Pure Paw Nutrition Premium Organic Wild-Caught Pure Alaskan Salmon with Vitamins D3 Potassium B Complex & Antioxidants Best Holistic Home Remedy Fish Oil for Healthy Heart Skin & Coat Dogs

Pure Paw Nutrition Premium Organic Wild-Caught Pure Alaskan

NO ADDITIVES OR PRESERVATIVES Pure Alaskan Salmon Oil is 100% wild-caught and has one ingredient, salmon oil. No rosemary or any other additives have been used to prolong the shelf life or alter the taste. We believe in the purest for your fur baby. SOMETHING SMELLS FISHY Most pet parents report that this pure fish oil has a mild to moderate fish smell. We hope it does, after all, it comes from fish! Supplied by the cleanest waters of the world we guarantee the highest quality of liquid salmon oil. DELICIOUS TASTE DOGS AND CATS LOVE Pure Paw Nutrition's pets gobble this up! We can't promise all fur babies will lick the bowl, but if your pet turns his nose away simply return it for a full refund. CONVENIENT 8 OUNCE BOTTLE WITH NO MESS PUMP Enjoy a BPA free recyclable bottle that doesn't leak in transport. Our luxury salmon oil bottles are distributed with a sealed cap and accompanied with a no mess pump. Use the cap when you travel and use the easy pump when you are home. Use with Dog Dream Glucosamine for a powerhouse in joint rejuvenation with a premium blend of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, and even Hyaluronic Acid! WARNING Pure Alaskan Salmon Oil improves the appearance and feel of fur making it more shiny and soft and has even decreased shedding in some pets. All of our supp...

  • Brand: Pure Paw Nutrition
  • UPC: 642554214221

Metabolic Maintenance - Potassium/Magnesium Citrate 250 caps by Metabolic Maintenance

Metabolic Maintenance - Potassium/Magnesium Citrate 250 caps by

Potassium/Magnesium Citrate 250 caps Dietary Supplement Supplement Facts Serving Size: 1 capsule Servings per Container: 250 Amount per Capsule Magnesium 125 mg (as Magnesium Citrate) Potassium 99 mg (as Potassium Citrate) Other ingredients: vegetarian capsule, L-leucine. Contains oil from one or more of the following fish species: cod, anchovy, sardines, tuna. DIRECTIONS: One (1) capsule daily as a dietary supplement, or as directed by a Doctor. Each preservative-free vegetarian capsule contains only the active ingredients listed on the label. Excipient-free. STORAGE: Keep tightly closed in a dry place; do not expose to excessive heat. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.

  • Brand: Metabolic Maintenance

32oz Pure Wild-Alaskan Salmon Oil for Pets Omega 3 All Natural Fish Oil Liquid Food Supplement for Dogs & Cats –EPA & DHA Fatty Acids Supports Healthy Heart Restores Skin Protects Coat

32oz Pure Wild-Alaskan Salmon Oil for Pets Omega

Paws & Pals All Natural Pure Wild-Alaskan Salmon Oil is the best dietary supplement for your furry friend. Packed with all natural ingredients such as Wild Salmon, Omega-3 and Omega-6 to keep your pet looking and feeling healthy. Fatty Acids contents help maintain your pet's immune system and relieves stiff joints while also providing strong brain and eye development. The oil is the perfect alternative compared to soft chews or capsules, simply add a few pumps into your pet's food and mix well. Keep your pet healthy and active! Our Salmon oil helps with dry coats and skin, shedding, flaking due to allergies. It also helps with joint issues, inflammation and arthritis. Paws and Pals Natural Pure Wild-Alaskan Salmon Oil is Non GMO, Toxic Free and Pure. Made for cats and dogs of all sizes and breeds - please be sure to refer to the label on the bottle for intake dosage based on your pet's weight.

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Paws & Pals
  • ASIN: B01L2TA2HS
  • UPC: 840345109422

4 Fl.oz Premium Avocado Oil Hair Growth & Scalp Treatment Skin Care Moisturizer

4 Fl.oz Premium Avocado Oil Hair Growth &

Avocado oil comes from the avocado fruit. Avocado oil is a hidden treasure. Unlike the well-known tea tree oil, olive oil and lavender oil, avocado oil has yet to be discovered by many people for its great variety of health benefits. Among other things, avocado oil can be used as a beneficial skin care product, for special scalp treatments, medicinal purposes, and in healthy cooking. Avocado oil can be used for head massages. It also can be used as a hot oil treatment for the hair, as avocado oil can actually be absorbed by dry hair shafts. To make the treatment, put 2 tablespoons each of avocado oil and castor oil in a bowl, and warm it up. Once the hair is wetted, massage this warm oil into the scalp and leave overnight. Shampoo the hair and scalp in the morning. Regular use of avocado hot oil scalp treatment makes the hair soft and can help eradicate dandruff. Internal Use Eating avocados confers numerous health benefits. Although the nutritional value of avocado oil is similar to that of olive oil, avocado oil is lighter and lacks the bitter taste of olive oil. Because of this, it is a good choice for salad dressings or for use as a condiment. It is also a healthy alternative. Research has shown that when added to salads, both fresh avocado and avocado oil facilitate the abs...

  • Brand: Liquid Gold
  • ASIN: B010C8KQ8A
  • UPC: 755702872553

Dr. Ohhira's Essential Living Oils - 60 Capsules - A Vegan Alternative to Fish Oil with Omega 3, 6 and 9

Dr. Ohhira's Essential Living Oils - 60 Capsules

Finally, a certified Vegan alternative to fish oil! Remember, the body absolutely requires essential fatty acids (EFAs) for many basic processes, but it cannot create them. EFAs must be acquired through food or supplements. Modern diets and processed foods are often lacking in EFAs. Supplementation is often necessary to consume the right amount on a daily basis. The body uses EFAs to: Maintain healthy cell membrane function – letting good nutrients in, and sending waste out* Promote optimal nervous system function* Support a healthy immune system response* Maintain healthy cholesterol levels already within the normal range* Help build hormones* Dr. Ohhira’s Essential Living Oils™ provides the beneficial fats in an ideal balance of Linolenic Acid (Omega-3), Linoleic Acid (Omega-6, especially GLA) and Oleic Acid (Omega-9). We use eight high quality oils from non-GMO plants and seeds: Rice bran oil Borage seed oil Sunflower seed oil Avocado oil Perilla seed oil Flax seed oil Japanese tea seed oil Olive oil The oils are cold-pressed and stable at room temperature.

  • Brand: Essential Formulas
  • ASIN: B0019JNRII
  • UPC: 885240071665

USDA Organic Garlic Gold Nuggets, Roasted Organic Garlic Seasoning Granules, Sodium Free & MSG Free, Vegan 2.1-Ounce Shaker Jar

USDA Organic Garlic Gold Nuggets, Roasted Organic Garlic

These Delicious Premium Organic Nuggets are hand-made bits of toasted organic garlic. How do we make them crunchy? We carefully toast the finest Organic Garlic in Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Use this tasty garlic product as gourmet topping and ingredient on just about anything! Perfect on salads A favorite topping on pizza Enjoy on sushi Incredible on baked & mashed potatoes Try as a topping on popcorn Enjoy more flavor on your pastas Bring out the flavor in your vegetables and add a fun texture Use anywhere you want the great taste of garlic Tasty Nuggets make a great sodium free alternative to flavor your meals. Try in place of bacon bits, soy sauce, garlic salt, garlic powder. Dairy free, Gluten free & packed with flavor.

  • Brand: Garlic Gold
  • ASIN: B004KU0LE6
  • UPC: 826804008888

Pure Encapsulations - EmulsiSorb Omega - Enhanced-Absorption Fish and Borage Oils to Support Cognitive and Cardiovascular Health* - 225 ml (7.5 fl oz)

Pure Encapsulations - EmulsiSorb Omega - Enhanced-Absorption Fish

EmulsiSorb Omega offers a blend of the essential fatty acids EPA, DHA and GLA in a great-tasting enhanced bioavailability form to support cognitive and cardiovascular health.*

  • Brand: Pure Encapsulations
  • ASIN: B01AMJV66U
  • UPC: 766298016771

Natural Factors - Potassium Citrate 99mg, Supports Healthy Muscles, Nerves & Heart, 180 Tablets

Natural Factors - Potassium Citrate 99mg, Supports Healthy

Potassium is an essential mineral needed by the body. As an important electrolyte, it regulates nerve signals from the brain and spinal column to muscles, thus promoting healthy nerve and muscle function. Potassium in citrate form is extremely well tolerated and well absorbed.

  • Brand: Natural Factors
  • ASIN: B00479U4X8
  • UPC: 068958016610

Zeostone 100% Natural High Quality Mordenite Zeolite Absorbent Sand - 0.3mm to 0.8mm(minus 20 Mesh) Size Natural Zeolite Sand , Mined From Japan (1.76 lbs / 800grams) - For Oil & Chemical Spills, Odor Removals , Sand for Aquariums.

Zeostone 100% Natural High Quality Mordenite Zeolite Absorbent

*Universal Absorbent *Fast acting *100% Natural Mineral of earth *Workplace and Ecologically safe *Absorbs liquids, vapors, and odors Zeolites are widely used in industry for water purification, as catalysts, for the preparation of advanced materials and in nuclear reprocessing. They are used to extract nitrogen from air to increase oxygen content for both industrial and medical purposes. They are used in the production of laundry detergents, medicines, and in agriculture. Currently, Japan has the 3rd largest production of natural zeolite in the world and has one of highest quality zeolites. Zeolites are widely used as ion-exchange beds in domestic and commercial water purification, softening, and other applications. Zeolites has micro-porous ability to capture some ions while allowing others to pass freely, allowing many fission products to be efficiently removed from nuclear waste and permanently trapped. Equally important are the mineral properties of zeolites. Their alumino-silicate construction is extremely durable and resistant to radiation even in porous form. Zeolites are also used in the management of leaks of radioactive materials. In the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, tons of bags of zeolite were dropped into the seawater near ...

  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: Newstone

Hemp Seed Ozonated Oil

Hemp Seed Ozonated

When hemp oil is infused with ozone (activated oxygen), it has a gel-like consistency that is water-resistant and very strong. Ozonated hemp oil is made by bubbling high grade, highly concentrated ozone into organic hemp oil. Instead of using ambient air, we use medical-grade oxygen that keeps nitric oxides from entering the oil. The high quality is preserved during ozonation by using only the finest cold plasma ozone generators to make sure no heat is produced that can harm the oil. The end result is the purest, freshest ozonated organic hemp oil available.  The Benefits of OZONE (O3) detoxification - removes toxins from the body bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal - ozone contributes to the destruction of viruses, fungi and bacteria oxygenizing - significantly increases the oxygen supply of tissue is removed anoxia immunomodulatory properties - strengthens the immune system, improves the body's defense against harmful factors anti-inflammatory Increased metabolism - accelerated energy processes in cells is more rapid and qualitative metabolism of nutrients analgesic (pain reliever) thrombolytic - ozone and reduces the viscosity of blood clotting and accelerate the absorption of blood clots regenerative - increased resilience of the skin and mucosa The Benefits of Hemp Oil...

  • Brand: Ozone Factory
  • UPC: 799209335395
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