Miers Labs No Jet Lag Homeopathic Remedy + Fatigue Reducer for Airplane Travel Across Time Zones with All Natural Ingredients - 32 Count Chewable Tablets (for up to 50+ hours of flying)

Miers Labs No Jet Lag Homeopathic Remedy +

NASA estimates that you need one day for every 1-hour time zone crossed to return to normal rhythm and energy levels. A 5-hour time difference means you need five days to get back to normal. Can you afford that? Jet lag is a curse of modern jet travel, caused by rapid transit across world time zones resulting in loss of efficiency or holiday enjoyment, often for days after arrival. It affects body clock (circadian rhythm) body temperature, heartbeat, blood pressure, and physiological patterns, leading to disorientation and mental or physical fatigue. No-Jet-Lag, a unique homeopathic remedy, offers a convenient solution. Created in 1990 in New Zealand with 5 active natural ingredients - Arnica Montana 30C (Leopard's Bane), Bellis Perennis 30C (Daisy), Chamomilla 30C (Wild Chamomile), Ipecacuanha 30C (Ipecac), and Lycopodium 30C (Clubmoss). Travelers, professional athletes/teams, tour operators, travel agents, flight crews, and military/diplomatic personnel have benefitted from using No-Jet-Lag. Now, business professionals can step off the plane and attend meetings in much better shape, no longer needing time to rest or reorient themselves on arrival. Holiday travelers can also look forward to enjoying all of their vacation and can return home without taking days off to recover fro...

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Miers Labs
  • ASIN: B00007KUX7
  • UPC: 750980001329

Genexa Jet Lag Rx | Certified Organic & Non-GMO, Melatonin-Free, Physician Formulated, Homeopathic | Jet Lag Prevention Formula | 60 Tablets

Genexa Jet Lag Rx | Certified Organic &

Jet Lag Rx is an organic and non-GMO homeopathic jet lag prevention formula that helps address symptoms associated with jet lag including fatigue, mood changes, sleeplessness, early waking, loss of appetite, nausea and sluggishness. Jet Lag Rx is physician formulated and is free of artificial dyes, flavors, preservatives and common allergens like gluten and lactose. USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Gluten-Free and Certified Vegan.

  • Color: Blue, Teal
  • Brand: Genexa
  • UPC: 689407054825

JetZone Jet Lag Prevention - Natural Homeopathic OTC Travel and Jet Lag Remedy - 30 Chewable Tablets - Jet Lag Remedy - 48 Hours Flying Time - Pleasant Taste - All Natural - Effective - Easy to Use

JetZone Jet Lag Prevention - Natural Homeopathic OTC

JetZone jet lag homeopathic was developed to help prevent jet lag in-flight safely without side effects. JetZone jet lag formula was developed for those traveling by jet across time zones for business & pleasure, frequent flyers, flight attendants & pilots. JetZone jet lag prevention is a homeopathic combination for the temporary relief of the disruptions in circadian rhythms and fatigue associated with jet lag from flying and the symptoms of insomnia, exhaustion, irritability and anxiety. Take Jetzone with you wherever you go. Ideal for the person traveling across time zones or the international traveler , Jetzone supports your body as it gets back to its normal rhythm and energy. Don’t let a change in time zone affect your productivity, focus, or sleep. Feel your best and re-orient yourself the natural way. Don’t let fatigue disrupt your body clock (circadian rhythm). Each JetZone jet lag prevention chewable tablet contains 6 active plant-based ingredients that support the body’s natural restoration. You can take JetZone on an empty stomach because it is sourced from plants, it’s food! Turn to JetZone jet lag prevention and stop feeling sleepless, restless, exhausted, tired or drowsy when you travel across time zones. JetZone is a safe and effective homeopathic travel r...

  • Brand: JetZone
  • ASIN: B001LNN17O
  • UPC: 363923106304

Boiron Jet Lag Relief, 3 Pack of 80-Pellet Tubes, Homeopathic Medicine to Relieve Nausea, Stiffness, Muscle Pain, Drowsiness

Boiron Jet Lag Relief, 3 Pack of 80-Pellet

Boiron was founded in 1932 in Lyon, France, by twin brothers and pharmacists Jean and Henri Boiron. As the world leader in homeopathic medicines, Boiron is a $852 million public company with 3,700 employees and distribution in 59 countries. It is best known for Oscillococcinum, a top-selling flu medicine, and its Arnicare line of pain relievers. For more than 80 years, Boiron has been committed to funding scientific research and educating the public and health care professionals on homeopathic medicines. As a pharmaceutical company, Boiron maintains the highest standards in manufacturing, complying with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations, the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States and drug Good Manufacturing Practices. The company partners with brokers, distributors and retail chains to make homeopathic medicines available to a wide variety of consumers and physicians. Boiron’s staff of 120+ consists of pharmacists and lab technicians, accounting and IT personnel, marketing & public relations staff, national sales force, customer service, and order fulfillment and shipping professionals—many of whom have impressively long careers with the company. Our mission is to stimulate the evolution of health care by promoting homeopathy as a compassionate, ecologica...

  • Brand: Boiron
  • ASIN: B01N9LH5ZC
  • UPC: 306969214435

Lewis N Clark 32 Tablet No Jet Lag Homeopathic Flight Fatigue Remedy Pills Fly

Lewis N Clark 32 Tablet No Jet Lag

32 No Jet Lag Tablets Pills Homeopathic Nojetlag Natural Safe Travel Flying Drug!! This top of the line No Jet Lag Homeopathic Flying Remedy is a perfect travel companion. If you are a frequent flyer we have the solution for you. These tablets prevent jet lag in a safe, natural, and effective way with no side effects or drug interaction. Net 32 tablets sufficient for 50 hours of flying.These pills dont have an expiration date.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Lewis N. Clark
  • ASIN: B000BPUYC8

1Above Anti Jet Lag Flight Effervescent Drink Tablets, Super Antioxidant - Pycnogenol, Vitamins and Electrolytes for Travel, Work and Party. 10 Count (1 Tube) - Berry.

1Above Anti Jet Lag Flight Effervescent Drink Tablets,

Try the new 1Above Drink tablets and make them a part of your daily routine.

  • Brand: 1Above

FLIGHT ARMOUR - Jet Lag Prevention+ Feet & Leg Swelling Relief (Feel Like You Never Flew) | Blood Clotting Prevention | Superior Travel Recovery | Remedy, Pill, Flying, Circulation, Compression Sock

FLIGHT ARMOUR - Jet Lag Prevention+ Feet &

Flight Armour is the only travel supplement to address the 3 hazards of flying: Clotting, Jet Lag, and Radiation. Flight Armour's combination of antioxidants, polyphenols, minerals, and plant extracts offers fliers a way to protect against the grossly underestimated dangers of air travel. We are not a glorified multivitamin; this is a research-based scientific formula designed for those who travel in the air. Our formula is serious because we are serious about protecting you. Our raw ingredients have a cost that is similar to many of our competitors' retail price. Similar products only use Pine Bark to combat clotting. Flight Armour uses the combination of Pine Bark and Nattokinase. A study by the Journal of Translational Medicine showed passengers on a NYC-to-London flight taking the Combination of both Pine Bine and Nattokinase, had zero clots while 7 (placebo) passengers suffered a DVT. Avoid Blood Clots and Deadly Deep Vein Thrombosis. ✓ Reduces platelet aggregation. ✓ Increases activity of a blood flow-boosting enzyme that generates nitric oxide in vessels. ✓ Breaks down fibrin and fibrinogen, diminishing chances for plaque and red blood cell-induced clot formation. Protection against radiation - Airline Crews are considered by the US government to be radiation workers...

  • Brand: Flight Armour, LLC
  • ASIN: B071YPTL3L
  • UPC: 780729278675

Liddell Homeopathic Jet Lag Remedy, 1 Fluid Ounce

Liddell Homeopathic Jet Lag Remedy, 1 Fluid

Liddell JLg Jet Lag. Description: Prevents jet lag and eases tiredness, dehydration, disorientation and sleeplessness. Homeopathic. Doctor Formulated: readily absorbed; safe; no known side effects; easy to use. Scientifically Tested. 20% Organic Alcohol. Most of us suffer from uncomfortable symptoms when we travel long distances by plane - especially through several time zones. Liddell now offers this easy-to-take spray to help eliminate these incapacitating symptoms. It works so well, many travelers will not fly without it. Scientifically Tested: Each active ingredient in this product has been tested on human beings in accordance with scientific homeopathic methodology. No animal testing. Prevents or minimizes symptoms commonly known as jet lag, including: Tiredness. Feelings of disorientation. Dehydration. Sleeplessness. Oral Sprays, a Liddell innovation, are the modern and better way to deliver medication. Here's why: Fast Absorption. Easy to Swallow. Accurate-Dose Spray Pump. Convenient. No Negative Side Effects. No Known Contraindications. No Known Drug Interactions. Free Of Animal testing, yeast, gluten, sugar, milk, salt, artificial flavors or colors. Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, ...

  • Brand: Liddell
  • UPC: 363113275964

Jet Lag Rapid-Reset: Travel Relief Remedy Supplement Pills - Prevention Complex - Natural Jet Lag Supplements - Formula - 30 Capsules

Jet Lag Rapid-Reset: Travel Relief Remedy Supplement Pills

RECOVER FROM JET LAG after just one dose with: Jet Lag Rapid Reset - Guaranteed to be effective or your money back! Traveling throws your natural clock (circadian rhythm) into a tailspin creating the negative effects of jet lag. Our formula, JET LAG RAPID RESET, helps you recover more easily after long travels. Take just one dose to help adjust your body's internal clock to its new environment. Natural Jet Lag Remedy - Jet Lag Supplement - Jet Lag Pills ✔️ 100% Lifetime Seller Feedback Rating Because We Value & Take Care of Our Customers ❤️ First Time Customers Get 10% OFF 1 Bottle with Coupon Code: 7XLFTGE7 ❤️ Our Promise: Satisfaction Guaranteed or 100% Money Back! ❤️ Ships Fast from Amazon | Made in USA

  • Brand: Elevate Recovery Supplements
  • ASIN: B00JKX56DE
  • UPC: 617237443168

No-Jet-Lag Homeopathic Jet Lag Prevention Tablets 32

No-Jet-Lag Homeopathic Jet Lag Prevention Tablets

(Product received may temporarily differ from image shown due to packaging update. Image will be revised, shortly) The Perfect Travel Companion Sufficient for 50 Hours of Flying Safe Natural Effective No Side Effects or Drug Interactions Made in New Zealand The letters HPUS indicate that these ingredients are officially included in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States. Indications For the relief of tiredness and jet lag associated with flying. Warnings Do not use if the blister pack is broken. Ask a doctor before use in children under 2 years of age. Stop use and ask a doctor if symptoms persist for more than 3 days or worsen. If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a health professional before use. Keep out of reach of children.


Research Verified Jet Lag Relief - The Best Jet Lag Supplement on the Market - With L-Ornithine, L-theanine and GABA. 100% money back guarantee! - 1 Bottle Supply (9 Flights)

Research Verified Jet Lag Relief - The Best

Research Verified Jet Lag Relief is the best Jet Lag supplement available on the market. Contains specific clinically proven ingredients for calming support during your journey, but that it also has ingredients that have been proven effective in balancing the body's circadian rhythms to regulate healthy sleep patterns.

  • Brand: Research Verified
  • ASIN: B0156TFB4E
  • UPC: 881314101818

Jet Lag Pills - JetFighter Sleep - 30 capsules - Jet Lag Relief Supplement - Fights Sleeplessness - Helps Regulate Circadian Rhythm - Contains Melatonin - Works Best with JetFighter AWAKE

Jet Lag Pills - JetFighter Sleep - 30

JETFIGHTER SLEEP JetFighter Sleep helps reduce the symptoms of jet lag like sleepiness or disturbed sleep. It makes it easier for you to fall asleep fast at you destination. Getting at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep at night plays a crucial role in resetting your circadian rhythm. JetFighter Sleep is perfect for people planning a trip to Europe, Africa, Asia or Australia. Even if you are flying Coast to Coast it will be very beneficial for you as most people suffer jet lag if they travel by plane to a destination only 2 time zones away! It doesn't matter is you are a frequent flyer that travels internationally all the time or if you go on vacation abroad once a year. You can't get used to jet lag! JetFighter Sleep contains Melatonin - an ingredient widely recognized as the most helpful in combating jet lag JetFighter Sleep works best with JetFighter Awake that will help you stay awake during the day and gives you enough energy to combat daytime fatigue.

  • Brand: JetFighter
  • UPC: 784672163224

Genius Sleep AID - Smart Sleeping Pills & Adrenal Fatigue Supplement, Natural Stress, Anxiety & Insomnia Relief - Relaxation Enhancer and Mood Support w/Inositol, L-Theanine & Glycine - 40 Capsules

Genius Sleep AID - Smart Sleeping Pills &

FALL ASLEEP FASTER, SLEEP BETTER / WAKE UP RESTORED – Our natural sleep aid sources the best scientifically proven ingredients found in nature! These sleeping pills help adults calm anxiety, improve sleep quality and support adrenal health! Restore cognitive function and wake up feeling refreshed and renewed!NON-HABIT FORMING SLEEP OPTIMIZATION – With less than 1mg of melatonin, Genius relies primarily on pure herbs and proven amino acids to optimize sleep so you aren’t running the risk of building up melatonin tolerance & forming dependency.COMBAT ADRENAL FATIGUE & DETOX CAFFEINE – In addition to the synergistic relaxation & sleep blend, Genius also provides adrenal support with the caffeine eliminating ingredient, rutaecarpine! Fall asleep faster by reducing caffeine from the bodyDRUG-FREE SOLUTION / BEST NATURAL SLEEP AID – Forget the OTC sleep aids and get a natural sleep supplement that works, discover the science behind deep sleep with our synergistic formulaBACKED BY THE GENIUS PROMISE – Our formulas are always backed by science and the research indicates they will do exactly what they claim but if for whatever reason you aren’t thrilled, please reach out and we will refund your hard-earned money.

  • Brand: The Genius Brand
  • ASIN: B078SS8T3T
  • UPC: 850098008057

InstaSleep Mint Melts | Drug-Free Sleep Aid | Fast Dissolve-In-Mouth Tablets | Non-Habit Forming

InstaSleep Mint Melts | Drug-Free Sleep Aid |

Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Drug Free, and OU Kosher Sleep Aid For the relief of occasional sleeplessness (not intended to cure or treat people with sleep disorders).

  • Brand: InstaSleep
  • UPC: 040232412882

Sleep Aid | Natural Herbal Sleep Supplement Made with Valerian Root, Melatonin, Chamomile, Magnesium | Insomnia & Anxiety Relief | Adult Extra Strength Sleeping Pills | 60 Vegan Capsules | Shut Eye

Sleep Aid | Natural Herbal Sleep Supplement Made

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. We are so sure you'll be happy with your purchase that we offer a "30-Day Money-Back Guarantee" to ensure customer satisfaction of Shut Eye. If for any reason you wish to discontinue using Shut Eye, we will promptly issue a refund. VALERIAN ROOT is an herb that has a sedative effect and promotes relaxation and sleep. Studies show it helps improve the speed at which you fall asleep, depth of sleep and sleep quality. L-THEANINE is a compound found in green tea, has a calming effect on the brain. GABA is a mood balancing neurotransmitter naturally produced in the brain used to help calm and relax the mind. 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is an amino acid that your body naturally produces. Your body uses it to produce serotonin, a chemical messenger that sends signals between your nerve cells. Low serotonin levels are associated with depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and other health problems CHAMOMILE calms the nerves, promoting general relaxation, relieving stress and controlling insomnia. LEMON BALM Has a sedative effect, which allows it to be an effective treatment for insomnia and anxiety PASSIONFLOWER is very effective for helping to relieve both anxiety and insomnia by boosting the level of sleep promoting GABA in the brain. MELATONIN is a hormone...

  • Brand: Nuvana Nutrition
  • ASIN: B07B437R5L

Rugby Travel Sickness, Tablets, 100 ea

Rugby Travel Sickness, Tablets, 100


  • Color: Original Version
  • Brand: Rugby
  • ASIN: B004FJFF2A
  • UPC: 784922175304

Sinus Rinse Complete Kit

Sinus Rinse Complete

The original & patented Sinus Rinse Kit. No. 1 physician prescribed OTC nasal rinse. Soothing; moisturizing. For large volume & low pressure. Saline nasal irrigation, moisturization and daily nasal hygiene. Suitable for use during pregnancy. Make NeilMed's Sinus Rinse an essential part of your daily hygiene - like brushing your teeth, washing your hands or taking a shower. Natural sinus care has never been easier. Advantages: Soothing, no burning or stinging large volume & low pressure system for saline nasal irrigation, moisturization and daily nasal hygiene; Single-piece, custom-designed rounded cap fits any nasal opening. No push and pull components make for easy cleaning; Preservative, drug, iodine, BPA, gluten and latex free; Premixed packets of USP grade sodium chloride & sodium bicarbonate (purity level 99% or higher); Excellent cleansing prior to spraying nasal corticosteroids; pH balanced & isotonic, or hypertonic with two or more packets; Smooth flow with easy-squeeze bottle; Empties 95% in upright position; Suitable for use after sinus surgery and during pregnancy. Consult your physician with concerns; Portable for travel. Kit includes: 1 custom designed cap; 1 rinse bottle 8 oz (240 ml); 1 tube; 50 packets of USP grade (purity level 99% or higher) sodium chloride & so...

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: NeilMed
  • ASIN: B000RDZFZ0
  • UPC: 705928001664

Chewable Melatonin 3mg Natural Sleep Aid for Adults and Kids - 50 Sublingual Extra Strength Sleeping Pills by Mauricettes

Chewable Melatonin 3mg Natural Sleep Aid for Adults

Do You Often Suffer Those Long Nights Where You Experience Occasional Sleeplessness? There are a lot of factors and conditions in our daily lives that can attribute to sleeplessnesses such as work, family, and stress. While there is no miracle product that can fix it all, we have wanted to come out with the next best thing to help you stay relaxed, get more rest. and drift off into the most tranquil sleep.

 Non habit forming melatonin is that perfect fit to get to sleep fast and to wake up feeling like a whole new you without getting that horrible groggy feeling when waking up in the morning. When is the last time you woke up like that?

 Mauricettes advanced all natural sleep aids for adults and children contain only 3mg of Melatonin. The chewable tablet is fast dissolving and unflavored. So they're not only easy to consume, but the milligram is scientifically based research verified to get you the results that you desire and to deliver them quickly. Our melatonin is a nighttime sleep aid that helps assist you in regulating your sleep and wake cycles so you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

  • Brand: Mauricettes
  • ASIN: B076GQNS3K
  • UPC: 671839463061

Klova Sleep Patch with Melatonin and Natural Ingredients Promotes restful Sleep and eliminates Jet lag

Klova Sleep Patch with Melatonin and Natural Ingredients

Our nature-inspired ZPatch with overnight release conveniently promotes restful sleep and may assist with jet-lag. Our advanced sleep ZPatch formula includes: Magnesium BHB, Hops, Valerian, L-Theanine, Skullcap, Melatonin, 5-HTP, GABA, Passion Flower, Cosmoperine.

  • Brand: Klova
  • ASIN: B077XZ9CHP
  • UPC: 867421000404

Jet-Alert 100 MG Each Caffeine Tab 120 Count

Jet-Alert 100 MG Each Caffeine Tab 120

mental alertness

  • Brand: Jet-Alert
  • UPC: 023074803056

Avinol PM Extra Strength | All-In-One Natural Sleep Aid for Deep Restful Sleep - Relieve Insomnia & Jet Lag (30 ct)

Avinol PM Extra Strength | All-In-One Natural Sleep

How to Sleep Deeply Without a Prescription Is your struggle with sleep interfering with your everyday life? Are you dreading the countless hours spent tossing & turning each night simply trying to get some rest? Maybe you've tried weak, ineffective herbal supplements - or worse, harsh pharmaceuticals that were habit forming and left you sluggish. The makers of Avinol PM (Original Strength) are proud to introduce: Avinol PM Extra Strength - the natural, non-addictive sleep aid, fortified with a super team of ingredients that get you QUALITY, restful sleep. → NEW EXTRA STRENGTH FORMULA FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS → NATURAL ALTERNATIVE TO PRESCRIPTION DRUGS → NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS → NO GROGGY FEELING THE NEXT DAY → NON HABIT FORMING Better sleep with Avinol PM Extra Strength can help you: • Regulate your sleep cycle • Get better, quality sleep • Wake up with more energy • Improve overall health • Fight agonizing insomnia symptoms • Elevate mood • Fight the effects of chronic fatigue • Alleviate restlessness & sleeplessness • Calm anxiety & ease sleep deprivation • Fall asleep easily & sleep through the night • Help recover from & prevent jet lag when travelling Potent natural ingredients include: MELATONIN • 5 HTP • GABA • VALERIAN ROOT •...

  • Brand: Avinol PM
  • ASIN: B01H5T85EQ

Hyland's Nerve Tonic Stress Relief Tablets, Natural Relief of Stress, 500 Count

Hyland's Nerve Tonic Stress Relief Tablets, Natural Relief

Hyland's Nerve Tonic Stress Relief Tablets, Natural Relief of Stress, 500 Count Uses: Temporarily relieves the symptoms of stress, nervousnesss, mental anxiousness, irritability, and the inability to concentrate. NATURAL REMEDIES SINCE 1903. Hyland’s has been producing homeopathic medicines since 1903. Hyland’s products are made in the United States with natural ingredients, and contain no artificial flavors, dyes or parabens. FDA COMPLIANT MANUFACTURING. Homeopathy is a safe, effective system of medicine with fundamental principles for selection and application, working to stimulate to the body’s own healing properties. Homeopathic preparations (6X, 30X, 30C) dilute and invigorate the source ingredient, making doses non-toxic and safe to take alongside other medications without contraindications or known side effects. The uses for our products are based on traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. Always read and follow the label directions when using Hyland's products SAFE AND RELIABLE. Hyland’s products follow the manufacturing and quality requirements outlined in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States and the applicable provisions of the Code of Federal Regulations. Hyland’s facilities ar...

  • Color: Original Version
  • Brand: Hyland's Homeopathic
  • ASIN: B00014FGTK
  • UPC: 354973112919

Standard Process - Min-Tran - Emotional Balance Supplement, Supports Healthy Nervous System and Stress Response, Provides Calcium, Iodine, and Magnesium, Gluten Free and Vegetarian - 330 Tablets

Standard Process - Min-Tran - Emotional Balance Supplement,

Min-Tran is a vegetarian product that contains mineral complexes to support emotional balance. Supports a healthy nervous system Mild calmative that helps maintain emotional balance Helps ease the effects of temporary stress Supports the actions of neurotransmitters that regulate mood*

  • Brand: Standard Process
  • ASIN: B002D32O3S
  • UPC: 767674490208

TRIORAL - Oral Rehydration Salts ORS (15, One Liter Packets/Box) World Health Organization (WHO) New Formula for Food Poisoning, Hangovers, Diarrhea, Electrolyte Replacement

TRIORAL - Oral Rehydration Salts ORS (15, One

WHO Approved Reduced Osmolarity Oral Rehydration Salts 20.5g/0.72 oz Powder Packet. (NEW FORMULA). Manufactured according to Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The new improved formula is the result of extensive research sponsored by WHO's Department of Child and Adolescent Health and Development and supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). What exactly are TRIORAL Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS)? TRIORAL ORS are effective, inexpensive, safe and convenient packets of pre-formulated salts/ sugar when mixed with water will rehydrate your body fast, regardless of the cause. Each TRIORAL ORS packet is a sealed, pre-measured and pre-formulated powder that contains: Glucose anhydrous 13.5g, Trisodium Citrate Dehydrate 2.9g, Sodium Chloride 2.6g and Potassium Chloride 1.5g. How does TRIORAL ORS work and why are these electrolytes important? This combination of electrolytes with glucose optimizes efficient absorption via the intestinal tract. With TRIORAL ORS both the active transport of glucose and diffusion of salts/water through the intestinal lining are at work-- so you rehydrate fast. Dehydration may occur unexpectedly and rapidly as a result of excessive fluid loss due to sweating, urination, fever, etc. When the body is depleted of ...

  • Brand: TRIORAL
  • ASIN: B00OG8G9U2
  • UPC: 094922010797
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