MAXSA 37312 Park Right Dual Laser Parking Guide, Silver

MAXSA 37312 Park Right Dual Laser Parking Guide,

The Dual Garage Laser Perfect Parking Guide is motion activated to help you park perfectly every time. Drive forward until the laser beam hits the pre-determined spot indicating you are parked correctly. Perfect for tight garages. Stop worrying about hitting sports or lawn equipment or putting dings or dents on your car! Designed to accommodate two vehicles.

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Maxsa Innovations
  • ASIN: B000F6F99G
  • UPC: 956263093733

GoodChief Universal Garage Laser Line Parking Assist - an Innovative Way to Easily Park and Guide with Dual Laser Lines Projected on Your Vehicle. Find The Difference on Our Video

GoodChief Universal Garage Laser Line Parking Assist -

US Patent PendingThe only product in the market that can precisely park and guide your vehicle through narrow spaces inside a garage. Easy to UseOnce you open the garage door, both lasers will turn on. The laser lines are visible on the hood of the vehicle when you guide the vehicle near the parking or garage door location. Park the vehicle when the specified point on the laser beam reaches the reference point. To guide the vehicle through the garage door, adjust the vehicle to make sure the laser line is on the reference point. Unique Pattern on the Projected Laser LinesTo let you know where your vehicle is during the parking process. Two Long Life Configurable Highly Visible 5mW Laser Line Beams To form preferred laser shapes onto your vehicle that makes precisely parking super easy. The high-quality brass shelled laser has a mean time of failure @77F/25C: >10000 hours. Installed on the Top of Garage.No intervention to your daily life and occupies none of your valuable garage space. Lasers switch on only when the garage light is on. Created, Machined, and Assembled in USA We are a US company. All warranty and customer services are based in the USA. Product PackageUser Manual - with detailed step by step installation illustrationsUniversal Laser Parking Assist - FDA register...

  • Brand: GoodChief

Park-Daddy PDY-100-AA 2-Vehicle Precision Garage Parking Aid System, Maximize the space in front of your vehicle. No Hard Wiring! No Harmful Lasers!!

Park-Daddy PDY-100-AA 2-Vehicle Precision Garage Parking Aid System,

The Park-Daddy is a precision vehicle parking system for home garages. Using infrared technology, advanced optics and innovative software techniques the Park-Daddy uses the same technology and quality as our commercial systems. The Park-Daddy will notify the driver while parking in the garage, that they have cleared the garage door opening allowing the maximum amount of space in the front of their car while minimizing wasted space behind the vehicle eliminating damage to your vehicle or valuable items stored in your garage. With the Park-Daddy aid, you can store items such as bicycles, motorcycles, freezers, lawn mowers, work benches, etc. in your garage. Unlike expensive vehicle options such as park distance monitoring or parking cameras, the Park-Daddy is the best precision garage parking aid that will allow you to set a garage door clearance with as little as one inch. You can also use the system for backing in your garage making it perfect for RVs. The Park-Daddy installs easily in just minutes. The Park-Daddy has two Infrared Head Units that mount to the garage walls just inside the garage door opening by using our peel off mounting tape or can be mounted with two screws for easy removal. The system requires four D-size batteries that last for up to one year or more. The sys...

  • Brand: Invis-a-Beam LLC
  • UPC: 731236161790

Fosmon Dual Laser Garage Parking Assist Guide System, Motion Activated Sensor, FDA Approved Class 3R/IIIA Laser, AC Adapter and Battery Backup, Garage Parking Assistant Aid

Fosmon Dual Laser Garage Parking Assist Guide System,

Fosmon's Dual Laser Motion Activated Parking Assistant Makes Parking EasyEliminate the risks that come with not parking correctly in an enclosed parking spot or garage. Fosmon's dual laser parking assistant will allow you to park in the correct spot every time. With its simple installation and setup, the garage parking aid will be ready to use in minutes. No more busted bumpers and doors.Provides Individual Laser ControlThe garage parking aid allows for individual laser control for use with one parking stall or two. Simply flip the toggle button located on the side of the unit to turn on one laser or two. The lasers have a 360-degree adjustment, ensuring that no matter the vehicle or parking spot size, the laser will be able to hit the mark each and every time.Motion ActivatedWhether you are setting up one laser or two, the garage parking aid has a large motion sensor built in, allowing for the lasers to automatically turn on and off based on the movement of your vehicle. The lasers will turn off after 30 seconds of no movement.Battery BackupEven if the power goes out, the dual laser garage parking aid can use a 9v powered battery backup. NOTE: Battery not included. Limited Lifetime WarrantyFosmon has served millions of customers for more than 10 years and every product comes wit...

  • Brand: Fosmon
  • ASIN: B07K1K8B3M
  • UPC: 879565510725

Tkach Enterprises Park Ranger Amazingly Simple Precision Garage Parking Aid

Tkach Enterprises Park Ranger Amazingly Simple Precision Garage

Everyone is familiar with the problem of parking their car in an always too small and cluttered garage. The Park Ranger was designed as an easy to use parking aid to solve these problems. It helps you park your car in your garage, Front-to-Back, with precision. It protects valuables from being hit by your vehicle, your vehicle from being hit by the garage door, and allows you to leave walking space around your vehicle. It's easy to use, easy to install, requires no maintenance, is always out of the way, and incredibly precise. Amazingly simple - drive in and just "line up the lines". If you've gone to far, just back up and line up the lines. Need to park to the left or right for some reason? No problem, just line up the lines. Have seasonal (bikes, snowblowers) or ongoing project situations, use several small nails and move the Park Ranger from location to location and back as necessary. The Park Ranger is ideally suited for the same driver in the same car with the seat in the same position. Other drivers may have to adjust the alignment of the lines. In three car garages, it may be a bit harder to see the lines from the middle car. To install, park your car in the desired location Front-To-Back. While in the drivers seat, have an assistant position the Park Ranger on the Side Wa...

  • Brand: Tkach Enterprises
  • ASIN: B073VVN92H
  • UPC: 868511000106

Striker Adjustable Garage Parking Sensor - Parking Aid

Striker Adjustable Garage Parking Sensor - Parking

The Striker Adjustable Garage Parking Sensor is designed to take the guess work out of parking your car in tight garage spaces. It features adjustable, ultrasonic range-finding technology to accurately locate a vehicle within your desired parking constraints. Simply mount the sensor unit in front of the car at bumper level. Then mount the signal light in a position easily viewed from the driver's seat. Lastly, park your car exactly where you want it and press the set button. That's it! Next time the driver approaches the Parking Sensor, they will see a green light indicating that it is safe to proceed and then a yellow light will illuminate as a warning to slow down. Finally, when the car is at the chosen distance, a red light will illuminate, signaling the driver to stop the car. It makes parking it tight spots a cinch! The Striker Adjustable Garage Parking Sensor eliminates the dents and dings from garage "fender benders" and allows you to safely close the garage door every time. It is easy to install and comes complete with all mounting hardware, instructions and . Striker Concepts is based in Mooresville, NC USA, and we are here for you! We design products from the ground up and take great pride in what we create. Making sure every customer is happy with their STRIKER product...

  • Color: Dark Gray
  • Brand: Striker Concepts
  • ASIN: B00W9EBF0Y
  • UPC: 894717002460

Double Garage Parking Aid - Ball Guide System. Simple to install adjustable parking assistant kit includes a retracting ball sensor assist solution. Perfect Garage Car Stop Indicator for all Vehicles

Double Garage Parking Aid - Ball Guide System.

Our Simple to install adjustable retracting ball parking assist system is perfect for any single or double Garage. Imagine Gliding into the garage without worry of hitting the freezer anymore! The Perfect Parking Ball Guide System allows you to park your car or van perfectly every time. For automobiles that have limited space in the garage this takes all the stress out of parking your car. If you're not completely satisfied please return your product for a full refund! This is a great gift for anyone who plays chicken with their garage boxes everyday Common FAQ Q: How long is the rope? A: It's about 8 feet long, enough for most garage types Q: What's the size of the ball? A: it's about the size of a tennis ball Q: How do you adjust the clip? A: The string will come pre-inserted in the clip, simply click down on the clip and pull or release the string as needed, don't remove the string from the clip

  • UPC: 655295425900

Park Zone PZ-1600 Precision Parking Aid

Park Zone PZ-1600 Precision Parking

Park-Zone provides a solution for parking in crowded garages or for people who have difficulty with depth perception. The product installs with just 4 supplied screws. You park your vehicle in the desired location inside the garage, press the button on the top of the unit, and the system is ready. Park Zone will tell you when your vehicle is about 8 feet from the wall by illuminating a yellow light. When you reach the desired distance, the red light visually indicates that it's time to stop.

  • Brand: Measurement Limited
  • ASIN: B0030ICO3U
  • UPC: 015507107183

Ekarro EK-2777-002 Modern Flashing LED Stop Sign Garage Parking Assistant System

Ekarro EK-2777-002 Modern Flashing LED Stop Sign Garage

Ekarro modern flashing LED stop sign is the perfect parking assistant system for any garage. Just set up the stop sign so it barely touches your front bumper. When you pull the car into the garage, simply tap the parking assistant with your bumper and the lights will signal alerting you that the car has reached the correct stopping point. Dual mounting system allows for quick set-up whether using the weighted base or the including ceiling mount hardware.

  • Brand: Ekarro

Homebrite 77102 Park N Place

Homebrite 77102 Park N

Park N Place will assist you in parking perfectly every time. No more dents and scratches from hitting garage walls and other objects. The portable base utilizes a flexible rod with red light that flashes when contact is made with your car bumper. Perfect for hard to judge oversized SUVs and utility trucks. Two Batteries are included. Made of Fiberglass.

  • Color: Red, Black
  • Brand: HOMEH
  • ASIN: B000RGI7BQ
  • UPC: 605874240011
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