Bottle Warmer , BAYKA 6-in-1 Baby Bottle Warmer with Rapid Heating Warm Milk Formula Heat Food Defrost, Real-time Temperature Accurate Temperature Control Fit Most Brands Baby Bottles

Bottle Warmer , BAYKA 6-in-1 Baby Bottle Warmer

The BAYKA bottle warmer allows parents to safely and quickly warm breast milk, formula, and food in storage bags, bottles, or jars of all shapes, sizes and materials. The indicated time from the instruction in the package contains additional security time. The buzzer was set to buzz after the security time ends. The warming might have been finished before the buzzer buzzes, the warming time depends on a lot of conditions such as the ambient temperature and the season. Please drop a few drops of milk on the back of your hand before feeding the baby, if it is not warm enough, you can put the bottle back to the warmer and wait a few more minutes.From the Manufacturer: A number of scientific studies have been conducted over the last 30 years to investigate how heat can impact the nutritional value of breast milk. As a general rule, all the studies urge that you do not use a microwave or stove-top to warm breast milk, as the damage due to overheating breast milk can be substantial. The most suitable temperature for baby is between 98.6℉ to 107.6℉. Other general warmers heat water to a very high temperature so that they could warm the milk rapidly, with a high probability of incomplete warming and loss of nutrition. Our product concept is low-temperature heating and we value the n...

  • Color: WHITE
  • Brand: BAYKA
  • ASIN: B07N1N8NGH

All Brew Supplies 325 Stainless Carbonation Cap with 5/16" Barb Ball Lock Type, Fit Most Soft Drink PET Bottles

All Brew Supplies 325 Stainless Carbonation Cap with

This new model carbonation cap does everything that the carbonation cap does but this comes with several added features. The post on this unique carbonation cap has been machined so it fit both black and grey ball lock disconnects. It also includes a barbital on the underside so you can attach some beer line to act as a dip tube.

  • Color: Light Grey
  • Brand: All Brew Supplies
  • ASIN: B00V334SME
  • UPC: 601308688053

JC Toys 3-Piece Blue Accessory Gift Set Includes Bottle, Pacifier, and Rattle Fits Most Dolls - Ages 2+ - Designed by Berenguer Boutique Baby Doll, Blue

JC Toys 3-Piece Blue Accessory Gift Set Includes

The Perfect Baby Doll Accessories Every baby needs a Bottle and Pacifier. This 3-Piece Blue Accessory Gift Set is essential for every new dolly mommy! These well-designed pretend baby doll accessories are sure to stand the test of time with ease. More importantly, it is remarkably like the real thing, so your child will spend hour upon hour happily playing with their baby dolls. JC Toys is happy to offer this realistic Blue Accessory Gift Set for a very affordable price. These quality plastic accessories are perfect for pretend play with dolls up to 20”. It is designed to last and a breeze to keep clean. Give Your Child the Best Baby Doll Accessories With its cute color scheme and attractive design, this Blue Accessory Gift Set will instantly become one of your child’s favorite toys. It includes a pretend baby doll pacifier, baby doll bottle, and rattle that is sure to sooth even the crankiest of baby dolls! These accessories are so realistic your child will love taking care of their baby dolls just like real mommies do. Order this lovely Blue Accessory Gift Set for your child today! JC Toys offers a remarkably low everyday price on baby dolls, girl toys, baby doll playsets, doll accessories, and realistic dolls. By shopping with us, you will enjoy superior service, exception...

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: JC Toys
  • UPC: 043657810622

Yoego 3-in-1 Baby Bottle Warmer,Functions with Accurate Temperature Controls and Design of Anti-Dry,Fit Most Brands Baby Bottles

Yoego 3-in-1 Baby Bottle Warmer,Functions with Accurate Temperature

Features: ☺Warming, heating, and disinfection functions will meet your daily infant feeding needs. ☺Water bath heating system can warm milk and food quickly without loosing nutritions. ☺Double bottles design, you can heat up water, milk or food at the same time.Fit Most Brands Baby Bottles.(2 bottles in the picture are not included) ☺Compact design: The food milk heater is portable and easy to pack,making you easy to warm breast milk while you are on the go. ☺One knob operation system. Turn the knob to the function you need after adding water. How to use Warming: Pour 240 - 300ml water into the machine,Place milk bottles in the machine, then adjust the temperature dial to the "Warming" and the indicator light is in red that means working. Heating: Pour 200 - 300ml water into the machine,Place sealed foods in the machine, then adjust the knob to the "Heating" and the indicator light is in red that means working,When indicator light is in green, it means that enter the insulation state. Disinfection: Pour 120 - 150ml water into the machine,Place accessories of the bottle in the machine, cover the cover, then adjust the knob to the "Disinfection" and the indicator light is in red that means working,It will enter the disinfection state after 6 minutes. Specificat...

  • Brand: Yoego
  • ASIN: B07DN1P9TQ

Men's Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam for Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth, Topical Treatment for Thinning Hair, 3-Month Supply

Men's Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam for Hair Loss

Help treat hair loss and regrow fuller hair with Men's Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Topical Foam. Ideal for use at the early stages of hair thinning, this fast-working hair regrowth treatment is clinically proven to regrow up to 25% more hair in 12 weeks. Unlike hair loss shampoos and hair thickening products that temporarily plump hair from the outside, Rogaine penetrates the scalp to reactivate shrunken hair follicles, allowing for regrowth of hair. The 5% Minoxidil formula works to boost hair follicle activity and hair protein production, while Tricho-Prime Technology uses a proprietary combination of ingredients to create an optimal environment for hair regrowth. This men's hair re- growth treatment also contains botanical extracts and emollient to help maintain a healthy, conditioned scalp, plus alphahydroxy acid (AHA) to promote natural skin exfoliation to help keep follicles open. It comes in a no-mess foam that is easy to use and is designed to fit easily into your routine.

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: Rogaine
  • ASIN: B0012BNVE8
  • UPC: 312547948128

Baby Bottle Warmer & Bottle Baby Food Warmer Wipe Warmer 4 in 1 Formula with LCD Real-time Display Fast Warming and Precise Temperature Control, Fit Most Brands Baby Bottles

Baby Bottle Warmer & Bottle Baby Food Warmer

Features: ★The functions of warm, thawing, heating will meet your daily infant feeding needs. ★Capacity upgrade. The upper cover can withstand a 21cm high bottle, and the big bottle is not afraid of being installed. ★Double bottle design, can heat water, milk or food at the same time. Suitable for most brands of baby bottles. (2 bottles are not included) ★One button operation. Multi-function warm milk device, simple operation, the elderly will also use. ★The shorter design. Food and milk heaters are portable and easy to pack, making it easy to heat breast milk while traveling. How to Heat Milk/Food? 1. Pour 200ml of water. 2. Place the lifter. 3. Place the bottles. 4. Put on the cover. 5.Connect to the socket.Turn the switch to 70°C (158°F) Firstly. 6.Turn back to 40°(104°F) after 11-12 minutes. Specifications: Material:PPRated Voltage:220VRated Frequency:50-60HzRated Power:200WTemperature Range:25℃ -100℃(77℉ - 212℉)Product size:8.3*5.5*9.8inPackage List: ●1 x Baby Bottle Warmer ●1 x Cleaning Brush ●1x Tweezer ●1 x English ManualWarm Tips: When used for the first time, it is recommended that you use a wet cloth to wipe the inner and outer walls of the milk warmers. Do not immerse them in water. Other accessories can be washed direct...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: FOROPIOLY
  • ASIN: B07FXG1K3Q
  • UPC: 703063310276

10pcs Silver Bottle & Wine Organza Favor Gift Bags - Fits Most Bottles

10pcs Silver Bottle & Wine Organza Favor Gift

10 Silver Bottle & Wine Organza Favor Gift Bags 6.5x15 inch

  • ASIN: B005A106NU
  • UPC: 787718106124

Collagen Peptides Powder (16oz) | Grass-Fed, Certified Paleo Friendly, Non-GMO and Gluten Free - Unflavored

Collagen Peptides Powder (16oz) | Grass-Fed, Certified Paleo

WHY WE NEED COLLAGEN Collagen supplies essential proteins that our bodies use to build and repair our bones, joint surfaces, skin, teeth, eyes, arteries, intervertebral disks, and much more. Collagen production typically slows at a rate of 1.5% per year after the age of 25. As this collagen production slows, the collagen fibers in the body become brittle and begin to break down resulting in many of the degenerative effects of aging. HOW TO TAKE One scoop (11g) is the recommended daily serving size. Collagen Peptides can be added to any beverage (hot or cold) and blends well with just a spoon. You can also add Collagen Peptides to soups stews, or any food beverage provided there is ample liquid to dissolve the powder. The benefits of supplementing your diet with Collagen Peptides can only be realized when used consistently for a period of 30-60 days. SAFE AND EFFECTIVE Collagen Peptides is safe and effective as a dietary supplement for any age. The F.D.A has given collagen gelatin G.R.A.S status and there are no known side effects from daily use. SR Collagen is sourced from pasture-raised cows. These cattle are untouched by drugs or hormones and spend their entire lives in the pasture. SR Collagen does not contain any gluten, dairy, egg, corn, yeast, wheat, soy, artificial flavors...

  • Brand: Sports Research
  • UPC: 023249010180

Cheetah Spout Lid for Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Sport Water Bottles, Replacement Lid Accessories of Hydro Flask Straw lid with Big Handle Easy to Carry, Fits Most Wide-Mouth Bottles ArmyGreen

Cheetah Spout Lid for Hydro Flask Wide Mouth

Product Description: The Great Choice for Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Water Bottle, fits the wide 12 oz, 16oz, 18 oz, 32 oz, 40 oz and 64 oz Wide Mouth Hydro Flasks. Fits Wide Mouth Water Bottle of Most Brands ( Nalgene; Klean Kanteen; Fnova; Simplemodern; Takeya...) The package include a spout lid and a replacement gasket     Use Advice: 1. Wash the lid clean before first use. 2. Wash the lid with a small amount of hot water or ice water (do not use a steel ball to clean). 3. Keep away from heat, don't bite the mouth, not crashing. 4. Please do not boil the lid and switch to avoid deformation. 5. Make sure that the gasket correctly within the cap lining before use to avoid leaking.

  • Color: Armygreen
  • Brand: Cheetah
  • UPC: 791309342112

Elechomes Baby Bottle Warmer, Bottle Steam Sterilizer and Baby Food Heater, 6 in 1 Multifunction for Breast Milk or Formula, LED Display and Accurate Temperature Control, Fit Most Brands Baby Bottles

Elechomes Baby Bottle Warmer, Bottle Steam Sterilizer and

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Elechomes
  • UPC: 192242289234

Vacation Watering Plants Water Spikes - [Upgraded Version] Automatic Drip Irrigation with Slow Release Control Valve Switch and Bracket for Indoor Outdoor, Fit for Most Bottles ( Pack of 10)

Vacation Watering Plants Water Spikes - [Upgraded Version]

Chilartalent Pack of 10 Plants Self irrigation spikes with Slow Release Control Valve Switch and Bracket, Automatic Vacation Drip Irrigation Watering Devices, Care Your Indoor & Outdoor Home Office Plants Are you still bothered and worry who care your flowers and plants while you're away or vacation? With Self Watering Spikes, you can go relax without having to worry about your plants. How to use? Insert the valve controller into the plant waterer, drill some holes in the bottom of the suitable bottle or cut the tail of the bottle, and add some water to the bottle, put into the waterer spike. Flip over the bottle and insert the watering spikes into the soil. Switch the valve until the correct flow of water. The water flow is controlled by a switch, and the flow rate can be manually controlled to maintain the required amount of water of the plant. Specification Size: 13x3 cm/5.1*1.1 inch Bottle size: fit for 99% Beverage bottles Maximum water capacity: 2 Liters Color: Orange, Green Suit for: Plant, flowers, vegetables...and so on 550ml water supply time about: 1~5 days 2000ml water supply time about: 7~15 days Package include 10* Plant watering spikes 10* Valve switch 10* Bracket 1* Metal pin Enjoy your vacation with your family and give me your plants. Suitable for your vegetab...

  • Brand: Chilartalent
  • ASIN: B07Q7MS4JV
  • UPC: 778601684218

Copper Liquor Decanter Tags / Labels Set of Eight - Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch, Gin, Rum, Vodka, Tequila and Brandy - Copper Colored - Adjustable Chain Fits Most Bottles (Copper)

Copper Liquor Decanter Tags / Labels Set of

NEW IN OCTOBER 2018: You spoke we listened, the chains on each tag are now longer allowing them to fit a wider range of decanters. Many of you decant your liquor. Adds a sense of style and class. A touch of luxury. And sometimes you want to sip whiskey. Other times it's scotch on the rocks... But how do you know which one you're about to pour? All things considered, they look a lot alike. And what about your guests? They're not aficionados like you. Can't detect subtle differences in smell. Is it vodka or gin? Scotch or bourbon? They're definitely not the same. And that changes everything. The entire experience... Imagine wanting vodka and getting tequila. Bad taste in your mouth for sure. Not just the drink. But for the host! Sure, your guests might choose the right one. They might get lucky this time. But why risk it? You don't have to. There's labels for that. Seven right here. Let guests enjoy their drink. Skip Russian Roulette. Guaranteed to avoid needless party confusion Adjustable chain to fit various bottle/neck sizes 8 metallic tags with copper clasp and chain Keep guests in good spirits without the guessing Your soiree is important. Make it one to remember for all the right reasons.

  • Color: Copper
  • Brand: Prestige Decanters
  • ASIN: B01LBOZ0K8
  • UPC: 015568016547

6 Pack of Squeaker Caps for Amazing Pet Bottle Shaggies Fits Most Plastic Bottles

6 Pack of Squeaker Caps for Amazing Pet

It is recommended that pets be surprised when playing with toys. Do not let pets play with a broken or damaged toy.

  • Brand: Bottle Shaggy
  • ASIN: B07M743HLB
  • UPC: 734663585597

TruSkin Vitamin C Serum for Face [BIG 2-OZ Bottle] Topical Facial Serum with Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E, 2 fl oz.

TruSkin Vitamin C Serum for Face [BIG 2-OZ

Who needs artificial fillers and harsh chemicals when you can achieve amazing results without them? TruSkin is all about skin-friendly ingredients! IMPORTANT - This plant based formula naturally ranges in color from almost clear to somewhat cloudy from batch to batch because TruSkin chooses not to hide these normal variations with artificial colors and synthetic stabilizers to keep the formula as pure as possible. The appearance of the ingredients has no impact on the effectiveness of the formula.

  • Brand: TruSkin Naturals
  • UPC: 646437501842

Ultimate Kitchen - Sink Soap Dispenser Extension Tube (36") with Check Valve - Two Bottle Stoppers to Fit Most Soap Containers. (Extension Tube Kit)

Ultimate Kitchen - Sink Soap Dispenser Extension Tube

Built In Soap Dispenser Extension Tube with Check Valve - 36" Tube Are You Tired of CONSTANTLY Refilling Your Built In Sink Soap Dispenser? Our Soap Dispenser Extension Tube Eliminates the Need to Refill! Skip the messy process of refilling your built in soap dispenser. With the 36" extension tube, you have the freedom to store your bulk soap container anywhere under the sink! Are You Ready to Stop Pumping and Pumping to FINALLY Get Soap? Our Built In Check Valve Keeps Soap Primed at the Top of The Tube! The built in check valve will keep soap always primed in your soap dispenser, so you don't waste time pumping. Save Money and Never Clean up Spilt Soap Again! Our Universal Bottle Stopper Will Preserve Your Soap! The extension tube includes a universal bottle stopper specifically designed to fit ALL soap containers, preserve soap, and prevent leaks and spills. No more wasted soap and money! Don't Worry About a Confusing Installation. Our Extension Tube Will be Installed and Ready to Use in Seconds! It takes only a few seconds to fit the tube in your Ultimate Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser. The extension tube works with most liquid soap dispensers. No hassle! You NEVER have to refill a bottle again! Are You Ready to Experience a Quality Product and AMAZING Customer Service? ...

  • Brand: Ultimate Kitchen
  • ASIN: B07C7W954C
  • UPC: 869690000321

Unisex Professional Slim Business Laptop Backpack, Feskin Fashion Casual Durable Travel Rucksack Daypack (Waterproof Dustproof) with Tear Resistant Design for Macbook, Tablet - Dark Grey

Unisex Professional Slim Business Laptop Backpack, Feskin Fashion

This Backpack is a new style of design. It is the most popular school bag for teenage girls and boys carrying macbook or laptop in daily life. Structure: 1* main compartment 1* laptop compartment 1* inside zipper pocket 2* outside front zipper pocket 2* side pockets. Package included: 1* Backpack.

  • Color: Dark Grey
  • Brand: Feskin
  • ASIN: B01LWYT58V
  • UPC: 611029240089

TapTes Cup Holder Inserts Fit Most of Bottles Car Accessories for Tesla Model 3 Center Console Cup Holders - 2pcs

TapTes Cup Holder Inserts Fit Most of Bottles

TapTes Cup Holder Inserts are made to fit for all Tesla Model 3 Center Console Cup Holders to ensure the bottles to stay upright and prevent them from sliding and falling. Unique Designed This Cup Holder Insert designed by an American Tesla Model 3 owner & designer Vu Tran,and exclusive by TapTes. Inserts for all Tesla Model 3 Center Console Cup Holder Fit all Tesla Model 3 Vehicles. The Tesla M3 cup holders are wide and do not hold typical water bottles very well, the bottles may slide around and possibly tip over. Our Cup Holder Inserts allow the bottles to stay upright. Made from High Quality Material Used durable black ABS plastic, not cheap plastic feel. Match your Model 3 interior taste. Fit Most of Bottles Inner diameter, top 2.75 inches to bottom 2.68 inches (70 mm to 68 mm), fit most of bottles, even work well for small coffee cups. Like It fits small Starbucks cups, 500mL water bottles, and regular McDonald's cups. Package 2 pcs Tesla Model 3 Cup Holder Inserts

  • Brand: TapTes
  • UPC: 778601098558

PBfit All-Natural Peanut Butter Powder, Powdered Peanut Spread from Real Roasted Pressed Peanuts, 8g of Protein (30 oz.)

PBfit All-Natural Peanut Butter Powder, Powdered Peanut Spread

People go nuts for PBfit and here’s why: they don’t expect it to taste as good as regular peanut butter. So when it does, they get super excited, even a bit obsessed. Imagine snacking on peanut butter that has about one-third the calories and 87% less fat than other nut spreads. That means guilt-free smoothies, peanut butter dips, oatmeal — you get the idea. It’s your new non-guilty pleasure. BetterBody Foods PBfit is made by gently roasting peanuts and then pressing the peanuts to extract the majority of the oil from those peanuts. This process reduces the unnecessary fats that are found in regular peanut butters, but it still leaves a delicious, low-fat peanut butter powder that is chock full of flavor. For a low-fat peanut butter spread, mix 2 tablespoons of dry PBfit with 1.5 tablespoons of water. As a powder, it blends easily when making post-workout smoothies, pancakes, waffles, and breakfast shakes of all kinds! PBfit is packaged at BetterBody Foods' world headquarters in Lindon, Utah.

  • Color: Na
  • Brand: PBfit
  • UPC: 767563983859

Reef Men's Fanning, GREY/WHITE, 10 M US

Reef Men's Fanning, GREY/WHITE, 10 M

Fanning mens sandals are REEF’s best-selling flip flops for men with a church key bottle opener built into the rubber outsole. These are the water-friendly mens sandals of legendary three-time world champ and perennial pro surfing powerhouse Mick Fanning. With the Fanning mens sandals, you get maximum comfort with the molded EVA footbed, anatomical arch support, 360-degree heel airbag, and synthetic nubuck strap. Be ready for any water adventure with these flip flops for men. These are the only mens sandals with a bottle opener. From the beach to the lake or just hanging out by the pool, this style can handle the splashes. REEF is inspired by water, the ocean, perfect waves, perfect beaches and the journey along the way to find them. At the core of REEF’s latin roots is the inherent sensuality of the beach. The REEF team is committed to having fun in and out of the water, as well as giving back to the world that inspires them.

  • Color: Grey/White
  • Brand: Reef
  • ASIN: B011JIOYT4
  • UPC: 881862643518

Travel Laptop Backpack,Business Anti Theft Slim Durable Laptops Backpack with USB Charging Port,Water Resistant College School Computer Bag for Women & Men Fits 15.6 Inch Laptop and Notebook - Grey

Travel Laptop Backpack,Business Anti Theft Slim Durable Laptops

Feature: ✔Pack your school supplies in our school backpack, back to school and college with this school essentials✔Perfect gifts for women and men! Practical gifts and present for those who go to school, travel and work, a must for school supplies travel accessories and laptop accessories✔A luggage sleeve allows backpack fit on luggage/suitcase, slide over the luggage upright handle tube for easier transport ✔A theft proof pocket on the back could hold your phone, wallet or small items, add more safty to keep your valuable items ✔External pockets on both sides are made of Elasticized Mesh, expands to secure various size water bottles and compact umbrella ✔Backpack with charge port offer a quick access to charge your phone, very convenient and stylish ✔Multi-panel Airflow system provide relief when carrying heavy loads, less stress on you shoulders ✔100% Brand New and made of High Density and Water Repellent Polyester Fabric, not easy get wet and ensure long lasting usage Large Multi-Compartment and Pocket: Separate Laptop Compartment: Fits UNDER 17 Inch Laptops and Macbook(Laptop over 17inch is not recommended) Main Compartment: Thin clothes, headset, books, magazine, camera, CD's, etc Front Compartment: for iPhone, pen, keys, wallet, purse, glasses and other smal...

  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: MATEIN
  • UPC: 714929947284

Southern Classic Garden 13 Wine bottle tree ~ 6 Feet ~ FREE SHIP- Our most popular Southern Wine Bottle Tree.

Southern Classic Garden 13 Wine bottle tree ~

( **BOTTLES NOT INCLUDED ). Southern Classic Garden 13 bottle tree Our bestselling Classic Southern garden (13) bottle tree comes in three easy to assemble pieces. All welded construction and proven design. Easy to assemble and install, (if you can put a straw in a milkshake, you can put together our trees) Engineered to stake firmly in the ground. Fabulous accent in the garden or yard. Traditional styling with unbeatable quality. Great tree at a great price ! SOLID steel construction. Height: 6" Feet Above ground Unpainted Assembly and Installation instructions included (Bottles not included) Proudly Made in USA...............................................................................................(Unpainted bottle trees will rust to a beautiful natural patina OR you can PAINT to the color of your choice). BOTTLES NOT INCLUDED

  • Brand: Hopfrog Market
  • ASIN: B0165VFT8K

NRB Lumina LED Nail Polish Cap - Universal Size Fits Most Bottle w/Reusable Brush & LED Light Assist - Manicure/Pedicure for Women Teens Girls - Black - 1 Pack

NRB Lumina LED Nail Polish Cap - Universal

You love painting and flaunting your nails, but hate when you miss sections and have to touch them up. Or maybe you love creating designs, but it’s hard to see those small details on your fingernails when you paint them. Either way, the NRB Lumina LED Light Nail Polish Cap is a must-have accessory for the nail polish lover in you. Boasting an LED light in the cap, the NRB Lumina allows you to see every small detail as you beautifully design your nails. You can paint your nails one bold color to make them pop, or combine colors to create stripes, polka dots and other artistic creations. No matter which style you choose, this Nail Polish Cap will light the way to perfect nails. High-quality construction and a universal design make this the perfect addition for any female who loves to paint her fingernails. The cap is designed to conveniently fit all major nail polish bottles and the brush is made to supply long-lasting use, allowing hundreds of uses in virtually any nail polish bottle you own. When you’re done using with one color, simply wash it off for its next use. If you enjoy giving or receiving manicures or pedicures, this lighted cap is sure to enhance the fun. Gather up your daughter on a rainy day or let her get creative with friends at her next slumber party. They’l...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: NRB
  • ASIN: B07D5NDP32
  • UPC: 852608008175

Clair (Beach Brides Book 4)

Clair (Beach Brides Book

Grab your beach hat and a towel and prepare for a brand new series brought to you by twelve New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors…Beach Brides! Fun in the summer sun!Twelve heartwarming, sweet novellas linked by a unifying theme. You’ll want to read each one!BEACH BRIDES SERIES (Clair)Twelve friends from the online group, Romantic Hearts Book Club, decide to finally meet in person during a destination Caribbean vacation to beautiful Enchanted Island. While of different ages and stages in life, these ladies have two things in common: 1) they are diehard romantics, and 2) they’ve been let down by love. As a wildly silly dare during her last night on the island, each heroine decides to stuff a note in a bottle addressed to her “dream hero” and cast it out to sea!On Enchanted Island, Clair keeps her engagement to Sean Kilmer a secret intending to tell her friends when the trip is over, but soon after she returns to Virginia, Sean disappears leaving only a note, a stack of bills, and unanswered questions. Devastated, Clair retreats to her childhood home in Emerald Isle, NC and withdraws from everyone except her sisters, Mallory and Darcy, who each have their own serious problems.Ten months later…In early April, after many months back home, Clair sees no signs of...

  • ASIN: B071VT6WQP

Takeya 10310 Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker with Airtight Lid & Silicone Handle, 1 Quart, Black - Made in USA BPA-Free Dishwasher-Safe

Takeya 10310 Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Taste the difference with TAKEYA's Cold Brew Coffee Maker. The traditional hot brewing process releases undesirable acids and oils, resulting in bitter flavor and acidity that is intolerable to many. With cold brewing, only the naturally delicious coffee flavors are extracted, leaving behind the bitter oils and fatty acids, creating a perfectly balanced, smooth extraction of concentrated coffee. Once brewed, concentrated coffee can be kept fresh in the TAKEYA airtight Cold Brew Coffee Maker for up to 2 weeks and used for both hot and iced coffees. Do not freeze or microwave

  • Color: Black - Made in USA BPA-Free Dishwasher-Safe
  • Brand: Takeya
  • ASIN: B00FFLY64U
  • UPC: 885895927393
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