Goedrum GHC Electronic Hi-Hat Controller

Goedrum GHC Electronic Hi-Hat

1. Depends on your drum sound module, this electronic Hi-Hat controller will allow you to perform choke, tip and bell functions on Hi-Hat cymbal, and can be used in 4 major positions: Open, 1/2 Open, 1/4 Open, Closed. 2. It has a 6.3mm stereo jack socket. 3. This eHi-Hat controller can work together with Roland V-drum modules only, can't work with Yamaha or KAT modules or Alesis Nitro kit or Alesis Crimson or other brand drum modules. 4. Works well with most other Hi-Hat stands on the market. 5. You can play proper foot splash techniques with this electronic Hi-Hat controller. 6. Demo videos: http://youtu.be/fN_AYZOopM4 http://youtu.be/UjeFy8YMZpw

  • Brand: Goedrum
  • UPC: 736649927704

Yamaha HH65 Electronic Hi-Hat Controller Pedal (pad not included)

Yamaha HH65 Electronic Hi-Hat Controller Pedal (pad not

The HH65 is an extremely quiet Hi-hat controller pedal. You can combine this controller with an electronic drum pad such as the TP65S (sold separately) to create a compact Hi-Hat capable of handling a variety of Hi-Hat performances, including ones that incorporate full-open, full-closed, and half-open movements and foot splashing.

  • Brand: YAMAHA
  • ASIN: B004HW77H6
  • UPC: 086792647739

Alesis Pro X Hi Hat | Dual-Cymbal Hi-Hat Controller for DM10/DM8

Alesis Pro X Hi Hat | Dual-Cymbal Hi-Hat

Alesis’ Pro X Hi-Hat is a dual-cymbal, continuous hi-hat controller that brings natural hi-hat playability and feel to Alesis DM10 and DM8 drummers everywhere. Precisely calibrated for the Alesis DM10- and DM8-series electronic drum kits, Pro X Hi-Hat integrates seamlessly with and expands the expressive capabilities of these popular electronic instruments. With Pro X Hi-Hat, you get all the advantages of an electronic controller without sacrificing the natural feel of an acoustic hi-hat. The 12-inch single-zone top and bottom cymbals provide a wide responsive area for triggering samples from the DM10 and DM8 sound modules. Tap into these high-quality Alesis drum and percussion modules to create open, half-open, closed,” chick,” and splash sounds with Pro X Hi-Hat. Plus, Pro X Hi-Hat is compatible with standard hi-hats stands, making it easy to implement this versatile controller into any electronic or hybrid drum-kit setup.   Frequently Asked Questions   Why is a clutch included? The clutch provided ensures a tight fit with the anti-rotation assembly (no-spin adapter) included.   What do I do if the pull rod on my hi-hat stand is too wide for the Alesis provided clutch? Even though a clutch is provided with your purchase of the Pro X Hi-Hat, you can still use clutches ...

  • Color: BLACK
  • Brand: Alesis
  • ASIN: B00IOQE2U6
  • UPC: 694318014578

Yamaha RHH135 Real Electronic Hi-Hat Controller - (mounts on HH stand, not included)

Yamaha RHH135 Real Electronic Hi-Hat Controller - (mounts

The RHH135 is a 13" electronic Hi-Hat pad and controller that can be attached to and moved up and down on a Hi-Hat stand. Even for subtle, delicate working of the pedal, the pad moves up and down realistically. Also, it has two different zones, a bow zone and an edge zone, that can produce different sounds when they are hit. The pad also supports foot splashing, and it can be used for advanced Hi-Hat performances. When used with the DTX900/DTXTREME III drum trigger module the instrument can produce a wider range of variable closed hi-hat sounds as pressure is applied to the pad.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: YAMAHA
  • ASIN: B004HW77HG
  • UPC: 086792880006

Kat Adv Hi-Hat Cntlr W/ 1M Cbl

Kat Adv Hi-Hat Cntlr W/ 1M

The Kat Percussion Advanced Hi-hat Controller with 1m Cable. The Kat Percussion Advanced Hi-hat Controller with 1m Cable.

  • Brand: KAT Percussion
  • ASIN: B00MI2EC8Y
  • UPC: 736021459755

Remote Hi Hat Stand with Foot Pedal by Griffin | Drummers Cable Auxiliary Cymbal High Hat Percussion Hardware with Drum Key|Heavy Duty Sturdy HiHat Holder|All Metal Construction Mount|Complete Kit

Remote Hi Hat Stand with Foot Pedal by

Enjoy Playing Open Style and Save Precious Space In Your Drum Kit with the Best Remote Hi-Hat Pedal by Griffin! Do you love playing in open position, instead of crossing up? Would you love to save some precious space in your drum kit, without compromising your sound? We've got you covered! With outstanding features and an excellent performance, this remote high-hat cymbal stand foot pedal will not let you down! Offering top quality, exceptional durability and lightning fast response without costing a fortune, it makes an excellent choice for any drummer! Why You Should Choose the Griffin Remote Hi-Hat PedalFully adjustable power cam system Double chain driven pull system for impressive, lightning fast responseLocking spring tension knob with 5 settings (0 - 4) that are easy to adjust with one moveSturdy, all metal construction ensures long lasting durabilityFrictionless bearing hinge offers a superbly smooth feel Weighted double spine pedal platesFoot stop on the pedal and adjustable carpet floor spikes prevent slippageLockable hi-hat clutch with cymbal feltsHeavy weight, shiny chrome hi-hat pipe6 feet long remote cable suitable for most drum kitsIncludes drum keyProduct Specifications: 6 feet long remote cableHeavy duty hi-hat pipe diameter: 28mmGross Weight: 10 poundsBacked by ...

  • Brand: Griffin
  • ASIN: B006AGKOY0
  • UPC: 609132683879

Pintech Percussion VHHC1000 High Hat Controller

Pintech Percussion VHHC1000 High Hat

Have you always wanted to use a REAL hi-hat pedal and stand? Pintech's Hi-Hat Controller allows you to do just that! Universally mounts on any standard hi-hat stand, and allows functions like a traditional hi-hat! Pintech's Hi-Hat Controller gives you a full-range with constant velocity operation for a realistic hi-hat/melodic sounds and tones. We've even included a gain control knob so you can adjust it on the fly without having to mess with those pesky module settings. Get real feedback by allowing your cymbals to actually move up and down like a traditional hi-hat. Our sturdy metal cable attaches to your existing hi-hat pedal, and uses our exclusive sliding trigger technology. The Pintech Hi-Hat Controller will do all of the work, and give you a full range of velocity with your existing equipment. FEATURES: Mounts on Standard Acoustic Hi-Hat Stand Yamaha/Roland Compatible Full-Range, constant velocity operation for realistic hi-hat/melodic sounds Gain Control Knob for fine tuning Required Stereo cable included. American Made by Pintech Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Brand: Pintech Percussion
  • ASIN: B00OJ97D8A
  • UPC: 734797701467

Roland Bass Drum Pedal (FD-8)

Roland Bass Drum Pedal

Thanks to Roland’s FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller, drummers can get more realistic hi-hat sounds with smooth transitions between open and closed. The FD-8 is compatible with all Roland TD-Series modules, SPD-S, SPD-20 and HandSonic 15 (HPD-15).

  • Color: Assorted Colors
  • Brand: Roland
  • ASIN: B0002D008C
  • UPC: 411378261489

Alesis DMHat Pedal

Alesis DMHat

This hi-hat control pedal give you traditional hi-hat feel for controlling open/closed sounds with virtually all e-percussion modules and devices including the DM6, DM5, Trigger|iO, ControlPad, and PerformancePad. It has a full-size, die-cast footboard for professional durability, a slim profile that fits perfectly next to double-bass pedals, and integrated spikes and velcro for holding its position on carpet. You can also use the DMHat Pedal as a bass drum trigger for modules that have switch inputs including the ControlPad and PerformancePad.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Alesis
  • UPC: 694318013359

Pintech Percussion VL-1300HH-S Smoke 13" Hi-Hats -Internal Mounted Controller with 1 Stereo Cable

Pintech Percussion VL-1300HH-S Smoke 13" Hi-Hats -Internal Mounted

Pintech's Visulite Series cymbals offer full surface triggering, quiet foam strike zone and a choice of 12 brilliant color choices: Black, Clear, Fluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Yellow, Smoke, Translucent Blue, Translucent Green, Translucent Red, Translucent Yellow and White. Hand formed and sculpted by our professionals, each cymbal is unique and made specifically for you in mind. Combined with our superior triggering technology, these cymbals are sure to take anything you can throw at by some of the biggest names in drumming: Black Eyed Peas, Linking Park, Living Color and More! The VL-1300 hi-hat is a top-of-the-line model designed to work with almost every module on the market. Featuring real feedback, 100% variable operation from open to close and everything in-between, and will fit on any standard hi-hat stand on the market. No need for any extra boxes or devices. Simply attach the hi-hat to your hi-hat stand, and plug them informed out of 1/4" acrylic, the Visulite Series of cymbals have a heavier weight than standard electronic cymbals, which provides you with a more natural feel and response. Backed by Pintech's exclusive lifetime warranty, and 100% American Made!

  • Color: Smoke
  • Brand: Pintech Percussion
  • UPC: 734797701894
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