AGSIVO Drip Irrigation Kits Garden Watering System Included 50 Feet Tubing Connectors Hole Puncher Atomizing Nozzle Mister Dripper and All Accessories for Plant Watering

AGSIVO Drip Irrigation Kits Garden Watering System Included

Specification 1.Provides a complete set of drip irrigation system (which need a lot of accessories and user guide), and customer could make a DIY watering system according to their need. 2.Provides a user instruction, so the kit is suit for beginner who want to learn home gardening. 3.The drip irrigation systems can save up to 70% in water savings which calculates into money in your pocket. Also, it is a cost-effective products provided by KINGSO. Product included: 1PCS User Instruction 1PCS 15m 1/4" PE Tubing 1PCS Threaded Faucet Connector(1/2" & 3/4") 1PCS Universal Faucet Connector 1PCS 1/4" Tubing Quick Connector 1PCS Teflon Tape 1PCS Hole Puncher 20PCS Orange Misting Nozzle 20PCS Micro Water Dropper 20PCS Tubing Tee 20PCS Tubing Connector 20PCS Misting Nozzle Tee 20PCS Misting Nozzle Connector 20PCS End Closure 20PCS Nylon Cable Ties 20PCS Support Stakes

  • Color: Drip Irrigation System
  • Brand: AGSIVO

Flantor Garden Irrigation System, 1/4" Blank Distribution Tubing Watering Drip Kit/DIY Saving Water Automatic Irrigation Equipment Set for Garden Greenhouse, Flower Bed,Patio,Lawn

Flantor Garden Irrigation System, 1/4" Blank Distribution Tubing

Features: With Gadgetmann Automatic Irrigation Equipment,you can water all your plants at one time.  After installing this equippment, all you need to do is turn on the tap when you need.   If you are on a business trip or during traveling, this product could help water your plant every day automatically,  save you from bothering your neighbors to help you take care of your plant. (You need to purchase a timer which is not included in this kit) Every nozzle could be adjust individully, it can meet the water demand of different plants at one time.  Help you to save enegry, save time, save money and save water! Install Instruction: Step 1: Cut the water pipe accordingto the length you need.   Step 2: Connect the tee. Step 3: Connect tee with the atomizingnozzle. Step 4: Connect an end closure whenyou finish all atomizing nozzles' installation. Step 5: Connect the pipe to tubing quickconnector. Step 6: Connect the tubing quickconnector with the universal connector. Package Contents: *1/4" Blank distribution tubing (50ft) *Barbed tee (20pcs) * Tee pipe connector for irrigation sprayer (20pcs) *Barbed couplings (20pcs) *Single barbed couplings (20pcs) *End Closure (Goof Plugs) (20pcs) *1/4" Tubing Stakes (20pcs) *Irrigation Drippers (20pcs) *Atomizing nozzle (20pcs) *1/4"...

  • Brand: Flantor
  • ASIN: B01H6ZN0NU
  • UPC: 190149106135

50 6-Inch Garden Landscape Staples Stakes Pins - USA Strong Pro Quality Built to Last. Weed Barrier Fabric, Ground Cover, Soaker Hose, Lawn Drippers, Irrigation Tubing, Wireless Invisible Dog Fence

50 6-Inch Garden Landscape Staples Stakes Pins -

It Seems Incredible That You Can Offer These Professional Quality Garden/Sod Staples For Such A Low Price. (See benefits above.) Yard & Garden Work Is So Much Easier When You Have The Right Tools! - Full 6 inch length (beware of cheap 4 inch versions), Reusable, Best value, Made in USA, Money-back guarantee. Professional Quality & Size Means Better Results For Your Garden or Landscaping Projects. High-quality 6 inch lawn/sod/garden/landscaping staples/pins/anchors/stakes/pegs made from the same durable steel professionals use. (Don't be fooled by inferior 4 inch staples that will pull out in the slightest breeze causing you extra work and/or harm to your yard or plants.) Now it's easy to... - Hold sod on hills or curves - Secure landscape fabric to reduce weeds or keep birds away - Hold down wire for pet containment systems (dog fences) - Pin erosion control fabrics & weed barriers - Secure outdoor wires or holiday decorations - Secure tomato cages - Pin down lawn or landscape edging - Hold down water/soaker hoses or drip irrigation - And much more... Satisfaction Guaranteed: We're sure you'll love our high-quality lawn & garden staples, however, if for any reason you're not satisfied we offer a full money back guarantee. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations... - Our high-quality ...

  • Brand: The 5 Star Collection
  • ASIN: B0141GR3OO
  • UPC: 702383988851

SdeNow Irrigation tubing 3/8" (.0.31" ID x .0.43" OD) Drip Watering Hose, 50 Feet, Black

SdeNow Irrigation tubing 3/8" (.0.31" ID x .0.43"

This premium agricultural grade black polyethylene tubing is made of the highest quality resins and is UV resistant. It can be used for all landscape and gardening applications. The low-density poly tubing tubing is used to carry water throughout a drip system. It can handle up to 60 PSI and is not rated for constant pressure. Compatible with most brands of Barbed Fittings, Spot Watering Emitters, Bubblers, Misters and Sprayers. 100% Brand new and high quality -Hose Length: Approx. 15m -Inner diameter: 0.31" -outside diameter: 0.43" -Pressure requirements: 25-60PSI Package Contents: 1 x 3/8" Blank distribution tubing (50-feet) 1x Faucet connector accessories 1X Thread fast connect 1XHole puncher 5 X 3/8"&1/4" Tee Fitting Adapter Important note: 1. Please put into the hot water for 10 seconds before assembling. 2. If you have any problems during installation, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help you solve the problems.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: SdeNow
  • ASIN: B072C7FD7H
  • UPC: 615311131987

KORAM 100 Pack Plastic Irrigation Support Stakes for 1/4-Inch Tubing Hose Holder for Vegetable Garden, Flower Beds, Herbs, Garden

KORAM 100 Pack Plastic Irrigation Support Stakes for

Notification: If you're growing outside in a windy area or for any reason want to make sure your drippers don't move, KORAM stakes will help. These 4" support stakes are designed to keep low-flow watering lines where you want them. ADVANTAGE : - Thicker clip, easy to attach and better support - Clear scale mark on the stake, better positioning in the soil - Holds 1/4" tubing in place next to plants right where it is needed most - Designed to keep low-flow watering lines where you want them - Hold your tubing securely in place with durable plastic support stakes - Raise the drippers off the ground and help keep them from clogging Specifications: Material: Plastic Size: 4.1in x 0.55in * 0.3in (L * W * H) Color: Black Package Qty: 100pcs

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: KORAM
  • UPC: 710465655478

Sealproof Rollerflex Kinkproof 1-1/2" Dia Waterfall, Pond Tubing, 1-1/2-Inch, 20 FT, Black Corrugated PVC Strong Flexible Tubing Made in USA

Sealproof Rollerflex Kinkproof 1-1/2" Dia Waterfall, Pond Tubing,

Inner Diameter: 1-1/2"Outer Diamater: 1-13/16"Bend Radius: 2"Vac Rating at 70°F: 20 in/HgWeight/CFT: 20 lbs

  • Brand: Sealproof
  • ASIN: B0765C8K6F

LDR Industries 504 1300 Drain Hose, 5-Foot, green

LDR Industries 504 1300 Drain Hose, 5-Foot,

LDR 504 1300 utility drain hose, 5-foot, rubber. 5-Foot rubber utility drain hose has a 3/4-inch female connection on one end.

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: LDR Industries
  • ASIN: B004CR4NLO
  • UPC: 019442376703

Copper Foil Tape (2inch x 18ft) for Guitar and EMI Shielding, Slug Repellent, Crafts, Electrical Repairs, Grounding - Conductive Adhesive - Thicker Foil - Extra Wide Value Pack at A Great Price

Copper Foil Tape (2inch x 18ft) for Guitar

Self-adhesive copper foil tape. Each roll is 6 yards long and 2 inch wide. The tape has Dual conductivity so current will flow through both sides and the adhesive. One side is coated with a strong adhesive which is protected by paper backing on the roll. Tape is resistant to oxidization and discoloration. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The tape has a wide variety of uses and will perform perfectly when applied in the following roles: EMI guitar shielding, slug repellent, snail repellent, soldering, stained glass, paper circuits, educational aid, electrical repairs, household repairs, bonding, grounding, decoration, arts and crafts and many more. We are so confident that our laboratory tested product will arrive in perfect condition and solve your problems that we give you a FULLY REFUND YOU if it doesn't. Click "Add to Cart" now to buy with confidence.

  • Brand: Kraftex
  • ASIN: B01I1XNY1E
  • UPC: 635131049200

Little Giant APCP-1700 Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Submersible Pump, 1/3-HP, 115V

Little Giant APCP-1700 Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Submersible

Specification: Wattage: 270 watts Maximum Head: 23 Feet Intake: Screened Discharge: 1" FNPT Housing: Glass-filled polypropylene Shaft Seal: Nitrile Approximate Weight: 14 Pounds Warranty: 3 Year manufacturer’s warranty Little Giant APCP-1700 (577301) is a 115-Volt Automatic Pool Cover Pump with a low energy consumption, permanent-split capacitor (PSC) 1/3HP motor. It has Screened Intake, 1 in. FNPT Discharge, Glass-filled polypropylene Housing and 25 in. power cord. The APCP-1700 model activates in approximately 2 in. of water and deactivates in approximately 1.5 in. of water. The APCP-1700 has a wide base design for needed stability. Intermittent Liquid Temperature is up to 120 degree F. Little Giant APCP-1700 is ideal for removing water from all types of pool covers. The 1700 GPH performance was obtained through a 1 in. I.D. tube, with friction losses neglected. Using a 3/4 in. garden hose 50 foot long reduces this performance to approximately 500 gallons per hour due to friction losses in the hose. If your area frequently has heavy rain falls, (1 in. - 2 in. per hour), it may be necessary to use 1 in. tubing. This should be available in most pool supply stores.

  • Color: Blue
  • UPC: 780873175530

TetraPond Pond Tubing, 1-Inch Diameter, 20-Feet Length

TetraPond Pond Tubing, 1-Inch Diameter, 20-Feet

Great ponds start with TetraPond! We have everything you need to set up and maintain a beautiful pond, including water pumps and filters, pond accessories and décor, lighting and equipment, and fish nutrition and water care products.TetraPond Pond Tubing easily connects to pumps, bio-filters, UV clarifiers, waterfall filters and other water features in your pond or water garden. This tubing will not crimp or collapse, and it can be buried to conceal for creating a more natural look. This large-size tubing with a corrugated surface is 20 feet long and 1 inch in diameter. Also available in other sizes: small (smooth surface) 1/2 inch ID, 15 feet long; medium (corrugated surface) ¾ inch ID, 20 feet long; and extra-large (corrugated surface) 1 1/4 inch ID, 20 feet long.Since 1951, Tetra has developed the world’s most comprehensive body of fish food knowledge, and fishkeeping enthusiasts have looked to the brand for products and solutions that add ease and beauty to their home. Whether you're an experienced hobbyist or just starting out, Tetra has everything you need – from a large variety of quality fish food and innovative equipment to test kits and decor.

  • Color: Original version
  • Brand: Tetra Pond
  • ASIN: B004YK5HAK
  • UPC: 781163717669

Aquatic Life Tubing Polyethylene for Gardening and Aquariums, 50-Feet by 1/4-Inch, Red

Aquatic Life Tubing Polyethylene for Gardening and Aquariums,

Easily plumb and customize your RO/DI System with color-coded tubing. Use with the Aquatic Life Buddie Fit connectors.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Aquatic Life
  • ASIN: B00F93IS5C
  • UPC: 810957012984

Habitech Irrigation Fittings Kit for 1/2" Tubing 20 Piece Set - 6 Tees, 6 Couplings, 2 Elbows, 6 End Cap Plugs - Barbed Connectors for Rain Bird and Compatible Drip or Sprinkler Systems

Habitech Irrigation Fittings Kit for 1/2" Tubing 20

Every drip irrigation system depends on reliable, leak-free connection fittings to keep the system together. Your 20-Piece Habitech Irrigation Fittings Kit contains: 6 Tees - Create three-way layouts of poly tubing or drip line with barbed tees. 6 Couplings - Create two way layouts of poly tubing or dripline with barbed couplings. 2 Elbows - Create 90 degree layouts of poly tubing or dripline with barbed elbows. 6 Figure Eight Line End Closures - Plug the end of your poly tubing or dripline with these drip irrigation end caps. Product Specifications: For connecting emitterline and polyethylene tubing Use with 17mm emitterline and distribution tubing Economical one piece construction UV resistant high impact plastic Secure and easy installation without glue or clamps Operating pressure: up to 50 PSI Installation Tips: To use the fittings with drip tubing, push the tubing very firmly over the barbed side of the connector, tee, or elbow for a very tight fit that won't leak If you wish to soften the tubing before installing the fitting, let the tubing rest in the hot sun or briefly apply a heat gun or blow dryer to the tubing end before inserting the fitting If your system runs at pressures higher than 25 PSI, you may want to use ratchet clamps to secure the tube on...

  • Brand: Habitech
  • UPC: 600151081653

pond boss Waterfall Spillway, 8"

pond boss Waterfall Spillway,

The Pond Boss 8 inch Waterfall Spillway seamlessly adds a beautiful waterfall to your pond. It is made with durable UV resistant high impact plastic and has connections on the back for tubing. There is also an aeration feature that adds oxygen to the water to create a healthy environment for fish and plants. The spillway is designed to be easily disguised so you can create a natural looking waterfall for your pond or disappearing water feature.

  • Color: black
  • Brand: Danner
  • UPC: 871980004025

Habitech 3-Pack 1/2 Inch Drip Irrigation Tubing to Faucet/Garden Hose Adapter - Reusable Connector Fittings for Most Rain Bird, Orbit, Dig, Toro 1/2 or 5/8 Tubing x 3/4" FHT

Habitech 3-Pack 1/2 Inch Drip Irrigation Tubing to

Qty: 3 Pack. You will receive a pack of 3 individual Power-Loc adapters. This connector is ideal for drip system watering kit installations such as solid set, drip line or other low flow agriculture, landscape, nursery, residential and commercial irrigation. Perfect irrigation riser part for conversion of 1/2" tubing to your faucet head attachment, garden hose or soaker hose. With reliable universal fit, these drip system head irrigation adapters are essential drip irrigation supplies. To Install: 1) Twist collar clockwise toward center of fitting. 2) Firmly push the end of the irrigation tubing over the exposed barb. If necessary you can warm the tubing by letting it sit in the sun or running hot water or a hair dryer over it so it will stretch over the barb component fairly easily. 3) Twist collar counter-clockwise to secure tubing or tape. Specifications: 3/4" Female Hose Thread x 1/2" or 5/8" Tubing Acceptable Inside Diameter: 0.520 - 0.620 in (13.2 to 15.7mm) Acceptable Wall Thickness: 0.045 to 0.055 in (1.14 to 1.40mm) For use with 16 mm, 17 mm and 18 mm tubing Materials: Glass reinforced Polypropylene Operating pressure up to 60 PSI Positive stop to assure tubing is fully installed Low effort, quickly locks in place, no special tools needed Barbed head ensures...

  • Brand: Habitech
  • ASIN: B07CBD4P16
  • UPC: 600151081554

Habitech Drip Irrigation Faucet Adapter Kit: Connect 1/2" Tubing to Faucet or Hose, Backflow Preventer, Filter, Pressure Regulator - No Assembly Required

Habitech Drip Irrigation Faucet Adapter Kit: Connect 1/2"

For every irrigation system large to modest, it all begins at the faucet. Qty: 1 Pack. You will receive one complete pre-assembled kit. Kit Contains: Faucet to 1/2" Tubing Connector (connect any standard ¾" male faucet or garden hose to any ½" drip line) Senninger Pressure Regulator 25 PSI - Low Flow Pressure Regulator Landscape Grade (maintains sprinkler or droplet flow, distribution uniformity, overall system efficiency) Backflow Preventer (prevent dirt backflow into your main water supply) Mesh Filter (pre-installed inside backflow preventer to keep out debris, removes easily to rinse clean)

  • Brand: Habitech
  • ASIN: B076C7G7NF
  • UPC: 760537224743

100 6-Inch Galvanized Garden Landscape Sod Staples - Anti-Rust 11-Gauge Pins - Stakes for Weed Barrier Fabric, Ground Cover and Landscaping - Made in USA

100 6-Inch Galvanized Garden Landscape Sod Staples -

By choosing these galvanized landscape, gardening, and sod staples, you won’t have the problem of rapid rusting that other buyers experience when they buy inferior non-galvanized staples. High quality, USA-Made products like these 6” galvanized garden staples are a joy to work with. And, because they’re galvanized, they’ll last much longer without getting rusty, and they’ll keep doing the job they were intended to do. Because they’re also manufactured to exacting standards, they’ll always be the right size and you know that you’re getting a USA-Made high quality product at a great price. You also know that your satisfaction is guaranteed, and if you’re not totally satisfied with what is shipped to you, you can either return it for a full refund or just request a replacement. In either case, you’ll be happy. These staples are perfect for holding down sod or landscaping fabric on hills, mounds, and curves, anchoring wire to the ground for plant and animal cages and even fences, for use with garden ornaments or decorations, for installing and securing landscape edging, water and drip soaker hoses, and much more.

  • Color: Galvanized
  • Brand: Homestead Choice
  • UPC: 647336975512

Amagabeli 6 Inch Galvanized Landscape Staples 200 Pack 11 Gauge Garden Stakes Heavy-Duty Sod Pins Anti-Rust Fence Stakes for Weed Barrier Fabric Ground Cover Dripper Irrigation Tubing Soaker

Amagabeli 6 Inch Galvanized Landscape Staples 200 Pack

Item package quantity: 200 single staple size: 6" in length; 1" in width. Material: professional grade high quality durable steel. Features: 1 pro grade 6" length better securing your landscape fabric, holiday decorations, fences, wires & more. 2 suitable 1" square top- makes for easy insertion by hand, foot or hammer if needed. 3 sharp angled ends make for easy/effortless ground insertion with adjustable width of the stakes. 4 these durable & thick landscape Staples are designed specifically for holding down landscape fabric, PVC pipes, Weed barrier fabric, a Dog fence & great for use as a Weed barrier. Reusable & rust resistant to help you get the job done. 5 easy to use by hand or hammer (or rubber mallet) & gloves for landscape Staples installation. 6 multi use for countless items projects such as landscape fabric, Weed barrier fabric, Dog fences & electric fences, controlling Weed, securing synthetic turf, & holding sod. Successful projects naturally demand professional quality, size & craftsmanship, which is why this product ensures efficient completion of every project without hiccups. Satisfaction guaranteed: we're sure you'll love our professional grade lawn & garden Staples, however, if for any reason you're not satisfied we offer thoughtful & considerate service. You...

  • Color: 200 Count
  • ASIN: B07CCB51C8
  • UPC: 725704656826

Alpine Corporation 2800GPH Eco-Sphere Pond Pump - Outdoor Decor Accessory - Great for Fountains, Waterfalls, and Water Circulation

Alpine Corporation 2800GPH Eco-Sphere Pond Pump - Outdoor

Cost-saving, energy-efficient, and submersible, the Alpine Corporation Eco-Sphere Pump is the perfect addition to your outdoor pond. This high-quality pump features a convenient carrying handle and 360-degree rotating adapters for flexible placement. It is engineered to be highly energy efficient, touting a 75% reduction in power consumption compared to standard pumps while maintaining maximum output. The pump also has a large pre-filter that minimizes pump damage and clogging by selectively screening larger debris particles. It includes a 10m cable for your convenience. Available in a variety of sizes, the Alpine Eco-Sphere Pump pumps 2642 gallons per hour depending on the size you choose. With a 3-year warranty, you can be confident in the quality of your purchase. Measures 13"L x 12"W x 6"H for use in ponds, waterfalls, and more up to 33 ft.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Alpine Corporation
  • ASIN: B01HV87ASI
  • UPC: 821559491114

POND BOSS Vinyl Tubing, 1/2"

POND BOSS Vinyl Tubing,

pond boss 1/2 inch ID flexible vinyl tubing connects your pond equipment to ensure the pond functions properly. The tubing is 20 feet long, durable, and safe for fish and plants. The black color blends in naturally with surroundings. Quality materials and accessories, like pond boss 1/2 inch flexible vinyl tubing, are critical for the adequate development and dependability of a pond and its components.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: POND BOSS
  • ASIN: B0068MXGRS
  • UPC: 871980012112

Best Choice Products SKY1917 15x7x7ft Portable Large Walk in Tunnel Garden Plant Greenhouse Tent, 15' x 7' x 7'

Best Choice Products SKY1917 15x7x7ft Portable Large Walk

Grow a variety of plants all year and add green beauty to your backyard. This walk-in tunnel greenhouse is the perfect gardening accessory to protect plants, fruits, and vegetables from various weather conditions such as rain, wind, and snow, as well as pests and predators. The durable plastic cover and 8 roll-up windows create a worry-free gardening experience by managing the amount of sunlight and air that comes in. Prop up the garden with the ropes and stakes and become the ultimate green thumb with the help of this greenhouse. SPECIFICATIONS: Overall Dimensions: 180"(L) x 84"(W) x 84"(H) Weight: 61.3 lbs. Material: Steel, PE Mesh Assembly required (with instructions) Package Includes: Greenhouse tent Guy ropes Stakes

  • Color: green
  • Brand: Best Choice Products
  • ASIN: B014JPGG1S
  • UPC: 810010023759
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