CELEBRATION HERBALS Ginseng Eleuthero Root Tea Organic 24 Bag, 0.02 Pound

CELEBRATION HERBALS Ginseng Eleuthero Root Tea Organic 24

This perennial grows abundantly in Russia and legend knows it as the "Root of Life". By the 16th century it was use by wealthy Europeans. Today. Eleuthro root is one of the most honored and widely used herbs throughout the modern world. Grown and processed as close to the way nature intended as possible and never irradiated. A resealable freshness bag is used to extend the quality and life of your tea.

  • Brand: Celebration Herbals
  • ASIN: B001W3HKFW
  • UPC: 628240251817

Tolis Tea Green Passion Tea, Fine Green Tea with Eleuthero Root and Calendula, Premium whole leaf pyramid tea sachet bags, High In Antioxidants, 25 Silk Sachets

Tolis Tea Green Passion Tea, Fine Green Tea

GREEN PASSION TEA: An energizing combination of Japanese Sencha, natural Siberian ginseng, marigold flowers, and exotic passion fruit essence. The flavor is clean and slightly sweet.

  • Brand: Tolis Teas
  • ASIN: B073ZN9L2T
  • UPC: 818833023536

The Republic Of Tea Ginseng Peppermint Herbal Tea, 36 Tea Bag Tin

The Republic Of Tea Ginseng Peppermint Herbal Tea,

A healthy blend of eleuthero, peppermint, cinnamon, licorice, and Echinacea root. This masterful blend offers herbal benefits and a naturally sweet, smooth, pleasing flavor. This herbal blend is naturally caffeine-free. Use 1 herbal tea bag per 6 ounces of water. Steep for 5-7 minutes. For iced tea double the amount of tea and pour over ice. Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Carb Free, Zero Calorie

  • Brand: The Republic of Tea
  • ASIN: B005P0RP2G
  • UPC: 742676400271

Organic Eleuthero Root Powder, 1lb

Organic Eleuthero Root Powder,

Siberian Ginseng or Eleuthero Root, is considered an "adaptogen" and has been a part of Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Eleuthero increases energy, boosts the immune system and helps allieviate general fatigue. Studies have shown Eleuthero Root increased endurance, improved memory as well as improvement in general well being.

  • Brand: Starwest Botanicals
  • ASIN: B002DXXCV6
  • UPC: 767963101587

Eleuthero Root- Eleutherococcus senticosus Root C/S from 100% Nature (04 oz)

Eleuthero Root- Eleutherococcus senticosus Root C/S from 100%

Eleuthero is classified as an adaptogenic herb, a truly sophisticated and powerful group of plants. Unlike so many herbs, these adaptogens seem to work subtly with the body in a systemic way to increase your overall health. They are known for helping your body adapt to changes in the environment. And they can be used safely over a long period of time. For this reason, traditional Chinese Medicine classifies adaptogenic herbs as Superior Herbs.

  • Brand: Nature Tea
  • ASIN: B01B8KOK5G
  • UPC: 651046581192

Eleuthero Root Extract Powder Siberian Ginseng 70:1 (100 Grams 3.52 Oz) Ci Wu Jia

Eleuthero Root Extract Powder Siberian Ginseng 70:1 (100

POTENT PURE AND POWERFULL Pinyin Name: Ci Wu Jia English Name: Eleuthero Root, Siberian Ginseng Properties: acrid, slightly bitter, warm Channels Entered: Spleen, Kidney, Heart Fatigue, lack of energy, poor appetite, soreness and pain in the lower back and knees, spleen and kidney yang deficiency, calm the spirit, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, nourish heart shen, excessive dreaming, difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep are some of the conditions satisfied clients have successfully used this formula for. Primary Traditional Functions Tonifies Qi and Strengthens the Spleen and Kidney Spleen and Kidney Yang Deficiencies Benefits deficiency characterized by fatigue, lack of energy, poor appetite, and soreness and pain of the lower back and knees Ci Wu Jia is relatively mild and should be combined with other tonic herbs for maximum effectiveness General fatigue, poor appetite Lower back pain and knee pain from Kidney yang deficiency Calms the Spirit. Ci Wu Jia calms the shen to relieve insomnia or dream-disturbed sleep Benefits lack of nourishment to the shen of the Heart Excessive dreaming, difficulty falling or staying asleep Benefits disturbed sleep from deficiency. UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE no questions asked! If you are unsatisfied, we will refund your purcha...

  • Brand: Longevity Herbs and Superfoods
  • ASIN: B0113D0QYW
  • UPC: 700161808681

Sayan Siberian Chaga Mushroom Premium Tea with Eleuthero - Exclusive Blend of Raw and Extract, 4 Oz, Wild Harvested Caffeine Free

Sayan Siberian Chaga Mushroom Premium Tea with Eleuthero

Brew your best cup of Chaga mushroom Tea with Siberian Eleuthero, a mega dose of adaptogens and health boosting constituents that may help you to combat stress and increase your overall health. Chaga's purifying properties were first documented in Chinese traditional medicine thousands of years ago, where it was called "A Gift from God" and "King of Herbs. In the Sayan Mountains of Siberia, the locals brew a tea with Chaga, an herb that is hand-picked in the wild birch tree forests. Why Choose Sayan Premium Tea? Now get access to traditional ancient teas right in your pantry. We bring two most valuable natural substances from Siberia all the way to your doorstep. Our ingredients are so fresh you can smell the Sayan Mountain Birch forests. No added fillers. Our chaga experts ensure that each tea package meets our highest standards. We are the only company in the world offering pure wild harvested exclusive chaga tea blends with raw and chaga extract which retains freshness, purity and all health benefits. Features of healthy Chaga Tea with Siberian Eleuthero Best loose medicinal tea unleashes optimal health benefits, nutrients and flavor Supports the immune system Reduce effects of stress and help balancing bodily processes Activates natural body detoxification and supports health...

  • Brand: Sayan
  • ASIN: B008Y6HE1U
  • UPC: 851369002125

Nature's Way Siberian Eleuthero, 425mg Capsules, 100-Count

Nature's Way Siberian Eleuthero, 425mg Capsules,

Siberian Eleuthero Root has a guaranteed natural potency of .065% eleutherosides. Siberian Eleuthero improves physical an mental vitality. It is an adaptogenic herb, which helps the body to adapt to daily stress. It is an ideal supplement for those leading a demanding and hectic lifestyle.Eleuthero is not from the same family as Panax, or Asian ginseng, although it has long been used as a cheaper substitute for ginseng. Like Panax ginseng, eleuthero is thought to be an adaptogen, or a substance that adapts itself to correct whatever is out of balance in the body. However, it's important to keep in mind that all the research performed on Panax ginseng simply does not apply to eleuthero—these plants do not have the same chemical makeup.

  • Brand: Nature's Way
  • ASIN: B00185VHJ4
  • UPC: 784922574541

Organic Eleuthero Root C/S - 4 Oz (113 G) - Starwest Botanicals

Organic Eleuthero Root C/S - 4 Oz (113

4 oz (113 g) of Organic Eleuthero Root Cut & Sifted (C/S)

  • Brand: Starwest Botanicals
  • UPC: 767963116826

Maximum Strength Organic Ginseng Root 200:1 Powder, 4 Ounce, Support Energy, Immune, Mental Health & Physical Performance, Non-Irradiated, Non-Pesticide, Non-GMO and Vegan Friendly

Maximum Strength Organic Ginseng Root 200:1 Powder, 4

Panax Ginseng powder organic Ginseng root powder Pure Ginseng Powder PANAX GINSENG EXTRACT POWDER

  • Brand: Micro Ingredients
  • UPC: 642893346102
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