perfect addition to your outfit on a sunny summer day, this boho chic round straw handbag brings vacation vibes wherever you go! It looks great with dresses, jeans and a t-shirt, and everything in between.Handwoven by artisans from natural grass straw, this beautiful purse looks effortlessly fashionable whether you're traveling the globe or just running errands on a normal day. It's just the right size to carry the essentials, like your cell phone, sunglasses, and coin purse. This rattan woven bag will be a functional part of your daily routine. It's essential to any fashionista's wardrobe!Love the environment? This bag is made from natural rattan, which is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and does not cause environmental pollution.

  • Color: Beige
  • Brand: Vulpen
  • ASIN: B07FZP46BZ
  • UPC: 024589782478

Liberty Mountain Leather Bota Bag 1 Pint

Liberty Mountain Leather Bota Bag 1

Carry your favorite beverage in style with Liberty Mountain's classic Bota Bag, constructed of genuine Spanish leather with a heavy latex lining that is completely sanitary and will not distort taste. Includes a convenient strap for easy carrying.

  • Brand: Liberty Mountain
  • ASIN: B0045E9E3G
  • UPC: 066510480862

TrailMax Canvas & Leather Canteen Carrier with Stainless Steel Canteen, Trail-Riding Horse Saddlebag, Attach to Saddle-Bags, Pack or Belt; Available with Nalgene Oasis BPA-Free Canteen

TrailMax Canvas & Leather Canteen Carrier with Stainless

Our extra rugged canteen carrier can be attached to a saddle, pack, or belt using the top dee ring and/or belt loop. Holds most military style canteens up to 1.3 quarts, with or without a nesting cup. Our canteen carrier is made from 24-oz duck canvas with double-ply leather accents, leather strapping & leather reinforcements. This includes your choice of a 32-oz, virtually indestructible, BPA-free Nalgene Oasis canteen or a stainless steel canteen.

  • Color: stainless steel
  • Brand: TrailMax
  • UPC: 812473001251

Army Universe Spanish Leather Wine Bota Large Canteen Flask Pouch Container Bag, 2 Liter

Army Universe Spanish Leather Wine Bota Large Canteen

Check out our Spanish Leather Wine Bota Bag Canteen Flask Pouch Container, also known as a wineskin, is a soft canteen designed to carry liquids, especially wine, in the great outdoors and across long distances. They have a long history in Spain. Traditional Leather Wine Bota bags were made from leather, and this canteen is no exception. But unlike old fashioned models, which were lined with goat bladders, this Bota bag relies on a food-grade latex interior to keep things watertight and prevent leaking. Use your Bota Bog to carry up to 2 liters of wine, water, or any liquid of your choosing to parks, concerts, festivals, the beach, hiking, on a boat, or camping. It's lighter than cans and bottles and comes with a red braided shoulder strap that makes it easy to take with your wherever you go. When the bag empty, it packs flat for easy storage. What's more, this Leather Bota Bag features a plastic nozzle to easily share its intoxicating contents without putting your mouth on the opening. Simply drink from the stream of wine that pours from the nozzle and pass it along!

  • Color: Khaki
  • Brand: Army Universe
  • ASIN: B0017LVA32
  • UPC: 191818001164
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