Ideal Hot Potato Electronic Musical Passing Game

Ideal Hot Potato Electronic Musical Passing

Ideal Hot Potato Musical Potato-Passing Game is a wild, frantic, laugh out loud, electronic tater-tossing good time! Designed for 2-6 players, this musical game can be played by the whole family. Just squeeze the Hot Potato to start the music and let the fun begin. Pass the spud to the player next to you or even across the room. Toss the tater back and forth, up high, down low, around and around, but don't get caught holding the spud when the music stops! If you do, you have to take a potato chip card. Get 3 chip cards and you're out. The last player remaining without 3 chip cards is the winner! Includes an electronic plush potato stuffed with foam, 13 potato chip cards, 3 AG13/LR44 batteries and instructions.

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Ideal
  • ASIN: B000NX0IQK
  • UPC: 783329560300

Birthday Bingo Game 24 Players for Kids Party Game Supplies

Birthday Bingo Game 24 Players for Kids Party

Birthday Bingo Game Cards features birthday Designs, including birthday cards, birthday banners, gift boxes and confetti and more. 2, How to play? 1.Give each player a bingo card and several player chips. 2.Have each player put a player chip over the free space. 3.The caller would pick one image and call out (like "Birthday Crown"). Then kids would use the player chips to mark if they have it. 4.The first child to make a line of 5 items (diagoal, horizontal or vertical, the free space included), he will yell out BINGO and win the game! 5.If nobody wins, keep calling until someone wins bingo. 3, Player Cards: 24 sheets. Size: 7"x 5 1/5" Bingo Card Chips: 7 sheets, 70 chips per sheet.Size: 7"x 5 1/5" Caller Card: 1 sheet with 24 cards. Size: 7 1/2" x 6 1/2" Instruction: 1 sheet of game instruction. Size: 5 1/5" x 5 1/5" 4. Perforated Design. Easy to cut along the dotted lines. Great indoor activity for kids birthday parties. Fun to play with families and friends. Perfect game for office parties, home parties, school events and more! Fun to play with family and friends!

  • Color: C)birthday Bingo Game
  • Brand: Fancy Land

Twister Ultimate: Bigger Mat, More Colored Spots, Family, Kids Party Game Age 6+; Compatible with Alexa (Amazon Exclusive)

Twister Ultimate: Bigger Mat, More Colored Spots, Family,

The classic Twister game you grew up with has a plastic floor mat that's twice the size of the original, and features more and bigger colored spots, making this the ultimate party game! The spinner tells you where to place your hands and feet on the spots of the extra-large floor mat, twisting players into all kinds of funny positions. For optional spinner-less play, use the Twister Spinner Alexa skill (Alexa device sold separately)! With the Twister Spinner skill, nobody has to leave the mat to spin for the next move. Right hand goes here, left hand goes there, and your feet … who knows where? Pull out the Twister Ultimate game when you want an icebreaker or team-building game, or a quick and fun game for kids. When you're done playing, it's easy to fold and pack, ready to bring to your next gathering. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro. Amazon, Echo, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

  • Brand: Hasbro Gaming
  • UPC: 630509453665

iBaseToy Carnival Games Bean Bag Toss Game for Kids & Adults - Carnival Party Supplies Easter Games Tin Can Alley Game for Kids Birthday Party Games- 10 Tin Cans and 3 Beanbags Included

iBaseToy Carnival Games Bean Bag Toss Game for

Tossing a beanbag to knock down a pyramid of cans is a classic and fun game of skill. It's a great way to develop motor coordination and accurate throwing for anyone from the youngest toddler on up to adults -- just set the distance the player has to stand away from the cans to change the difficulty. You can also allow a player three tosses or just one. Use the numbers on the back of each can a player knocks down to total up the score in each "round" of the game. This bean bag toss game is perfect as an outdoor activity, but it can be played indoors too in a big room or hallway. The cans and beanbags are both sturdy and lightweight, so the game is safe for furniture as long as nothing too fragile is in the way. And indoors or out, kids will love the satisfying tinkling crash the cans make when they're knocked down. Kids will also love the cute and silly faces painted on the cans. Each one of the 10 cans has a different face, expressing all sorts of funny emotions. There are also numbers on the back of each can to use when totaling the score for each player's throw. Just set up the cans so that #1 is at the top of the pyramid, then #2 and #3, and so on. Order today for a fun and challenging game that's sure to be a hit with any group of children! This iBaseToy product is sold wit...

  • Brand: iBaseToy
  • ASIN: B0786V6GJD
  • UPC: 191557727196

4 Players Outdoor Lawn Games; Potato Sack Race Bags, Egg and Spoon Race Games, Legged Relay Race Bands Elastic Tie Rope for All Ages Kids and Family, Outside Easter Eggs Hunt Game Party Favor Activities, Carnival Game Party Supplies.

4 Players Outdoor Lawn Games; Potato Sack Race

Easter Outdoor Game Set; Potato Sack Race Bags, Egg and Spoon Race Games, Legged Relay Race Bands Elastic Tie Rope for All Ages Kids, Easter Eggs Hunt Game Party Favor Activities. Easter Outdoor Game Set includes 4 Potato Sack Race Bags, 4 Egg and Spoon Race Games and 2 Legged Relay Race Bands. The Potato Sack Race Bags are measured approximately 40 x 24 inch. Eggs and Spoons are made of the Durable Light Weight Wood. Legged Race Bands are measured 1.1 x 22 inch (Easy Stretched to 33 inch). Super Value Pack for Easter Games. Perfect for Easter Theme Decoration, School Classroom Supply, Easter Party Favor Supplies, Easter Basket Stuffers Fillers, Easter Goodie/ Goody, Easter Toy and Prizes, Teacher Treats, Easter Gifts and more! Enjoy Burlap Potato Sacks Race Bags for Hours of fun at Easter Egg Hunting Party! CHILD SAFETY: Meet US Safety Standard. Safety Test Approved. Non-Toxic. Superior Quality.

  • Brand: JOYIN
  • ASIN: B07PVD53TB
  • UPC: 812355036364

GIGGLE N GO Inflatable Bowling Pins - Giant Outdoor Games for Kids and Family. Great for Indoor or Outdoor Games. Our Kids Bowling Set Inc 6, 27in Bowling Pins, 1, 24in Ball and 1 Pump

GIGGLE N GO Inflatable Bowling Pins - Giant

Giggle N Go Inflatable bowling game BIG FUN FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY- Great activity for all ages.- Perfect for family reunions, picnics, birthday parties, barbecues, at the beach, family room, hallway, or in your own backyard. WHATS INCLUDED - 6 White Bowling Pins 27 inches tall (when inflated) - 1 Black ball that stands 24 inches ( when inflated) - 1 Hand pump and a repair patch if needed. OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU, at Giggle N Go, customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. If you're not 100% happy with our BOWLING GAME, please contact us through your order so we can help fix the issue personally..

  • Brand: GIGGLE N GO
  • ASIN: B07G3636V5

Prextex 3 in 1 Carnival Games Combo Set Cornhole Bean Bags Ring Toss Game and Birthday Party Outdoor Games Supplies Plastic Cone Set 26 Piece Set

Prextex 3 in 1 Carnival Games Combo Set

Prextex Carnival Combo Set Includes 6 Carnival Cones, 10 Plastic Rings for Ring Toss Games, And 10 Bean Bags. Perfect Carnival set For All Ages

  • Brand: Prextex
  • ASIN: B0799QNNTP
  • UPC: 854023008020

Faburo Potato Sack Race Bags Set, 32pcs Children's Birthday Party Game Set Outdoor Games Set, Potato Sack Race Bags, Three-legged Race Bands, Egg and Spoon Race Game, Bean Bag Toss Game for Kids Party Family Fun

Faburo Potato Sack Race Bags Set, 32pcs Children's

Material: Plastic and fabric.Color and dimension:Potato sack race bags: 4 sack bags in 4 different colors, red, yellow, blue and green. Size: 48cm*66.5cm(L*H)Three-legged race bands: Red. 2 bands' size: 56cm*2.5cm; the other 2 bands' size: 60cm*2.5cm.Plastic eggs and spoons: 2 red eggs and 2 blue eggs. Egg size: 6cm*4cm. 2 red spoons and 2 blue spoons. Spoon size: 16.5cm (length).Bean bag toss game bags: 4 bean bag toss bags in 4 different colors, red, yellow, blue and green. Size: 11cm*8cm.Checked flags: Black and white plaid flags. Flag's size: 14cm*21cm; Plastic flagpole' length: 30cm.Plastic medals: Diameter of medal: 3.8cm; Length (perimeter) of lanyard: 65cm.Plastic stakes: Yellow. Size: 14.7cm*1.7cm.Package included:4pcs * Potato sack race bags4pcs * Three-legged race bands4pcs * Plastic eggs4pcs * Spoons4pcs * Bean bag toss game bags2pcs * Plastic whistles2pcs * Checkered flags4pcs * Plastic medals4pcs * Plastic stakes

  • Brand: Faburo
  • ASIN: B07MCNN14D
  • UPC: 750440566993

Egg and Spoon Race Game - 6 Eggs and 6 Spoons - Made of the Finest Wood - Fun Game for Parties, Birthdays etc. - Durable, Lightweight | Six Assorted Colors

Egg and Spoon Race Game - 6 Eggs

Egg and Spoon Race Game Set - High Quality Colorful Wooden Eggs with Spoons - Best Garden Playthings Toy for Kids & Adult whether Indoor or Outdoor - From My Toy House - Reserve now and surprise your kids with this fun and enjoyable game at home! Why Choose our Kids Colorful Egg and Spoon Race Game? GOOD BALANCING & ENJOYABLE: This game will help your kids enhance their ability on balancing, coordination and sportsmanship at the same time they will have some fun and enjoyment towards their friends or family. BUILT TO LAST: Its made of high quality, durable wood materials that will never break or crack easily and will stand out for a long time, with colorful designs that will not fade easily even for how many uses. FAMILY & FRIENDS BONDING: Choose this egg and spoon race garden toys for weekends and holiday fun games together with your family and friends, which is a great time to be with them and get closer bonding. VERSATILE & LIGHTWEIGHT: It's very handy and lightweight, easy to play and carry around for your kids. It can be played by kids, young and adult for sure everyone's going to love this fun and excitement game. PERFECT GIFT: It comes in a white box ready to wrap up for birthday or Easter present etc. for your kids, niece, nephew and grandchild's. What's Inside?...

  • Brand: My Toy House
  • ASIN: B01M6BTH20
  • UPC: 088308488782

Party Hats Making Activity Kit - DIY Craft Set w/ 12 Colorful Hats, Pompoms and Stickers. Fun Celebration Kit for Kids Birthday, Easter, Christmas, Fiesta, Thanksgiving and New Year. Great as Handmade Decoration and Gifts, Group Activities, Game and Party Supplies for Boys & Girls

Party Hats Making Activity Kit - DIY Craft

Simple Steps to Create 12 Fabulous Kids Party Hats to Wear or Decorate. Whether it is a rainbow theme, monster theme or animal theme party, you will instantly liven up your party setting with the addition of these colorful hats. At Glittery Garden, we create kits that bring amazing memories that will last a lifetime. Our DIY crafting sets are thoughtfully curated to cultivate creativity and foster fun! Besides the cutout cards and stickers, you can include other accessories to your creation to make it even more special. The creative possibilities are endless! So just let the little crafters release their artist within!

  • Brand: Glittery Garden
  • ASIN: B07P3GPWT1

Elite Outdoor Games For Family - Ring Toss Yard Games for Kids and Adults. Easy Backyard Games to Assemble, With Compact Carry Bag for Easy Storage. Fun for Kids Party Games or Lawn Games for Kids

Elite Outdoor Games For Family - Ring Toss

outdoor toys outdoor games yard games kids outdoor toys beach accessories backyard games fun games kids games carnival games games for adults outdoor kids toys lawn games camping games outdoor games for family family games beach games games for kids 8-12 outdoor games for kids birthday party games games for kids ages 4-8 fun beach toys for kids outdoor play for kids lawn games outside games indoor games ring toss games for kids

  • Color: Red, White and Blue
  • Brand: Elite Sportz Equipment
  • UPC: 702565054336

Unicorn Party Game Set| Unicorn Ring Toss Game +Pin The Horn on The Unicorn| Birthday Party Favor Games for Kids,Perfect Gift For Birthday And Christmas.

Unicorn Party Game Set| Unicorn Ring Toss Game

  • Color: Unicorn Game Set
  • Brand: Cooper life
  • UPC: 792759195891

Elite Potato Sack Race Bags - 3 Fun Outdoor Games for Family, 3 Fun Party Games for Kids - Active Outside Games to Get Kids Moving. Potato Sack Race Bags for Kids Store Away in a Neat Compact Bag

Elite Potato Sack Race Bags - 3 Fun

Outdoor games for family and party games for kids and outside games and kids party games and field day games like potato sack race bags can make a kids birthday party, a backyard barbecue, a family reunion or a day at the park a whole lot more fun, but getting ready for them can be a hassle. You have to spend tons of time gathering all of the necessary supplies. With the Elite Sportz Equipment Elite Party Fun Pack, you'll always have the makings of a fun party for people of all ages ready to go at a moment's notice. You can break out this set for any occasion, even just an ordinary afternoon in the summer, and have three fun racing games ready to play. The Elite Sportz Equipment Elite Party Fun Pack gives you all the supplies you need to enjoy the following fun activities: 1. EGG AND SPOON RACE. With four plastic spoons and eggs, you can see who can transport the slippery, wobbly egg across the finish line the fastest. Because our eggs are made out of plastic, you don't have to worry about anyone ending up with egg on their face (or on their clothes!) 2. BURLAP SACK RACE. Slip your legs into one of the four burlap sacks and hop your way to victory. Generously sized Sacks and durably crafted to accommodate adults and kids. 3. THREE LEGGED-RACE Use the two Red ties to join one of ...

  • Color: brown
  • Brand: Elite Sportz Equipment
  • ASIN: B01L6R9TV6
  • UPC: 612592959590

MiniKIKI Face Paint Crayons, Face Painting Kits, 12 Cols, Body Paint, Kids Face Painting, Washable Face Paint, Kids Makeup, Non Toxic Body Painting, Ideal for Halloween, Costumes, Birthday Parties

MiniKIKI Face Paint Crayons, Face Painting Kits, 12

MiniKIKI face painting accessories is a necessity for your daily entertainment. You can use it to paint on face or hands while playing games with your family or friends. You can paint your ideal art work on your body and hang out with your friends, which makes you more beautiful. You can painting your body and face then take part in the disguise play. You can create much painting ideas for birthday parties,Valentine's Day,Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas. This easy face painting is a wonderful gift choice for your friends and family. Have a fun day with our face paint for kids. Face Painting Ideas: Face painting is always a big hit at any kids' parties. Super heroes, princess, fairies, spiderman, rock painting, tigers and cats are all favorites. As an adult, offering a wonderful painting kits like easy face painting crayons so that they can painting themselves will increase their creativeness. Moreover, your accompany and painting with your children will surely improve the relationship between you and your children. To have much more fun, one face painting set is not enough, you need to have face painting crayons and also the Minikiki body paint(search "B07D29Z3VK" to get it).One for kids painting and one for detail line painting. Our rainbow face paint crayons are ma...

  • Color: face paint crayons
  • Brand: Minikiki
  • ASIN: B0773HM728
  • UPC: 718472501092

Carnival Toss Games with 3 Bean Bag, Fun Carnival Game for Kids and Adults in Carnival Party Activities, Great Carnival Decorations and Suppliers (Clown)

Carnival Toss Games with 3 Bean Bag, Fun

Carnival toss games with 3 bean bag, fun carnival game for children and adults in carnival party activities, great carnival decorations and suppliers Features: 1. Cute design toss game: This carnival toss game is printed with cute clowns, monkey and bear, give the toss game banner full of carnival feeling. 2. Funny carnival party game supply: add more memory at your carnival party, add fun for home, school, backyard, beach or wherever you might be traveling. 3. Washable and reusable: made of high quality fabric, convenient to store and carrying. 4. Great carnival party decoration: Suit for decorating indoor or outdoor, to Carnival party, summer party, family friendly party, group activity and so on. How to use: 1. Player stands some distance in front of the hanging game banner and with bean bags in hand. 2. Toss the bean bag through the open holes in the banner, each player gets 3 chances. 3. The scores correspond to holes of different sizes. 4. Player with most points wins. Package includes: 1 x Fabric carnival toss game banner (30 x 53 inch) 3 x Bean bags (2.7 x 2.3 inch) 1 x Ribbon (approx. 9.8 ft ) Attention: Due to the problem of packaging, there may be creases that can be ironed on the back of the product.

  • Brand: Blulu
  • ASIN: B07R7NGN82
  • UPC: 613310215370

Not Parent Approved: A Card Game for Kids, Families and Mischief Makers

Not Parent Approved: A Card Game for Kids,

Not Parent Approved: A Hilarious Card Game for Kids, Tweens, Families and Mischief Makers of all ages.

  • Brand: Not Parent Approved
  • ASIN: B01FST8A90
  • UPC: 855444006008

Melissa & Doug Tootle Turtle Target Game, Active Play & Outdoor, Two Color Bean Bags, Self-Sticking Bean Bags, 22"" H x 14.7"" W x 2"" L

Melissa & Doug Tootle Turtle Target Game, Active

100% HAPPINESS GUARANTEE: We design every toy to the highest quality standards, and to nurture minds and hearts. If your child is not inspired, give us a call and we’ll make it right. Our phone number is on every product!

  • Color: red
  • Brand: Melissa & Doug
  • ASIN: B004C7S748
  • UPC: 885431363395

32-Piece 8 Colors Mini Bubble Wands Assortment Party Favors Toys for Kids Child, Christmas Celebration,Thanksgiving New Year, Themed Birthday,Wedding, Bath Time,Summer Outdoor Gifts for Girls Boys

32-Piece 8 Colors Mini Bubble Wands Assortment Party

NOTE If one of the product leaking, you can contact us and replace a new one for free. It is possible that the product in transit cause the problem. This is a normal situation,and rarely happens.Never mind, We have slove the problem, You will receive the perfect products ♣Your satisfaction is our pursuit! We Offer 1-year free replacement GUARANTEE!! Size: Each bubble measure 4" tall and contains 0.2 oz Recommended: 3 years old and ups Set Include: 32 pec 8 colors(including 4 Red,4 Pink,4 Orange,4 Yellow,4 Green,4 Blue,4 lake blue,4 Purple) Perfect gift: It's good party favors for Christmas Celebration,Thanksgiving New Year, themed birthday,wedding, bath time,Summer outdoor,family reunion, etc.Add more fun for kids as a party favors, gifts, prizes, rewards and giveaways. Easy to Use: Send endless bubbles flying in the air by waving the wand or blowing very slowly. Great Way to produce jumbo bubbles and even bigger smiles!

  • Brand: CHIMAGER
  • ASIN: B07DQDLP63
  • UPC: 675663991202

LovesTown Carnival Games Darts Balloons, 500Pcs Circus Decorations Christmas Balloons Water Balloons with 10Pcs Darts for Carnival Party Supplies

LovesTown Carnival Games Darts Balloons, 500Pcs Circus Decorations

About carnival outdoor game 500 pcs 6" Assorted color latex dart balloons water balloons 10 pcs plastic darts bundle for outdoor carnival pop partywide application:

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: LovesTown
  • ASIN: B076KPGPQ5
  • UPC: 713830976420
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