The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener: How to Grow Your Own Food 365 Days a Year, No Matter Where You Live

The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener: How to Grow Your

Even in winter’s coldest months you can harvest fresh, delicious produce. Drawing on insights gained from years of growing vegetables in Nova Scotia, Niki Jabbour shares her simple techniques for gardening throughout the year. Learn how to select the best varieties for each season, the art of succession planting, and how to build inexpensive structures to protect your crops from the elements. No matter where you live, you’ll soon enjoy a thriving vegetable garden year-round.

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The Vegetable Gardener's Bible, 2nd Edition: Discover Ed's High-Yield W-O-R-D System for All North American Gardening Regions: Wide Rows, Organic Methods, Raised Beds, Deep Soil

The Vegetable Gardener's Bible, 2nd Edition: Discover Ed's

Smith’s legendary high-yield gardening method emphasizes wide rows, organic methods, raised beds, and deep soil. Succeed with fussy plants, try new and unusual varieties, and learn how to innovatively extend your growing season. With thorough profiles of hundreds of popular varieties, The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible provides expert information and an inspiring roadmap for gardeners of all skill levels to enjoy abundant homegrown vegetables.

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The Greenhouse and Hoophouse Grower's Handbook: Organic Vegetable Production Using Protected Culture

The Greenhouse and Hoophouse Grower's Handbook: Organic Vegetable

Best practices for the eight most profitable crops Today only a few dozen large-scale producers dominate the greenhouse produce market. Why? Because they know and employ best practices for the most profitable crops: tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, peppers, leafy greens, lettuce, herbs, and microgreens. The Greenhouse and Hoophouse Grower’s Handbook levels the playing field by revealing these practices so that all growers―large and small―can maximize the potential of their protected growing space. Whether growing in a heated greenhouse or unheated hoophouse, this book offers a decision-making framework for how to best manage crops that goes beyond a list of simple do’s and don’ts. As senior trial technician for greenhouse crops at Johnny’s Selected Seeds, author Andrew Mefferd spent seven years consulting for growers using protected agriculture in a wide variety of climates, soils, and conditions. The Greenhouse and Hoophouse Grower’s Handbook brings his experience and expertise to bear in an in-depth guide that will help readers make their investment in greenhouse space worthwhile. Every year, more growers are turning to protected culture to deal with unpredictable weather and to meet out-of-season demand for local food, but many end up spinning their wheels, wasting...

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Greenhouse Vegetable Gardening: Expert Advice on How to Grow Vegetables, Herbs, and Other Plants

Greenhouse Vegetable Gardening: Expert Advice on How to

“A garden should be easy and fun to care for—don’t complicate things unnecessarily.” This is the slogan of author Inger Palmstierna. In Greenhouse Vegetable Gardening, she helps readers find the joy of cultivating in their very own greenhouses. Palmstierna is a gardening authority with vast knowledge on everything that grows. With infectious enthusiasm, this garden writer and horticulturist explains how to cultivate a successful garden or orchard.The greenhouse is the place where green thumbs are realized and your imagination can run wild. Palmstierna believes: “The greenhouse provides opportunities, but does not demand.” Greenhouse Vegetable Gardening is an accessible book with many beautiful pictures and practical instructions. The topics covered include:• Building and decorating your own greenhouse• Training seedlings and early plant development• How to sow, grow, and winter plants• How to harvest vegetables and herbs• How to cultivate summer flowers for planting• And more!In addition to providing a garden year-round, the greenhouse can also be a beautiful addition to your yard and can be customized to match your tastes. You’ll learn the basics on what to consider when buying, laying the foundations for, and decorating your greenhouse—as well as how to plan...

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Aquaponics for Beginners: How to Build your own Aquaponic Garden that will Grow Organic Vegetables

Aquaponics for Beginners: How to Build your own

Aquaponic gardening is a great method for raising fish and vegetables together. Aquaponic farming is a sustainable and commercially profitable way of organic farming.The waste of the fish will get converted by bacteria to nitrates, which the plants will feed on. It’s a closed loop system.In the beginning you need to test your water frequently but after a few weeks, it doesn’t need much maintenance anymore. The fish waste will almost create all the nutrients except a few which you will have to add yourself.In this 170-page book full of wisdom, I’m going to reveal these items:Why you should consider using aquaponicsBenefits of aquaponics over hydroponicsWhich type of aquaponics system is the best for youThe items you need for an aquaponics buildI teach you how to calculate BSAI explain the different filters you can useI will teach you how to calculate fish stocking densityIs mineralization necessary?Step by step guide on creating your own aquaponics system from scratchThe best fish and plants for your systemNatural pest controlTips to get you startedFrequently made mistakes from beginnersAdvanced aquaponics techniquesSeveral aquaponics design plansMy recommended resourcesThis sums it up and is all you will need to get started in aquaponics or even do commercial aquaponics.Sta...

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Greenhouse Gardening: How to Build a Greenhouse and Grow Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit All Year-Round (Urban Homesteading)

Greenhouse Gardening: How to Build a Greenhouse and

Grow your own vegetables, herbs and fruit anytime, anywhere.By the winter solstice, it becomes too cold and dark in many regions for anything much to grow in the garden. This is when a lot of gardeners gear up using a greenhouse. Greenhouse gardening provides the opportunity to extend the growing season, grow plants that normally don’t survive in your region or to jump-start a new growing period. Whatever your reason to start your greenhouse project, this book is the right companion on your journey. Greenhouse Gardening is the one-stop guide on greenhouse construction, maintenance and planting schedules. After reading this book, you will be able to choose the type of greenhouse that best suits your needs, schedule your planting throughout the year and maintain a healthy garden. Ideally suited for beginners, the book provides a comprehensive overview to start your greenhouse adventure. Inexpensive options and money saving tips are outlined in each chapter to reduce your costs in building and running your greenhouse.In detail, this book allows you to…Get a comprehensive overview of greenhouse gardening and gain the confidence to embark upon your own project Learn what greenhouse gardening is all aboutGet to know the different types of greenhouses and choose the one that suits...

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We Are the Gardeners

We Are the

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERIn We Are the Gardeners, Joanna and the kids chronicle the adventures of starting their own family garden. From their failed endeavors, obstacles to overcome (bunnies that eat everything!), and all the knowledge they've gained along the way, the Gaines family shares how they learned to grow a happy, successful garden. As it turns out, trying something new isn't always easy, but the hardest work often yields the greatest reward. There are always new lessons to be learned in the garden!You and your children can learn all about the Gaines family's story of becoming gardeners in Joanna's first children’s book—starting with the first little fern Chip bought for Jo. Over the years, the family's love for gardening blossomed into what is now a beautiful, bustling garden.Julianna Swaney’s illustrations bring the Gaines family garden to life with colorful, whimsical watercolors and invite you to enjoy the beauty of a thriving garden.

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Backyard Winter Gardening: Vegetables Fresh and Simple, in Any Climate Without Artificial Heat or Electricity the Way It's Been Done for 2,000 Ye

Backyard Winter Gardening: Vegetables Fresh and Simple, in

Without fresh, all-natural winter gardening in the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries people would have starved to death. The good news is that feeding your family fresh food from your own backyard garden all winter long is far easier and less time-consuming than you might imagine. And you won't find better-tasting food at any price!

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The Winter Harvest Handbook: Year Round Vegetable Production Using Deep-Organic Techniques and Unheated Greenhouses

The Winter Harvest Handbook: Year Round Vegetable Production

Choosing locally grown organic food is a sustainable living trend that’s taken hold throughout North America. Celebrated farming expert Eliot Coleman helped start this movement with The New Organic Grower published 20 years ago. He continues to lead the way, pushing the limits of the harvest season while working his world-renowned organic farm in Harborside, Maine. Now, with his long-awaited new book, The Winter Harvest Handbook, anyone can have access to his hard-won experience. Gardeners and farmers can use the innovative, highly successful methods Coleman describes in this comprehensive handbook to raise crops throughout the coldest of winters. Building on the techniques that hundreds of thousands of farmers and gardeners adopted from The New Organic Grower and Four-Season Harvest, this new book focuses on growing produce of unparalleled freshness and quality in customized unheated or, in some cases, minimally heated, movable plastic greenhouses. Coleman offers clear, concise details on greenhouse construction and maintenance, planting schedules, crop management, harvesting practices, and even marketing methods in this complete, meticulous, and illustrated guide. Readers have access to all the techniques that have proven to produce higher-quality crops on Coleman’s own far...

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Greenhouse Gardening: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Growing Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, and Other Edibles Year-round.

Greenhouse Gardening: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Growing

Learn to create and grow beautiful and thriving garden in greenhouses!Do you want to jump-start or extend your growing season? Or maybe grow year round? Are you interested in growing plants with a wide range of environmental requirements from rainforest plants to desert succulents? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then this guide is perfect for you.This ultimate guide has been written to familiarize you with various systems, and the day to day management of the greenhouse environment. And, to help you in maintaining the most favorable conditions for the growth and well-being of any variety of plants you choose to grow in your greenhouse.Greenhouse Gardening will also help you to acquire excellent greenhouse management skills – whether you are a beginner, a part-time or even a full-time gardener. You will discover the fool-proof way to grow a home garden in the smallest of growing spaces – grow tomatoes, basil, broccoli, cilantro, citrus fruits, peas, peaches, parsley, raspberries, spinach, strawberries, and other edibles in a greenhouse. You will not only learn the basics of growing a bounty of edibles in available small spaces, but you will also learn how to plan and create a garden as well as how to sow, grow, harvest and store edible plants.Take a step...

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