A Guardian Angel for the Lonely Lady: A Historical Regency Romance Book

A Guardian Angel for the Lonely Lady: A

Alicia didn’t really believe life had great thrills for her. She had always lived in the simplest way and no such thing as true love existed in her mind. Even with her upcoming marriage, she expects nothing more than safety and security. But when she falls victim of a robbery attack and gets rescued by the most handsome man she has ever seen, things change dramatically... When she gets closer and closer to her savior, how is she going to deal with her unprecedented feelings?After Duncan lost his wife, there was no more happiness for him in this world. And just when he had abandoned any hope of finding true love, fate proved him wrong. He could never expect that the beautiful woman he was about to save from an attack could be the one to make his heart skirt again. But what will he do when Alicia’s fiance shows up under his roof? Will he back down once again and let the only chance of loving again fly away?Sometimes things are not what they appear to be and even a seemingly random robbery may be darker than it looks... What will Alicia choose in a situation like this, and how far is Duncan willing to go in order to prove that he is not there just to save her life, but to capture her heart as well?"A Guardian Angel for the Lonely Lady" is a historical romance novel of approximat...


Guardian Angel (Crown's Spies Book 2)

Guardian Angel (Crown's Spies Book

#1 New York Times bestselling author Julie Garwood takes breathless sensuality to thrilling heights in this unforgettable adventure of passion and intrigue.The Emerald flew across the seas, carrying the pirate Pagan—despised by the ton whose riches he plundered, and beloved by the poor whose plight was eased by his gifts.The Marquess of Cainewood vows to hunt down the pirate wretch in revenge for his brother's death. But when Jade, an enchanting vision of rippling red hair and eyes of jewel-green, appears at his door to beg desperately for his protection, the Marquess agrees to keep her safe from the villains who want her dead. Jade is infuriating, exasperating, and gorgeous. No woman has ever befuddled him so, nor so deeply aroused his desire. But as Jade answers Caine's knowing caresses with an innocent, wild abandon, they are drawn into a web of treachery that will test the very heart of their love...

  • ASIN: B004SH751I

Gifted (Guardian Angels Security Book 2)

Gifted (Guardian Angels Security Book

The last thing closeted musician Quinn needs is to walk in on his hot, British private investigator fresh from the shower before he gets his towel on.And that’s not even the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to him today.Quinn:Private investigators aren’t supposed to be hot.But with his sexy scar and devil-may-care attitude, Fox hits all my buttons. I’m not allowed to be gay, but he’s perfect enough to make me want to break the rules. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he’s the only person who seems to care about how miserable I am.With my career on the line and no one else to turn to, Fox makes me feel safe in a way no one else ever has. Maybe I can be myself if he’s sticking around? Maybe the rules aren’t as important as I thought they were.If I can just finish this album and keep my contract, maybe I could keep him, too…Fox: After all the hell I gave my business partner for falling into bed with a client, I’ll never live down how much I like Quinn. Tiny and adorable, just my type, and in desperate need of someone to take care of him.I want to take care of him in every possible way. Between his cruel uncle, callous record company, and whoever’s trying to ruin his career before it even takes off, I want to bundle him up in bed and make him forget all abo...

  • ASIN: B07RCB235T

Guardian Angel: Life and Death Adventures with Pararescue, the World's Most Powerful Commando Rescue Force

Guardian Angel: Life and Death Adventures with Pararescue,

Award Winning Finalist in the 'Non-Fiction: Narrative' category of the 2013 International Book Awards"Winner Best First Book Award 2013 New Mexico-Arizona Book AwardsU.S. Air Force Pararescue is the most skillful and capable rescue force in the world, taking on some of the most dangerous rescue missions imaginable. PJs (short for para-jumpers), are members of an elite unit whose commando skills are so wide-reaching they often seem like something out of science fiction. They routinely tackle perilous operations that are beyond the capabilities of other rescue organizations, and sometimes dare the seemingly impossible. Since their inception in 1947, PJs have saved more than thirty thousand lives. They can pluck near-frozen climbers off jagged mountaintops as well as recover shot-down jet pilots stranded deep in hostile territory. In the dead of night, the PJs parachute into ominous black waves that loom twenty feet tall to save distressed seamen, and brave the cruelest and most desolate deserts to recover victims. U.S. Air Force pararescuemen have played a prominent role in every armed conflict since the Korean War, rescuing thousands of soldiers from behind enemy lines.Guardian Angel provides a rare glimpse at a PJ’s mind-blowing adventures. You follow Sgt. Sine’s trek across ...

  • ASIN: 161200251X

Guardian Angel Tarot Cards: A 78-Card Deck and Guidebook

Guardian Angel Tarot Cards: A 78-Card Deck and

The world’s gentlest and sweetest tarot cards! After the successful launch of the best-selling Angel Tarot Cards, the deck's creators knew that some people were still wary of tarot. So this 78-card deck and accompanying guidebook were created for highly sensitive people who desire the accurate and detailed answers of tarot cards, along with gentle words and images. Sweeter than other tarot decks, the Guardian Angel Tarot Cards provide a comforting and safe way to get clear messages for yourself and others.Previously published as Guardian Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

  • ASIN: 1401955983

Guardian Angel Cards: Loving Messages from the Angels

Guardian Angel Cards: Loving Messages from the

Guardian Angels are divine messengers of love and light, guiding us along life's sacred journey. Through these cards, the Angels offer wisdom for all who seek a deeper truth along with clarity, inspiration, guidance and healing. Includes 46 heart-shaped cards, packaged in a deluxe heart-shaped box.

  • ASIN: 0738743100

Spirit Guides & Angel Guardians: Contact Your Invisible Helpers

Spirit Guides & Angel Guardians: Contact Your Invisible

They come to our aid when we least expect it, and they disappear as soon as their work is done. Invisible helpers are available to all of us. In fact, we all regularly receive messages from our guardian angels and spirit guides, but usually fail to recognize them. This book will help you to realize when this occurs. And when you carry out the exercises provided, you will be able to communicate freely with both your guardian angels and spirit guides.

  • Brand: Unknown
  • ASIN: 1567187951

The Guardian Angels: Our Heavenly Companions

The Guardian Angels: Our Heavenly

This little book reveals one of God's greatest "secrets"--how He governs the world by assigning an Angel to watch over each person, diocese, town, parish, etc. It explains how these blessed spirits protect souls and bodies in ways both miraculous and ordinary. Impr.

  • Brand: Brand: TAN Books
  • ASIN: 0895555379

Guardians: The Girl (The Guardians Series, Book 1) (A Paranormal Romance)

Guardians: The Girl (The Guardians Series, Book 1)

  • ASIN: B006VRXR42

Guardian Angel: A V. I. Warshawski Novel (V.I. Warshawski Novels Book 7)

Guardian Angel: A V. I. Warshawski Novel (V.I.

  • ASIN: B001ON78RU
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