Fine Marble in Architecture

Fine Marble in

  • Color: Black
  • ASIN: 0393730743

Moonman S3 Fountain Pen Green Marble Celluloid,Iridium Fine Nib Gold Plated with Pen Pouch for Signature Handwriting

Moonman S3 Fountain Pen Green Marble Celluloid,Iridium Fine

This fresh, elegant, reliable fountain pen from moonman is a true marriage of the sophistication of finer days with the latest technology of modern times. Hand assembled and checked for flawless quality, it gives high precision and exceptional writing comfort for every occasion, coupled with a gorgeous design. With this pen in your possession, clients, colleagues, and friends will know you for your taste, class, and sophistication. Specification: Model: Moonman S3 Pen Cap: Screw type Material: Celluloid/MetalNib: Fine Nib 0.5mm Ink: fit bore diameter 2.6 mm ink cartridges such as ASIN B00W01VCJA and all fountain pen bottled ink Pen length: 136mmDiameter:14mmPen Weight:23gPackage:1 x fountain pen1 x converter1 x pen pouch

  • Color: Green Color, F Nib
  • Brand: Lanxivi
  • ASIN: B07R78WQHG

Calcium Carbonate Powder"Greenway Biotech Brand" Chalky Paint Additive Limestone Powder Rock Dust Very Fine Powder 1 Pound

Calcium Carbonate Powder"Greenway Biotech Brand" Chalky Paint Additive

Freshen up your living or workspace when you use our Calcium Carbonate Chalky Paint Additive. Although Calcium Carbonate has many purposes, this Calcium Carbonate Chalky Paint Additive is popular for making DIY chalky paint at home, for crafting and decor purposes. All you have to do is add it to latex paint to make a chalky paint for use on furniture to give it an antiqued look, or on a blackboard to give you more control over the art than a conventional chalk stick. The granulates of Calcium Carbonate dry to a natural matte finish, which can then be left as is, or painted over with a glossy finishing coat-this product is very forgiving and versatile. A quick search online for chalky paint finished furniture delivers a wealth of tutorials and how-to's on using this product to make just about anything-even Ikea furniture-into something new. Our customers love Greenway Biotech's Calcium Carbonate Paint Additive because its marble white appearance and fine composition (200 Mesh) allow it to mix so well with latex paint. Once added, your latex paint will give your furniture and walls the smooth, clean look you are after. It's the closest thing to an authentically aged piece of furniture from a French farmhouse, without the expensive antique furniture price tag. Thank You for Conside...

  • Brand: Greenway Biotech, Inc.
  • UPC: 701748874099

Marble Viola's Quest

Marble Viola's

  • Brand: Two Desperados Ltd.
  • ASIN: B07B8HVF7T

Marbles Identification and Price Guide

Marbles Identification and Price

More than 500 color photos display marbles of all types in this informative, highly popular, revised guide. Most of these photos, over 400, are new to this edition and the text is entirely rewritten. Covered in this reliable guide that has stood the test of time are handmade and machine-made marbles of all types, including Indians, Aggies, Steelies, transitionals, M.F. Christensen & Son, Akro Agate, and more...every major category of marble is presented. Included among the handmade marbles are old marbles of glass, earthenware, minerals, and steel; machine-made marbles are identified by their manufacturers; and contemporary handmade glass marbles by artisans recapturing the old styles and creating exciting new styles all their own. Today’s marble pricing is explained in detail. The author describes the four factors to look for when determining the value of a marble, and presents an accurate guide to the modern market. This book is a reliable source book for anyone with an interest in marbles.

  • ASIN: 076433994X

Marbco Marble Round Stone Coasters Mirror Polished Best marble stone coasters with a fine color and solid build material set of 4

Marbco Marble Round Stone Coasters Mirror Polished Best

We put in so many efforts in order to increase the beauty of our house, be it with the smallest of additions to our kitchen, bedroom etc. This set of 6 marble coasters is perfect to increase the glory of your kitchen , bar , dining table or anywhere you prefer having your coffee, tea , beer , wine. This absolute white stone marble coaster is a very good coaster for one to have. It is very durable because it was made out of natural marble and that also adds to its unique beauty. It is also very easy to maintain, you don't need a special detergent before you can clean this coaster, you just need a damp cloth and all the stains will be gone. It is a very nice marble coaster. This marble can be used in almost all varieties of places because it is elegant and looks classic. has a top notch look and it is very attractive. You are assured to have to the best possible experience with this product. You can also buy it for some you love or some who you know will like to have it. It is a very good gift. We assure you that you will be fully satisfied with this product, but if you are not satisfied with this product we also offer full refund, but we give you our word that you will be fully satisfied. Place your order now!

  • Color: Italian White
  • Brand: Marbco
  • ASIN: B07J5T5B9S
  • UPC: 081224204948

Fine Marble (You Are So Just Be) [Explicit]

Fine Marble (You Are So Just Be)

  • ASIN: B076MQPZ8T

Oil and Marble: A Novel of Leonardo and Michelangelo

Oil and Marble: A Novel of Leonardo and

In her brilliant debut, Storey brings early 16th-century Florence alive, entering with extraordinary empathy into the minds and souls of two Renaissance masters, creating a stunning art history thriller. From 1501 to 1505, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti both lived and worked in Florence. Leonardo was a charming, handsome fifty year-old at the peak of his career. Michelangelo was a temperamental sculptor in his mid-twenties, desperate to make a name for himself.Michelangelo is a virtual unknown when he returns to Florence and wins the commission to carve what will become one of the most famous sculptures of all time: David. Even though his impoverished family shuns him for being an artist, he is desperate to support them. Living at the foot of his misshapen block of marble, Michelangelo struggles until the stone finally begins to speak. Working against an impossible deadline, he begins his feverish carving.Meanwhile, Leonardo's life is falling apart: he loses the hoped-for David commission; he can't seem to finish any project; he is obsessed with his ungainly flying machine; he almost dies in war; his engineering designs disastrously fail; and he is haunted by a woman he has seen in the market--a merchant's wife, whom he is finally commissioned to paint. Her name is...

  • Brand: Arcade
  • ASIN: 1628729066

MarvelBeads Water Beads Rainbow Mix (Half Pound) for Spa Refill, Sensory Toys and Décor

MarvelBeads Water Beads Rainbow Mix (Half Pound) for

New 2016 Enhanced Color Edition! BRIGHT. COLORFUL. COLORFAST. Introducing our new enhanced color edition! The new MarvelBeads 2016 water beads are filled with better and brighter colors. Whether you use them for playtime, or for decorations, the beads will create a colorful display that is sure to be memorable. Best of all: you can reuse the beads as many times as you want, and not have to worry about them losing their color. Sensory Water Beads Sensory play is what water beads are best for. Kids of all ages will love them. They are so enticing! Colorful, smooth, squishy... what more could you ask for to have an enjoyable time. Water beads seem like magic to kids because the beads start out so tiny and grow within a few hours. Just watching the beads grow is an experience in itself. So go ahead, and fill up a bowl to plunge your hands in. Or maybe fill up a bucket to soak your feet in. The possibilities are endless! Uses General Decorations Makes a great toy for children. Wedding decorations Irrigating and Watering House Plants Can be used to complement center pieces and or flower vases How to use 1.) Add 3 cups of water for every teaspoon of dry beads. 2.) Allow for the beads to soak in water for 4-6 hours 3.) After 4-6 hours, the beads will have absorbed most of the water. Drai...

  • Color: Mixed
  • Brand: MarvelBeads
  • ASIN: B018HSB7GW
  • UPC: 781772899985

Fine White Marble - PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets

Fine White Marble - PopSockets Grip and Stand

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: CJ Grips
  • ASIN: B07L5C7NXK

Marble Gloss Restorer (16 OZ) - Removes Stains, Spots, Etchings, & Fine Scratches - By Marble And Granite Care Products

Marble Gloss Restorer (16 OZ) - Removes Stains,

Now you can use what the Pros use. Marble Gloss Restorer removes etch marks, water spots, and light scratches from polished marble, limestone, and travertine. Marble Gloss Restorer is a premium blend of proprietary polishing powders and compounds which will bring back that brand new look to vanity tops, counter tops, bar tops, table tops, floors, walls, and showers. Watch those food and beverage stains, water spots, dull and worn traffic areas, disappear; while the true color and brilliance of the stone is regenerated. DIRECTIONS: Depending on application, ie., floor buffer, or hand-held rotary buffing machine for walls, vanities, counter tops, mix 3 - tablespoons of the marble restorer with a small amount of water, to form a slurry, place buffer with our Ultimate Polishing Pad over slurry and work in a side to side motion between 200 and 2000 RPM for a few minutes, keep the slurry moist by adding water. After buffing, remove slurry from work area, and rinse several times with clean water. It is necessary to repeat entire process one or two times to achieve a more brilliant gloss. PLEASE NOTE: Marble Gloss Restorer is included in all of our marble refinishing kits. These kits contain everything you will need to remove those dull etch marks and water spots on your polished marble,...

  • Brand: Marble And Granite Care Products
  • ASIN: B007V6TXDG

Sauder 414978 Harvey Park Cocktail/Coffee Table, L: 49.61" x W: 17.99" x H: 17.21", Fine Walnut finish

Sauder 414978 Harvey Park Cocktail/Coffee Table, L: 49.61"

This Product Attaches to full or queen size bed frame .Louver-accented panel .Solid wood finials .This Product is of high Quality. A must buy Product.

  • Color: Fine Walnut Finish
  • Brand: Sauder
  • ASIN: B00FZU69IW
  • UPC: 042666157230

Glass Marbles Bulk, Set of 40, (36 Players and 4 Shooters) Assorted Colors, with Game Marbles Rules.

Glass Marbles Bulk, Set of 40, (36 Players

Introducing The New, Beatifully Designed, Glass Game Marbles By My Toy House Get a cool package of 40 beautiful looking glass marbles, 36 Players + 4 Shooters, and enjoy hours of unlimited fun. These glass marbles are perfect for playing incredibly fun games like the "Traditional Marble Game" or the "Marble Run" Alternatively, they can be used as a creativity toolkit for kids or grown-up people. For instance: Marble Painting - an exciting way to help children develop their fine motor skills and boost their creativity. Get The Best Marble Set To Satisfy Your Marble Mania! •All marbles in the package are exceptionally well made from top-line quality glass! •Play with your kids/friends anytime, anywhere! •The package contains a variety of different, colorful and incredibly pretty marbles! What are you waiting for? The marbles in this package will bring hours and hours of pure enjoyment to children and parents! Don't Lose Any More Time - Scroll Up & Place Your Order Now!

  • Brand: My Toy House
  • ASIN: B0186TVG4U
  • UPC: 088308488607

Creative Tops Can-Shape Mugs/Coffee Cups with Printed 'Grey Marble' Design and Real Gold Rim, Fine Bone China, White/Grey, 235 ml, Set of 4

Creative Tops Can-Shape Mugs/Coffee Cups with Printed 'Grey

Creative Tops Can-Shape Mugs / Coffee Cups with Printed 'Grey Marble' Design and Real Gold Rim, Fine Bone China, White / Grey, 235 ml, Set of 4

  • Brand: CreativeTops
  • ASIN: B07MVZB11Q

STONE & MARBLE: For Fine Furniture & Architectural Detailing

STONE & MARBLE: For Fine Furniture & Architectural

vhs video tape format

  • ASIN: B001TRULA2

Marble Top Round Plant Stand Merlot and Green

Marble Top Round Plant Stand Merlot and

Accents to your house or townhouse add subtle touches that make it a home. This three-legged accent table gives your home character. It features a round green marble top that guests will stop and admire. Table is perfect as a stand for a small lily or your favorite scented candle. Comes finished in merlot with a soft, three-pronged spinner-like base.

  • Color: Merlot and Green
  • Brand: Coaster Home Furnishings
  • ASIN: B0002KNM8K
  • UPC: 021032026974

Li'l Gen Water Beads with Fine Motor Skills Toy Set, Non-Toxic Water Sensory Toy for Kids - 20,000 Beads with 2 Scoops and Tweezers for Early Skill Development

Li'l Gen Water Beads with Fine Motor Skills

Li'l Gen Water Beads with Fine Motor Skills Toy Set, Non-Toxic Water Sensory Toy for Kids, Early Skill Development, Eco-Friendly 20,000 Beads with 2 Scoops and Tweezers, At Li'l Gen, we not only value the importance of early childhood development; we think enjoyment is just as crucial! That's why we made it our mission to disguise learning and skill development tools beneath entertaining toys and interactive activities. With our new sensory water beads set, we aim to engage kids with colors, textures, and imagination. Our scoopers and tweezers promote hand-eye coordination, while the attention-grabbing colors encourage matching, sorting, and mixing. In addition to promoting skills, the texture and feeling of the water beads foster feelings of calm and relaxation amongst children. Li'l Gen's Interactive Water Beads Tool Set promote: *Sorting and Matching *Imaginary and Representative Play *Color Recognition *Hand-Eye Coordination *Comfort and Relaxation In turn this makes it very popular and loved amongst special education students, teachers and therapists, autistic children, and children and toddlers suffering from SPD - sensory processing disorders. Our L'il Gen Water Beads (compare to Orbeez) can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. Here are just some of the fun way...

  • Brand: Li'l-Gen
  • ASIN: B07B4K45VH
  • UPC: 853042008004

Ring Holder Cone 100% Genuine White Carrara Marble Polished| Ring Jewelry Display Stand

Ring Holder Cone 100% Genuine White Carrara Marble

Our best selling ring holder cone just got an upgrade - now available in gorgeous solid white marble! Top quality white Carrara marble sourced from Italy is handcrafted and polished to a smooth sheen. This ring holder brings a touch of elegance and style to your home and holds your most treasured rings. ✔ Modern and minimal design fits any style. ✔ Arrives in a luxury gift box ready for gifting - perfect as his and her engagement gift, for anniversary, bridal shower, wedding favor, birthdays, or any special occasions. ✔ Natural variations in the color and veining of marble make each piece unique. ✔ Wipe clean with soft cloth. Dimensions: Height approximately 2.8" or 7cm, base diameter approximately 1.4" or 3.5cm.Weight approximately 2.70oz or 80gRing not included.

  • Color: White, grey
  • Brand: craft monkees

Fat Brain Toys Squigz Starter Set, 24 Piece

Fat Brain Toys Squigz Starter Set, 24

Suction construction squigz to build, bounce, and stick to almost any smooth, flat surface super flexible squigz can be assembled to create an impressive array of vehicles, robots, jewelry, and more. Just as fun to pop apart they're fun little suckers.

  • Color: Mulitcolored
  • Brand: Fat Brain Toys
  • ASIN: B00DEBB3N0
  • UPC: 885467861810

Pelikan M200 Fountain Pen Green Marble Fine (994095)

Pelikan M200 Fountain Pen Green Marble Fine

A bestseller at Pelikan, this writing instrument of the series is known all over the world. The barrel and cap are made of high-quality resin in black and green. This pen has a unique look with its shades of green that resemble marble. Features an anthracite ink viewing window and 24 carat gold-plated, decorative rings. The distinctive Pelikan design consists of beak clip and Pelikan logo at the top of the cap. This pen is equipped with reliable piston-filling mechanism. The nib is available in different sizes.

  • Color: Green Marble
  • Brand: Pelikan
  • UPC: 599039452497

Paw Prints Plastic Pet Food Bin, Meow Marble Design,15lb

Paw Prints Plastic Pet Food Bin, Meow Marble

Paw Prints Pet Food Bins are a fetching way to keep food fresh and accessible. These wheeled pet food bins hold food, litter or seed and have a gasket-sealed lid to keep odors in and wet noses out.

  • Color: Meow Marble Design
  • Brand: Paw Prints
  • UPC: 091141379117

GP15102 Diamond Hand Sanding Pad for Sanding, Grinding, Polishing and Sharp Edges/for Glass, Stone, Marble, Concrete/A+ Class/GRIT 200 - Semi-Fine

GP15102 Diamond Hand Sanding Pad for Sanding, Grinding,

  • Brand: Glass Polish
  • ASIN: B00IF9P4YA

What Child Is This (Kindle Single)

What Child Is This (Kindle

Christmas during World War II is a time for small miracles in this bittersweet short story by the New York Times bestselling author of The Tuscan Child and In Farleigh Field.Jack and Maggie Harris are adrift on ravaged streets during the London Blitz. Their home is gone. They have nowhere to go and nothing left to lose. With only the memories of their greatest loss—the death of their child during a Christmas years before—Jack and Maggie settle in a seemingly deserted mansion for the night.Inside they find shelter, warmth, and a bit of cheer. They also discover a surprise. Now, in the darkest of times, the unexpected compassion of strangers will make this Christmas one to remember forever.

  • ASIN: B07HM1CS89

VOSS Artesian Still Water, 330 ml Plastic Bottles 11.15 Fl. Oz (Pack of 12)

VOSS Artesian Still Water, 330 ml Plastic Bottles

Voss Artesian Still Water, 27.1 Ounce -- 12 per case. Voss Glass: The signature glass Voss bottle found in top hotels, restaurants and clubs around the world. Shlef Life: 730 days

  • Brand: Voss
  • ASIN: B002EM2JWE
  • UPC: 682430611744
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