A Frozen Heart

A Frozen

Told in alternating chapters from both Anna's and Hans' perspectives, A Frozen Heart takes a sophisticated look at events of Frozen, exploring the couple's backstories, motivations, and doomed relationship.

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Frozen Heart (From "Frozen"/Soundtrack Version)

Frozen Heart (From "Frozen"/Soundtrack

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His Frozen Heart: A Mountain Man Romance

His Frozen Heart: A Mountain Man

An International bestseller book.*CADE I came to Dogwood Mountain a broken man, to get away from everything in my life, my obscene wealth, my family, my so-called friends, my sins. I needed the remoteness, the fresh air, and the bitterness of surviving in an inhospitable land.After two years my isolation was shattered.Why of all the mountains in the good ole US of A, did she have to crash her car on mine. And why of all the women in the world did she have to be the most beautiful creature I'd laid eyes on.Now I'm stuck in a small cabin with the scent of her skin in my nostrils, her clear eyes following me around, and her soft curves tempting me.When she laughs, the sound reminds me of the past I left behind.Until she came my heart was a block of ice, but now there is a fire in my veins, and a craving in my loins. There's no denying. I want to taste her and make her mine.But that's the last thing I need.I tell myself, I'll get rid of the temptation in the morning, take her into town and bid her goodbye, but that was before the radio forecasts a blizzard.Looks like we could be holed up here for days.Heaven help me, but if I claim her now...letting her go won't be an option.A full length 50000+ plus words standalone with no cheating and guaranteed HEA.   

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Frozen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Frozen (Original Motion Picture

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A Frozen Heart (A Blood War Novel Book 1)

A Frozen Heart (A Blood War Novel Book

Sometimes the choices we make can be colder than ice...When cursed vampire, Princess Odesha, is captured, she fears she won't be able to keep the promise she made her father. Each step she takes across the barren wasteland of snow, is a step farther away from helping the people in the kingdom. In a race against time, she must figure out how to escape the mountain and fulfill her destiny, before the ice takes over her heart completely. But her heart is torn...between the promise she made and a tribe of people whose lead hunter makes her want to bite and never let go. As the dark presence crosses the ice bringing war, Odesha must choose between saving her frozen heart...or the kingdom she promised to protect.Secrets of the tribe wait to be discovered...Mysterious Kunchok is the fearless leader of the hidden tribe on the ice. Tasked with providing food from a dwindling source in a winter like they've never seen, he finds a pale woman running through the dangerous forest. There is something different about her, something that makes his heart beat harder than an orik raid. Instincts kick in and he's overwhelmed with the need to keep her safe. To find out her purpose, he brings her to his tribe only to discover that she doesn't speak his language. With both of their worlds threatened, ...


Frozen Heart (From "Frozen"/Soundtrack Version)

Frozen Heart (From "Frozen"/Soundtrack


The Frozen Heart: A sweeping epic that will grip you from the first page

The Frozen Heart: A sweeping epic that will


His Frozen Heart: A Pride & Prejudice Novella

His Frozen Heart: A Pride & Prejudice

Can she melt his frozen heart?Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy arrived in Hertfordshire with his sister’s words ringing in his ears. “You have a heart of stone.” He had no reason to doubt Georgiana Darcy. Or so he thought—until he met Miss Elizabeth Bennet.Each time he was in her company, Miss Elizabeth’s impertinence chipped away at Darcy with her wit and kindness. By the time autumn turned into winter, he was captivated. In the springtime, Darcy felt stirrings of love. By summer, he would do whatever it took to convince her he was a worthy gentleman with a warm heart brimming with tender affection. This variation of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice is a 20,000-word glimpse into the Regency life of a man of means who learns to value the love of a good woman more than the wealth and position he was born into as the master of Pemberley.This story is appropriate for all readers who should be familiar with the original story by Jane Austen.


Frozen Heart [Explicit]

Frozen Heart


Arctic Sun: An Alaska Romance (Frozen Hearts Book 1)

Arctic Sun: An Alaska Romance (Frozen Hearts Book

“Sexy, sensitive, smart, and thoroughly researched, Annabeth Albert’s gay romances have rocketed to the top of my to-be-read pile. I’ve fallen as hard for her books as her heroes fall for each other.”—Christopher Rice, New York Times bestselling author of A Density of Souls and the Burning Girl SeriesHe’s built a quiet life for himself in Alaska. But it doesn’t stand a chance against the unrelenting pull of a man who’s everything he shouldn’t want.Ex-military mountain man Griffin Barrett likes his solitude. It keeps him from falling back into old habits. Bad habits. He’s fought too hard for his sobriety to lose control now. However, his gig as a wildlife guide presents a new kind of temptation in superhot supermodel River Vale. Nothing the Alaskan wilderness has to offer has ever called to Griffin so badly. And that can only lead to trouble…River has his own methods for coping. Chasing adventure means always moving forward. Nobody’s ever made him want to stand still—until Griffin. The rugged bush pilot is the very best kind of distraction, but the emotions he stirs up in River feel anything but casual, and he’s in no position to stay put.With temptation lurking in close quarters, keeping even a shred of distance is a challenge neither’s willing to me...

  • ASIN: B07J3C79NH

The Vicar's Frozen Heart (The Hornsby Brothers Book 2)

The Vicar's Frozen Heart (The Hornsby Brothers Book

His heart begins to heal…   He gave her shelter from the storm, nursed her back to health, just as any good man might do for a damsel in distress. But Tremain Colson is more than just a small town vicar performing a gallant duty. He’s an ex-soldier whose spirit has been ravaged by war, a nobleman hiding his aristocratic heritage. Yet despite his secrets, he cannot help but feel drawn to the fallen beauty and soon asks her to stay and care for the orphan in his charge…   And hers is lost…   Disgrace sent Eliza Winston out into the world, a governess in ruin. But once she finds herself in Tremain’s home—and in his bed—she realizes her handsome rescuer is the one in need of healing. No sooner does Eliza thaw the vicar’s heart than she realizes her own is in danger. For Tremain is not only the man she dreams of marrying, but a blueblood whose noble birth makes him an impossible match…

  • ASIN: B0120AT7SS

Frozen Heart



The Frozen Heart (The Seven Kingdoms Book 8)

The Frozen Heart (The Seven Kingdoms Book

A wicked Snow Queen. A frozen heart. Will love triumph over evil?When Queen Elisa’s minions present a way to escape her icy banishment, she marries King January, planning on murdering him to inherit his Kingdom.Her nefarious plans crumble when she sees more in King January than a means of gaining his Kingdom, and she has second thoughts about killing him. But her enemies uncover her plans and she must decide to enact her plans and achieve her goals or sacrifice all for the chance of true love.

  • ASIN: B07GFP99WB

Wilma Tenderfoot: the Case of the Frozen Hearts by Emma Kennedy (2011-09-15)

Wilma Tenderfoot: the Case of the Frozen Hearts

  • ASIN: B01M1ELA52

Frozen Heart



Arctic Wild: An Alaska Romance (Frozen Hearts Book 2)

Arctic Wild: An Alaska Romance (Frozen Hearts Book

When a plane crashes in the Alaskan wilderness, the best place to land is in the arms of a younger man…Hotshot attorney Reuben Graham has finally agreed to take a vacation, when his plane suddenly plunges into the Alaskan wilderness.Just his luck.But his frustrations have only begun as he finds himself stranded with the injured, and superhot, pilot, a man who’s endearingly sociable—and much too young for Reuben to be wanting him this badly.As the sole provider for his sisters and ailing father, Tobias Kooly is devastated to learn his injuries will prevent him from working or even making it back home. So when Reuben insists on giving him a place to recover, not even Toby’s pride can make him refuse. He’s never been tempted by a silver fox before, but something about Reuben is impossible to resist.Recuperating in Reuben’s care is the last thing Toby expected, yet the closer they become, the more incredibly right it feels, prompting workaholic Reuben to question the life he’s been living. But when the pressure Toby’s under starts closing in, both men will have to decide if there’s room in their hearts for a love they never saw coming.One-click with confidence. This title is part of the Carina Press Romance Promise: all the romance you’re looking for with an HEA/H...


Days of Frozen Hearts: Eschaton Cycle (Runeblade Saga Book 3)

Days of Frozen Hearts: Eschaton Cycle (Runeblade Saga

All warmth dies.In pursuit of a runeblade, Hervor and Starkad travel beyond Midgard to a fabled kingdom. Here, they find a cursed valley lost by time.The ghosts of long ago walk the night, playing out the final moments of their tragic lives.Can they claim a runeblade from the most powerful foe they’ve ever faced?And if they do, how will they leave the valley?You’ll love this grim fantasy set in the Ragnarok Era because it retells the dark Norse legend of Tyrfing.Get it now.

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Her Frozen Heart

Her Frozen

  • Brand: Lulu Taylor
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Disney's Greatest Volume 1

Disney's Greatest Volume

  • ASIN: B0157E4FZE

His Frozen Heart (Brewer Brothers) (Volume 1)

His Frozen Heart (Brewer Brothers) (Volume

For best friends, Candy and Libby, money is tight with hardly enough to cover their living expenses. When they are desperate for grocery money, the girls bet on their pool playing skills to add to their income. A simple wager on a quiet winter evening has devastating results, with a stalker determined to kill them both. With Libby in the hospital after a vicious attack, and Candy being pursued by the same stalker, she vows to find Libby's attacker. What she finds is Dave, an old friend with a secret past filled with misfortune. Will Dave’s past provide the answer to all of Candy’s problems or will it become Candy’s worst nightmare realized?

  • ASIN: 1502991837

Arctic Heat: An Alaska Romance (Frozen Hearts Book 3)

Arctic Heat: An Alaska Romance (Frozen Hearts Book

A lasting connection needs more than simply surviving a winter together—they’ll have to outsmart danger, let down their defenses and open their hearts.Owen Han has a fresh lease on life—he’s kicked cancer’s ass and is roaring through his bucket list. The former investment banker hopes to find his next challenge in Alaska, volunteering alongside park rangers and fulfilling his childhood dreams of snowy winters and rustic life. Of course, those dreams did tend to feature big strapping mountain men in vivid detail…Ranger Quilleran Ramsey would like to be anywhere other than dealing with newbie volunteers. And really, the only thing he needs less than a green volunteer “partner” is the flirty attentions of a buff city boy who doesn’t look ready to last a week, let alone an Alaskan winter. They’re all wrong for each other, even if Quill’s traitorous body enjoys the flirting more than it should.As the weeks pass, the two snowbound men give in to temptation. But can their seasonal romance last until spring? For them to have a future together, each will have to trust the other…while hoping that the harsh elements and omnipresent dangers don’t destroy what happiness they’ve found in the moment.One-click with confidence. This title is part of the Carina Press Ro...


Disney's Greatest Volume 2

Disney's Greatest Volume

  • ASIN: B0157E5F4Y

DIRTY, LAZY, KETO: Getting Started: How I Lost 140 Pounds

DIRTY, LAZY, KETO: Getting Started: How I Lost

#1 New Release, #1 Best Seller. Stephanie Laska lost 140 pounds, roughly half of her body weight, by following a ketogenic inspired diet. She figured out the secret to losing weight without the crazy restrictions of a traditional keto diet by following a "dirty" and "lazy" version of keto.Stephanie spent most of her adult life in the Morbidly Obese Class III BMI category. Hovering close to 300 pounds, she avoided booths at restaurants and feared not fitting into amusement park rides. "I once hid my jacket over my lap so the flight attendant wouldn't see that my seatbelt wouldn't close," she admits.It wasn't until a friend suggested she could continue to drink beer while still losing weight that Stephanie decided to "try one last time". Any diet that included loopholes for having a cold beer might be worth a try, she reflected.Through trial and error, Stephanie learned how eating a low carb, moderate protein, higher fat diet could finally nudge her weight in the right direction. "This is the weirdest diet ever!" went through her mind every time she got on the scale. Coming from an era of eating FruitLoops© washed down with a pitcher of Kool-Aid©, Stephanie was clueless about the metabolic effects of consuming too many carbohydrates.DIRTY, LAZY, KETO explains the unique diet Step...

  • ASIN: 1720029628

Disney Frozen Follow Your Heart

Disney Frozen Follow Your

Grab your paintbrush, it's time to get creative! Complete fantastic pictures of Queen Elsa at her coronation, Princess Anna searching for the ice palace, Olaf making new friends, and loads more! Includes 16 amazing paint colors

  • Brand: Parragon
  • ASIN: 1474827942
  • UPC: 499991654079
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Frozen Heart (From "Frozen"/Soundtrack Version)

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