A steamy, second chance romance between best friends, and the unconventional family they create along the way.Theo Von Bremen. Aloof, elite, and baseball’s next MVP, his name hangs on every woman’s next breath. Except for mine. All I want to know is if we’re having tacos tonight—it’s his turn to buy.Friendships like ours are forged from drunken sleepovers and Roommates Gone Wild episodes—nothing could ever tear us apart. Except… my v-card. And maybe… my new job with six marines. But we can handle this, right? Commander in Briefs, told from multiple POVs, is a uniquely written mixture of steamy sex, sweet romance, witty dialogue and hilarious antics with a pinch of angst and a hefty dose of suspense. SueBee, Goodreads ReviewerCommander in Briefs is a novel that accomplishes so much more than a typical romance. The first lines lured me in, the story held me hostage, and the characters stole my heart. Jessica, Chatterbooks Book BlogIt's few and far between to have a book so wonderfully executed. From the first page until the last, the author has you captured. This story is unlike most others! SC Book AddictA great story, Kristy Marie creates amazing characters who could be real life friends and family. I laughed, cried and just couldn't get enough. Highly reco...


Recollections of Marshal MacDonald, Duke of Tarentum: The Napoleonic Wars as Experienced by a Renowned French Military Commander

Recollections of Marshal MacDonald, Duke of Tarentum: The

The recollections of one of Napoleons most dependable commandersAmong all Napoleon's marshals Macdonald is one of the most intriguing, for he bears a name more likely to found among those highland regiments of Wellington's infantry who were among his master's most formidable enemies. Jacques Macdonald was born in Sedan in the Ardennes region of France, the son of a Jacobite Scottish exile, and was a close relative of Flora MacDonald who played such a memorable role in the flight of Prince Charles Stewart to the continent after the failure of the rebellion of 1745. Born in 1765, Jacques Macdonald was of an age to ensure he would take part in the momentous events that swept through France in the late 18th century bringing revolution, regicide, the Republic, Consulate and Empire under Napoleon Bonaparte. Perhaps predictably Macdonald experienced campaigns and battles throughout the Napoleonic age in most of the European theatres of the conflict and he graphically describes those events and his part in them in this book. He was a faithful and dependable commander who lacked true military genius but whose qualities made him trustworthy, and it was for these qualities that Napoleon was consistently entrusted him with independent commands. Whilst Macdonald's career cannot fail to be of ...

  • ASIN: 0857065726

How Chance and Stupidity Have Changed History: The Hinge Factor

How Chance and Stupidity Have Changed History: The

  • ASIN: B01HX35XNA

The Wake of the Bertrand

The Wake of the

The sternwheeler Bertrand struck the submerged tree trunk and struggled to reach the shore as it was sinking. The Burleighs escaped, then decided to complete their journey to Yankton in the Dakota Territory overland. They hired guides to get them there, not knowing that the guides’ plans were maliciously different. There would be deaths on the plains of Nebraska Territory.

  • ASIN: B074DZC7VV

Panzer Ace: The Memoirs of an Iron Cross Panzer Commander from Barbarossa to Normandy

Panzer Ace: The Memoirs of an Iron Cross

Richard Freiherr von Rosen was a highly decorated Wehrmacht soldier and outstanding panzer commander. His memoirs are richly illustrated with contemporary photographs, including key confrontations of World War II.After serving as a gunlayer on a Pz.Mk.III during Barbarossa, he led a Company of Tigers at Kursk. Later he led a company of King Tiger panzers at Normandy and in late 1944 commanded a battle group (12 King Tigers and a flak Company) against the Russians in Hungary in the rank of junior, later senior lieutenant (from November 1944, his final rank.) 
Only 489 of these King Tiger tanks were ever built. They were the most powerful heavy tanks to see service, and only one kind of shell could penetrate their armor at a reasonable distance.Every effort had to be made to retrieve any of them bogged down or otherwise immobilized, which led to many towing adventures. The author has a fine memory and eye for detail. His account is easy to read and not technical, and adds substantially to the knowledge of how the German Panzer Arm operated in the Second World War.

  • ASIN: 1784382663

Military Virtues (Issues in Military Ethics Book 1)

Military Virtues (Issues in Military Ethics Book

Up until now, there has been no extant book focusing on military virtues aimed at professionals.  Like personnel in other professional organizations, service personnel at every stage of their careers need a complement of virtues (excellent traits) in order to navigate the stress, decisions, and temptations they face.At a minimum, military professionals need to have a clear and working knowledge of the ethical decision-making process that underpin their profession in order to evaluate situations quickly.  In the search for such clarity, this volume identifies 14 key virtues of the military professional and through introductory essays and real world examples of those virtues in practice, it provides guidance for service personnel at every stage of their career. 


In the Year of the Tiger: The War for Cochinchina, 1945-1951 (Campaigns and Commanders Series)

In the Year of the Tiger: The War

In 1950, France experienced two parallel but different outcomes in its Indochina war. While the conflict in the north ended with a disastrous defeat for the French at Dien Bien Phu, in southern Vietnam, or Cochinchina, France emerged victorious in a series of violent but now largely forgotten actions. In the Year of the Tiger tells the story of this critical southern campaign, revealing in dramatic detail how the French war for Cochinchina set the stage for the American war in Vietnam. In northern Vietnam, the French troops had focused on destroying Viet Minh main force units. A dearth of resources in the south dictated a different strategy. William M. Waddell III describes how, by avoiding costly attempts to defeat the Viet Minh in the traditional military sense, the southern French command was able to secure key economic and political strongholds. Consulting both French and Vietnamese sources, Waddell examines the principal commanders on both sides, their competing strategies, and the hard-fought military campaign that they waged for control of the south. The author’s deft analysis suggests that counter to widely accepted views, the Viet Minh were not invincible, and the outcome of the conflict in Indochina was not inevitable. A challenge to historical orthodoxy, In the Year...

  • ASIN: 0806160276

Southern Gambit: Cornwallis and the British March to Yorktown (Campaigns and Commanders Series)

Southern Gambit: Cornwallis and the British March to

In a world rife with conflict and tension, how does a great power prosecute an irregular war at a great distance within the context of a regional struggle, all within a global competitive environment? The question, so pertinent today, was confronted by the British nearly 250 years ago during the American War for Independence. And the answer, as this book makes plain, is: not the way the British, under Lieutenant General Charles, Earl Cornwallis, went about it in the American South in the years 1778–81. Southern Gambit presents a closely observed, comprehensive account of this failed strategy. Approaching the campaign from the British perspective, this book restores a critical but little-studied chapter to the narrative of the Revolutionary War—and in doing so, it adds detail and depth to our picture of Cornwallis, an outsize figure in the history of the British Empire. Distinguished scholar of military strategy Stanley D. M. Carpenter outlines the British strategic and operational objectives, devoting particular attention to the strategy of employing Southern Loyalists to help defeat Patriot forces, reestablish royal authority, and tamp down resurgent Patriot activity. Focusing on Cornwallis’s operations in the Carolinas and Virginia leading to the surrender at Yorktown in...

  • ASIN: 080616185X

Napoleon's Letters to Josephine: Correspondence of War, Politics, Family and Love 1796-1814 (Military Commanders)

Napoleon's Letters to Josephine: Correspondence of War, Politics,

The intimate correspondence of historyWhat needs to be said about the relationship between Napoleon and Josephine that has not become legend? He was a humble Corsican who rose meteorically through the ranks of the armies of Revolutionary France to be become First Consul and then Emperor of the First Empire. She was his lover from the earliest days, swept up in his rising fortunes until she became Empress by his side, only to be cast away in favour of an Austrian princess who could give the Emperor an heir. Yet theirs was never a straightforward or easy relationship. Both took lovers and despite his own infidelities and tolerance, Napoleon felt extreme pangs of jealousy and wrote of them plainly in his correspondence. Napoleon reveals himself to be a man of raging passions both for Josephine and the creation of an Empire worthy of his genius. As one would expect, these letters are barely confined to pillow talk. Here was a soldier at the head of a conquering army that set Europe ablaze. Much of the progress of his campaigns is reported in the most personal detail. Here are those who surrounded the Emperor most closely-the soldiers, the court and the ever troublesome family. Here are the great events of the age from great campaigns, battles and fallen monarchs to assassination atte...

  • Brand: Brand: LEONAUR
  • ASIN: 0857060619

European Armies of the French Revolution, 1789-1802 (Campaigns and Commanders Series)

European Armies of the French Revolution, 1789-1802 (Campaigns

Upon France’s defeat of the vaunted Prussian army at the Battle of Valmy in 1792, German author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe remarked, “From this place and from this day forth commences a new era in the world’s history.” The pronouncement proved prescient, for this first major victory emboldened France’s revolutionary government to end the monarchy and establish the first French Republic—with dramatic consequences for the wars that soon roiled the continent. In nine essays by leading scholars, European Armies of the French Revolution, 1789–1802 provides an authoritative, continent-wide analysis of the organization and constitution of these armies, the challenges they faced, and the impact they had on the French Revolutionary Wars and on European military practices. The volume opens with editor Frederick C. Schneid’s substantial introduction, which reviews the strategies and policies of each participating state throughout the wars, establishing a clear context for the essays that follow. Drawing on the latest research and thought, each contributor focuses on the army of a particular power: France, Prussia, Austria, Russia, Britain, Spain, the German principalities, the Italian states, and the Ottoman Empire. Their essays examine the system, tactics, operations, and s...

  • ASIN: 0806140399
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