Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 | Portable USB DJ Controller with Beatmatch Guide, DJ Academy and full DJ software DJUCED included

Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 | Portable USB DJ

Start easy and reveal your Ding skills with Hercules decontrol impulse 200. Learn to mix with the controller 5 unique features and built-in tutorials, be creative with its 8 pads and 8 modes (hot cue, roll, FX, sampler), and scratch with its touch-detection jog wheels.

  • Brand: Hercules DJ
  • ASIN: B07F8PVYQ1
  • UPC: 663296421463

Land O' Smiles

Land O'


The Rebel's Guide to Email Marketing: Grow Your List, Break the Rules, and Win (Que Biz-Tech)

The Rebel's Guide to Email Marketing: Grow Your

A No-Nonsense, Take-No-Prisoners Plan for Earning Positive Return on Your Email Marketing! “They” say email is dead. Baloney! 94% of Americans use email. Passionate social networkers use email more, not less. Mobile email is huge. Email offers marketers more opportunities than ever...opportunities to guide customers from consideration and trial to repeat purchase, loyalty, even advocacy! But email has changed. Email users have changed. To get breakthrough results, you must break the rules! Whether you’re B2B or B2C, Fortune 500 or startup, this is a complete no-nonsense plan for transforming your email marketing. Discover radically better ways to handle every facet of your campaign: lists, From names, Subject lines, calls to action, social network integration...everything! Learn how to Discover which email marketing “rules” are obsolete--and when to break the rest Optimize every component of your message and campaign Drive list growth that translates directly into the top line Encourage opt-in by systematically simplifying signup Bring real humor and creativity back into your email Write a great main call to action--and great secondary and tertiary calls, too Take full advantage of tools ranging from QR codes to texting to grow your email list Make better technical de...

  • ASIN: 0789749696
  • UPC: 029236749699

Hercules DJ Control Inpulse 300 (AMS-DJC-INPULSE-300)

Hercules DJ Control Inpulse 300

Mix easy and reveal your Ding skills with Hercules decontrols impulse 300. Make quick progress with the 5 functions exclusive to this controller. Master the basics of Ding and perfect your mix with 16 pads, 8 modes, large jog wheels and more.

  • Brand: Hercules DJ
  • ASIN: B07FJC3JH9
  • UPC: 663296421470

Sound Mixer DJ Guide

Sound Mixer DJ

  • Brand: JessicaApp
  • ASIN: B00O4XE63G

DJ's Complete Guide

DJ's Complete

The DJ's Complete Guide is a 90-minute film documenting, advising and instructing in all areas pertinent to the budding DJ. With detailed information and technique displays, this program covers everything from the art of different kinds of mixing, to get

  • Brand: Chrome Dreams Video
  • ASIN: B000069I0Z
  • UPC: 823564500591

Numark CDN77USB | Professional Dual USB and MP3 CD Player for Professional DJ Use With Performance-Driven Feature Set, CD / MP3CD Support and D3 Tag & Folder Recognition

Numark CDN77USB | Professional Dual USB and MP3

Numark’s CDN77USB is a Dual USB and MP3 CD player designed for professional DJs. USB drive support allows you to put your entire digital music library on a USB flash or hard drive and use it at a gig. If you’re a DJ transitioning to using MP3 files, CDN77USB is ideal for you because it allows you to still use your entire library of CDs or MP3 CDs. In addition, it comes loaded with features like Master Tempo, Scratching, Seamless Loop, Pitch Control, Reverse and Brake effects and an Auto-BPM counter, making this an affordably priced unit with premium features. For DJs whose libraries live on their computer, CDN77USB is a perfect solution. Thousands of songs can be loaded from a computer onto a USB flash or hard drive, which can then be accessed from either of the CDN77USB’s two USB inputs. DJs can also load two songs from a single flash drive at the same time. Technical Specs Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz (± 2 dB) THD: < 0.01% SNR: < 89 dB (A-weighted) Dynamic Range: < -97 dB Output Level: 1.9 V (±0.2 V) Channel Separation: < -88 dB Channel Balance: ± 1 dB Disc Type: Redbook CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3 CD Time Display: Track Elapsed, Track Remaining, Total Remaining Pitch Control Range: ± 4, 8, 16 or 100% Power Consumption: 25 W Power Supply: 115/230 V AC, 60/50 Hz D...

  • Brand: Numark
  • UPC: 613815582380

Guides, Guardians and Angels: Enhance Relationships with Your Spiritual Companions

Guides, Guardians and Angels: Enhance Relationships with Your

We may not see or hear them, but angels and spirit guides are always with us. From building healthy relationships to attaining career goals to experiencing spiritual growth, these divine companions are there to lead us down the right path just when we need their help the most. Popular author D. J. Conway shows you how to develop a personal and meaningful relationship with your spirit guides to improve your life. Try unique meditations, guided visualizations, chants, rituals, and spells to connect with power animals, nature spirits, Light and Shadow angels, and the spirits of friends, family, and even pets. In doing so, you will experience personal empowerment and tremendous spiritual growth. Enriched by Conway's own experiences, this book on angels and spirit guides provides unparalleled spiritual guidance, ultimately revealing how the profound impact of these guardian angels and spirit teachers can bring a sense of peace and direction to your life.

  • ASIN: 0738711241

Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 Compact DJ Controller + Headphone + Basic Accessory Bundle

Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 Compact DJ Controller +

The Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 is designed for especially for the learning DJ with an intuitive compact design for use with the included DJUCED DJ software. Learn how to mix and scratch with features like light guides and Intelligent Music Assistant (IMA) which suggests the most suitable tracks to play and match the event energy level. Master your skills with DJ Academy which includes guided steps and video tutorials for all beginner needs. The Inpulse 200 features a two-deck layout with touch-sensitive jog wheels which well imitate vinyl cueing, track browsing, and pitchbend functions. Each deck consists of a 2-band EQ, gain control, and a level fader. A two-channel mixer is located in between decks with an integrated crossfader for mixing two tracks. Eight multi-colored performance pads light up and indicate four control modes: rolls, FX, hot-cues, and sampler. Accessories Included: Samson SR360 Over-Ear Dynamic Stereo Headphones Hosa Technology Mono  3.3' 1/4" Male to 2 RCA Male Y-Cable  Fibertique Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

  • Color: blac
  • Brand: PS
  • ASIN: B07S4PG58L
  • UPC: 096259948750

Cash: A Weekly Guide to Taking Charge of Your Finances

Cash: A Weekly Guide to Taking Charge of

Cash provides tested, authoritative and practical advice to help consumers evaluate the broad range of financial decisions they face. Drawing on dozens of different sources available to Tribune Media Services, Cash is a continually updated handbook on spending, saving and investing. Among its many contributors are U.S. News and World Report, Kiplinger's "Your Money" series, "Retire Smart" by Jill Schlesinger, "Kids and Money" by Steve Rosen, travel advice from Rick Steves and Christopher Elliott, and many more. CASH features the following sections: Savvy Investing; Managing Your Money; Kids and Money; Retire Smart; Home, Family and Health; and Travel Smart. Cash is published weekly and includes images. Issues are auto-delivered wirelessly to your Kindle.

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