El Salvador Coffee - Ground Coffee - Freshly Roasted Coffee - Cubico Coffee - 16 Ounce (Single Origen Salvadoran Coffee)

El Salvador Coffee - Ground Coffee - Freshly

100% EL SALVADOR FINCA LOS ORTIZ- 16oz - FRESHLY GROUND - MEDIUM ROAST (City Roast) El Salvador, Finca Santa Maria is a small producing farm in Potrero Grande, a micro region located at the top of Volcan de Santa Ana. Farmers drop their beans at The Rio Zarco mill. Here, the cherries are inspected and all the bags are tagged, offering full traceability. Close attention is paid to the coffee source and how it is sorted. They are able to measure quality. Every step is studied, from the farm and variety, to the picking of the beans. Farmers are encouraged to yield high quality products, as they received higher payments for better quality. El Salvador Finca Santa Maria produces a savory, citric and nutty coffee with a sweet aftertaste. - Cupping Notes:Smooth body, pleasant aroma and notes of nut brittle and citric acidity, with a sweet aftertaste. - Roasted in small batches to ensure consistency. &- All our Coffees will have a Roasted Date and Roasted By. - Only Top Quality Arabica Beans.- Altitude: 1400 Metres above Sea Level - Process: Washed CUBICO COFFEE: COFFEE THE WAY YOU LIKE IT Since 1887, our family has been immersed in the world of coffee, crafting that one perfect cup. Our heritage has developed over four generations building a family who lives and breathes the very essenc...

  • Brand: Cubico Coffee
  • ASIN: B078TQH8B5
  • UPC: 788794141511

El Salvador SHG EP Santa Ana Natural H/P Reserva Coffee Beans (Medium Roast (Full City +), 2.5 Pounds Whole Beans)

El Salvador SHG EP Santa Ana Natural H/P

One of our favorites is the El Salvador, Pulped Natural or "Honey" coffee beans. The Pulped Natural Process is becoming more popular in Central America for the sweet fruit note it imparts to the cup. The beauty of this cup really comes out well with the Pulped Natural (PN, honey processed) process: you get the even roast of a wet process with the fermented darker fruit notes of a dry process. Beans are grown under variety of shade trees in ideal setting for tree maturation--constant breezes, full sunshine and relatively cool, dry nights. What sets this coffee apart is the processing:to create pulped natural, as opposed to fully washed coffees, the coffee cherry skin is removed, but instead of the sticky mucilage underneath being washed off, the beans with mucilage intact goes directly to the drying patios and is dried, raked, dried some more. This is very labor intensive as the constant raking and turning of the sticky parchment is essential. What this lends to the coffee is a brighter and sweeter finish. When all the steps are preformed correctly the results are a slight increase in sweetness, body and aromatics traditionally found in natural processed coffee, and a milder acidity than we usually find in most washed coffees.

  • Brand: RhoadsRoast Coffees
  • UPC: 820103495394

LDS El Salvador Santa Ana Mission Commemorative Mission Coin

LDS El Salvador Santa Ana Mission Commemorative Mission

LDS Missionary Commemorative Coin, solid metal, hand painted, 1.75 inches in diameter, delivered in a black velvet keepsake jewelry box.

  • Brand: Bennett Brands
  • ASIN: B077XVT1D1
  • UPC: 603784519258

SEMITA de Piña el Salvador

SEMITA de Piña el

SANTA EDUVIGIS Semita de Piña (Pineapple Pastry)14 oz.Imported from El Salvador.

  • Brand: Santa Edwings
  • ASIN: B01N7WE8VS
  • UPC: 759131100010

Cybertela Women's EL Salvador Coat Of Arms Fitted T-Shirt (Light Gray, Medium)

Cybertela Women's EL Salvador Coat Of Arms Fitted

These fitted women's t-shirts are perfect for your everyday casual wear. These fitted women's t-shirts are slimmer and more fitted than the regular women's t-shirts that we offer. This trendy design is original and makes a perfect addition to the wardrobe. The design on the shirt is as pictured in the listing above. These fitted women's t-shirts are made with 100% Pre Shrunk Cotton and they're 100 percent fully machined washable.

  • Color: Light Gray
  • Brand: Cybertela

Travel Like a Local - Map of Santa Tecla (Black and White Edition): The Most Essential Santa Tecla (El Salvador) Travel Map for Every Adventure

Travel Like a Local - Map of Santa

Get Ready For The Adventure Of A Lifetime! This is a Black and White edition of Travel Like a Local map book. Are you planning your next vacation abroad and you’re ready to explore? Do you want to be prepared for everything? Are you ready to experience every new place you visit just like a local? Well, with this amazing Santa Tecla (El Salvador) travel map you’re all set and ready to go! In the map you can see all the available means of transport, bus stops and routes so you can always know how to get everywhere. And because we know that a vacation is not only about the roads and busses, the map gives you many options for eating, drinking and having a good time! We carefully marked all the restaurants, bars and pubs so you can always find one that is nearby. In the Santa Tecla (El Salvador) map you will also find the best places to go shopping, the most famous and must-see sights, churches and more. And if an emergency comes up, there are markings of police stations and hospitals everywhere for your convenience. The city is also organized in sections so you can better find your way around. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, get your map and let’s get started! Just Click “Add To Cart Now”

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5 LBS – EL SALVADOR (in a FREE BURLAP BAG) FRESH-CROP Specialty-Grade Green Unroasted Coffee Beans- CENTRAL AMERICA – Varietal: Bourbon – CUZACHAPA COOPERATIVE is committed to community/environment


SMOKINBEANS is an award-winning family-run coffee supplier specializing in specialty-grade coffee beans for home roasters. * ROASTING INSTRUCTIONS: Roasting coffee beans to perfection is truly an art, a distinct set of skills a person will develop over time with experience. Anyone can enjoy roasting coffee beans at home in your spare time. Coffee can easily be roasted using common household items that you may already have, including-in the oven, a pan on the stovetop, bbq grill, heat gun, hot-air popcorn popper, etc. Roasting the beans requires a strong heat source to bring them to your desired level of roast color or doneness. *SENSORY MILESTONES: As the beans heat up they will slowly change color from green to yellow to brown. During this time, you will pass certain sensory millstones. As they begin to change from green to yellow they will smell like hay or grass. This is the drying phase (you are drying the moisture out of the bean and laying the flavor-foundation that you will build upon later in the roast). As they change from yellow to brown they will smell like baking bread. (in this phase you are building acidity and sweetness) Then at approximately 352*F (depending on your temperature probe and probe placement) they will begin first crack (it sounds like popcorn popping)...

  • Brand: Smokin Beans
  • ASIN: B00LSSB1E2



  • ASIN: B0014WU64S

Santos Tournament Grade Tackle El Salvador Stealth Offshore Big Game Trolling Lure, Bonito

Santos Tournament Grade Tackle El Salvador Stealth Offshore

The Stealth series was introduced with one goal in mind. To create the ultimate wahoo lure. With a low frontal profile, heavily weighted and long, they can be pulled at very high speeds up to 20 knots (may require inline weight in heavy seas). The El Salvador is a mid sized lure with a perfect balance if you are looking to fill the cooler with the legendary "Ono". Of course, other pelagics will not turn away at the sight of the Stealth. The El Salvador's cavitator cupped face and (TM) LCM weighting promotes faster trolling and also extends the range of conditions that it can be trolled. The Stealth series can be trolled in any position. Santos offshore big game trolling lures are hand cast from premium aerospace grade urethane which comes out of the mold identical to the precision engineered prototype, and as smooth as glass. Unlike most trolling lures which are made of polyester resins, urethane lures are optically clear, ultra hard, chip and crack resistant, UV stable, and can be produced with perfect design proportions. Each lure is also heat and pressure cured for the ultimate in durability. We use only the finest AAA grade shell veneers, soft PVC anti-chafe leader tubes, and custom hand painted Santos Holographic eyes for our lures. Santos lure tailstocks are precision CAD e...

  • Color: Bonito
  • Brand: Santos Tournament Grade Tackle
  • UPC: 788490332732

SANTA ANA, EL SALVADOR Street Sign Sticker Decal Wall Window Door Salvadoran flag city country road wall 8.25 x 2.0

SANTA ANA, EL SALVADOR Street Sign Sticker Decal

Vinyl USA Patented Highest quality outdoor grade vinyl on the market, UV and Water resistant. The sticker is digitally printed then die cut around the image. Easy application, will stick to all types of flat surfaces - bumpers, car windows, lockers, binders, metal, wood. Directions: Ensure that the surface that you are applying the sticker to is dry and clean. Stick the adhesive backing to the desired surface. Orders are shipped within 24 hours. Vinyl USA only uses high quality Vinyl with EZ Apply Technology for a smooth easy installation.

  • Brand: Vinyl USA
  • ASIN: B00X9593CO
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