Aideepen 50W + 50W TDA7492P 2x50 Watt Dual Channel Amplifier Wireless Digital Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver Amplifier Board (Red)

Aideepen 50W + 50W TDA7492P 2x50 Watt Dual

Power: 2.1 interface 8 ~ 24V DC power supplyAudio input: stereo input various versions of the Bluetooth connection,using CSR8635 Bluetooth chip, Bluetooth V4.0, high software compatibilityOutput Impedance: 8 ohms Best(4,6,8,16 ohmimpedance can drive speakers)Output Power: Add pre-5532 output foot (powered 25V ,6-ohmimpedance output 2 X 50W, 8 ohmimpedance output 2X40W dual-channel)TDA7492 digital amplifier chip, designed to optimize the circuit layout,the sound quality is very good, big powerDIP switches can be adjusted directly after the amp gain more respect and better promote greater damping horn

  • Color: 50W+50W Red TDA7492P
  • Brand: Aideepen
  • ASIN: B01N3UM7TM
  • UPC: 606413034467

AOSHIKE TPA3116 DC 12-24v 100W Subwoofer Amplifier Board Support Bass Output Digital Small Power Amplifier Board Video Audio Accessories

AOSHIKE TPA3116 DC 12-24v 100W Subwoofer Amplifier Board

TPA3116 DC 12-24v 100W Subwoofer Amplifier Board Support Bass Output ,Video Audio Accessories Power supply: DC 12-24V Output power: 100W Use 12 to 24 v power supply,DC power supply wide working voltage, power saving type design, efficiency is as high as above 90 percent.The biggest can support 100 w Bass sound channel output Working voltage range: Dc 9 to 25 v (current 2 -3A above, if you want to power Big,advice 19-24v 4A above). Frequency response range: input: 20 hz - 20 KHZ, output: 20 hz - 180 hz Audio input sensitivity: 500 mv. Speaker impedance: bass speaker impedance: 2-8 ohm Bass output power: 12V/10w(8ohm)/ >19w(4ohm)/>22 w( 3ohm m) />30w(2ohm) 15V/>15w(8ohm)/>29w(4ohm)/>39w(3ohm)/>50w(2ohm) 19V/>24w(8ohm)/>48w(4ohm)/>60w(3ohm)/>75w(2ohm) 24V/>38w(8ohm)/>75w(4ohm)/>95w(2-3ohm) Packaging included 1pcs* Subwoofer Amplifier Board

  • Brand: AOSHIKE
  • ASIN: B01N5DGK37

Nobsound 200W Bluetooth 4.2 TPA3116D2 2.0 Channel Digital Power Amp HiFi Stereo Amplifier Board Home Speaker Car Audio Treble Bass Tone Control (DP2)

Nobsound 200W Bluetooth 4.2 TPA3116D2 2.0 Channel Digital

Parameters: Power supply: DC 12V-25V (interface 5.5mm/2.1mm) Output power: 2×100W Channel: 2.0 Audio input sensitivity: 500-800mV Frequency response range: 20Hz-20KHz Audio input: Stereo L/R RCA Dimensions: 100*80 mm / 3.94*3.15 in Packing List: 1× Assembled Board

  • Color: DP2
  • Brand: Douk Audio

Gowoops TDA7492P Stereo Amplifier Board 2x25W Dual Channel Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver Digital Amplifier Board with 3.5mm Plug

Gowoops TDA7492P Stereo Amplifier Board 2x25W Dual Channel

Description:The TDA7492P stereo amplifier module is a 25W+25W dual BTL class-D audio amplifier which has built in Bluetooth 4.0 audio receiver. User can connect to iPhone or Android smart phones and playback the music over the Bluetooth. This amplifier module is easy to use for various DIY purpose. Specification: Chip: TDA7492P Supply Voltage: DC 9-24V Power Interface: 2.1 DC Socket and with power switch Audio Input: Bluetooth Receiver V4.0 Audio Output: Terminal blocks Applicable Speaker Impedance: 8Ω the best (4Ω, 6Ω, 8Ω and 16Ω impedance are all suitable)Number of Channels: Two-channel Stereo Board color: Red PCB Board Size: 82 x 50 x 17.9mm(LxWxH) Feature: HiFi quality and Bluetooth 4.0, super compatibility, easy connection. DIP switches for different amplifier gain settings. Build-in dual channel stereo TDA7492P amplifier chip with optimized design and circuit layout. Attention:Drop or electric conductor touching circuit may cause IC burned, result in the lost of sound.How to use:After connecting to the power supply, wait for 3-10s, until the blue and red led light flashing alternately, then you can use your device to find the bluetooth module, and you will find the bluetooth name, then connect it. Afterward, you can automatically connect it.Package Incl...

  • Brand: Gowoops
  • ASIN: B07DPM2L1N
  • UPC: 705586405965

AOSHIKE DC12V-24V 2.1 Digital Audio Amplifier Board TPA3116D2 Subwoofer Speaker Amplifiers Car Stereo AMP Module for Audio System DIY Speakers(2x50W+100W)

AOSHIKE DC12V-24V 2.1 Digital Audio Amplifier Board TPA3116D2

Product description: Note: If you want Subwoofer,need use a High Quality Subwoofer speaker! Feature: The amplifier board adopts two imported TPA3116D2 digital amplifier chip as the core,one piece as left and right channel power amplifier,other piece as pre-bridge briver with NE5532 subwoofer ,with a small ,high effeciency,high power characteristics. Product name:2.1-channel audio amplifier Chip Select:TPA3116D2 Supply voltage:DC 12-24V Output power:50W*2+100W Subwoofer*1 Output Impedance:4-8ohm Frequency range:14-100Khz SNR:100db Number of channels:3(left channel,right channel,subwoofer) Switch frequency:1.2MHz Size:100*70*30mm Tips:This amplifier board have two power input End and Two audio input End,you can choose each one! Packaging included: 1pcs*DC12V-24V 2*50W+100W XH-M139 2.1 Channel digital Subwoofer Amplifier Board Chip TPA3116D2

  • Brand: AOSHIKE
  • UPC: 797566875417

Digital Amplifier Board, DROK HiFi Dual Channel Stereo Audio Amplifier DC10-25V Digital 2.0 Power Amp Board 50W+50W Output with Volume Adjustment Knob

Digital Amplifier Board, DROK HiFi Dual Channel Stereo

DROK Digital Amplifier Board 100W  Parameters: Voltage range: DC 10-25V Output power: 100W (Max) Output load: 4-8 Ohm (Recommend) Frequency response range: 14-100KHz Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR): not less than 100DB Switching frequency: 1.2MHz Chip: TPA3116x2 Reverse connection protection: Yes (Positive and negative reversal is not energized.) The number of channels: one left channel and one right channel (PBTL) Special Notes: 1. The speaker of each channel must be connected in strict accordance with the wiring diagram. If reverse the connection, will seriously reduce the sound effects. 2. The current ability of external power supply 5V port is within the limits of 100mA. Super-power use is strictly prohibited. 3. Increasing the power supply voltage appropriately and using relatively low impedance speakers, can be very effective to improve the output power. 4. We recommend for adequate power supply (the current must be large enough), otherwise, it cannot give play to the power of amplifier and speaker. 5. Although the product is a digital amplifier, there still will be heating phenomenon during the use, it is normal. Package Includes: 1 × TPA3116D2 Digital Amplifier Board

  • Brand: DROK

Super Mini PAM8403 DC 5V 2 Channel USB Digital Audio Amplifier Board Module 2 3W Volume Control with Potentionmeter Switch Pack of 2

Super Mini PAM8403 DC 5V 2 Channel USB

Product Information PAM8403 is a small digital amplifier chip, high-definition sound quality highlights the advantages of digital chips, circuit using the most reasonable peripheral configuration, power supply filtering is upgraded to 470uf (some sellers are less did not even 100uf capacitance) 1.6mm glass sheet, the real amplifier board did the most detailed, high-fidelity sound output 3W + 3W, is a rare good product enthusiasts amplifier, potentiometer using original anti-meter body, potentiometer with switch can cut off the power supply directly counterclockwise. Feature Power range: DC 2.5V - 5.5V Minimum Output: 3W * 2 Dimensions: 29.5 * 20.2 * 15mm Note please make sure the power supply is not more than 5.5V and please don't do reverse polarity for "+" and "-", or else, it will burn the board.

  • Brand: CHENBO

NOYITO OEP 30Wx2 Dual Channel Audio Digital Amplifier Board Class D DC 7.5 to 24V for 30-100W Speaker

NOYITO OEP 30Wx2 Dual Channel Audio Digital Amplifier

Description: Specifications Model: OEP30Wx2 Work: Class D (PWM modulation) Chip: OEP30Wx2 Number of Channels: two-channel Power supply range:DC7.5-24V Quiescent Current: 11mA (12V power supply) Sleep current:.

  • Brand: NOYITO
  • ASIN: B07K5LS7W3
  • UPC: 680613661678

TPA3110 Amplifier 2x15W 15W 15W Digital Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Audio Amplifier Power Amp Board Dual Channel Amp Module for 4 6 8 10 Ohm Speaker DC 10-25V for Speaker Bluetooth

TPA3110 Amplifier 2x15W 15W 15W Digital Stereo Wireless

Features: With this module the sound quality is very good. Bluetooth Wireless Audio Input and the max. receiving distance is 10 m. Dual Channel of 15 W + 15 W Output power. Gelt ends speaker impedance: 4/6/8/10 Ohms. Audio input: wireless bluetooth. Receive distance: 10 m. Power Output: 2 channel 15 W + 15 W N/A (R) speaker (Impedance: 4/6/8/10 Ohm) Supply Voltage: DC 10-25 V Power supply interface: 1 X 3 Speaker interface: 1 X 2-pin Package Include: 1 X TPA3110 2x15W Bluetooth Amplifier Board

  • Color: TPA3110
  • Brand: Dorhea
  • UPC: 701715541245

Parts Express TDA7492 Digital Audio Amplifier Board 2x50W

Parts Express TDA7492 Digital Audio Amplifier Board

This Class D amplifier board produces immense power in a condensed space.

  • Brand: Parts Express
  • UPC: 848864016580
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